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I am a Magikarp believer. I think Magikarp is a great pokemon because it represents the importance of patience. If you work hard, and are PATIENT, you won't be the loser with the magikarp. You'll be the AWESOME PERSON with the GYRADOS. Seriously, you guys are total haters. Magikarp only has to reach level 20 to evolve, you just have to believe in it. (And fight a bunch of Metapod
Come on he's the best pokemon ever! His only move isn't splash he can also learn tackle and flail he also evolves to a beastly pokemon plus he can learn bounce how badass is that?!
HA HA HA HA HA HA magikarp so funny and useless.
"Oh no! It's magikarp! What incredibly powerful and utterly irresponsibly wild and violent move will he unleash on me with all his fury and firepower? "
"Oh. Splash. Right. Don't worry, in about 35 more levels of using splash and gaining about 2 xp every battle, including dying loads of times because it's pathetic, it'll turn into something HALF DECENT! "
So worth a master ball to catch.
L O L!
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I can't believe that this isn't #1. Unown is the worst Pokemon. It has the terrible base stat total of 336 - and that's not even the worst part. Its only move is Hidden Power, which every Pokemon that can learn a TM can learn. It's also a pretty crappy. The move is Normal-type, which means that it's impossible to land a super-effective hit on any Pokemon, and its power ranges from 30-70, depending on IVs. Magikarp's movepool is pretty bad, but at least it can learn Tackle and Splash, and recently, Flail and Bounce. That's still a bad movepool, but not as bad as Unown. Unown is also a pain in the games. You have 28 variants of Unown to catch, and usually, there's no reward worth your time. And, for design critics, Unown's design is honestly extremely bland. It's a letter of the alphabet, or a punctuation mark. Woo. There is absolutely NO reason to use Unown at all in battle. Worst Pokemon ever.
Why isn't this fella at #1? Unown is hands down the worst Pokemon. Ever. Sure, Magikarp is weak, but isn't it obvious why I think he's better? Do I really need to say it? Anyways, Unown can only learn one move, being Hidden Power. It'd be cool it was only exclusive to Unown, but nope! Every single ' Pokemon can learn it!
Unown is the #1 worst Pokemon ever! The designers of the first game obviously created them as a joke! "Hey guys wanna hear something funny? Let's create a Pokemon based on the alphabet! What's more funny is the crappy moves, no evolving and you can't teach them TM's! " At least magikarp evolved into the total beast Pokemon known as Gyrados! Gyrados was a TANK when Red, Blue and Yellow first came out! And that's why unown needs to be the worst
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A wild bidoof has appeared.
2 seconds later... A wild bidoof has appeared
2 seconds later... A wild bidoof has appeared
And so on


Only good for an HM slave. Would never use it on my team, ever. Besides, it's really ugly too...
I once had a pokemon platinum. When I started, I caught both starly and bidoof as my first 2 pokemon. I got starly to level 18 and evolved it before I traded it in for tropicus. I stopped using bidoof when he was level three.
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This is the WORST EVER pokemon and its name is stupid. Example-
Guy-so what should we call it?
Namer-i know lets call it luvdisk because its shaped like a heart!
Guy- that's the best idea EVER.
Oh my god
This is the most pointless annoying terrible pokemon in the game
Why the hell would anyone want to catch one of these worthless stupid heart shaped thing?
I honestly don't even go towards the thought of getting one... When I find one it would just be to kill it or just say "Oh there's a luvdisc" and just run
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Yup. Harden. He can harden. Wow, does he have any attacks? No? He just "hardens" himself. Great pokemon -_-
The only thing Metapod is good for is pissing people off. Get it up to level 100, give it a defense booster, and use harden until the other team runs out of moves. And should Metapod be almost defeated? Ful heal time!
Metapod used HARDEN! Because he can't learn anything else, it would be impossible to evolve this pokemon alone.
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Silcoon vs magikarp umm... Magikarp used Bounce you here that dumb asses up there magikarp becomes useful by level 15 >
He stinks!
His only move when you catch him his only move is harden and tackle! Boo
He is a waste of time of training only that he can do it defense him self and in some seconds you lose the battle I don't know what iam saying anyway he sucks he is the worst pokemon to catch in history even when he envolves he is weak he so many weaknesses
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Hey! Caterpie isn't all bad... In pokemon heart gold I won the bug catching contest WITH caterpie. If you try hard enough you'll get a dangerously stupid butterfree. AT LEAST caterpie isn't that ugly butterfly

Silly Gamefreak... Nikki Minaj isn't a pokemon...
Why? Just why would they make this abomination?!?!
Crappy and every time I look at it I want to kill it
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Okay, I thought cascoon would be an AMAZING pokemon! Like I thought dustox was cool in the anime until I made the biggest mistake ever!

Literally a god.
There is no better pokemon than weedle. There never even will be; he is a literally untoppable behemoth that will ineffably destroy any opposing team.
He is one of the classics! And his highest evolve is so trolly
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The Contenders

Sunkern is the pokemon with the official lowest stats and it evolves into a stupid flower with a highest stat of 105 and lowest of 30
Hey, in base stats, its the worst!


Worst stats. Even worst thane magikarp. At least magikarp evolves into a sick Pokemon
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Horrible type, awkward stats, terrible design, and THAT CRY.
The reason why it lives in water is because it want to die. Guess what: It's WEAK to water. And it's found in water. It's ugly. And has a horrible cry. And for all the existing reasons.
The foe sent out Stunfisk FART NOISE! Seriously! It's horrible! I can't even tell what the stupid thing is! No wonder why Cilan has it!


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Level 100 anything? Nope level 1 weedle beets all!
Burmy is terrible. Here is why he sucks.
1. Design = Pineco rehash
2. Terrible stats
Parasect is a better Bug-Grass type than Wormadam-Grass
Scizor is a better Bug-Steel type than Wormadam-Trash
Even though Nincada is the only other Bug-Ground, Ninjask makes up for it. DIE BURMY!

I actually think Farfetch'd is good for what it was meant to be, a joke Pokémon. It comes from a Japanese proverb and even in the anime, the Pokedex mentioned how they were almost extinct because they are a walking meal! They do come with the redeeming quality of racking up critical hits easily (now if they could only do a decent amount of damage to begin with... )
What's its catch? A stick! Oh boy! Laugh out loud. Horrible base stats too. At least it has a unique name I guess. If it had an evolution I'd choose it over a magikarp though.

Who put Him here?! By far he has one of the best personality and WAY better than Feebas and Surskit AT LEAST. And actually yes it may be over used but that is because it is a DRAGON and also it happens to be able to learn flamethrower which is a bad-ass move. It is actually a very good pokemon and I mean really?! Apparently this pokemon is worst than Muk, seriously people? Are you like... Newbies or just trolls?
Any other fire type is better, and every other fire type isn't massively overrated. Charizard gets too much attention when really he just sucks. He is predictable and not strong enough in actual competition. Also he is in NU where he is still barely a passable choice for your team. Overall he is pretty much the worst. Heck, unown could probably beat one with hidden power rock laugh out loud.
Wow this should be 1. Well competitivly it's pretty bad with a crippling stealth rock weakness, and horrible defences. Plus a ton people think it's the best pokemon because of the unrealistic anime. These are a little bit of the reasons the overrated king is horrible. Also why does arceus get hate it's a great pokemon, and it didn't take mews title...
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How is this lower than Metapod? At least it evolves into a decent pokemon. Kakuna is useless and Beedrill isn't even worth it


Useless, completey annoying to catch, signature moves HEALS the oppenent, and so much more. I do gotta admit it's design is actually kinda cool, but that's pretty much it.

You can try for hours to hit this pokemon but if it knows minimize you may as well try to kill a mewtwo with growl and get better results
Garbage is better than a fat, ugly, smelly piece of muck (what happened to good naming, Game Freak? ) And Trubbish actually cleans up garbage, but Muk just makes all plants die. Yes, it sucks.
ITS just a pile of sludge what was gamefreak thinking and its preevulition is way worse

I think arceus is a good Pokemon if you can be bothered to get it! Dialga is a lot better and you can get that without action replay


Arceus is both overrated and underrated. I hate those who say "ZOMG ARCEUS IS the MOST POWERFUL POKEMANZ EVER " but I also hate those who say "ARCEUS IS STUPID HE'S A SPACE GOAT CRAPPY Pokemon THESE DAYZ UHH" as well. Besides, if you've watched Game Theory, Pokemon also has hints towards evolution, which pleases everyone! And no, he is not that good. He is- I mean WAS on par with mewtwo, before he got a mega evolution and literally ascended god. Also mega blaziken could also kick his ass. He's not that bad, but he's not that good, either.
People who vote for arceus for this category are so dum.Every one knows arceus is so powerful that can defeat all the Pokemon, it has 720 stats that no Pokemon has or is higher. Bet these guys who vote for arceus in this category never watch Pokemon at all
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This is an awesome little elf with gems for eyes and claws! Screw the no weaknesses thing, this tiny guy is boss.

Ditto is the breeding king that is how you fill up the pokedex
Only shape shifter, which sucks. Also, I ran out of ideas. :(
This little jerk never obeys. If he would, he would have been a great Pokemon.
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By far the worst of the rodent Pokemon. If you make bidoof look good, then there's a problem.
Patrat... Need I say more?

It sucks first of all its an bug tipe and the best moves it has is sing and bide
How is this at 23? It should be in the top 10
It really suks all the way. You can't even win. Its so bad I can't believe it. Wow its toatlly bad, bad, badand super bad
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Snorlax is actualy really good I beat the elite four with him
I beat Cynthia with my snorlax, no cheats whatsoever.

Failure, you find these everywhere. This gen I believe is garbage except for krokorok and cofagriegus. Sorry of getting off topic. Basculin is a fail version of magiKarp. It doesn't evolve. Just water, really this should be a dark water. Overall, It doesn't evolve, Its ugly, it stinks, but the worst of all its like the only water type you can catch except for frillish which isn't that bad but still stinks. Just because the low supply of water types I'd rather stick with gen 3.
Why didn't they made a masquerian evo and make it water instead of this, the brown fish is also stupid.


Surskit is the cutest.

I cannot go across water without finding 500 of these.
It's like the water form of zubat. -_-

I still like him because he is cute but his stats are the most terrible out of all the little mice pokemon,
Also his pokedex entry is meen to him saying that he hurts himself and he can't store that much electricity, super smash bros explains the rest, he literaly takes damage... From itself. But don't be mad at him its not his fault, he could of been much better if it wasn't for nintendo
I like Pichu because it is cute but it is completely useless. I hate when people say that it is A STOOPID POKEMANZ because IT HURTS ITSELF WHEN IT USES ELETRICITY because that only came to people's minds in Smash Bros. Melee because it actually does happen. I've been playing Pokemon for more than 10 years so I'm not a newbie, and I know what I'm talking about.

Pichu is still a pretty derpy Pokemon with low base stats, weak attacks, no real relevance except Pokemon Channel and that Pichu evolves into Pikachu, and it's Pokedex entry... -_-
To me pichu is the best thing on this planet I do not agree to this list P.s I'm in tears

This thing is ugliest and lamest pokémon ever, it doesn't even have a redeeming evolution. It will always just be a dunsparce. Naturally I found a shiny one...
Would you imagine that only a SPARCE number of people like this thing?
Get it? Get it?

Just look at this thing. It is LITERALLY an ugly, horrid walking trash bag.

To be honest, this thing makes Luvdisks and Magikarps feel like gods. CASE ENTIRELY CLOSED!
Whoever made this thing knows it's worse than Magikarp. Worst pokemon ever! Hence my username.


That thing is so disgusting! I don't know why those kindergarten in the anime wanted it so badly anyway, but then Ash was supporting them? Talk about stupid pokemon AND protagonist.
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This should NOT be in the list. You need to think before you put the good stuff like mew in the list. Brt!
Why does everyone like this thing!? Pikachu is far too overrated and has a bunch of mouse like Pokemon that look like him and and a baby form! At least his evolution is cool
This pokemon, I agree it's useful startgame, but.. Terrible defenses and terribe normal attack, plus being overrated all over the internet, no thanks..
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Zubat is not useless. Once it is around level 19 it can learn wing attack and become a threat. I actually trained a zubat and it was a wonderful Pokemon to raise.
Uh, no. Zubat may be weak at the start, but that's how it is with most Pokemon at the beginning of the game. If you train it well, you can have an amazing Crobat, which is his final evolution. Zubat may be weak at the beginning, but Crobat on the other hand is a BEAST. So no, Zubat isn't useless.
He evolves into crobat which is a good pokemon
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They are WAY too common
This whole evolution line is weak and extremely overrated. people only like it, because it was the first basic bird Pokemon in the pokedex. I tried using pidgeot in crystal and yellow, and it dragged my team down. I was so happy when I released that piece in favor of crobat. I was crying tears of joy. it has a good design with the hairdo, but good lord it sucks. it's so generic, boring, overhyped, and bad. I hate it even more because people wont shut up about how good it supposedly is, when in reality it is awful. there are so many better birds that are actually useful and don't suck ass like dodrio and staraptor. thank you to whoever voted for this.




I made a HUGE mistake:

I put my level. 100 Yveltal up on the GTS for a Regigigas but when I found out his ability, I went to take him off.

Epic fail. I got Regigigas before I could take him off.

I traded it to my friend for a Magikarp
Regigigas is epic! I love this Pokemon! He's like a taco monster :3
He's slow, terrible stats, and has terrible move set, don't even waste an ultra ball on this giant piece of crap

When I first laied eyes on this abomination I felt empathy for it. When you look into its eyes all you see is suffering and sorrow because it knows it's garbage. It didn't ask to be made out of half eaten fast food and used diapers, He is just the horrible joke of a cruel god, sent to wander the earth in pain until some saint puts it out of its misery. That's is its only goal in life, TO DIE
It's literally a pile of garbage!
This is the worst Pokemon this should be #1 not magikarp


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Its a duck, with a constant headache. Can you get any more annoying then that, and really the only good move is mimic and it can barely even do that well.

Why is everyone hating on Charizard when Magcargo is clearly worse? It HAS TWO 4X WEAKNESSES, and some other weaknesses as well. And besides that, It's really slow. (So it'll probably get killed before it can make a move.) I have to admit, Charizard is pretty bad. But Magcargo is horrible as well.
Even so magcargo has a decent movepool, it HAS 2 4x weakness plus it's very slow, crappy attack, below average sp attack, and minimally acceptably sp defense. The only thing good is its relatively good defense but what use is that when the other stats are horrible/below average? Charizard is wayy better, and obviously the people said Charizard is bad because of 4x weakness to rock don't know how to use him. They don't notice his ferocious sp attack and speed that can KO a Pokemon if super effective.



Worst final evolution of a Kalos starter. I mean if Greninja or even Serperior used a super effective special attack on Chenaught, Chesnaught would die in an instant.

Why is this beast here HE IS AWESOME
I agree with the guy who said the good things about infernape The rest of you like stupid Pokemon LIKE charizard I personally like squirtle better
What the heck is wrong with some of you if any of you place blastoise or infernape on here WHOEVER HATES INFERNAPE IS HORRIBLE
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It looks like 100% girl but it's really only 12.5% girl. Seriously Game Freak?
Why is this on the list? MWHY?

Floatzel is awesome, he has great moves and really good speed he just has bad defense
How did floatzel get on this list!

First of all, this thing is a brat. Secondly, trubbish is cute in a weird way to me. And it's my favorite poison type because of it. So hate snivy and like trubbish
WHY IS THIS ON THE LIST I MEAN what DID SNIVY EVER DO?! Its speed is amazing. period


Bad evolution to a snake just so it wouldn't be a ripoff of
More comments about Snivy


Is defense sp defense is the best in the game, but every other stat SUCKS.


And this pokemon exists because...? It has NO evolutions, no special abilities, no signature moves, etc. There is NOTHING to validate this irrelevant fag's existence. And I am NOT British. Kecleon is NOT a cigarette.

Of all the shiny Pokemon, a spinda...


Zap cannon your mom
"the coloured duck pokemon"
Do you have any idea how hard it is to evolve thing and its first evolution (porygon2) looks like a colored duck and porygon z looks like a colored duck with no neck
More comments about Porygon


Its weird- and has even weirder fairy type moves and looks.

Other legendaries eat it for breakfast. They make garlic out of its head and put it on fried Magikarp.


This thing is a beast why
Are it and infernape on this list?


Pikachu is better and cuter.

Looks so ugly that it makes sunker look cool
Iumbreon I hate this thing so much it's weak it's overrated I can kill this thing so fast
Your jaw would drop its looks stupid did I mention weak this peace
Of crap you call a Pokemon can go to hello always hated it and always will
You can hate me all you want what are you gonna do make YouTube video about it
Ps umbreon is a worthless. Wench
Umbreon didn't you here espeon thinks your gay and is
Getting married to leafoen you can go tie the ropes with flareon
Ps espeon thinks your ugly you a loser and retarded


I think it's a krabby with a deadly shroom on its back


That is complete bull torterra is better than any pokemon you could throw out there it beats anything and everything fire wind what ever its dead torterras a beast
Actually, (Comment below me), Empoleon can learn an ice move that basically 1 hit kills your Pokemon. Empoleon has more resitances, an immunity, torterra doesn't stand a chance.



Are you stupid? Blastois is a boss its a tank you smack it in the face with a thunder bolt? Maybe half health damage then be prepared for a power house hydro pump
So annoying why isn't he 1



Stfu up bastards! You know what feebas evolves into? MILOTIC! A beautiful pokemon, same with magikarp, who evolves into gyrados! Milotic is AMAZING for contests and if you just guve feebas a prism scale and switch it out in battle you can get milotic!
In Emerald, out of 400 squares in one location, 6 are for feebas! Plus it's basically a magikarp that can learn TM's.
Feebas is amazing. Just amazing.
More comments about Feebas

You might think it's terrible but have you ever taken the time and actually think how good he actually is. For 1 I do know he lacks the offensive attacks. But counter reflects the other Pokemon's Attack. And makes it do twice as much damage.
And mirror coat reflects attacks too. But don't forget about Destiny Bond You can renact the "if I'm going down I'm taking you with me! " Although it doesn't always work. But don't forget about Its ability Shadow Tag. In which the Pokemon you are fighting can't run away. Which is perfect for fitting Entei, Raikou and some other Pokemon.
Counter and Mirror Coat are the only attack moves. Even though it can have more than 500 hp DO NOT GET WOBBUFETT I repeat DO NOT GET WOBBUFETT
More comments about Wobbuffet


Has the most amazing ability ever but it has tons of weaknesses and only one hp worst pokemon ever and it is a waste of a pokeball
1 hp! 1! Are you kidding me? Do not never get this Pokemon nor have anything to do with it because it can never survive. The dumb asses that created it should know that nobody wants a Pokemon with only 1 hp


Overrated beyond belief, Rayquaza is much more reliable and usable in a wi fi battle anyway.

I just ' hate this thing. It is easily the worst-designed Pokemon I have ever seen in my life, and it isn't even that good in battle like most idiots say it is. It SUCKS!
Its cry is a burp, it has a beard, and its DOWNRIGHT UGLY! I know someone whos sister cried when his Bunnelby evolved... Obviously not worth it
Don't ever let your bunnyelby evolve.


Best pokemon ever why is it here

It evolves into garchomp, one of the best non legendaries statistically!

Why the hell is mudkip here good moveset great typing and awesome design (and I mean all the evos) andit reminds me of my self and how can a pokemon be bratty tell me how
Mudkip is annoying, bratty, overdubbed, and his design is lame. I'd take Seismitoad any day of the week for Water/Ground power.

This little Pokémon is cute and all, but it receives too much attention. There is even a website called Shiny Eevee, and Eevee's shiny form isn't much different from its normal form. It is pretty weak statwise, with its stats summing up to 325. Cuteness is not all there is to a Pokémon. It is about its stats, reliability, and yes, its power and friendship. Eevee is no exception!

Granit metang and metagross are gorgeous this this is so hard to train since its only move causes recoil and even when it evolves you have to keep smacking urself in the face till it learns metal claw

True every pokemon is unique but... Butterfree...

Horrible, horrible.. And even more horrible. Apart from the fact that it doesn't even evolve, this is really bad! Since it doesn't evolve, it's even worse!
Crazy key shaped pokemon with horrible moves. I only have one thing to say- VOTE FOR IT!
Umm... Who wants a key Pokemon. This should be in top 20 minimum!
More comments about Klefki

Sorry but kingdra is my favorite Pokemon, it has like the best typing ever and pretty good stats, if kingdra decked you maybe you didn't train hard enough for the god. Oh and kingdra is the king of the sea not kyogre
I have a reason for putting kingdra here. In mystery dungeon 2, this thing destroyed my team. I just thought it was annoying. And the worst part was, it was every where. And then there is Clair's kingdra. This Pokemon is my least favourite Pokemon for these reasons. If you disagree, at least respect my opinion


91Mr. Mime
You are all weird if you don't agree with me
Crazy.. Crazy, and crazy. Even crazier than Mime Jr.!



This pokemo. Sucks! Why is it not one on this list

This pokemon is actually my favorite out of the three! I don't know why people are putting cool pokemon like meetwo and pikachu on this list and then give reasons such as overrated.
I liked it when you put Pokemons from Pokemon X, I enjoyed it a lot
Nintendo is running out of good characters designs


Blaziken is awesome why would anyone do this

Well I don't know what cries have to do with making any Pokemon bad, (exception to Stunfisk), but it still looks weird.
It's an ugly thing that has a scream for a cry.
It's so ugly and it has a scream for it's cry.

This thing is absolute crap! It is completely unlikeable in the anime, it is not cute, and why do people even give this thing attention! I'd rather use a Clefairy rather than this travesty of a pokemon.

Six eggs that aren't even cute as the name suggests. I know he may be powerful if you train him up enough, but I don't know anyone who voluntarily put him on their team.

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