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61 Dedenne Dedenne

How dare you put dedenne in this list! Dedenne is way stronger than YOU! People who say that dedenne is a ripoff pikachu is so wrong. What similarities do they even have? Only the cheeks and eyes. No thing else. Just because dedenne has cheeks and eyes and is also an electric-type doesn't mean that dedenne should be hated. Who ever put this in the list is complete bull sht.

Dedenne is basically a similarly shaped, recolored pikachu. Just because the color is different doesn't mean that its totally different. Get your facts right.

Think they got the name dedenne from dende from dbz (dragon ball)

What the hell are x and y Pokemon doing on this list! Whoever offenses xy Pokemon are asses

I have a dedenne named Dot and he loves my sister's
Pikachu named Dot and they have sons and daughters.
they're pichus and one's a pikachu.

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62 Magcargo

Why is everyone hating on Charizard when Magcargo is clearly worse? It HAS TWO 4X WEAKNESSES, and some other weaknesses as well. And besides that, It's really slow. (So it'll probably get killed before it can make a move.) I have to admit, Charizard is pretty bad. But Magcargo is horrible as well.

Why is this even on the list? 1 Magcargo could destroy humanity. Its pokedex entry says, and I quote, "The flames inside its body burn 10 times hotter than the sun." THE SUN. God knows why it doesn't vaporize every human being in the world, but if it wanted to, believe me, it could.

I only use it for its ability flame body

Got one in emerald. Regrets man. Regrets

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63 Munchlax

Don't say anything bad it will eat you

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64 Chesnaught Chesnaught

No chesnaught is the best Pokemon ever shame on you Take him of the list now!

So what heaping sucks big deal chespin is beast all the best Pokemon are on this bloody list

CHESNAUGHT IS SO THE BOSS. (He should be in the top ten Pokemon.

It's a disgrace to dark types
The fact that you don't know it's typing (grass/fighting) shows you shouldn't be voting. 4x weak to flying? Charizard is 4x weak to rock. Don't hear you complaining. It also has a base 122 defense and spiky shield to take psyical dlying hits (2-1hkos, still has a chance to live it and retaliate)
Also, you should have a pokemon on your team that can deal with this glaring weakness to air slash and hurricane, or you don't deserve to vote either. Also, no good ability? Bulletproof walls gengar's sludge bomb that would normally take you out. You obviously don't know what you are talking about.

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65 Diggersby Diggersby

I just ' hate this thing. It is easily the worst-designed Pokemon I have ever seen in my life, and it isn't even that good in battle like most idiots say it is. It SUCKS!

A horribly designed Pokemon indeed, by far one of the worst Pokemon to ever have been designed. That said, with Huge Power its Attack stat can actually become higher than Groudon, which makes it quite a force to be reckoned with. However, it doesn't seem worth it to find one with its Hidden Ability, as it's at best absolutely average in every other way statwise.

Sounds like its puking weasels

It look's like it has been eating and rolling around in it's own poo

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66 Sentret V 1 Comment
67 Bunnelby Bunnelby V 4 Comments
68 Diglett

It is a midget finger thing poking out of the ground. What?

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69 Masquerain

What masquerin is hands down the best big type Pokemon in the game

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70 Cleffa

It only makes good use of pre-evolution by using sweet kiss.

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71 Spinda

Of all the shiny Pokemon, a spinda...

Spinda is amazing. I've used one and it's great. It's also very adorable.

Spinda should be WAAY higher. It's an alcoholic bear with stats beaten out by virtually everything fully evolved, AND a lot of little cup Pokemon. It's only saving grace is contrary

This thing is some ugly very drunk pokemon that I hate.

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72 Floatzel

Floatzel is awesome, he has great moves and really good speed he just has bad defense

How did floatzel get on this list!

Floatzel is such a lovely Pokemon! Don't believe ON THIS LIST

It's a Glass Cannon that's all - ABBCC

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73 Spoink

It's just so CRAP! All it wants is an EVEN BIGGER PINK PEARL TO REPLACE THE ONE IT ALREADY HAS! Plus if it stops hopping/jumping, it randomly dies on you

Poor Pokemon it should never exist since it dies when it stops bouncing I know your pain

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74 Koffing

If they made a drug type of Pokemon koffing would be the first on the list

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75 Phanpy
76 Gulpin

Ist just a gulpin so gros this my frend is the worst pokemon ever I am telling ya

77 Chandelure

One of the highest base special attacks of any mons. I'm talking on the levels of kyogre.

Someone has never played competitively

You obviously don't play competitive

Weird.. Weird... And lacks of creativity. That is not good AT ALL.

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78 Wurmple Wurmple V 3 Comments
79 Raichu Raichu

It's the fully evolved from of Pikachu! And its strong! - aarond90

Raichu is the best I even I have a card of him

Raichu's movepool would be Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Iron Tail, and and Thunder Wave...

Ah I have always loved this Pokemon since it kicked pickachus ass

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80 Vanillite/Vanilluxe

Lack of creativity and horrible ice-type moves. That's what I call it.

A retarded floating ice cream. One of the most horrific designs ever.

I like Vanilluxe's design even if it isn't creative

Come on, Sheer Cold at level 1

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