Top Ten Worst Poptropica Islands

Do you hate where your favourite island is on the best poptropica island is? Well, now that can all change

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1Virus Hunter

It had a great start! That is till you get into the stupid body.

NO WAY! Virus Hunter had action, fun and epicness all round. The only thing is the MAJOR glitch.

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2Mystery of the map

Poptropica islands are getting worse and worse. Jeff Kinney, we need you!

Ikr! AND NOW some of the best islands,none of the new lamer ones may I add, are turnin into members only!

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This is my personal favourite island - I have no idea how this could be on the worst Poptropica island list!

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4Mission Atlantis

Taking Pictures of sea creatures. Yay...

5Twisted Thicket

It only took me two days to finish this island even though this is hard

Just when I thought I was done with these tedious and puzzles, there was more.

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A pain in the neck having to travel back and forth to save up enough doubloons to get a bigger boat. Jaws- "We're gonna need a bigger boat"

God all that trading.. I can't DO IT! - PeachyBlast

7Galactic Hot Dogs

A lame ripoff of Astro Knights with all the fun sucked out of it.

Nothing Special. I'm sure it's no-one's favourite.

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I hated having to do Binary Bard's dream! Mind you though...He wasn't easy to defeat in Astro-Knight.

9Steam Works

So boring! Nothings there! I like the Islands that take place in a cute town like Poptropicon, Virus Hunter, and Counterfit.

Yeah but virus hunter is then lame, as is poptropicon as there isn't a cute town! U wanna cute town? Then try Great Pumpkin, Big Nate, or even super hero!

Heyy there lonely girrl. On your own on an island,stuck with a stupid robot that gets stuck on walls. Yipee. Oh yeah and them stupid plant monsters!

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Having to change my beloved outfit into a hideous one that didn't suit me. WA

The Contenders

11Great Pumpkin
12Lunar Coloney

I didn't like always driving in a buggy

13Monster Carnival
14RealmsV3 Comments
15Poptropolis Games

This upset me because I realised how rubbish the game is getting without Jeff Kinney

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19Vampire's Curse
20Red Dragon
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