Worst Professional Sports Franchises

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Detroit Lions
By far the lions are the worst sporst franchise ever. They never win anything whatsoever I think they only have 1 or so playoff wins in there entire history. Look at there draft busts like Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers, and Mike Williams. All those losing seasons and poor managment.


Had the greatest running back ever to play the game alongside one of the great receivers in the game in Barry Sanders and Herman Moore. Still, 1 playoff win since 1957. Only 11 playoff appearances since 1957. Only 0-16 team in the history of the league. Gimmie a break, this isn't even close.
Almost officially 50 years and still no super bowl ring


2Pittsburgh Pirates
This list needs updating. The Lions are on a roll now, the Rangers have been to two straight world series and the rays made the playoffs for the past couple years.
No winning seasons since 1992 and no end in sight.

3Chicago Cubs
Yeah they have a terrible franchise just pathetic they have been Around since there were dinosaurs and they've never been any good
It is true that the Cubs are one of the worst sports teams but you gotta admit they have the most loyal fans ever! (Including me)


102 years is two generations. do you realize how many people where cubs who died never seeing a championship?

4Cleveland Browns
Never made the Super Bowl in 45 seasons to date. At least the Pirates have won a World Series...
One playoff game ( a loss) in over 20 years? Should be top 5 for the worst! The only time they contended for an AFC title was in the eighties.
They consistently lose 10 or more games. They change QB's and coaches regularly. A total mess.

5Los Angeles Clippers
How can this team be on any list with the words "professional sports," in the title. They would suck at semi-pro.
NBA definition for futility.

6Jacksonville Jaguars
Look at the history. It speaks for itself
Ask anybody they will tell you the same

7Charlotte Bobcats
Maybe if Jordan wasn't a retarded and would rehire larry Brown bobcat might make the playoffs

8Kansas City Royals
The Kansas City Royals have only 3 winning seasons since winning the World Series in 1985, and no playoff appearances. And, they have the worst owner in Major League Baseball. Need I say more?
One winning season since 1985. Was once a model franchise.

9Memphis Grizzlies
They have 7 playoff wins you have none so I don't know what you're blabbering about how dumb are you Memphis Grizzlies for the win.
never been a good team ever

10Sacramento Kings

The Contenders

11Miami Marlins

12Atlanta Hawks

13Montreal Expos
They did make the playoffs in 1981. Best team in baseball in the 80's and quite possibly the greatest team ever in '94. Loudest fans on the planet even with 8000 in the stadium near the end. Money and greed killed the Expos. Much like most of the United States!
Never made the playoffs in 36 years. Clearly the worst

14Arizona Cardinals
Franchise was floundering even before the move to AZ.
I think their even worse than the Raiders and the Jags! Only 9 playoff apperances and 1 Super Bowl apperance. The owner needs to sell them to Los Angeles


15Tampa Bay Devil Rays
NO winning seasons EVER. Won 70 or more games ONCE. Never finished above 4th in division.

16Columbus Blue Jackets
This team is actually good.


Poorly managed and going no where fast. Horrible GM. Feel bad for the city. Great hockey town.

17Anaheim Ducks

18Portsmouth FC

19Texas Rangers
Went bankrupt, got bailed out by new ownership via the taxpayers, owners took the money and ran, sold team, they nearly went bankrupt again, got the league to move the cross state, extremely profitable Astros into their League and Division aand in the process shift revenue from Houston's lucrative T.V. deal to the foundering Rangers franchise. The Yankees aren't what's wrong with baseball, the Rangers are.
are you kidding me who has been in the world series 2 times in a row TEXAS ding ding ding 2009-2010 2010-2011 rangers are going to win it all
The reason why I don't play baseball. (I'm from Texas)

20Oakland Raiders.
Have hit hard times because of inept owner.
Won like 5 games out of 64 games

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