Worst Racing Games of All Time

Racing is my favorite genre of gaming but these games nearly ruined the gaming genre.

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1Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

This game is terrible. It has no collision detection, no rules, no objectives, no AI. Basically nothing that would even qualify it as a finished game.

It is hard to consider it a legitimate game, but the fact of the matter is even though there's not really any game to it, it was released as a retail game and sold as such for money. And for that it only makes the completely broken nature of it even more insulting.
So for that it is a game, just an awful one.

We can't even say this game is finished. Its full of glitches. You don't need to look for them, because they are everywhere!

This game is so bad that they had to create lies on the box! But despite that fact, if you are looking for a laugh, then this could trigger some laughs

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2M&Ms Kart Racing

Player: (drives car at approximately 2 mph)
Narrator: "APPROACHING SOUNNND BARRIER! " - xandermartin98

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3Myth Makers: Super Kart GP

Data Design Interactive are easilly one of the worst game developers out there, and this game shows. Awful physics, ugly graphics, broken controls and unworkable level design are all to be found in this game.

4Action Girlz Racing
5F-Zero GX

There is nothing wrong with this game; it is intentionally hard and you just suck at it.

The fact that this game is in the top ten over crap like Myth Makers Super Kart GP and Rascal Racers is a disgrace.
This is a great game and does not deserve to be on here. It's too hard for you? Oh boo-hoo, have a tissue and go back to your Animal Crossing.

The Game cheats, and its really frustrating struggling to stay in first place only to crash and lose the race. - egnomac

Going too fast and crashing makes no sense. 1000MPH? Seriously? Why? - SelfDestruct

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6Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

WAIT I was expecting sonic r here but a good game is here - spodermanfan1000

I'm addicted to this game! Best racing game ever!

Just buy to unlock in game items using in game currency. There is no easy way to unlock them. - SelfDestruct

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7Hello Kitty Kruisers

A hello kitty racing game. You can tell this game sucks. - KingFab

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8Fast & Furious: Showdown

Yeah Agree With This Game.

1.Bad Handling
2.If You Restart A Race,They Can't Skip The Cutscene
3.Soundtrack At Racing Is Boring,Can't Change The Music
4.Too Fast For Complete This Game
5.No Quick Race
6.Char While Talking Is Just Sitting,Mouth Didn't Follow The Voice

9Rascal RacersV1 Comment
10Sonic R

Awful graphics and racing quality, glad there are good sonic games that made up for this bad game

Rule number 1 about racing games never make it a running race

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11Crazy Frog Racer

The game is really hard and just horrible

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12Super Mario Kart

Who makes these list? Hoy about putting a game on here like action Girls racing on the WII

This game is great, especially the deadmau5 songs that make it nearly perfect

The first racing game using item mechanics! Someone who put this was a total losers, and disliked 2D racing game.

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13Sonic Drift
14Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing Transformed

WHAT?! This game is brilliant, although the All-Star moves are really lazy compared to the original game.

There is about like good racing games on this list! Are you a troll?

A poor sequel to the already bad racing game. - SelfDestruct

15Mario Kart Double Dash

Is the best Mario kart games of all time! Is my favorite Mario kart game of all time!

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17Need for Speed Most Wanted DS

Whoever put this on here should die

18Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Good game but it is overrated. I mostly hate it because some people say it's better than Split/Second. Making Split/Second a underrated game.

Not saying this game is bad but it is quite disappointing. As the gameplay is good, the graphics were average (the road was not even realistically painted but close to it), the car behavior was unrealistic (if you use speedbreaker at high speeds and then turn in one direction and then turn in another direction quickly, the cars seem to sidestep), and the car list was horrible as there was no McLaren F1 or Koenigsegg CCX/CCR. Thatis why this game belongs in this list. Sorry to disappoint you guys for this but I personally dislike this game.

By the way, the paragraph I wrote above is about the 2005 version, not to be confused with the 2012 version. - SelfDestruct

Don't belive critics, this game was terrible. A soggy mixture of burnout paradise and NFS.

If you mean 2012, I agree.

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19Angry Birds Go

It got really boring, especially when the game got harder and harder

A great idea at first, but it was just so boring

20Mario Kart 7

My only problem with it is the characters... Why would you put HONEY QUEEN, who's in, what? One game? For one level? Instead of someone like Waluigi?

This game is overrated and they put rosalina and honey queen how many times are they gonna milk the Mario galaxy name and not make a third game - ikerevievs

It is worse than the Wii version due to less characters. Still, they ability to fly and do some other stuff gets it off of the top 5. - SelfDestruct

Is my 2nd favorite Mario kart game!

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