Worst Racing Games of All Time


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21Mario Kart 64

I played the game but it had poor controls, glitchy game play and it seemed like activating an item was a chore. - SelfDestruct

22Crash Tag Team Racing
23Hooter's Road Trip
24Sonic Free Riders

This game is HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. DO NOT PLAY IT. You'll look like a dumbass playing it, and your back WILL hurt after finishing races.

25Carmageddon 2
26Mario Kart Super Circuit

You can avoid blue shells jumping over them! It easy to do!

A huge mistake was made by re-adding 2d tracks. That ruined the game. Also, there was poor voice acting... - SelfDestruct

27Crash Nitro Kart

What? This is a great game. Don't get me wrong, its nowhere near as good as Crash Team Racing, but its not terrible

28Ridge Racer Vita
29Ferrari: The Race Experience
30Carmageddon 64
31Mercedes-Benz World Racing
32Asphalt 3D
33Mario Kart DS

Very complicated game play. What were they thinking? - SelfDestruct

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35Dodge Racing: Charger vs. Challenger

Absolute Rubbish... Desperately wanted to buy a realistic racing game for the Wii, would've gone for NFS, but they don't go on the Wii. I settled for this and it was the worst $15 I spent in my life.

36DT Racer

The only thing this game is good for is "jousting", where 2 players smash into each other, head-on, and continue crashing with the intention of dealing as much damage as possible to render ones opponent helpless to "win" the match. Trying to flip ones opponent on their roof (like a turtle) is also a fun way to win.

37Spirit of Speed 1937V1 Comment
38Gran Turismo 6
39Need for Speed: Underground
40Taxi Driver Challenge
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