Worst Rap Songs of All Time


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Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
All those people who didn't vote for it obviously didn't watch the music video.
This list is messed up. Fort Minor's whole album is dope, and Remember the Name is one of the BEST rap songs. Eminem, the greatest rapper ever, shouldn't be on this list AT ALL with the exception of maybe FACK. And the fact that 2pac is on here makes me sick. And especially his BEST song. And why isn't Lil Wayne on here more than he is?
The people that vote for these list things are obviously developmentally slow. I agree, only stupid hoes sing about stupid hoes, and Nicki Minaj should go shack up with Drake or whomever. But why is The Real Slim Shady on that list? Em was right, he raps about things you only talk about in your living room. Why isn't Started From The Bottom on this list? No New Friends? Lollipop? All Gold Everything? There are a million and one rap songs that are absolutely terrible that deserve to be on this list?
[Newest]Can you even call this a song? What the hell is it?

2Crank That - Soulja Boy
I don't know if its even possible to listen to this "music" and not want to kill yourself.

Sadly, Soulja boy probably used very word in his vocabulary in this song, around 20 words, maybe?

Pretty much anything made by this idiot should be condemned to hell. Too harsh?... I don't think so
This is why rap was at it's all time lowest point in 2007 and 2006. songs like this. Who told this retard he could rap?
[Newest]The beat's catchy, but the rapper is garbage.

3Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
Not only is this an absolutely terrible song, but he couldn't even come up with his own beat. Had to jack it from Freddie Mercury from the song "Under Pressure".
I do not agree this song is an amazing classic come on you can do better than that...
This is just plain dumb
[Newest]That song is just wack. Has a nice flow, but wack.

4Fack - Eminem
Why is this so low? This has disgusting lyrics nobody will ever want to listen to. And why is The Real Slim Shady 2 on
The list? The lyrics are awesome and the music video is funny. Fack is a song about shoving a gerbil up your butt.
Seriously? Who writes a song about that? So people, stop hating The Real Slim Shady and star hating Fack!
This is a song that I use to piss people off online.
Eminem is my favorite Rapper of all time but this rap song is just BAD.
I added this "song" on the list of "songs that could be used as torture"
This song suck so much it should be number 1. Anyway, The Real Slim Shady should be taken off the list!
[Newest]This may as well be (objectively) the worst song of all time. Ironic that it came from one of the most talented artists of our generation.

5Lollipop - Lil Wayne
At least this song has a good singer in Static Major... RIP
Uh... this is the same guy that wrote Drop the World, right?
What tupac changes and Eminem lose Yousif 2 of the best songs ever what

6Rack City - Tyga
How the hell did 2pac and Fort Minor get on this list? Trolls...
Repetitive bland stupid. We need a real tiger in the modern hip hop industry and Tyga is like a stuffed tiger. laugh out loud
Awful song. End of story.
[Newest]I do not like the topic.

7You're a Jerk - Joe Slaps
I just wanna say one thing, for all the legendary songs on this list, that if you don't have enough cents for the operation of your deaf ears so I will give it but I can't bear (remember the name, changes and real slim shady) on this list
Yoh Have to be a moron to even know that song
I actually like this song why is it on here
Not bad at all

8Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
I like Nicki. But his song is just... L ugh. How can I explain

2013-2014 had some of the WORST SONGS EVER! And Andacanda is no exception. A lot of people hate this song because the lyrics are messed up an uncreative, the beat although a bit catchy, pretty much ripped off "baby got back." AND the fact that it disappoints rap fans. These are true, but now let me explain why I hate this song.

The beat- it is a little bit catchy, but here is the thing. I HEARD IT BEFORE! Not just from baby got back, but from almost every other rap song. The beat and tone has been used before. It's not original. It's bland and over used. Not to mention its FORGETTABLE!

The lyrics- the lyrics is the worst part of the song. They don't make sense AT ALL! The lyrics are practically all about... You know what. And also, I can't understand it. Nicki just talks so fast and so obnoxious that it literarily sounds like she herself can't handle even singing this! And that's not even the worst part! The WORST part, is the fact that the lyrics OFFENDS some people! How? You may ask, read the lyrics and tell me. And that STILL isn't the worst part, the WORST PART is that the jokes that are offensive, they constantly keep repeating it, as if it was some joke! And that gets me so annoyed!

The video- video is very confusing. Nicki showing off her fake booty in the whole song makes me want to barf! And like I said earlier, WE SEEN ALL OF THIS BEFORE! Not just from baby got back! The clips are out of control as if they wern't even trying! Wow, people just WOW!

Okay, so I have been warned by my cousin about this song, but I didn't know it was going to be THIS bad! Is this really what music turned into! Could things get even worse than this! I don't even want to know. People, I have been through baby, Friday, Barbie girl but this song is just all of those songs stupidity all cramped up together. If there was one song I would be so happy to never see again, it would be Anaconda. Now if you excuse me, I am going to listen to non horrible songs, like blank space, grenade, sky fall, just god NOT THIS!

Beat:- 2/10

Lyrics: -9/10

Video: -3/10

Anaconda's overall score- -6/10


I agree with everything you said. Back then I used to think Nicki Minaj was trash. And to this very day, she's ' garbage! No real hip hop fan or anybody takes her seriously. And this song is barely listenable! I'd rather listen to nails on a chalk board than to this song and Stupid Hoe.
Dear Nicki Minaj,

Please put deeper meanings into your song. Get off your lazy butt and make your own beat, sing your own song, and make good messages. Also, don't twerk in music videos.

Sincerely, The Universe


My anaconda don't-my anaconda don't-my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon. (WHAP)
[Newest]This should jack up 2 number 1

9Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
This can just break my ears... Party rock anthem is so much better. how is this even a rap song?
Not even a rap song.
Enough said!


Even my fart sounds better than this...
[Newest]This song sucks and so does LMFAO!

10The Real Slim Shady - Eminem
Are you kidding me?
THis song should NOT be on this liste at all!
The song's funny and the lyrics are good! How can it be right under Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj who is NOT a good MC?
Eminem rocks, he has proved it many times.
What the this is such a good song
I think this song is alright but some parts of the song are really disturbing
Still should not be in top ten I've heard much worse
[Newest]Remove this song now

The Contenders

11Karate Chop - Future
This song is an absolute joke.
Don't forget about the infamous Emmet Till lyric.

12Come On a Cone - Nicki Minaj
Nonsense lyrics spoken with no rhythm in Nicki's trademark ghetto fabulous jibberish.
I hope she has enough money for my hospital bill after listening to this exposed garbadge.

13Lose Control - K-Fed
What the heck is this I didn't here this before is it good
I don't know who this is but I just listened and it sounds gd to me..

1423 - Mike Will Made-It
How isn't this at 4? It deserves to be there

15You're a Jerk - New Boyz
Thank's to them I can no longer hear correctley. Trust me, these idiot's will be paying for my medical bill.

16Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
Sexiest rap song ever...

If it was by someone who could rap and someone who could write lyrics and someone who wasn't named Justin I Smoke Weed Bieber

His voice was high, now he's high on drugs
He can't even rap! Why why why does he even existin this world? And Lose Yourself is one of the best songs of all times... Why is it even on this list?
Kill yourself if you wanna listen that crap

17Changes - Tupac Shakur
What? This song should not be here! This is classic
This the best rap song ever, what is this doing here?


Hell no! Get this song off this list who would ever disrespect tupac like this?!
[Newest]This song is awesome

18Kim Kardashian - Soulja Boy
Worst piece of garbage I have ever heard in my entire life.
Wow. Just wow. Soulja Boy made a song worse than Crank that. Didn't know he was even capable of doing that.
Oh my god I hate this song. I actually looked at the lyrics, and half of the entire song is filler. Just 5 MINUTES of NOTHING BUT KIM KARDASHIAN AND SWAG REPEATED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! THIS SONG AND SOULJA BOY!

19I Hit It First - Ray J
I can't stand this song but it's kinda funny because I know for sure it ticks Kanye West off. What Ray J is basically saying. " I did it with Kim Kardashian first ".

20The Motto - Drake
The Motto started one of the most unintellectual sayings of all time not to mention YOLO is grammatically incorrect. Drake has really fallen off as an artist just as lil Wayne has creating boring music that probably required little to no effort to create. Thank god for kendrick lamar who is trying to bring competition back into rap.
The lead stereotype of modern day rap songs. Drake brags about the stuff he has and he keeps on saying "YOLO TROLOLOL" while Lil Wayne ruins rap classics such as Lil Jon's Get Low and Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back. 100% unoriginal and rushed without a doubt.
The trolls are all over this place. Seriously, notorious big and eminem?
[Newest]I love this song I can sing it whole!

21Dutty Love - Sean Kingston Ft. Nicki Minaj
WACK rhymes. This song destroyed Sean Kingston's career. to be honest Sean Kingston never had talent, he was a pop gimmick with the south with 0 lyrical skill
His attempt to sound Jamaican FAILED! (come on you're from Jamaica and you can't do reggae)

22Started From the Bottom - Drake
I have nothing against Drake, he is pretty decent. But this must be one of the worst songs ever made. The lyrics are not only bad but total bull since Drake has been Middle-Upper class all his life. The worst part is the verses in which he sounds so lazy that you can't even hear what he is trying to say.
How the hell are songs like Stan, The Real Slim Shady, Remember the Name and Changes above this monotonous song.
No, he started off RICH. What a poser. Crap lyrics, crap flow and lazy delivery. 1/10.
[Newest]He just repeats the same crap over and over again started from the bottom now we here

23K.O.B.E. - Kobe Bryant
This is an example of songs that have self-centered titles. It's a very good thing that I've never heard this song.
Mmm... Kobe mustn't rap. He can Play basketball, but no rap.
At least he plays basketball, but he ain't good at that either now

24Birthday Song - 2 Chainz
This guy needs to be shot along with Justin Bieber
"She got a big booty so I called her big booty"

I don't think I need to explain my vote any more than that.
This song is the common brag rap song but it has 2chainz in it, which makes it look worse. However, the "if I hold my breath" line is one of the best insults I've heard.
[Newest]Had nothing to do with birthdays.

25Lose Yourself - Eminem
It's funny how this song has won many awards and is the best song on the 8 mile soundtrack, no way it should be on here
I'm not one of those dorks who worship everything Eminem has ever done, but this is one of the best rap songs of all time
How is this on the list. How. Its probably a joke. How. Just How. Lose Yourself is a classic song. Not just in Hip-Hop but in music in general. Classic. Get this off the list. Amazing song. Notice how on the best rap songs list that this is #1. Get this off the list. Amazing song.


[Newest]I think that the guy who added this wanted to make people angry. this is a great song with a meaning

26Daughters - Nas

27Headlines - Drake
Wa! ! This shouldn't even be on here this is a really good song
I hate rap but this songs is alright.
Usualy, drake sucks, but this is a really good song

28Studio - Schoolboy Q
This song is awesome

29Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A
Nice try Lil Wayne fans. This is one of the best, arguably the best rap songs of all time.

30P.I.M.P. - 50 Cent
Can someone please explain to me why this song is on this list?


31Lifestyle - Rich Gang
Great beat ruined by young thug

32Remember the Name - Fort Minor
Bad? What? Somebody's got a problem.
This song wasn't really that bad. I don't agree with this voting.
THIS SONG IS BEAST! Good rapping, catchy flow, excellent lyrics, great message and an awesome beat. With all of this, this song doesn't deserve any spot on Worst Rap Songs of All Time! And what the hell is Changes by Tupac and TRSS by Eminem doing up here?!?
[Newest]I searched for the worst rap songs ever, what the hell is this song doing here?

33Black Skinhead - Kanye West
Yeah... 2013 was not a good year for Kanye. And this was probably his worst song. (other than the nice background music)
Songs with the dummest titles created by this idiot give's you an idea, her did'nt even try.

34Cat Daddy - Rejectz

35Caribou Lou - Tech N9ne
What is this!? -. -" tech is a beast
Lets just pretend Tech Nine didn't make this song!

36Hello Brooklyn - Jay Z

37How to Love - Lil Wayne
An ode to getting an STD from the flavor flav of this generation

Seriously, who WOULD want relationship advice from him?
This song it's better than anything Drake has made

38One Mic - Nas
Roblist made this list and he sucks. One mic is a great song

39I'm Gettin Money - OJ Da Juiceman
WA. This song, actually, OJ the Juiceman is awesome! How did he get here and why is 'Immortal' Technique below him?


40I'm Single - Lil Wayne
May you remain single...

41Alphabet - Lil Wayne

42Stanky Legg - GS Boyz

43Ninja Rap - Vanilla Ice
That is the most amazing name EVER!
What a dumb name

44Kim - Eminem
This is scary. Honesty, Em could write and record the song, he shouldn't have released it.
THIS SONG IS GENIUS! I don't know what your problem is. This is probably one of his 20 best songs (yes I said 20, because so many of his songs are genius)
Lose Yourself: Nice and easy
Kim: I think Eminem is more psychopathic than Niko, in this song...


This song is boring.. Eminem is just screaming.. I just like the chorus

45Wiggle - Jason Derulo
This song is boring. It's about butts. Wow that's something really decent and original!

46Hold Me Back - Rick Ross
Dope beat, but from the first line it has the dumbest lyrics I have ever heard.
Rick ross sucks and he is fat.

47Hey Baby - Pitbull

48I Just Had Sex - Lonely Island
Like how this is 69th
It's okay but not a rap song

49Dear Mama - Tupac
This is just stupid how is this song even here tupac eminem biggie smalls and dr dre shouldn't even touch this list
Really this is an awesome song how in the world did thus song get in the list
This shouldn't be even near Soulja boy, soulja boy is on a totally different level!

50Prostitute Flange - Lil Wayne
His flow sounds drunken and it's weak as hell. Autune further worsens this terrible song. Live Weezy, hate the song.

51Stoopid - Gucci Mane

52Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake
Not a rap song...

53Pain - 2pac

54Candy Shop - 50 Cent

55Loyal - Chris Brown
GTFOH this was one of the best songs of 2014 and I don't even like Chris Brown

56Billionaire - Travie McCoy

57Hip-Hop Saved My Life - Lupe Fiasco
Why is Started From The Bottom even in this list and why is this song not number 1? This song doesn't make any sense. Hip-hop can't save a life! Besides, this song is monotonous unlike Started From The Bottom, which has a much more inspirational meaning than this overrated piece of garbage. These reasons explain why this song, make that the album this song is in led to the downfall of hip hop. I'm glad French Montana and Sage the Gemini are trying to revive hip hop, which was killed by Lupe Fiasco.
Sounded so dreary and meaningless. Great rapper, terrible song. If you want to hear a great story about personal triumphs, look at Started From the Bottom, not this.
This song is good

58All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled
This should not be on the list at all

59Headlights - Eminem
Apologizing to his mother. Need I say more?
Lair he was trying to apalogize to his mother if that is bad to you that's just mean that's one the best rapper if all time because he is truthful he is not a thug he acutlly has a heart and if I'm 10 and I can understand that I think you can 2

60Hi Hater - Maino

61Booty Meat - Soulja Boy

62Dance (A$$) - Big Sean
I can so dance to this song!

63Hit 'Em Up - 2pac
If 2pac was alive, he'd hit whoever put this song on this list up. literally. Nice try, Young Money fan.
This song has one of the greatest opening verses of all time! Dam you trolls!

64Wop - J Dash

65Only - Nicki Minaj
An accurate representation of where hip-hop has gone today. It saddens me to see 4 artists that used to be decent (Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne, and Drake) in a song like this.
R.I.P. Hip-Hop.

66Too Legit to Quit - MC Hammer

67The Monster - Eminem
Well, Rihanna's vocal is not perfect in this song, but neither of them sucks & this song is succeeded. By the way, the people who add Eminem's songs (except for Kim & Fack) are losers!


Some friends of mine claim Eminem ruined this song. Um its his song featuring Rihanna. Rihanna sucks, can't sing and SHE ruined this song
I love this song

68Words I Never Said - Lupe Fiasco
This song is so offensive against Barack Obama and caused Lupe to be kicked out from the inauguration event. What's worse, Obama did say about the Gaza Strip bombing but a line said that he didn't. Why is Racks by Y.C. in this list and A Milli, Lonely Island, and Rack City too.

69Molly - Tyga
This should have been #1 on the list. All he says is " molly, molly, and molly over, and over again. When I first heard the song I was like " who the hell is this"? My big brother loves Wiz Khalifa. I don't know how people like him. He's not real rap, he's the opposite.

70Bound 2 - Kanye West
NO NO NO NO NO?... KILL IT WITH FIRE! The worst song ever created. He's a really garbadge, untalented rapper.
I agree. Using high pitched samples from soul songs isn't a good thing to listen to.
This is the pure example of Kanye West selling out.
I miss the old Kanye West.

71Ca$hin Out - Ca$h Out
He's like the worst rapper ever. His songs have too much auto - tone, and out of all of his songs this has to be the worst.

72All Gold Everything - Trinidad James
Its sad that the worst rap song ever is James' one-hit wonder. This song has no flow and the lyrics are just terrible. The biggest embarrassment among many for definitely Jam
Trinidad James should not make songs at all. This belongs on top of the list.
He only made two songs in his career people. That's how bad he is.

73#Twerkit - Busta Rhymes

74Wonton Soup - Lil B
This song will give you brain cancer.

75I Can - Nas

76No Hands - Waka Flocka Flame

77White Flag - Gorillaz

78Cıktık Yine Yollara - Norm Ender

79 Love Me - Lil Wayne
Should be number one. Hate it with a passion. Lil' Wayne, Drake, and especially Future are all terrible rappers, and this song is no exception. I remember back when Drake didn't work on abominations like this.

80Playa Hater - Notorious B.I.G.
Every musician has at least 1 bad song and this is Notorious B.I.G. 1 bad song he doesn't even rap he sings badly
Biggie smalls is famous because he is dead he had like 2 good songs and they aren't even that great

81Club Walmart - Kia Shine

82Wait (The Whisper Song) - Ying Yang Twins

8399 Problems - Jay Z
One of Jay-z's best take it off!

84Faded - Tyga
No Just no. This song has no meaning, unessacary noises, and TYGA.
Tyga is the number 1 wackest rapper in the game right now, all his songs suck! He was the only guy who butchered his verse on Loyal, Chris Brown out rapped him FFS. Wack ASF

85Gasolina - Daddy Yankee

86Don't Drop That Thun Thun - Finatticz

87Swag Surfin - Fast Life Yungstaz

88Cupid Shuffle - Cupid
This is such a fun party song! Why is it on here?!

89Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough
This garbage is what made hip hop really go down hill in 2009-present era
No. this awesome song is what actually made hip hop really go up hill in 2009-present era.


90All the Way Turnt Up - Roscoe Dash

91O Let's Do It - Waka Flocka Flame

92Turn My Swag On - Soulja Boy

93Let's Get Ridiculous - Redfoo
Terrible rapping. Auto tuned singing. If he stinks at both rapping and singing, what the hell is he?

94Pull My Hair - Ying Yang Twins
It's so bad it's funny, listen to it on YouTube if you want a laugh.

95Show Me Yo' Bootyhole - Saosin

96Try Me - Dej Loaf

97I Did It for My Dawgz - DJ Khaled
Honestly one of the worst rap songs I have ever heard in my 10 years of listening to hip-hop music.

98Tapout - Rich Gang

99Never Leave You - Lumidee

100I'm a Soldier - Silkk the Shocker

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