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Soulja Boy
He is the biggest dang joke in the game, why does he wear cloths 10 ties bigger than himself
Sounds like crap! Wanna Be hard and off beat the poster boy for ANTI-SWAGG!
Don't understand how anyone can listen to Pac, Biggie, Jay Z, Eminem or even Kanye and then turn around and call Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne and Hurricane Chris "rap". Also, I know it's been said, but how the hell did Em get on this list? Every other list on this site has him on their top ten, and usually in the top three at that haha. This list is s JOKE.
[Newest]When I was in elementary school, some kids would blast his song Crank That through their cell phones and dance like dweebs. I wanted to literally rip the hair off of my shins and throw the phones into the nearest body of water. I had no clue who Lil Wayne was at the time, so if you make me choose between that and Lil Wayne, I am so going with Lil Wayne.

2Lil Wayne
This is my opinion. I respect yours if you like LIl Wayne. BUT. Lil Wayne is absolute drivel. His voice sounds like a screeching cat or something and to make it worse he puts autotune on top of it. Put on "The Carter I" If you do not want this absolute load of %$%£"! &*! To stop or you will kill yourself after a minute of "3 Peat". Sorry Wayne but you have there most god awful voice I have ever heard. At least some of Souja boy's songs are catchy (Kiss Me Thru The Phone)whereas LIl Waynes stuff is absolute drivel. Aaagh! I want to die when his stuff comes on. My wife once put "The Carter I" on in the car. There was a song called "A Milli" which did not consist of anything but his voice. NO MUSIC! Then there is a track at the end which lasts 10 MINUTES LONG. I couldn't sit through that and almost crashed the car! He has one good song out of about 700. That is Drop The World. Good song that.
I don't think that Soulja Boy should be on this list. Any one who can actually take him seriously and call him a rapper, needs a re evaluation of their lives. Why is eminem on this list? I guess he's too real for the people that voted him on. HE is the GOAT. CASE CLOSED! TAKE HIM OFF THE LIST! I cannot even take Lil Wayne seriously as a rapper. The things that he says with his mouths should be illegal. He should STOP "rapping". He's not even a rapper. He's a murderer. He kills my eardrums. I don't like him not one bit. He's a fake person. He sounds like a cow giving birth. (With auto tune of course) Not to mention he's a idiot. In the song, No Love, (i only listened to Eminems part) Em disses Lil Wayne. WHO THE HELL can't NOTICE THAT? Lil Wayne does a freestyle on Tim Westwood, and he clearly says that HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RAP? And the freestyle bombed. It was way worse than the stuff he normally did. (I didn't know how he could get any better, but there it is) He says FREESTYLE FOR ME NO NO, ONLY FOR MO-NEI. On what planet do people say things like that. He needs to go away, to a skate park in the middle of no where. He says the dumbest things ever. Wait, he doesn't even talk, he laughs. He EVEN AUTO-TUNES HIS LAUGHING. Oh god, please give up.
Last time I checked auto tuned laughing was rap
Lil wayne is definitely the worst rapper alive
[Newest]In my opinion it ain't that he's bad. He's just way over hyped.
More comments about Lil Wayne

It's the same subject in every song literally about girls shaking their butts


Stupid perv! He's so ugly, he actually does look like pitbull.
Most of his raps are about the same thing... Girls... How is Eminem even on this list nevertheless 3rd?
[Newest]Pitbull is not a rapper. He is just a crap artist.

4Nicki Minaj
Star ships were meant to crash burn and melt off your fake boobs and butt
I have never heard a "rapper" as bad as Nicki Minaj. She honestly should stop rapping. Please.
Nicki Minaj is not a real rapper. And her lyrics make no sense. Anyone who likes this phony is also a joke. Also, what is up with her voice? And why are Eminem and Pitbull on this list? Nicki Minaj is the HUGEST joke in rap/hip-hop right now.
[Newest]Nicki Minaj is terrible. She's such a skank.


Eminent is brilliant and shouldn't even be on the list
Why is Eminem on this list! He has the most thought out songs in the world.!
Guys! He's not a singer, he's a RAPPER! Rapping and singing are to different things. Please be aware of that.
[Newest]Why is Eminem on this list? He's like the best rapper ever.

6Chief Keef
This wack a$$ "rapper" is givin Chicago a bad name. Tupac needs to come back from the dead and slap this stupid kid in the face. I can't believe this idiot actually has fans.
Yeah he sucks laugh out loud
This guy is seriously wack, he should die!
[Newest]Chief keef makes me wanna kill myself he's that bad

72 Chainz
HE has the worst lyrics out there. HE makes no sense and has not flow. I can't believe he isn't #1
2 Chainz guy is not any type of lyricist, how can he even be considered an artist?
2 Chainz is Whack Af!.
[Newest]He is gonna need more than 2 Chains if he wants to make REAL music

8Lil Chuckee
He sucks! Young money is a mess! Why did wayne sign him?!?!
WHo is lil Chuckie?

9Waka Flocka Flame
No, it's not a pokemon attack.
This guy is terrible and doesn't know how to deliver without having to say his name in every sentence. He has a screaming problem and would probably fit Heavy Metal than Hip Hop.


I thought his name was a Pokemon attack at first.

10Rick Ross
A Rapper who's entire persona is based around Drug dealing and Criminal Activities when the worst thing Rick has ever done is get caught trying to smoke dope in his hotel room... Started beef with 50 cent and got Owned. Was a Correctional Officer... REAL Gangster... Barks in songs... In my opinion the total worst rapper and major FAKE!
Yeah I Totally Agree. He used to be a Parole Officer and now he acts like the Richest and Greatest Rapper Alive. He also acts like the biggest Drug dealer. This dawg needa Give up on his "Rap Career" and go work at McDonalds or worst a Sweeper
These people that you say are crap ar definitely betta den you lot
[Newest]Biggest Fake 4 ever

The Contenders

Eminem? This list is fixed! Birdman just chant's a lot and hides behind shadows. He should be up there!
birdman has no talent and he is lil wayne's godfather... enough said.
How is Birdman better than Wayne when wayne writes for Big Bird. Then Birdman sounds even worse than Lil Wayne.
[Newest]Birdman sucks hands down

12Gucci Mane
His lyrics are retarded, and he barely has a grasp on the English language. Seriously, how could anyone possibly like him?
Ignorance. Gucci has one of the best flows ever, and has incredibly creative lyrics. People just judge him by the cover, but he's actually an incredibly talented and prolific (unbelievably prolific) rappers in the past decade.
Sample his collaborations with another terrible rapper Waka Flocka. Terrible lyrics and garbage beats.


[Newest]He should be in the top 5. have you heard trap house 4?


13Will Smith
Who the put Eminem on this list? You people have clearly never even heard an Eminem song.
He's a good actor not a good rapper. How the did my 3 favorite rappers get in the top 15? Eminem, jay z and pitbull. Lil' wayne's all right but overrated. His only really amazing song is drop the world.
Ok... WHO THE HELL PUT EMINEM ON THIS LIST? Will smith should be up there, as the worst rapper ever! Hes no rapper.
[Newest]He's terrible should of never done rapping

E-40 wrote a song back in 93 about dudes like Drake, it's called Captain Save a Hoe. Drake is an effeminate chump who is influencing a new generation of other effeminate chumps. Anyone with an ounce of social awareness can see what a herb this guy is. He's either verbally masturbating, simping to girls, or whining, and that's it.
Drake essentially copied an entire verse from Rappin 4 Tay's song Player's Club. I'm pretty sure he got a relatively huge lawsuit for copyright infringement. Say what you like, but the genre has changed. Real heads in the 90's at least new how to tell the real from the fake and call out the wack or phony rappers, unlike kids nowadays. Copying an entire verse is just downright disrespectful. I don't think the Drake is the worst person to touch a mic, but I am shocked more people aren't at least disappointed by the fact that he pretended someone else's work was his own.
Why is jay-z, eminem, 50 cent and tony yayo on this list? Oh yeah and drake is terrible...
[Newest]He's an idiot. That's all there is to it.

15John Cena
Yow.. What? Eminem shouldn't be on this list. He's the best rapper ever! Best lyrics, Best voice, Best everything! Eminem has won more grammy's than any rapper can dream of! Seriously, em shouldn't be on the list.
Stick to fake wrestling cena, by the way, eminem is the best, I hate people who have to hate because they like old school
[Newest]John Cena is the worst rapper ever and why is the best rapper Eminem beating him

16Lil B
I don't even thinks he considers himself a rapper so I don't believe he should even be on this list. I'm fairly certain he started "rapping" (if you call it that) to show people how easy it is to actually become successful in todays hip hop industry. I honestly think it's hilarious that people have even heard of him, so you gotta give him credit for that.
I'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than this uneducated nig with no flow, and an even worse album title.
He should at least b top 10

I couldn't decide if I should vote for Lil' Wayne, Soulja Boy, or Tyga, but in the end I went with Tyga because rack city is the worst song I've ever heard. It shocks me that this list indicates that Eminem isn't the best rapper, but is in fact worse than Chanel West Coast, Nelly, MC Hammer, Waka Flocka Flame, Birdman, and Nick Cannon. Eminem freestyles so well and would destroy any of these people in a battle.
Kanye West
Jay Z
50 cent
Will Smith
Nicki Minaj
On this list? These are some of the best rappers of all time, and them on this list is a disgrace to the game!
Tyga sucks


You are an idiot if you believe that anyone that you listed other that Eminem and Jay Z can even be considered in the list of the GOAT. You obviously have a superficial understanding of this music. Not saying Jay Z or Eminem are even in the top 10, that is objective, but Nicki Minaj and Will Smith clearly are not even in the top 100.
Tyga's the best rapper but Eminem is better then him

18Nick Cannon
Dude can't even rap, he needs to stick to acting
Always trying to be someone else, something he never should have tried was attempting to be a rapper
Not the worst, and not the best.

This is what lil b caused. Thanks a lot idiot! *sarcastic thanks by the way*
What the F is he saying? Damn can't hear a word! He sounds like he's taking a dump

20Vanilla Ice
The guy is a joke.
He's the creator of the whole wigger image. Some guy who had nothing to do with the hood, watched too much hip hop videos and would be like "yeah I wanna do that! ", and thinks to himself that he's a legit MC.
He would be ok, but he totally lied about his street cred!


What the hell is Eminem doing in this list? Akon is the worst singer ever..! He must learn to sing! I don't know how can he be better than eminem? I think people haven't listened songs of eminem! They are so inspiring and eminem gives me spirit and courage to face all of my problems..! He is a legend! John cena is also very good rapper...! Haters only hate what they can't have.. Anyways Rise Above Hate!
He is The WORST singer EVER. If you see his face he just LIKE A buffalo and and his voice also like a Buffalo CRYING. My 70 year old grand mother can sing well. Justin Bieber is a real singer he stands far better I've heard his many songs like right now he don't know how 2 sing, what does he mean by NA NA NA NA.

HE should be the first in worst singer list. HE IS A BLACK OLD GUY. A BUDDHA - in hindi
Shut up you white racist, Akon is awesome, maybe not as good as Eminem but Akon makes very great tracks

22Mike Jones
rap isnt sayin ur name over and over again
Very Good at least he has a Anthem and having fun with Who
(Scarcasm) Gee, if only somebody can tell me his name.

23Insane Clown Posse
Who put the Eminem on this list? Are you fool?
Rickross drake akon & other stupids are better than the Eminem?
Are you joking? Why GREAT MARSHAL on this list? WHY?


Why the hell is Em in this list? When will people open their eyes? Why isn't vanilla ice here. And jigga should be nowhere near this list. They are both the best rappers alive and would easily be able to keep up with the greats like Rakim, Cube and D.O. C!
He's better off in basketball since he's crappy in there too.


26Tyler, the Creator

27Gudda Gudda
This guy has no lyrical skill whatsoever. Randomly saying "Grocery Bag" at the end of a verse is the stupidest thing I've ever encountered in rap.
I'm glad he never released any albums.
What kind of MC name is gudda gudda?

28Hurricane Chris
A Bay Bay is the running with "Friday" by Rebecca Black for worst song of all time. Does anybody actually take this kid seriously?
Listen to his song a day day. Almost as bad as Friday and My Jeans.


29Lil Jon
This guy is SO annoying. His voice is so loud it makes me wanna ram my head against a wall begging to escape.

This guy is so bad, he makes Soulja Boy look like Tupac.


He is almost as bad as cena


He sucks for many reasons. One is that mtv watching wiggers think he's "one of the greats", another is because he has no flow, terrible lyrics, and is pretty much an R&b singer. Hes kinda the ja rule of this era.
Insane; Disgusting; Over-exaggerated Southern drawl; Awful Lyricists; Over-rated (he is easily the worst of all time)
Sex is all he raps about

32Jaden Smith
One of the worst rappers and pretty much sucks at everything
Okay at an exceptional level at acting, but he's at least better than Lil Wayne.

33Chanel West Coast
She is absolutely terrible. She has no flow, her lines are miserable, and her music is corny and unoriginal. I find it embarrassing that she is at all signed to a label and has an music put out.
I can't make it through more than 7 seconds of Eat My Cookie. Simply horrid. I succeeded In finding a song worse than Stupid Hoe, though.
Worst female rapper ever!
[Newest]Might be the least talented artist to ever. EVER!

34Trey Songz
He only raps about drinking alcohol and that stupid yeah he does in his songs is so ghetto and annoying, hate him.


Whoever put this is an idiot because Trey Songz doesn't even rap, he sings. Get your facts straight, people.
Whoever put this is an idiot because Trey Songz doesn't even rap, he sings. Get your facts straight, people.

35Honey Singh
He really sucks he don't rap he rapes the song, most overrated artist I have ever seen
He call himself a rapper? He doesn't even know how to sing. He doesn't even have any words to sing.
Worse! Disgusting! Raps only about girls

36Young Thug
Honestly, can anyone say anything good about the guy?

37P. Diddy

38Marc G

39Ja Rule
How the hell is he not #1? You can't f*** with 2 of the best rappers alive (eminem and dr. Dre) as well as get involved with 50 cent, who is bad, but still a million times better than ra jrule. Check out "loose change" by ja rule and you'll see why.
Ja Rule is a pop singer that sounds like the cookie monster and is so bad he had a feud with the #2 worst 50 cent
Wanna know what he sounds like? Just watch cookie monster on seasame street. Cookie monster, would rap better anyway. They should make a movie called "cookie mile" where cookie monster is upset that ja rule sounds so much like him so he kicks ja rules dumb ass in a rap battle. Cookie monster dies of an anyurism after winning since ja rule ja sucks so much.

40Rich Boy

41Mac Miller
Not the worst. Poser at its finest.
This guy's a cornball.

42Lil Mister

Why is Nelly Here. He has GREAT song. Come one people.
Nelly can rap... I'm starting to think maybe you guys might be just plain haters. Or deaf

44Juicy J

45Rich Homie Quan

46French Montana
Same lyrics over and over again.
Do I really have to explain.

47Silk the Shocker
Worst flow on earth combined with bad lyrics - how the hell is he below Eminem, DMX and Rick Ross? And what retard but Jay-Z and Kanye West?

48Flo Rida
What the. Alright he is not british so not that epic though he can rap fast

49Lil' Kim
Lil Kim goes a little overboard sometimes and get's a little nasty. She always has beef with Nicki Minaj, or Lil Mama and they all suck. She loves to flash almost all her body on posters, magazine's, or red carpet. She copied Nicki Minaj's " Pink Friday" album but called hers " Black Friday". She also look's like Nicki Minaj with the barbie doll look. Please people we already one Nicki Minaj and that's bad enough. Now when it comes to. Lil Kim and Lil Mama, they just can't stand each other's gut's. They are always
Constantley going at each other. Always arguing about " I'm better, no I'm better", junk like that. When everybody's knows they all equally suck.
Lil Kim sucks she should be number 1

50Hell Rell

51Jim Jones
Disgrace to the east coast


Yeah he's lame you ain't ballin stop it
Dang he fly high on this list

Cause he can't rap and he thinks he's the best at it though, that's why everyone hates on soulja boy, dumbass


I really shouldn't have to explain, but I will for those of you who haven't heard him. Macklemore is by far the worst. He has a weak flow, and his lyrics are crap. He only got famous off of thrift shop, which is a crappy song with crappy lyrics, but then again people seem to be easily brainwashed by dumb songs (What does the fox say, Gangnam Style, Blurred Lines, etc. ) Such a terrible lyricist. I have nothing against gay people, but there's no doubt that the only reason he blew up was because of his song Same Love, which also wasn't very fair, and kind of biased and rude towards Christians. Either way, if he didn't have the song same love, he would have been a one hit wonder.


55Master P
Just retarded ah ahh by far the worse rapper ever no talent no skill just a disgrace I mean his son is a better rapper then him.

How the hell did you even consider putting him on this list he's one of the best rappers still alive jeez
X is mad nice stupid list
Why you put DMX & Eminem and other great rappers like them on this list? How you thinking? How you hearing hip hop? How you can put this great rappers on this list? Hoow?


He shoulda stayed off the heroin...

59Tony Yayo
He sounds like tony the tiger on crack


60Yung Joc
I can do one simple verse, and it will make sense.

61Kanye West
80% of all his lyrics are just "uh", because apparently his vocabulary consists of just that and T.V. show jingles.
"uh uh uh I love klondike bars uh uh uh uh uh" ffs, horrible.
He's a wicked rhyming rapper! Nope! Just sucks! A no talent hack, riding along with the self glossing kardashians. If he were Caucasian, he would be labeled as the biggest joke in history. He'd be a mockery to hip hop as a racist weird al yankovic so to speak.
He should be on top of the list pure crap I think the YouTube famous " Sitting on the toilet " is better then all his songs put together
[Newest]He can rap most of the time

He doesn't even rap! He just makes male versions of crappy pop songs Hip Hop is dead!
He sucks and should be on the top of the list sucking his blonde hair
Just like kid's bop. Takes food song's and just Jesse them up with his remixes.
I hate him so much. He uses auto tune so much.

63Shawty Lo

64Riff Raff
Painful to listen to. Possibly the dumbest person on the planet and gets paid millions to contribute nothing to society. He should really just go away.
He's so annoying he thinks he's funny but he's not
He terrible boaayy! He funny looking too

65Shop Boys

66Krispy Kreme
Funny but sucks. Better than some rappers like ja rule though.
It's Froggy Fresh now, he changed his name.
"Even if you had infinity knives
I will punch you up into the air like a kite"
It would be fine if they are in #57 because they are so bad they are good.

67Paul Wall
Paul wall is dope!
And so is bubba

68Lil T

69M C Hammer
The beat to you can't touch this is the same beat from rick james' superfreak. He just took it, put on some baggy pants, did some dumb goofy dance, promoted the dance which was only popular for a year and a half and then it just died (just like the harlem shake).
Please Hammer don't hurt'em

70Turk from the Hot Boys
Anyone who gets outshined on a consistent basis by 2 of the worst rappers of all time (lil wayne and B.G. )has to be one of the 10 worst
Lil Wayne's also from this group.

71Professor Green

Ludacris is one of the greatest he deserves more credit no explanation
He can rap too.
Just because he was in a song with Justin Bieber dowsnt mean he's bad. He deserves to be liked more


73Fat Joe
Fat Joe is one of the best.

74Meek Mill
Meek mill is the greatest of all time?!
This list is complete nonsense, except for most guys, Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, And The King Of Rap, Tupac Shakur are the greatest rapperz of all time. The rest on this list aren't even rappers who just throw words out and sound like someone I don't know, everybody know Wayne sucks, but they're just too stubborn to say it or even show it.


76Arsız Bela
Worst rapper of all time

77Azealia Banks
Her lyrics sounds like she was ripped out of her bed and just has to wright someting.

78Young Buck

79Lil Flip
Does it really need an explanation?

804 PoundZ

81Travis Scott

82Iggy Azalea
Almost as bad as Nicki Minaj, Don't understand why they gave her a record deal shes from Australia and prostituted in Miami and learned how to rap allegedly then got signed by TI total garbage fake story and TI mos definitely lost all respect 3 albums back.
Al Jolson rehash fully engaged in the "Mammy" shtick. Posts the most inappropriate comments regarding black people on her Twitter (which is ironic as she profits/plagiarises from their culture).
Her voice is annoying like shes trying to hard to sound black

Hopsin sucks even tyler the creator is better then him

84Honey Cocaine

85Spider Loc
The worst west coast rapper of all time


86Hot Styles

87Rappy McRapperson
He has funny raps but they are not great.
Hey that's me woohoo
Why so low? It was so bad, I never thought that I would hear good rap ever again. He makes souljaboy look great. Never seen a rap-per so bad he had to struggle just to rap weak. Rappy mcrapheroson, more like suckishmcsuckishson or weakmcweakerson. My (studder) fanny-pack (studder) rohks.

88Tech N9ne
I'm sick of my best friend obsessing about him. He's even seen him like 6 times and tells me about them though I don't give a crap. He even thinks he's faster than busta. He is not, it has been proven. He even thinks he should have been in " the art of rap:something of nothing. He even said that twista should be in it to. Eminem, ice cube, snoop dogg, royce the 5'9:who you guys should respect, you only like him because he works with eminem, who I'm tired of being number one on every single rap list on this website, comment about him on his page on this not the others, but continuing the list, nas, mos definitely, q tip are some people that deserved to be on it, not n9ne and twista, good thing they weren't on it.
So what? Speed is not everything and tech is one of the greatest lyricists of all time and he has a great flow, he's not the best but he's an excellent rapper for those who enjoy technical skill and don't mind his subject matter.

89Chino XL
Worst line:people should just switch their name to na's, because when they're asked if they could beat chino, all you'll hear is a bunch of na's.
Wow, you're going to quote a great rap line say it's bad and you can't even get it right, I don't know what's wrong with you an underground legend like chino xl who has inspired many great rappers including Eminem. Yes 2pac dissed him because pac thought of one of China's lines as an insult to him but 2pac and chino cleared it up, it was all just a misunderstanding. Chino xl is one of the best lyricists of all time if you fail to recognize that you either don't know who he is or you know nothing about lyricism.

90Mac Lethal

I hate people who try to be other people and gain off of it

92T Nutty Nut
Officially the WORST rapper on the west coast. "I think these n***** need some classes, what you looking' at? " enough said... Terrible

93Shahin Najafi
Shahin is my favorite singer... but its not RAPPER!
Translate :
Shahin az khanade haye mored alaghame... Vali RAPPER nist bekhodaaa

94Nate Dogg
He is actually dead, died in 2011. So why is he in this list? I have no idea...


95J. Cole
I have no idea why J. Cole is on this list he is actually a really good rapper and the messages in his songs are very meaningful
J. Cole is awesome. He has good songs that are also meaningful. He shouldn't be on this list.


J. Cole happens to be worse at rapping than Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus and it is really embarrassing.J. Cole should just quit!

He doesn't know even how to rap he is worst rapper alive
King of Punjabi rap, many Punjabi rappers are inspired by him. He is the founder of Punjabi rap

97Dr. Dre
He is the biggest ass on mother Earth.
What? How you can put this rappers on this list?
Wich stupid put them on this list?
Why you put rappers like EMINE DMX DR. DRE SNOOP NATE DOGG JAY Z on this list? Are you joking?

Because nagin hichkas bade? Bade raft ba kool g rap khoond?
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Why hichkas on this list? He is great rapper of Iran who can sing with great rappers like KOOL G RAP!

99Kendrick Lamar
Should not be on this list

100Money Boy

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