Worst Reasons for Hating Metal

Some people have the stupidest excuses for hating an excellent genre of music.

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1It's Satanic

I had this friend in primary school who said the most stupid things I've ever heard. He said AC/DC stood for After Christ Devil Comes and KISS stood for Knights In Satans Service. Stupid right. Also a band they say is satanic but isn't is Slipknot. I annoys me so much when people judge something without them knowing anything about them - Danielsun182

You should tell your friend that he's a stupid retard and show him some of your metal songs.

Someone PLEEASSSEEE show me a METALICA song that says anything along the lines of hail satan or tells any religious leader to go screw himself, or maybe you could show me a pop song that promotes committing sins, that's right Eminem I'm talking to you.

I brought deaths scream bloody gore at a store and my mom thinks I'm going to go crazy if I keep listening to metal man w t f is wrong with my family its just music not real life

I wanna kill the guy who started that retarded stereotype.

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2It's Just Screaming

Not all metal is screaming. You want all screaming, go listen to emo or post-hardcore - MetalFoREVer1228

3It's for Crazy People

I'm a high school student. I listen to metal. But in the eyes of a typical person in today's society, I'm crazy for liking metal - MetalFoREVer1228

Compare metal with pop. I wonder which genre, lyrically and musically, is more crazier? A lot of metal songs I can relate to. - NuMetalManiak

4It's Too Fast

Hey if its too slow check out Doom Metal. Metal doesn't need to be fast. Black Sabbath, one of the first metal bands, is a very slow and doomy band and only had a few fast songs (Paranoid, Symptoms Of The Universe)

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5It's Too Violent

There are metal bands who soften it up, you know. - MetalFoREVer1228

6It Has No Melody
7Nobody Likes It

What Metallica has proved with its Black Album is that metal is never in fashion but never out of fashion either. Metal is a genre that wont just die, but it will get bigger and bigger - Danielsun182

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8It Makes You Crazy

In fact, it soothes some people - MetalFoREVer1228

9Rap Is Better

There is some Rap that is as good as Metal, but the Rap you hear nowadays is all nothing but sex, Drugs, money, and absolutely no meaning at all.

Rap is a easy ticket to fame. Rock and metal takes more effort and talent. - Sabbath

10They can't understand the lyrics

That's a good reason to hate it. What's the point of listening to lyrics you can't understand? Sometimes I don't think some of those lame technical death metal bands even write lyrics - Sabbath

Yeah right. These are the same people who like songs like Gangham Style and Stupid Hoe.

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11It takes no talent
12It makes you Angry
13It's Too Loud
14It's Just Noise

Brave words coming from a Skrillex fan

15It's not Popular
16It causes You to become Violent
17It all sounds the same
18It turns you into a psychopath
19Album Covers
20Song Titles
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