Top Ten Worst Reasons People Use to Hate Pokémon

I know people have their own opinion on Pokémon but people use weird reasons to hate Pokémon.

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1Ash Never Ages

Why would someone hate Pokémon just because a character doesn't age? That's just stupid.

Bart simpson never ages either! Except in episodesthat take place in the future! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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2It's Overrated
3The Fanbase Sucks

It's true, I like Pokemon but the fanbase is just bad and rude they go bashing others. But the worst parts of their fans are the Genwunners and the Hoennbabies. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

4Team Rocket Always Tries to Take Pikachu

What is with Team Rocket and some random pikachu. Did they lose in an arm-wrestling match to a pikachu. Did they lose their house to a pikachu. Oh, I know, their friends were killed by pikachus. Yeah, that seems about right. I mean, they don't care about a meowth who acts like a human!

Not always there is this time they tried to take all the ivysour

5It's BoringV1 Comment
6The Same Thing Happens on Every Episode
7Pikachu's Voice Is Annoying

People who think Pikachu's voice is annoying doesn't have good ears.

8The Only Thing Pokémon Can Say Is Their Own Name
9James's New Voice
10Iris Always Calls Ash a Little Kid

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11Nintendo is Running Out of Ideas

Absolutely incorrect.

12It's Becoming Less Exciting
13Requires a Crossover with Digimon
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