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A terrible version of the virtual boy, as if the VB wasn't already terrible enough. The games are awful, if you can even count them as games.

2Virtual Boy

It cases headaches and eye strain - Jake09

3Philips CD-i

Terrible, but I have to give some credit. Without the cdi YouTube poop wouldn't exist

4Atari 5200

You can't even play it, because the controllers don't work, and it's HUGE

6Neo Geo CD

This shouldn't be on the list. Was it a good console, not really. But it was not bad.

7Sega 32x

I'm a diehard sega fan, and I'm embarrassed as a sega fan that this was released. At this point, they shouldn't have focused on increasing the genesis life span, but on the SATURN. Which came out 6 MONTHS after the 32x release

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8Sega CD
10RCA Studio II

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12Action Max
13Nintendo Entertainment System

Worst console ever! The controls suck! - Danteem

Why is this on here it saved video games! - Jake09

14Atari 2600 Junior
16Sega Saturn

The console has a lack of third-party games and did not sell well as the PlayStation or Nintendo 64

17Atari Jaguar

64 bit? More like 64 BULLS---! The Jaguar only had a handful of games, the Jaguar CD barely functioned, and the controller was awful.

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