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Jonas Brothers


Greetings my fellow rock brothers and twisted sisters. This list should have never been thought of! Shouldn't we be supporting Rock Music?! Look guys our favorite genre (rock) is beginning to be looked at as classical. We need to unite together to keep Rock alive! No more bad rap or too out there electric techno music! We need to unite for the sake of rock n roll! Together my rockers!
Okay, I don't even get why some people say they are rock. I hate the Jonas Brothers... Also I don't get One Direction can even be considered as rock. I can't even believe bands like Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Black Veil Brides, 30 Seconds to Mars, Nirvana, U2, Radiohead, and Coldplay can even be on this list though. They all are awesome. Fall Out Boy is seriously one of my favorite bands ever. But Jonas Brothers should obviously be number one on this...


Okay, first of all, Jonas Brothers? Not a rock band. One Direction? Not a rock band. That's pop, ladies and gentlemen. The pop you dance along to with pompoms and lipstick.

The people who voted for GODS like Pink Floyd, Nirvana and The Beatles are going to hell. I nearly had a seizure when I saw them here. U2, Coldplay, 30 Seconds to Mars, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon? What in the name of God are those bands during HERE?

You know what? This band is deserving of this position, but they aren't even rock. The worst rock band really can't be a pop band now can it? Or even a metal band like Black Veil Brides. Seriously, why is Pink Floyd on this list? WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP ON TALKING IN CAPS LIKE JERKS WHO THINK THIS REALLY MEANS SOMETHING? Seriously, why do you guys think you're badasses just cause you can hit a button.
this is by far the WORST "rock" band I've ever heard. they are just in because of the teeny boppers. seriously how is Queen, U2, Poison, Linkin Park, Goo Charlotte, Pink Floyd, ELO (?!?!?! ), Creed, and 90 percent of the whole list on the list


Finally! The people vote for a #1 that BELONGS in the #1 spot. However, the fact that 30 Seconds to Mars is considered worse than Nickelback on this list needs to be fixed. Thirty Seconds to Mars is a great band... Nickelback belongs right behind the Jonas Brothers at #2.


Yes we all can see why Jonas brothers should be no. 1 they aren't even rock and are made to appeal to the young girls but that's not the point I want to make.
There are so many great bands on this list that shouldn't be on like fall out boy, blink-182, foo fighters, nirvana, radiohead, guns and roses (although they suck now but are still massive legends), 30 seconds to mars, good Charlotte, rage against the machine, Metallica, muse, black sabbeth, red hot chili peppers, Pink Floyd, Green Day, queen, gorrillaz, rush and AC/DC.
Most of these bands are legends in the rock industry and has changed it into what it is today they don't deserve to be on here if they've been such a big inspiration on music. I mean nirvana, Pink Floyd come on guys you know these guys don't deserve to be on here. They've put time and effort to make music and created masterpieces normally by themselves and have been able to create a big fan audience and people who love there music. that's a pretty tough thing to do and with talant like that they don't deserve to be on this list
I think that One Direction stink the most, but shouldn't even be considered rock because they are pure pop, so Jonas Brothers are the only ones other than One Direction who stink with tremendous force, and can slightly be considered rock. Slightly.


They are not a rock band at all. Just brothers who think they can be famous to the ladies "cough" babies "cough". They even do a comedy show for children below 10 years old? Oh they're reputation is so in danger.


Jonas brothers suck, there's other bands that have such good songs but nobody pays any attention to them because they just look at one stupid song. The only reason people even know about the jonas brothers are because of disney
They suck! And how is Nirvana, The Beatles and Metallica on this list, the people who put them there are idiots! The Beatles are the greatest band of all time! If you can't see that you don't know what music is (just like Jonas Brothers)!


Only voted so that I could get on here and say WHY ARE METALLICA, GUNS N ROSES, AC/DC, NIRVANA, SLIPKNOT AND JUST ABOUT ALL THE OTHERS ARE ON HERE! TERRIBLE! All of you need to realise what good music is and stop listening to ll this mainstream pop crap.
Haha well yes you may love the Jonas brothers if your into winging and moaning. The Jonas brothers don't have any talent at all and they make my
Ears bleed. It good to see the off the radar at the moment.
if this is rock, then micheal jackson is normal. A7X rules, shouldn't be on the list they are the best thing that ever happened to music. and the jonas brothers are losers. (period)


I hope they die! The Jonas brothers shouldn't even be on this list, they're not rock at all! They're, I don't even know what to call them. Children. That's all I can say.
Ironically this is one of the worst "Worst rock bands" lists ever, there is just people voting for bands they don't like. If you doesn't like Nirvana, or Metallica doesn't mean they're bad. Because there are a lot of really good bands in this list, except for the Jonas Brothers, they deserve it! Mua ha ha!
Fall Out Boy is an amazing band you idiots. You think Fall Out Boys are sellouts? Well the Jonas Brothers have their own television show. A "comedy" series. On Nickelodeon.
Oh... these guys. Rock? No, no, no they do not sing rock. They sing a awkward, pop and boy band hybrid mix that sounds awful. Please stop saying you're a rock band, you're just, not!
Actually I don't know which one to vote. One direction, jonas bros or Backstreet Boys. They're not even a ROCK band. Seriously, I don't know why on earth they're here.
Guns 'n roses is pure awesome sauce, slayer and dragon force are cool too. Metallica is epic.
Do they rock at all? I'm sorry but the shouldn't be on a rock list at all. They're so bad, I couldn't name a thing they've done. Not even worth a moment of my time.
I like camp rock. I don't really like to listen to the Jonas Brothers. I am a teenager. I'm not really a big fan of their music. I prefer matchbox 20, one republic, train, and the script.
The Jonas Brothers and One Direction are not even rock bands but they are by far the worst on this list I mean some of these bands are really good.
Why do everybody hate jonas brothers? (as long as I know... ) they write great songs! Jonas brothers don't deserve to be in this list... Please save them!
Um, you DO realize that the Jonah Brothers aren't a rock band, right? One Direction isn't either. Yeah, they're bad "bands" but they aren't rock bands?

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