Worst Rock Songs of All Time

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Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
Maroon 5 is getting REALLY bad... REALLY fast. All the songs they come out with now are awful. Moves like jagger, pay phone, one more night... I could go on. I absolutely love their older songs, like the album "Songs about Jane" They're just sell outs now. :(


The worst collaboration ever imagined... Seriously maroon 5 disappointed me... Hands all over is a really average album to listen thanks to this lame-ass Mick Jagger tribute
One song does not define an album. This album in my opinion is their best and is ANYTHING but average.
I was shocked when I discovered that Maroon had made songs such as 'she will be loved'. I had to check if Maroon really made moves like Jagger.
How did they go from Police influenced new wave to electronic heavy pop-rock is way beyond me.
Not the worst rock song but the most disappointing one and one of the best indications that good music has degenerated into crap.
[Newest]Wait, this was a rock song?

2Higher - Creed
This song was good until the radio played it literally six times in a single day and then it got very annoying.
Not gonna lie, I once loved this song...
The worst song of all time

3If You Could Only See - Tonic
This was Tonic's best song, and one of the 90's best as well. Why is this 3 on the worst rock songs?
I just heard this & I truly regret for doing that... I'm voting for this.


This song is flawless... Lyrically and musically. This can't possibly be in the top 10 WORST rock songs EVER... Come on. I could see it not being someone's favorite or even disliking it, but the top 10 worst... Never. Same with Higher by Creed. You either love 'em or hate 'em, but, again, the worst?! Not by a long shot.

4Headstrong - Trapt
Idiots.. It's a very good song
How is this bad?
I love this. It s one of the best
[Newest]What trapt was this hated I love trapt

5If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Sting
Are the people drunk who voted on this list... ? Sting, Led Zeppelin, and even Dani California (RHCP) which is one of their best songs... Why are pop songs even on this list? I thought it was worst rock songs...

6Like a Rock - Bob Seger
I do not think Bob seger should be on this because he's never wrote a bad song, all his songs are bad ass

7We Built This City - Starship
Are you kidding? I like that song!
Who put Aerials on here. Say what you like but Aerials is my favourite System of a Down song, so much meaning. This song however, sucks more than Tulisa's mouth! It's so bad, lack of inspiration, lack of quality and a disgrace to rock music!
Loved Jefferson Airplane, but its pop rocket, Jefferson Starship was pop-rocks at it's


[Newest]This song is super catchy!

8What It's Like - Everlast
I completely agree here. This song isn't even rock yet it's played on my local rock station constantly.


9Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides
Seriously stairway to heaven on this list
Horrible poser metal crap.. And seriously Stairway on this list? This song should be number one on this list
I don't know why this is the worst it is brilliant but that's only my opinion that may not be yours
[Newest]Stairway to Heaven is the 9th worst rock song of all time?... I hate my generation. It's like what The Who said, "Why don't you all just f-f-f-fade away! "

10Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Who the hell decided to add this song it is great and will be remembered for a long time unlike anything justin beiber or adele have ever created
To put the best rock song ever on this list is madness
Madness? THIS. IS. SPARTA! But in all seriousness, why is THIS song, of all songs, on here? I could think of a MILLION other songs that are worse than this one!


If you have a look on the list for greatest rock songs of all time you'll see this song there. This was one of the best songs ever made, it should be no where near this list.
[Newest]I guess monkeys voted for this masterpiece!

The Contenders

11She Hates Me - Puddle of Mudd
Totally ripped-off suicidal tendencies
Never hearted this song before... I vote for this only to bting "Starways to Heaven" lower on the list

12Something In Your Mouth - Nickelback
Straight up hate Nickelback.
First of all worst band ever terrible song and second of all who put stairway to heaven on this list it's the best song of all time
I think it's just a trend now to hate these guys... THEY'RE NOT BAD! Just because you don't enjoy them personally, doesn't mean they suck. Come on, people, Nickelback isn't bad

13Tonight, Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
Uh, a good majority of the songs on the list aren't even rock songs. Any-who, I've never a song so overplayed, so dull, so unbearable than this.
This crap doesn't even count as rock. And who the hell put Stairway To Heaven on this list!? It's not only the greatest rock song of all time, but also one of the greatest songs of all time, period.
This song sums up everything wrong with todays music
[Newest]I feel bad that this shows up before the smashing pumpkin's classic

14Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People
This was a pretty good song. I just don't like how people hate the lyrics. This world is crumbling with more shootings every day. Come on, this is actually a good song.
Who the hell makes songs about a school shooting?
Congrats on making a song about a school shooting sound as emo as the people who perform such acts.
[Newest]How can this song even be on this list? Come on, Pumped Up Kicks is an amazing song!

15Hey, Soul Sister - Train
This is the most pathetic joke of a list I've ever seen. A lot of the songs on here aren't even rock for starters, and whoever had the bright idea of putting stairway to heaven on here should be unusually tortured. This list is a complete joke.
Annoying the first time you hear it, mind numbing every time after. I've almost damaged my car radio trying to change the station when it came on one time.
It's very annoying but why Stairway to heaven and THE BEATLES. What kind of list is this
[Newest]It makes me want to puke all over my bowling ball in gym class. But why is Hey There Delilah on here this is a joke.


16Sleeping Bag - ZZ Top

17Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
The only reason I voted for this song is to get stairway to heaven out of this list. You are welcome
I knew a guy. He was my friend. Likable, funny, all-around good guy. Then he started learning guitar. And he grew horribly conceited, selfish, and sung every waking second for the attention of women (That's why he picked up the guitar in the first place).

And this was his anthem.
Got it on 11 lets try to get stairway to heaven out of the way everybody (out of the top tens).
[Newest]This isn't even rock, plus this is also a good song

18Ready, Set, Go! - Tokio Hotel
Well first of all Tokio Hotel SUCKS.

Second of all, to the person that put Stairway to Heaven on this list...

We WILL find you.
Yeah! ! !... seriously? ? Stairway to heaven? ? That person was high or somthin. I actually thought I was hallucinating when I saw a led zep song on here. I mean like, who doesn't like Led Zeppelin? ? ? There like the greatest band in history other than tool.

1921 Guns - Green Day
The only reason why I voted for this song, was so I could announce that having 21 guns in 9th place on a list like this is pathetic!
What kind of a idiot dislikes a song like this?! But if you disagree with me then that's fine, but that's my opinion
Actually seeing this song on such a list really surprises me. Green day are a talented band and are still popular today.
Why is this even on the list -_-
[Newest]I don't really hate this song but Green Day sucks massive amounts of penis

20Payphone - Maroon 5
It sounds like someone is hurting Adam Levine when he says "Payphone" in this song. Horrible sound. Horrible lyrics. I wonder how many seconds it took them to write this song?
Why in the living heck is Knives and Pens on this list? It is a respectable song about anti-bullying and not being offended about who you are!

And yeah, Payphone may be catchy but the lyrics are very badly thought up. :/
This isn't rock. Maroon 5 is not rock anymore. They only became all poppy because, I don't know, people love crap like this? I'm TIRED of rap bridges.
[Newest]Honestly, Maroon 5 isn't rock. This song should be higher on the list, because Stairway to Heaven should not be here. !

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