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1Start MySearch Dial

Okay, I've seen bad search engine, but this is a virus. Just a virus. I got it while searching "good and bad search engines" then got - THIS VIRUS. I had to reboot my computer and corrupted some of my files. This is bad. Bad.

The icons for other websites are SO old

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2Delta Search

Yeah, this doesn't exist. All it says is "Remove from Chrome" or "Remove from" whatever. That's all I need to know.

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I think "pile" means crap and doges are better than plain old dogs

It is amazing, don't diss it I use it everyday, it's my life don't bully me!

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Bing has very limited and skewed search results that never take me where I want to go. Bing seems to have an agreement with Microsoft that makes it the default search engine on every new computer that I use which is very annoying. I understand how Google thinks and how Google searches, why would I want to use a less competent program that always seems to omit the particular search results that I am actually looking for.

As I've said before on TheTopTens, a search engine is either Google or useless. But Bing is dreadful; no doubt about that. - PositronWildhawk

Worst EVER! It never pulls anything close to what I want. I put the exact same thing in Google (best ever) and the thing I want is the first result on page 1.

Bing is just hell.

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It is a worse search engine. It is invasive to any computer with out knowing. I've difficult to get rid of this ass. It mess up with all my computer. I get rid off few time but again came back. Because of its invasive nature and worthless I don't recommend this to any body.

Millions ads before a result, waste of time service

Worst ever I click on something then adds more results and ads

Best one ever

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6MetacrawlerV2 Comments

Brings up useless information, sometimes not even close to the keywords.

Takes you to a few, mostly unrelated sites - seldom what you are looking for.

Mostly brings up unreliable web sites.

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DDG isn't so much a search engine a a compilation of other search engines (Wolfram is awesome, for Bing see above). Their own crawl index is weak at best. If it is fast it is because it really isn't finding anything. Quickly and reliably finding nothing useful, usually with their own horn tooting somewhere near the top of the returns.

DuckDuckGo is THE way to go if you don't want all your personal information sold to the highest bidder. It's safe, reliable and fast.

At least they don't track you, that's why the results could be far from what you're looking for. They don't track you.

This lets people crawl into the deep dark depths of the deep web.

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The Buick of search engines...

Aol? Are they still there?

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I like answers for the fun articles but for actual answers, forget IT.

Can never get through a whole search without it freezing!

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12GoogleGoogle is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products.

Not only is their product garbage, not only does Chrome behave EXACTLY like a virus, not only do they intentionally rig and omit search results for the highest bidder and their political bedmates, but they also actively spy on and log all of their users' information for the NSA and then openly boast about it like it's a feature.

Google is one of the worst, most amoral companies in the world.

Google changes the words I am searching for even if I put them in quotes then gives me dozens of non-related results because it cannot search correctly any longer. They lost the ability several years ago and are sliding downhill ever since.

Measured on the effectiveness of the search alone and avoiding political discussions Google is hands down the most effective at returning what I am looking for. I understand the concerns about privacy but in most cases the information it tracks is part of a thing called _relevancy_.

Does Google know the difference between a tree and it's backside

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If you want to totally waste an entire day, try to contact "Yahoo Customer, We Don't Care! Department".
They put you in a circular loop sending you to the customer care site, then to the sign in site and then to the customer care site and give you a number to call, "We are experiencing long wait times, so depending on your age and health, you may want to hang up, give up and go to Google, or you can be redirected to customer Care online which will bring you right back here after about an hour, final solution, you can wait on hold, listening to our annoying Yahoo refrain over and over and over again for three or four hours"..
Today is Sunday the 16th. of November 11:27 AM, I have been on hold since 8:22 AM, after I was dropped twice after waiting and additional two hours.
I have been trying to reset my email password, that Yahoo dropped for some reason, and then locked my account.
To unlock the account they put you in the circle of Hell...
Good Luck to anyone who may be ...more

Aside from being incapable of completing searches relevant to your query, Yahoo! And Microsoft work together. That should tell you what maximum quality output you're going to get some such an un-evolved, unintelligent search engine.

Bing is bad, but by God Yahoo is by far the WORST!

Yahoo must be the most stupid search engine ever. Yeah, Google for life indeed!...

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14Norton Safe SearchV4 Comments

Never heard of it? There's a reason...

HOLD IT, Yandex is terrible. The worst ever. Why does it get your results in different languages! I'm sure that the browser is a virus, it sound like Yontoo. This is bad. I hate it. MISERABLE.

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17ChaChaV1 Comment
18Internet Explorer

This is not a search engine but this came from the SEVENTH CIRCLE OF HELL for god sake

This is a browser not a search engine

Whoever put this on here is such an idiot. this is not for search, it's a BROWSER

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19GigablastV2 Comments
20HotbotV1 Comment
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