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As I've said before on TheTopTens, a search engine is either Google or useless. But Bing is dreadful; no doubt about that. - PositronWildhawk

Worst EVER! It never pulls anything close to what I want. I put the exact same thing in Google (best ever) and the thing I want is the first result on page 1.

It's so bad that they have to PAY people to use it! How bad of a search engine do you have to be!?

Bing is only good for searching Google

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Millions ads before a result, waste of time service

Worst ever I click on something then adds more results and ads

A lot worse than bing. The site is and looks awful, and the whole search is broken.

Do not ask ASK waste of valuable time

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3Start MySearch Dial
4Delta Search

It is amazing, don't diss it I use it everyday, it's my life don't bully me!

Dogpile is the best you idiots

Think it means dog poop


If you want to totally waste an entire day, try to contact "Yahoo Customer, We Don't Care! Department".
They put you in a circular loop sending you to the customer care site, then to the sign in site and then to the customer care site and give you a number to call, "We are experiencing long wait times, so depending on your age and health, you may want to hang up, give up and go to Google, or you can be redirected to customer Care online which will bring you right back here after about an hour, final solution, you can wait on hold, listening to our annoying Yahoo refrain over and over and over again for three or four hours"..
Today is Sunday the 16th. of November 11:27 AM, I have been on hold since 8:22 AM, after I was dropped twice after waiting and additional two hours.
I have been trying to reset my email password, that Yahoo dropped for some reason, and then locked my account.
To unlock the account they put you in the circle of Hell...
Good Luck to anyone who may be ...more

Aside from being incapable of completing searches relevant to your query, Yahoo! And Microsoft work together. That should tell you what maximum quality output you're going to get some such an un-evolved, unintelligent search engine.

Bing is bad, but by God Yahoo is by far the WORST!

Yahoo must be the most stupid search engine ever. Yeah, Google for life indeed!...

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Can never get through a whole search without it freezing!

I like answers for the fun articles but for actual answers, forget IT.

The no answers engine doesn't know what YouTube is. That sums it up.


This isn't even a search engine


Mostly brings up unreliable web sites.

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So overrated. Just jammed together from other, better search engines.

This is a thing?

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The Buick of search engines...

Aol? Are they still there?


Google is the best anyway!

Google is so reliable man!

Google is the best cause the others suck

Does Google know the difference between a tree and it's backside

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15Norton Safe Search

Please! Why does this exist?!?!


Never heard of it? There's a reason...

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