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As I've said before on TheTopTens, a search engine is either Google or useless. But Bing is dreadful; no doubt about that.


Worst search engine and always will be Google FOR LIFE!
Msn rocks don't know why its on here

If you want to totally waste an entire day, try to contact "Yahoo Customer, We Don't Care! Department".
They put you in a circular loop sending you to the customer care site, then to the sign in site and then to the customer care site and give you a number to call, "We are experiencing long wait times, so depending on your age and health, you may want to hang up, give up and go to Google, or you can be redirected to customer Care online which will bring you right back here after about an hour, final solution, you can wait on hold, listening to our annoying Yahoo refrain over and over and over again for three or four hours"..
Today is Sunday the 16th. of November 11:27 AM, I have been on hold since 8:22 AM, after I was dropped twice after waiting and additional two hours.
I have been trying to reset my email password, that Yahoo dropped for some reason, and then locked my account.
To unlock the account they put you in the circle of Hell...
Good Luck to anyone who may be looking for a portal like yahoo.
I think I am going to try Google, and maybe Thunderbird, the mail app, not the wine, though after today... Who knows.
Jerry Edwards
Bing is bad, but by God Yahoo is by far the WORST!
Yahoo must be the most stupid search engine ever. Yeah, Google for life indeed!...
Millions ads before a result, waste of time service
Worst ever I click on something then adds more results and ads

4Start MySearch Dial
Can never get through a whole search without it freezing!
I like answers for the fun articles but for actual answers, forget IT.

6Delta Search

Think it means dog poop


Aol? Are they still there?

The Contenders

Absolute worst. Tracks your every move.
Google needs to be #1. This corporation is nothing but bullcrap


Google shouldn't be #11 Google is the fabuluz engine

Mostly brings up unreliable web sites.

This is a thing?

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