Worst Season by an NFL Team

July 29, 2015 - Teams that had the worst of the worst seasons. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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2008 Lions
The worst of the worst. Possibly the worst franchise in all pro sports since 1960 sunk to an all-time low in 2008 (0-16). And the stench of the Matt Millen era will linger for a couple more years.


This team was terrible in every phase of the game. How are the 07 Fins number 2. If it wasnt for the injurys they might have been respectable


I just don't get how you can vote otherwise... Worst record ever pretty much speaks for itself in my opinion.
[Newest]0-16? Can't argue with that. I love Lions football, it's just too bad that they stink!

21976 Buccaneers
they had more fumbles, less points, and less field goals than the 08 lions


They were a first-year expansion team, so I guess they have an "excuse", unlike the Lions.
think about it. even though the lions had 0-16, the bucs were just... worse.

32007 Dolphins
It was kind of funny just listening to guys ask "is this the week the dolphins finally win a game? "


*cough, cough* Let's not say anything about that.
I still have respect but this was bad.


42000 Chargers
Ryan Leaf as QB. Jermaine Fezande leads the team in rushing with only 368 yards... I think that's enough to qualify this team as the worst team ever. I don't think any team in NFL History has ever shown as much offensive inepetness as the 2000 San Diego Chargers
This time just started getting fans they were so bad

51980 Saints
They are called the "Aints" for a reason
That's when the Saints became the Aints

62001 Panthers
the panthers were the only team to lose 15 straight in one season, until the lions, they deserve to be much higher on this list

71989 Cowboys

81995 Jets

92009 Rams

102004 49ers

The Contenders

111991 Colts

122011 Colts
They are pretty much just god awful seriously, even without peyton manning you with think they would win at least one game but no they are basically gonna be the the laughing stocks of the NFL for a long time. Seriously guys 0-12? Give me a break.
Sure, they had no Manning, but its clear that the rest of the team can't operate without him. That horrible record says it all, I mean how can you be in the Superbowl 2 years ago and no be worse the the St Louis Rams, a historically weak team? Infact, how can you be the worst team of 2011?


With no manning they absouley suck they only won 2 games they should be higher on the list

132013 Texans

142006 Raiders
Even if record wise they arent the worst that team was a trainwreck full of egomaniacs and a guy who hadnt coached since the early 90s


Raiders are my favorite team even they won four games
They play like this every season

151990 Patriots

162014 Rams

172005 Saints

181996 Jets

191982 Colts

202008 Rams

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