Worst Selena Gomez Songs


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41Rule the World
42Everything Is Not As It Seems

Selenators are intrusive and mean. IF YOU don't LIKE SELENA GOMEZ, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINION ON THIS LIST. Every selenator's comment praising her ought to be removed and to all Selenators; IGNORE THIS LIST. This list is not disrespect to Selena Gomez nor would she really care about this anyway, after all she is a celebrity. TO EVERY SELENATOR, STAY AWAY FROM THIS LIST.

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Can we remove all of the selenators commeting on this list. I beilieve that they are very annoying when they do it on every single item and bash the haters who have the right to share their opinions as well. If that can be done thanks.


Nothing eles she did here insted of making her voice perfect in the song she put a monster voice in this song and listen this line all to myselff her voice in. Selff is such freak voice?

Bad song such a cheap it has a good dj but not her voice listen this line all. To myselfffdfffd this yselffd is uch a cheap

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