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1When she thought Ash was confessing his love to her when he was about to collapse (XYZ Episode 22)

AKA THE WORST SCENE IN THE ENTIRE ANIME. I swear I can feel a huge tumor growing inside me while witnessing this crap scene. Everyone sees the scene as some rule 34 monstrosity when it's seen out of context. Shame on the writers. - Ruee

That scene is so disgusting! It's like the writers hired the people who animated Boku no Pico to do the animation for this scene! Shouldn't Cartoon Network censor that scene, let alone ban the entire episode?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And the face she made when she thought he was "confessing", that's what happens when you have a crush on Ash, completely removes the reason why you liked Ash in the first place! What a waste of time, breath and mind! " - ClassicGaminer

Yeah, why did she tense up and squeeze her eyes shut? Isn't this what she wants? She's such a coward! - eventer51314

FINALLY, this is at #1, where it belongs. - Ruee

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2When she wore the Fennekin outfit. (Ep. 21)

A 10 year old should not be dressing like that. It's so perverted and gross.

God this is like those sexualized costumes that are advertised for preteen girls to wear on Halloween in western culture

Ugh I really hate her when she wore the fennekin outfit - lovingicecreams

To think that Serena is 10 and she wore an outfit like that... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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3When she chopped off all her hair. (Ep. 60)

I never understood why she would do this, even if it was for her to "CHANGE" like...she lives in Kalos. Which is basically France.

She's so dramatic. Why does she have to make a big deal out of everything

Not even actual character development - yungstirjoey666

Are the producers trying to copy Naruto? - SeeU

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4When she dressed in Ash's clothes. (Ep. 115)

I refuse to watch this episode with every fiber of my being so correct me if I'm wrong. Did she do this to impress Ash of impersonate him? And was Bonnie disgusted? I thought I saw someone say she was. And if that is the case, you know you messed up if you disgusted a 7 year old like Bonnie. - Ruee

I don't even know what the heck was going through Serena's head. She was probably doing both. And yes, Bonnie was clearly disgusted with her. - eventer51314

I know all you Serena haters were going on about how it was stupid that she dressed in Ash's clothes, but I didn't expect it to be that stupid until I saw this image! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Lol, and that's just one picture. Try watching the whole episode! - eventer51314

I'm not sure that Serena can fit through those clothes, but what?! Are you serious?! It's like saying that a boy is going through a girl's clothes to dress up like her. Imagine if the Amourshipping perverts thought that Ash should wear Serena's clothes to get even?! Why? Dear God, why? Why does this obsessive fan girl (just like you guys say) have to exist? - ClassicGaminer

She can't act like Ash at all - Neonco31

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5When she kissed Ash. (Ep. 140)

I think she took some tips from trump because now that she's a star she 'can just start kissing guys without consent & guys will let her do it because she's famous! '

I would change the scene of the kiss a bit with ash shoving her off and have her fall down the escalator with her hair getting caught up when she comes but @ the top & everyone laughing at her because a lot of her hair was stripped off

It's just so random & stupid. Serena & ash aren't even close to dating or lovers & she randomly goes back to kiss him! Gross! Just a confession would of been fine, but no Serena has to be a controlling bimbo like always! And if this was on the lips, it would make it 10x worse because not only are they not even the closest of friends, BUT THEY ARE TEN YRS OLD! YUCK!

I smell more manipulation... - eventer51314

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6When she let herself get brainwashed because she didn't want her face to get messed up. (Ep. 19)

That image makes her look more stupid than she already is. I honestly don't know which is more stupid: her normally or her when she is brainwashed. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Anyone would literally do the alternative so they wouldn't get brainwashed. But then again, Serena is a doormat. - Ruee

Looks like she's been snorting cocaine, LOL, or worse... She looks like she was made out of wax. - ClassicGaminer

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7When she said that she will be a much more attractive girl the next time her and Ash meet (XYZ 47)

If Ash starts to like Serena after she becomes older and "more attractive" I will start to hate Ash too. I mean what kind of message is that to young girls? That only if you change yourself and dedicate your entire self worth to a boy is when he starts to like you back? She even admitted Ash was her goal from the start. I can't believe I wasted precious time watching this pile of garbage called Pokemon XY hoping that Serena would get proper character development. I kept my hopes up that she would find her way but this scene ruined everything. She didn't interract with the group much and when she did she only craved Ash's attention and advice. I hated how she would willingly serve as a doormat for Ash's sake (aka the scene where he hands her his jacket and backpack arrogantly and Serena gets flattered). There wasn't any connection between her and Ash and their non-existent relationship feels forced and weird. It would make more sense if Ash got together with Misty, May, Dawn or Iris ...more

Same episode as when she said Ash was her goal. Not just showing that she only existed for Ash, but also that she's still such a sexist and shallow character. She didn't get character development. She's the same character she was in the beginning. - Ruee

I like how she winked to hint her romantic feelings, implying that her message actually phased Ash. Idiot girl, Ash can't recognize romantic intentions to save his life. And stop talking like this, you are 10, not an adult. Jeez. - Ruee

Serena: "Because once I get boobs and an @$$, I'm sure to catch his attention! " - eventer51314

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8When she acted as a personal clothes valet for Ash. (Ep. 120)

I would've been so displeased if someone did this to me and I'd probably tell them off. It would've been different if Ash set it down and was like "I'm setting my stuff down, I would appreciate if you watch it for me", but that isn't what he did. He LITERALLY used her as a coat hanger and she let him treat her as such. - Ruee

Exactly! Why did they have to make it so terrible? I really think this deserves to be number 1 or 2 on this list. - eventer51314

This image makes the whole situation worse oh my god... I never thought I would see Ash do this. I'm sure if other female companions wouldn't take that at all but "anything to be useful to ash-sama"... Ew no, that is what it is like to be in an abusive relationship. Why did they get away from this - Ruee

This moment truly marks that Serena's relationship (no, character relationship, not romantic relationship! ) is going too far! Come on, writers! When is the XYZ anime going to end?! So we can finally take out Serena and put ourselves out of our misery! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I wouldn't call this an indication of a relationship of any kind. She's literally being treated a clothing rod for someone and is she's pretty much like "this is fine" because you know..."Ash-sama is treating me like a clothing rod so I must be sightly useful to him! " which is basically a really bad message to young girls who are watching. I miss having a character like Dawn. - Ruee

Does this girl not have dignity?

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9When she said Ash was her goal (XYZ Episode 47)

I'm getting sick of having to take pictures of her annoying face. So I uploaded a pic of Ash's actual reaction to her saying this. Seemed appropriate. - eventer51314

(Thank you, Ruee and Eventer51314 for the recent information during election day, lol) I can totally imagine her saying that by whispering in to his ear. Oh, Dear God. Why did I have to hear this?! I understand she told this to him, but if it's true about what I said, then I don't want to know. - ClassicGaminer

Excuse me, what? What did you say Serena? *backhands her across the face* - eventer51314

This just proves that Ash was her goal from the very start; the reason why she did everything she did. - eventer51314

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10When she threw a tantrum. (Ep. 121)

The fact that this manipulative scene was accepted into a children's show makes me sad. Ash needed time for himself, and Serena cries and makes it all about HER. To make it worse she was at the verge of confessing and straight out admit she liked him because of his optimistic/ happy go lucky personality. Ash isn't perfect and Serena has a hard time accepting that. Physically attacking a depressed friend and leaving them in the cold is NOT a right way to treat someone you care about. When Ash thanked her by the end of the episode I wanted to punch my computer screen. What the hell are they teaching kids?

Ash ran off into the woods because he clearly wanted to be alone. He did not even take Pikachu with him, which is a big deal because they're together 24/7. Even when Serena shows up, his body language screams, "leave me alone! " (Notice the way he pulls his hat down over his eyes) Yet she's too absorbed in her little fantasy to see it. He has to yell at her to get the point across. Amourshippers think they have this great relationship going on, but Serena doesn't understand him at all. She can't even pick up on Ash's obvious cues because A: she's self-absorbed and fantasizing, and B: she's trying to manipulate him (and failing at it). You know, the nice thing she could have done was to be attentive to him. Use some logical reasoning, put two and two together and figure out that HE WANTS TO BE ALONE. - eventer51314

Just because Ash is mostly a happy go lucky kind of person doesn't mean he can't be depressed, Serena...

Ash isn't perfect; deal with it - yungstirjoey666

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?When she worried Penelope would "steal" Ash. (Ep. 13)

Her face looks really stupid in this image. - Ruee

Extremely obvious ship bait moment. Stupid dialogue. -eventer51314 (offline! )

*Michael Rosen Style* Hmm...
She's sweating and has four fingers and barely has a nose (not unless that's a small mole on her face)... Never mind...
Go ahead, Serena! Throw a tantrum at Penelope! Claim that Ash is yours! Oh, and take a look at Clemont, he's "looking" at Serena while she is getting worried. I swear that he's like, "What is Serena thinking right now" - ClassicGaminer

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?When she worried that Ash would think Aria was "cute." (Ep. 21)

Lol! I never noticed this before but Fennekin looks TICKED in this picture. A reflection of her trainer's true, inner feelings? - eventer51314

When he was only referring to Aria's Fennekin. And, you know, so what if he did? -eventer51314 (offline! )

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11When she wore the Florges outfit and stuck her butt out. (Ep. 82)

I remember I was in Junior High, I had gym class in 8th grade, and I remember that a student said, and I quote, "BEND OVER! ". This is some kind of perverted situation here. It's like she's about to be F'd, I hate to say it, sorry. - ClassicGaminer

I really hope they don't do this crap with Mallow and/or Lillie (I feel like they both will have a major part in Ash's adventure, not just Mallow). They don't need to be grossly fan serviced. - Ruee

Ugh. Where's the closest place for me to throw up? - eventer51314

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12Serena Kisses Ash (Final Episode)

(I am aware that it's already added, I didn't notice that.)
She has finally gone south, kissing him like she belongs to him for the rest of her life. The amourshippers have made a farewell to her, and they say, "SHE KISSED HIM, FINALLY! YAYY! ", I saw on Instagram from a user called "datamourshipper" said that "Now that's character development! " About Serena, LIKE what?! How did Serena have character development if the only thing she did was to stalk Ash, cut her hair, ignore her friends, have no goals, impress Ash and a whole hell of a lot of crap! HOW IS THAT CONSIDERED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?! At least it's over! Oh, yeah, have I told you that amourshippers debate that Serena "KISSED ASH ON THE LIPS"?! - ClassicGaminer

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13When she lipped off to her mom. (Ep. 2)

Ladies and gentlemen, never trust Bulbapedia for information on Serena! Serena is just another one of those stupid characters that might sound okay on paper, but turn out to be a huge flop-up when put into execution! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena did show development towards her mom, but that doesn't change the rest of the list. She still ignores Clemont and infaturates over Ash - yungstirjoey666

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14When she started a rivalry with Miette for no good reason. (Ep. 26)

Whatever kind of rivalry is that Serena wants against Miette, I'll place a $10 bet that Miette will win. Also, Miette looks way better than Serena with that look in my opinion. - ClassicGaminer

I can bet that Miette doesn't even like Ash. She's just there to get a rise out of Serena in order to give her a "rivalry" of some sorts - Ruee

Lol there is a big chance that miette doesn't care or like ash. she's just doing it for a reaction because serena is too stupid to actually ask out ash

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15When she got angry at Miette for asking Ash on a date (when Serena had already asked Clemont!) (Ep. 105)

Talk about such a petty hypocrite! Hey Serena, if you were jealous Miette was asking Ash out on a date, why didn't you ask Ash in the first place instead of bashing Miette and abandoning Clemont?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ash doesn't belong to you, Serena.

It was Serena's own fault seriously. Ash can date whoever he wants and it doesn't have to be Serena. *Waits for amourshippers to get butthurt and throw caps lock tantrums * - TwilightKitsune

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16When she blushed at Ash.

My dad has three katana swords in his bedroom. I'll ask him if I can borrow them so I can slice Serena to shreds Roronoa Zoro-style. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'd shoot her on the top of the cathedral after she "marries Ash." Heck, I even made a fictional story about it. - ClassicGaminer

I'll be honest, at the beginning, I thought it was cute that she blushed. But when she started to blush all the time, it started to get annoying really fast. - Ruee

Which she did practically every single episode. - eventer51314

It's not cute, it's annoying

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17When she went shopping instead of helping the group find a mega stone. (Ep. 31)

I think the bimbo thought a mega stone would be in a jewelry shop for some reason, then got distracted by the pretty jewels. Hopefully she wasn't fantasizing about her never happening wedding there.

How inconsiderate do you have to be to just ditch the group when they are going after something important? but then again, she wouldn't even do anything if she was in the group anyway

I don't recall any other female companion ditching the group to do petty crap like this. Man, looking at this makes me wish Korrina was the female companion..

A Magikarp would be more useful than her. - TwilightKitsune

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18When she made fun of Clemont. (Ep. 26)

Okay, he's weird and dorky but he's so nice to you there is no reason you should make fun of him serena!

Iris making fun of Ash is better than this. Clemont doesn't deserve this at all. Ash is an ass so I don't care if someone makes fun of him. I mean we do it irl so Iris can too, even if it's annoying.

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19When she stared at Ash instead of congratulating him on winning his rematch with Wulfric (XYZ Ep. 29)

Watch at the end of the series. When Ash leaves, she won't say a word and just stare as he leaves her with an upset looking facial expression or is just fantasizing about him. Not saying goodbye to his face. Like a stupid fan girl that she is. She has no relationship with Ash. I don't see how people can even think that. - Ruee

Seriously, you've been traveling with Ash for a while... SAY SOMETHING. TO ASH. STOP BEING PETTY FAN GIRL AND TREAT HIM LIKE A HUMAN BEING. I hate Serena, she needs to leave soon, or I'll flip. - Ruee

She just stood there mooning at him! Pull your head out of your butt and congratulate him! Ash finally lent out an awkward fist bump because she wouldn't say or do anything! And Clemont and Bonnie joined in too so, no, Amourshippers, it wasn't a special thing just between her and Ash. - eventer51314

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20When she screamed at Fennekin and Pancham. (Ep. 64)

If she screams, then I'll just grab her by the hair, pull it with such force, move her head back and forth and yell at her so she would know how it feels to yell at her Pokémon, or more like yell at her by saying, "I HATE YOU! " - ClassicGaminer

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1. When she thought Ash was confessing his love to her when he was about to collapse (XYZ Episode 22)
2. When she wore the Fennekin outfit. (Ep. 21)
3. When she acted as a personal clothes valet for Ash. (Ep. 120)
1. When she said that she will be a much more attractive girl the next time her and Ash meet (XYZ 47)
2. When she said Ash was her goal (XYZ Episode 47)
3. When she wore the Fennekin outfit. (Ep. 21)
1. When she thought Ash was confessing his love to her when he was about to collapse (XYZ Episode 22)
2. When she kissed Ash. (Ep. 140)
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