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21When she freaked out at Miette when she teased Serena about stealing Ash. (Ep. 79)

Why does Serena treat Ash as a love object and not as a human being? Ash will not love her for treating him like that. - AnimeDrawer

22When she made this face. (Ep. 105)

@ people who are bashing the Sun and Moon anime for having ridiculous facial expressions. You can't be serious to tell me this is any better. At least the facial expressions in Sun and Moon can be funny and not downright cringy. - Ruee

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23When she attracted a herd of Ryhorn for no reason. (Ep. 109)

The other girls had to actually use some brain power (and use their Pokemon-again, the whole point of the rficking show: POKEMON! ) to complete the trial. One girl had her Pokemon use Sweet Scent. Another had her Pokemon use Attract. What does Serena do? She sat there and her Mary Sue powers did the work for her. There was no logical reason those Ryhorn were magically attracted to her, only that Serena is "Miss Perfect" and is (as someone else said in a comment somewhere), "Apparently SO beautiful, she can attract a herd of Ryhorn just by looking at them." BS! - eventer51314

I'm happy the image doesn't show her face - Ruee

Mallow should run over Serena with her Tauros. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They love to surround her - Neonco31

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24When Aria had to tell her to apologize to her Pokemon for yelling at them. (Ep. 64)

I'm not kidding. She was too busy feeling sorry for herself and whining about how she's the worst Pokemon performer ever' (all because she made a mistake in her FIRST performance? ). Well, I actually agree that she's the worst. But really? Aria also had to tell her that her Pokemon are her special friends. And Serena just vomits those words back out. She can't ever figure stuff out on her own. She has to be spoon fed everything. Ugh. - eventer51314

Do the writers expect for this to be the role model to young girls as she is the female lead? Nothing good came from Serena. - Ruee

25When she thought her and Ash being alone together counted as a 'date'. (Ep. 59)

Why is she even thinking about dating? Aren't Ash and Serena only ten? - SeeU

I never knew I was pansexual & like to have multiple lovers /sarcasm

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26When she forgot to cheer for both Ash and Clemont and only cheered for Ash at the Lumiose gym battle. (Ep. 67)

She didn't forget. It's most likely intentional considering how much she ignores clemont. - Ruee

She told her Pokemon to 'not forget' though. Lol, I don't know what to think now. Either way, she's a jerk. - eventer51314

27When she tried to hold Ash's hand (Ep. 59)

Just like the "Amourshipping: The Decline" video by PokéCorruptions, with NumbusTemplars74's sentence mixed voice, "F@$#k Amourshipping" when she was attempting to hold his hand and when they were walking together. - ClassicGaminer

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28When she freaked out at a 'scary' cave. (Ep. 31)

What kind of traveling trainer are you? My gosh! Grow a backbone, Serena. - eventer51314

29When she insulted her mom's taste in fashion. (Ep. 3 & Ep. 80)

All she had to say was "Sorry mom, but I don't want to wear that. Thanks for the offer." instead of being rude and prissy. - Ruee

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30When she gave Ash's handkerchief back to him. (Ep. 7)

This one is just stupid no matter which way you spin it. Like he really gives a crap about a piece of cloth from like 5 years ago that he used to bandage a scrapped knee. The main reason I added this is because it was a manipulative gesture. She did it to get a reaction out of him. Course, she may have actually thought that he did care about getting it back. In that case, she's an even bigger idiot. I mean, she already thought she was important enough for Ash to be "excited to see her", let alone remember her. Ugh. - eventer51314

I would've said something about the cloth being sentimental (Sometimes the small things are very important to you) if it wasn't manipulative as it was but then I realized that Ash doesn't remember crap about meeting Serena as a child. - Ruee

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31When she made a big deal about baking cookies for Ash but gave Clemont and Bonnie the leftovers as an afterthought. (Ep. 7)

Bonnie's all like, "why just Ash? " Then when Ash thinks the cookies are amazing, she looks...disappointed? Is it because he slobbered over the cookies instead of her? This scene just reeks of more manipulation. You know the saying,'the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach'? Nice try, Serena. Wait no, more like epic fail, Serena. Ash is too uninterested to have even food turn him on. And Ash loves food. - eventer51314

32When she stood at the end of the road, directly in the path of the rampaging Megalith in order to 'protect' Bonnie and Mairin. (XYZ Ep. 43)

Wow, I didn't know someone could be so stupid as to lack a self-preservation instinct. And then she attempts to use her Pokemon to defend. Like really? Every gym leader in Kalos, plus three different CHAMPIONS are barely able to make a dent battling this thing and you think you can defend yourself with two weak, severely undertrained Pokemon? Just run away, stupid! She could have easily moved herself, Bonnie and Mairin out of the way WELL before the Megalith was anywhere near them. - eventer51314

Uh, Serena, it's called getting your friends and RUNN when you see a megalith coming towards you. - Ruee

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