Top 10 Worst Shows From Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel

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Dora the Explorer
Dora would be lost without us! Why'd any toddler watch it. There is a Mexican with a monkey on her back with boots. A map that sings a song about who he is. A backpack that makes you do something instead of just giving you the things you need. A fox that just takes your things away and all you have to do is say an annoying catch phrase to make him give you it back. And to top it all off Dora asks us stupid questions that you don't need to like where is a rock when it 4 feet away from her. It's insulting to make toddlers watch this crap
This show is HORRIBLE. When I was little I refused to watch this. She asks us what way to go when the thing is like 10 feet ahead of her. This is also a very bad influence on children. Dora and Boots are always being mean to Swiper the Fox, even though Swiper really isn't doing anything. Overall this is a very, very bad show.
This show stinks like butt! When I was little I would watch spongebob ( the old spongebob) but my sister said it was too anoying... Look who is talking... And plus a dog can teach me better spanish! Dora would ask the dumbest questions like this" where is the red ball? " When it is like 1 foot away from her! On a scale from 0 to 100 I rate...0!
[Newest]Dora the explorer is so dumb. I hate it so much! I'm already in a Spanish class so Dora the explorer is useless to me and my sister. Whoever made Dora probably has a very bad imagination. That show ruins kids minds! 😠

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2Fanboy and Chum Chum
Stupid show. Retarded 2 boys who think they're what? SUPERHEROES? Always drinking slushies, (surprised they haven't died of hypothermia or just REALLY BAD brain freeze) always getting mad or beaten up over something stupid. I hate the graphics most of all. DUMB. SHOW. Still better than disney though...
I hate this show so much. I despise the animation, it's gross, and really not funny. This and the problem solverz... Ugh
Things that I don't like about this show

. Discusting things they say or do
. They are dressed like super heros
. What else... I have to say its better then MAD
[Newest]It's totally stupid and I'm a nine year old

3The Amazing World of Gumball
This show is wonderful if you hate it then you've never watched it...
First two seasons favorite show third season I wanted the knew terrible script and voices to just be canceled. Its not even the original show just a glorified Clarence now like the new trend it caters to stupidity
This show is awesome take it off the list, Top-Tens
I like the amazing world of gumball it's actually pretty cool to all you haters hatin get over it and change the channel everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you don't like it you make your own T.V. show and see what type of ratings you get. Sorry It just annoys me how you criticize things and really you couldn't do any better
[Newest]What is wrong with people and their taste of cartoons these days? This show is great!

4Marvin Marvin
This show is completely stupid, The body fluid jokes are gross, not funny. Worst show ever made since Fred
OHMYGOD YES. "He hears with his butt" Nothing can describe how angry it makes me this show was even made.
What ever happened to the nick shows that were GOOD? Now it's like Marvin Marvin, and Sam and Cat! NICK WHAT HAVE you DONE
[Newest]"Fred" should've just stayed on YouTube. Didn't understand his appeal then and I don't understand it now. Was never funny or amusing.

5The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange
I hate this show its stupid and retarded I just can't explain how stupid this show is
I'm 12 and always hearing about the total epic ness of nick, disney and cn in the ninties. I can't stand shows like this and feel like I got cheated out of needed entertainment. This show takes that thought and rubs it in my face. Orange is a horrible person, apple has a terrible life, marsh mallow is a complete jerk and I can't take it anymore, because everyone else loves these awful shows. I just want good clean entertainment. Even video games aren't as fun anymore. Why? :'(
My OLDER brother used to watch this all the time! I don't know if he pretended to like it or Not! The main character just says STUPID AND ANNOYING things! I remember one episode were they have a battle. I had to get out of the ROOM!


[Newest]Haven't seen it never have never will

6Winx Club
OK! I HAD ENOUGH! YOU DID NOT JUST CALL ME WRONG! Ok... OPINIONS aren't WRONG! ITS WHAT WE THINK ABOUT A SHOW! JUST GO AWAY to winx club, I kinda like it, ( ok... Actually my brother likes it and I watch it with him ) but their foolish powers and yucky clothing, I don't like it. WEAR REGULAR CLOTHING INSTEAD OF SOME CLOTHING YOU WOULD WEAR TO A PARTY! A WILDCAT could beat them. My favorite characters are the guys. So you see I would be a tomboy in the thing. One episode their was ONE girl. That I liked... ONE! Aisha is ok but I don't like any other. If you like power? REAL POWER? THAN on December 1 sign up to toontown rewritten, ( no virus. Just toontown ;) and its not illegal ) go to the bank and you will SEE REAL POWER! All its telling you to do is be friends and work hard and be smart AND SMELLA ( yes. SMELLa ) cares about fashion. They have no real power and the guys have to end up doing all their work


W- why watch it if their going to wear party clothing in the winter? -_-
I- I just don't like it all the time so don't judge me.
N- not acceptable for little kids to watch
X- xauijun ( sorry couldn't think of anything ) IcynyCANTfnweufSSPEAKuewnd
Don't listen to these morons, they are only trying to defend their shows.
I love the winx club actually it is one of my favorite shows all these years since these years I've always wanted to be one of the winx club faries when I wished to make my dream come true and to also fly with my wings but nothing has ever happened so I kept on watching it so that maybe I could see how they became fairies and I could also do what they deed to become fairies I have already watched winx club from the whole of season 1 to season 6 so I am waiting for season 7 but I think it's not yet ready to be revealed first I like their mythix transformation I can comment to all of them number one BLOOM she totally looks beautiful just because of her blue dress but her eyes do not look so good to me blue and if her eyes could be like normal maybe like in her bloomix transformation FLORA she is the one who totally beautiful just because of her pink dress if and the shoes which match with the dress if the dress looked pure green she could totally look like the fairy of nature AISHA her wings are cool but I cannot wait to see how she looks like in her royalix transformation in season 7 her hair looks pretty weird just because of a small thing her frontal head on top she would have made it like flora's MUSA in fact musa is the one who has a bright dress which matches with her shoes and her mythix wand also matches with the shoes and the dress plus her wings she looks fabulous STELLA she totally looks beautiful with her orange dress and her wings and the mythix wand and also the shoes all of the winx club's shoes in their mythix transformation match with their dresses that makes them look more pretty I say stella is one of the most funniest and excellent and annoying I like when she makes the trix annoyed buy saying funny words ETC. tecna she looks nice beautiful shinny just like the rest of the winx club butt three things make me not feel good at her her tattoo on her arm her wings the way they are shaped at least the wings would be shaped like musa's or bloom's stella's aisha's flora's and her mythix wand doesn't feel so comfortable on me the way it is shaped. my comments are over if there is nothing I haven't said or commented about the winx club know that it is fine on me.
I know this is obvious, that I hate because I'm a man who plays need for speed for a living, but on to this show, when Nickelodeon started advertising another season of it, I was bradying, (means disappointed sit), and I refused to watch the network again, and just went to play need for speed most wanted 2005, now lemme tell you why this show is an embarrassment of humanity, first of all they call throwing rainbows power in the world, here's real power, the Soviet Union, so, this show is an epic failure, but it's 2014 now and the show is gone now, yay!
[Newest]I like this show

7Uncle Grandpa
This is an example of Cartoon Network being HIGH. every time I was this shows it's just kills more than you brain has! Uncle and grandpa, the author acts like where being dehumanize (less human). The worst part of this show is that racism that it's has. Like how pizza steve said that he knows Italian karate, BOOM racist! Or how a kid from China said a greeting in English and d uncle grandpa did not understand that. Cartoon Network IF YOUR READING THIS GET RID OF THAT AUTHOR PLEASE, Chinese people aren't gonna like this. Also, if anybody likes this shows. WHAT YOU'RE WATCHING IS MESSING YOUR BRAIN UP AND SO MUCH BAD TRAGEDY!
Just the thought of a name so inaccurate as Uncle grandpa just makes it obvious as to what kind of show that is👎
Just no point in it
[Newest]Whats worst that despite the show being terrible, they going have this show crossover with Steven universe show

8Fred: The Show
I was going to vote for the annoying orange but Fred is worse I watched some of his videos and they are not really even that funny it's just him talking and yelling using a voice mod that any kid with a computer can make there are a million if not more videos just like him but he's the one that gets a feature length movie and a T.V. show anything would be better then having to listen to his annoying voice
This show is THE most annoying! His voice makes me want to smash my head against the wall! They don't know how to act!
This is the most rubbish film (fred the movie) I have ever seen in my life, his voice is terrible and its stupid, I don't see the point why they bother to make this rubbish movie.
That's my opinion.
[Newest]That kid is just stupid

9Shake It Up
Here is a list of why this show is bad

1) Disney/Family pride themselves on how the promote bullying awareness, but this show is rude. All the jokes are based on being cruel to others, cause that's just hilarious (sarcasm) everyone bullies each other. Rocky is very rude to CeCe and everyone around her. All she does is trash people and she thinks she is better than everyone else. CeCe is rude to almost everyone. Flynn and Ty are shallow jerks. Gunther and Tinka are also rude, but they are ok characters. Dina is also rude, everyone seems rude.

2) CeCe and Rocky say they are best friends but honestly, they have a terrible relationship. Rocky thinks she is better than cece and is always calling her dumb.

3) They call it a dance show but they only dance once and then its a bunch of random crud.

4) MAIN CHARACTERS can't DANCE AS GOOD AS THE BACKGROUND DANCERS. CeCe and Rocky are always the lead dancers but they aren't even as good as everyone else.

5) Show is like every other disney show, a couple of teens wanting to become rich and famous

6) Rocky and CeCe are terrible role models for kids

7) There is no real lesson in the show

8) Its the same stuff over and over. They act older than they actually are and like boys older than them.

9) Sorry CeCe, you can't sing

10) MADE IN JAPAN. What the actual heck were they thinking with that one? I thought Rocky and CeCe wanted to become famous dancers. All of a sudden they want to become singers? When have they EVER sang in shake it up? Or when have they ever mentioned that either rocky or cece can sing? They just magically became singers. The same heart song they performed was so off! They werent in time and cece can't sing. They said shake it up cast and family members would go to japan but only rocky cece gunther and tinka went. 4 dancers who aren't even as good as everyone else. The pace was terrible and I felt that it was very random, and cece went overboard trying to control rocky's thoughts. That was the only time I was fine with rocky being rude to cece. It was just so not right, it revolved around cece wanting to become famous and being greedy. Ugh, didn't make any sense whatsoever.

In conclusion, this show is just...ugh. I love zendaya and I hope she finds a better show to be on. She has got talent, but this show refuses to portray it


6 reasons to hate this show

(1) Bella Thorne is the most hated person from me. I literally can't look at her. She's getting all this respect from amazing actors (So much better than her you can't even make a comparison) when she's horrible. I listened to her without auto-tune and man, she stank worse than rat's butt.
(2) Davis Cleveland is annoying and deserves a LONG and hard spanking (on IMDB, like 15 other reviews said the spanking thing)
(3) Their outfits are way too "showy" (This is coming from a 10 year old who watches Disney to make fun of it) for kids my age or younger.
(4) There is NO lesson WHAT-SO-EVER. One episode they pretend to be 16 and they where SUPER short skirts and SUPER high heels that shouldn't be worn by 14 year olds.
(5) Bella Thorne uses dyslexia as an excuse. My cousin has it and man, she's an INSANELY good student (she's also really pretty, prettier than a SUPER MODEL)
(6) The mom is an idiot who's never around

Don't watch this show unless you want an excuse to let your ears and eyes bleed


Don't even get me started on this show. The whole dance idea was stupid to begin with. No one wants to watch a show about made-up behind the scenes dance show drama. The dancing wasn't even all that spectacular. I would honestly rather watch Dance Moms because at least it's semi-interesting. I almost jumped for joy when this show went off the air. I'm not even going to mention the Shake it Up clothes at Target that were almost a replica. Whoops just did.
[Newest]Chicago hates this ugly Zendaya and her ugly partner who's worse than I even am. When worse comes to worse, they might have even ruined my view on one of my favorite countries, Japan. I'm only 10 and in 5th grade, and I can't believe people would watch this show for babies, oh god, put it higher.
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10Sanjay and Craig
Too cheesy, too childish and will give you nightmares for the next four years.
This show is way too immature for even the 7 year old inside of me can handle. I'm 15, but poop jokes make me laugh, all this show is is a poop and butt joke show. A kid and his best friend who is a talking snake live in a world where it is not odd to worship a guy who is most likely mentally confused if he is a rip-off of Evel Knievel or Elvis Presley. The animation and art style or the show made me hate 'Adventure Time'. which used to be one of my favourite shows. Thurop Van Orman is one of the supervising producers for the show, but he also worked on 'Adventure Time'. He also did story board art for 'Camp Lazlo' and 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy' so what guy? 'Camp Lazlo' and 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy' are two of my all-time favourite shows, so I know they have at least some talent on the team. Hector, one of Sanjay's friends, is the ONE character I actually like, all be it he is still as bland as the rest, he at least seems a little different. However, that may be due to his eyepatch and his probably bottomless stomach.
When I first saw this show, I was like," Another Adventure Time? I already hate Adventure Time and they're airing this retarded show on Nick?! Looks like a ripoff of Bob's Burgers. And the butts on that cranky man that were shaking? Enough to make a child throw up while eating breakfast or whatever." I hope this show gets cancelled!
[Newest]This show is really gross

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11Fish Hooks
Fish hooks is horrible! Its not even funny.
I wish it was cancelled today!
This show extremely ripped-off SpongeBob SquarePants! It was "ended" on April 2014 but "cancelled" because there's no plans for Season 4! Yes! It's cancelled!

When your IBM rating is lower than Allen Gregory's, you know your show is bad.
This show is so disgusting. It's a stupid plot and butt jokes? The main characters don't look like ducks. Instead, they look like some green creatures. The name of the show is stupid. It's as bad as Sanjay and Craig but worse. Those two shows make Dora, Barney and Caliou look good. Seriously, Nick is running out of ideas.
I agree that breadwinners should be the number 13 on this list. When I saw the show, the one that is funny is only one of the duck, Buhdeuce. Everything else is boring and weird
[Newest]No one likes this.

13A.N.T. Farm
They are all so annoying and the jokes are so horrible! They really suck at it
Stupid little kids. And stupid story line too. Seriously? How can a bunch of 10 year olds be in high school? Disney Channel ran out of ideas.
Ant Farm was the best show on Disney Channel and they're not 10 they were 14 and 13 and they skipped middle school for a reason. it's because they were smart
Actually they were just prodigies ion stuff like music and art, that didn't meant they belong in high school. So yes, they were smart, but no not in academic subjects

14The Problem Solverz
Is this the best you can do Cartoon Network? Its a show about stupid men who solve boring-ass problems with lame jokes and its so predictable! Newsflash: Predictable shows with lame plots and lame jokes like every show on Disney are NOT funny at all. This show is boring as hell and seizure-inducing. I know there are people that like it. If you like the Problem Solverz, good for you. I DON'T! OKAY?! I'M NOT A BAD GUY! EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN OPINION!
What, What has Adult Swim done?! The show is intended on Adult Swim but it's "too cute". Then the supposed adult cartoon became the kid-friendly toon. I found out The Problem Solverz (More like "The Problem Causerz", "The Seizure Causerz" and "The Epilepsy Causerz") was too neon! Everything on this show used ALL OF THE COLORS OH MY SATAN! P.S. WHY and HOW did they get a Season 2 (only on Netflix)?! It was "cancelled" in 2011 for a single year with a few months for Cartoon Network, but "ended" in March 30, 2013 for Netflix?! THIS IS TOO DAMN BRIGHT, DARK AND EPILEPTIC! Everyone who watched this show injured for brain and eye cancer! They must go to the eye doctor after they watch! Also, some episodes didn't solve the problem, but THIS show IS a problem.
The Problem Solverz was actually a good show in my opinion. The story lines kinda were unpredictable (like when Roba became the cool kid at PSA that was funny and Horace was the super-dork, and the episode when Alfé hoes back in time to get pizza or something) and it was the randomness I loved. Seriously, the kid's mom gets married to Professor Sugarfish and there are Hide and Seek ninjas LOL. It's something you have to really watch in order to like it. And not be prone to epileptic seizures.


[Newest]If they want a problem to solve, they should solve the problem that their show title has a simple word misspelled.

15Total Drama Island
Great show, just not for cartoon network. This should be on something like TBS maybe, I'm waiting for seasons 5 and six.
One of the good shows in CN. The characters are likeable. It's funny. However the food is disgusting, everything is great.
1 of the best shows
[Newest]Best show ever! '

16Mr. Meaty
If you have seen this show, you have already been scarred... Seriously
This show scars people for life! It's so gross!
This scared me so much the first time I watched it, and I'm 17
[Newest]Honestly, as a kid I was traumatized and I'm still freaked out by it.

17SpongeBob SquarePants
Seasons 1-3 of SpongeBob were amazing season 4 was decent but season 5 was just filler most were just a bunch of bad shorts season 6 jut felt nothing like old SpongeBob and most of them were ripoffs of earlier SpongeBob season 7 bore me to tears season 8 I just want t0 blast every character on the show because this is them at their worst and season 9 don't get me started on
Season 1-3 was the glory days of SpongeBob. They got the best episodes like band geeks and chocolate with nuts. Now we got episodes like house fancy which basically shows toenails being tore apart and we got One course meal which shows that driving someone to suicide is okay.
Maybe spongebob is not annoying is was very funny episode but they got be cancelled in 2015 and we got miss him so much because he the biggest show on nick
[Newest]Now My Best Cartoon Because I started watch 7 years old :)) I love you SpongeBob

18Nick Studio 10
Okay, first off, take Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb off this list. Those shows are awesome. This, however, is not awesome. Interrupts shows, shakes a dog ( or at least that's what my sister told me), waste food, and tell the most disgusting and corniest jokes ever. My god, Nickelodeon had let itself go. I mean, a decade ago, nick actually had creativity and originality, but they gave that all away. Heck, it's no longer the number one rated kids channel anymore. Hmm... I wonder why (cough lack of cartoons mostly teeny bopper music
Al shows no creativity cough).
Nick Studio 10 needs to die in a fire, stop inturrupting my shows with some 20 second piece of crap. CN, Nick, and Disney are all dying, Nick and Disney because they're just competing in the music T.V. show business now, seriously they release a new T.V. show about a singer all time, and CN never had great shows except for Regular Show, but it's just getting worse, CN is trying to make live action shows now, you're called CARTOON Network for a reason, and every single CN show except for Regular show is to drugged up to be enjoyable. What ever happened to the Disney, Nick and CN that we all loved?
"Bringing the patty to you for the hungry customer, so he can eat it when I give it to you, which is right... NOW!
Spongebib, I'm OVER HER--
We now interrupt this program for a special announcement!
(a giant man in a gorilla suit standing in front of a city pounding on its chest for one second. )
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. "
Best joke of the episode missed.
Me: what WAS THAT?!


[Newest]The show is really funny, and it probably would still be in if it didn't always interrupt the shows!

19Austin & Ally
It's the same thing every time. The jokes are lame the acting is terrible. They call this a "comedy" but it's just a bunch of spoiled teens wanting to become famous. Terrible role models and a horrendous show
This show makes me want to barf
Austin-shows people that anyone can make it in the music business -lie
Ally-bad acting
Trish- suddenly a teen can be a successful music manager
Dez-disrespect to the nerds of america and stupid
Unfunny jokes and bad acting. It eels like every five seconds there is a laugh track
Honestly, nobody gives a crap at who can and can't sing ( aka all of them)

20Rabbids Invasion
They don't even talk. I thought this show was done and then they aired a new episode and I almost lost it.
So happy that my siblings stopped watching this crud
Okay rayman raving rabbids video game series
Was cool but now their mission is to ANNOY people
[Newest]Even Rayman was better than this.


21Adventure Time
This show is TERRIBLE. the problem is EVERYBODY LIKES IT! Adventure time is the reason I have no friends at school because when the first episode came out everybody was talking about how good it was and how awesome Finn and Jake R. I finally stood up for all that crap and yelled "ADVENTURE TIME SUCKS! " I got detention. let me just stop talking about how my personal like was ruined and tell you why Adventure Time sucks.

Finn doesn't know how to use a damn sword but everybody in Ooh marvels at his "Sword Skills". He lucky to have a Whole land made of candy, a Talking Magical dog, and a bunch of princesses trying to get with him even though he's 14. I hate how he tries to hit on princess bubblegum even though she's too old for him. Now on to the Ice King. I can't believe that he didn't freeze Finn and Jake and throw them off a cliff.


What can I say about adventure time.

The humor: non existent. When its not potty humor, its just randomness, or them just not trying.

The story: done to death. It's a boy and his dog in a post apocalyptic world. Not to mention the only "post apocalyptic" part is the first 2 seconds of the intro. Also, why is everyone food?

The characters: bland, unlikeable, and unoriginal.

Effort put into the show: little to none. The animation is lazy beyond belief (dots for eyes, for example), the voice acting is atrocious, some of the worst I've ever seen, except for Tom Kenny and John DiMaggio.

There is nothing salvageable about this ungodly cartoon. The only people who like it are emo teens, immature adults, and kids with nothing else to watch. Regular Show is considered a second fiddle to Adventure Time, but Regular Show, while not great, is a Hell of a lot better that this stupid waste of time.

That's what I have to say about this abominable cartoon known as adventure time.
It's just dumb as heck, it should be on adult swim
[Newest]True (The comment below)

22Sonny with a Chance
Sonny with a chance sucks it is not funny at all
I hated this show and I still do I miss the old disney and cartoon network
Sonny's got a chance of failure and bad ratings, I can tell ya that.


[Newest]It doesn't even come on at all anymore

23Wild Grinders
This is one of the worst shows ever!
It's about kids who skate why. Kids don't. Need this.
[Newest]Never heard of it but seriously look at the title. what does that sound like to you?

Gosh I hate this show! Tori is the worst she is the overly pretty gorgeous singer. But yet manages to get everything she wants. Jade is an overly violent crazy who was funny at first but its getting really old! Beck is too hot to handle lets leave it at that! Cat is so stupid like I said funny at first now its just old. And the boy with the puppet oh my gosh come on for everyone's sake get the puppet off of your hand and be a big boy. And finally the worst of them all trina I hate her she is an annoying untalented freak who makes people think how she got in! This show overall makes me want to puke
This show is crap they pick the worst singer to be the best Cat makes me want to punch her so hard with her ditzy laugh at every freak'n thing Jade has been a little you know what Robbie what's up with your stupid puppet Rex Beck is overrated Andre got kinda jerky and the extreme stereotypes they become in season 2 make Trina look likable. After season 2 the characters made me wanna jump through the T.V. & yell at them.
Everything you just talked about is what made the show funny. So congrats you just supported the opposite of your case. MAN your smart!
Whoever says they hate this show needs to shut up and take it because you don't know what your talking about. Out of all the hundreds of friends I have I haent heard any of them say they don't like this show. If you sit back, watch it and hsut your trap you would like it. Its humor is unmatched. And if you liked drake and josh, icarly, zoey101, then you should like this show. Its the same as drake and josh but with a twist to it and its all the same creator. This show is good so shut up and like it


[Newest]What?! I liked this show!

25Teen Titans Go!
When I first heard about this show I thought that it was gonna be just like the original Teen Titans show, just like a bunch of other people. I watched 5 minutes of it before running to the toilet to puke! Since when has the teen titans been tiny little characters who do nothing but dance around and act like they were born an hour ago?! And sorry but I really hate Terra-ized. Why the heck is terra a horrible heartless villain?! I really liked the old terra because I could definitely see some of myself in her. (I think a lot of people are probably gonna hate me for saying this but whatever! ) I hope they'll cancel this show soon!
This show sucks so badly. What is the point of this show anyways. Robin is just an attention seeking group leader. Cyborg is just the idiot who tries to crack jokes all the time. starfire I don't think I have to talk about (we already know she's off). Raven is a know it all and beast boy is just that lazy bum on the couch. This is a disgrace to dc comics. Teen titans was was better
At first, I was excited that there was going to be a new Teen Titans, I foolishly thought it would be like the old version. But noo, you ruin my childhood and replace it with a dumb, horrific and STUPID show, the only GOOD episode was probably Terra-ized, mainly because it hints BBRae, but that's it. RIP OLD Cartoon Network...
[Newest]Teen titans is actually kinda funny. Not all of them are great, but some of them crack me up.

26Almost Naked Animals
The title sucks whoever thought it was appropriate for kids is an IDIOT
For one I hated almost naked animals and it wasn't even appropriate for kids
Why would you even show someone animals in bills and crap
[Newest]Horrible example to Kids

27The Backyardigans
When I saw my little cousin watching it, I turned off the T.V.. I couldn't take it, the horrible singing, the freaky animals, like, what the hell is that pink thing. Even being a adult it gave me creepy nightmares. No wonder kids these days are so messed up!
The pig stabs me in my nightmares.
Gosh! I hate this one! I even hate the theme song! It just, smash
My eardrum!
[Newest]Oh my god I used to have dolls of all the characters! I think I should just burn them now!


28Big Time Rush
Remember how the Jonas Brothers had a failed show. So Nickelodeon made the Naked Brothers Band and it then failed. And then to out-fail Nickelodeon Disney made Iron Weasel? Well this is Nickelodeon breaking even- when will both sides learn these music shows (the ones mentioned above, Austin and Ally, Hannah Montana, the list goes on and on) are doomed to fail.
Big Time Rush isn't THAT bad. It's still better than every Disney live action show EXCEPT good luck Charlie
THIS SHOW IS LAME! Its pretty much the same every time they get in a fight all the time and do something stupid and get back in time for a stupid 1 song concert!
[Newest]You guys are stupid I like this show. It's my favorite

Jessie is the stupidest show to ever go on to the television. I hate it. :(
Has so many stereotypes they're too hard to count. The dumb blonde, nerdy Asian, sassy African American, dumb slacker, redneck Texan, filthy rich and obnoxious parents, fat and lazy butler, etc.


Jessie is great! It's funny and debby Ryan is a good actress! The butler is interesting because he claims not to care about the kids but proves he really does because he helps them out! Jessie is a great show-one of the best on Disney at the moment!

30Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
There actually making a third one. It is coming out in 2016.
Yeah that was pretty bad. That's why there is no 3rd one

Not funny and carly made drake and josh canceled because she wants her own stupid show that's stupid
May I just say one thing, HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE!?
This show is funny but stupid so I can watch it but only if its the last thing on T.V..
[Newest]What?! I loved that show!

What the hell is Oobi


This show spoke like a little kid, which can sometimes get on people's nerves. All the actors are just other people's hands. They all speak in a third person. And the show just seemed poorly done overall. If you want kids to watch something good, allow them to watch Spongebob or The Backyardigans! Those two shows are much more creative.
When I was about 5 or something I used to like this show now its creepy they're just hands with eyeballs I'm like the grampa is just plain stupid and he act like he has serious issues
[Newest]What kind of a show is that

33Sam & Cat
The show is stupid most of the time it's kind of good other times and here's six
Reasons I don't like
1) They laugh every 2-5 seconds
2) Sam is one of the reasons it's not cool
3) It's has no lesson
4) Cat is dumb as hell
5) They had two girls kiss
6) And they have 3 cast members when it seems like 4
2 girls kissing has nothing to do with the quality of this show. Please don't be a homophobe
Annoying childish show glad it got cancelled
I kinda like the show, but I didn't know there were two girls kissing. Which episode was that?
The kissing wasn't even the worst part, the worst part is the lack of plot and the existence of laugh tracks as well as bad acting and bad camera work and quality.

34The Fairly OddParents
Just like sponge bob this show was exceptional for its first few seasons, but it seems like the longer that nick refuses to let either shows go the quality of both will continue to get worse and worse
No. I love all the seasons all the episodes of both. No episodes have gone downhill. Maybe you just grew out of these 2 great shows.


When I first watched this show I was expecting it to be awesome but after five minutes I had to have my memory wiped to forget this annoying piece of bull----
When Poof came along the show went downhill

35Hannah Montana
Why can't the characters realize that Hannah Montana is just Miley Stewart in a wig? Seriously?
I'm surprised I had to add this to the list! It's a terrible show!
I don't even have words for how terrible this show is.
[Newest]I liked it more than these other ones

36Liv and Maddie
Why is this bad, this is great
Liv - She is so funny and cool when she sings and shows off about her show
Maddie - love her, always sporty and funny
Do cameron is a great actor is is great to imitate two different personalities!
Dumb show with no plot, the characters might confuse viewers with them being lesbian due to their genders.
The cast acts really retreaded.


Put this at 1 please

37Awesomeness TV
Did they seriously have cameron dallas and TRASH GRIER host this snl wannabe crap?! I hate this show and terry the tomboy did not deserve her own MOVIE. She is so annoying and her acting makes me die a little every time I see it
The jokes are stupid and Terry the Tomboy is pathetic.
The jokes are stupid its idiotic deserves to be number one.
[Newest]The jokes aren't even funny.

38Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Pluto is a dog that acts like a dog goofy is a dog that acts like a human he dances and talks
They make the before awesome characters turn into idiots I would never show my kids this
Why can goofy talk and stand, but pluto can't? Their both dogs...

39Dog with a Blog
This show was made only because dog rhymes with blog. Stay tuned for fart jokes!
Uurrgg worst show ever! I mean a dog that writes a blog! Idiotic and stupid. Tons of cheesy jokes. I almost died from half an episode. All around behjzjakakfkjs.
This is the absolute stupidest idea for a T.V. show ever imagined. And that's including almost naked animals. The only idea dumber is the annoying orange. Seriously, where theses shows made by severely brain damaged 2 year olds?
[Newest]It is so annoying Stan is so stupid

40Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol is really stupid and uncreative. I mean holy cow they always have pups in the names for their episodes. It's just that, this show is waay to obsessed with puppies. It's like, puppies are their life, when there are more amazing animals out there. Face the fact that Ryder needs a haircut badly. Why won't they just give him a dang haircut so he won't teach kids that it's okay to let your hair grow your whole life. Also, that Dalmatian puppy is pretty much insulting 101 Dalmatians. Oh man, I just wanna slap all the characters in the mouths.
Ugly. Dear Ryder, I will send you a letter to come and have a haircut with me. Oh, and tell those stupid dogs, stop YAPPING ME UNTIL MY EARS BLEED! I knew it would be rubbish as soon as I saw the trailer
A rip off of Road Rovers

It's just a naked blue octopus
I'm voting for this because it's after Liv and Maddie and I love that show!
I'm voting for this to get Liv and Maddie out of the Top 28.
[Newest]But... Liv and Maddie is already out of the Top 28.


42Go, Diego, Go!
Do you know how much I have to watch this it is another show of Dora and they should have never made it he already Is on Dora and it's the stupidest show in the world I don't get why little kids watch this rubbish and I don't get why my nephew drake likes it it is the stupidest show in the world
Go away, Diego, go away.
Hey this should be over hannah Montana

43Handy Manny
I'm a only a critique of the show. The old episodes are okay. But ever since Disney Junior took over Handy Manny got weirder. The tools are more human-like than ever (come on their giving birth and growing) the laughing ending is overused. Shut up Kelly! Stop asking us obvious trivia questions. Manny neglected his "no water" rule for the tools. Lefty the Wrench is the most annoying character on the show (he wouldn't shut up). He talks more than the other tools while I think "Oh shut up Lefty will you be quiet for five minutes and let the others talk". And Flicker's younger than he seems (he came from a talkative young flashlight to being like a quiet baby in the background). Chico is an infant again (they put him back in his onesies when he was in preschool wearing overalls). Zip relys on the T.V. (Oh! Look there's the security system it's so cool go and try it! ). Reboot the show!
I think this is a rip off of Bob The Builder.
Guys see Evantubehd and on search gold gun blaster and the tools get knocked outXD

44House of Anubis
I love House of Anubis! It's my favorite show even though its over! It had great character's and a good plot for all 3 seasons!
Okay it would have been a good show without the stupid music that they played with everything and the overly dramatic plot. I liked it though because the mystery part was good.
Cool show couse I like mysterious things

45The Naked Brothers Band
This title sounds nasty
Just as bad as Justin Bieber and onedirection

46Power Rangers Samurai
Its quite boring and I don't watch it its quite boyish and girls don't watch it that much!
I rather have the old rangers back

47Kim Possible
This show was awesome. It had great plots and cool characters, especially Ron, Rufus, and Shego. Those three were like the funniest characters on the show. Disney needs to play reruns of this show occasionally, instead of the same old boring stuff they play now. Old Disney needs to return.
I know there are people that love Kim Possible, and I can respect that! If you like Kim Possible, good for you. I only hate this show for Bonnie, because she is being such a jerk! She always wanted to make fun of Kim Possible, my favorite character!
[Newest]This show was one of the best shows of the old disney next to that's so raven.

48Yin Yang Yo
I loved when this show was on Yin yang Yo!

49Incredible Crew
My cousin and I love it! Some of them were iffy, but it was cool. We're giving credit to the cast though cause it's not all their fault. They were pretty good.
The people who made this show, like, don't even know how to make a funny show.
I used to like this show. Keyword: used to.

50Pair of Kings
Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about. I'm not sticking up for the show because it was quite idiotic and corny but there have been very rare cases when a black and white couple have kids and they're twins and one is white, the other black and no similarities... it happens but that's not the part of the show that doesn't make sense...
Not to be racist, but how can a black guy and a white guy be brothers, they look nothing alike, even if they were the same colour. The only time I excuse that is in the Lion King because... It's Lion King
They weren't meant to look alike they're not identical twins they have the same birthday duh
Show was good until the ginger from Zeke and Luther stole the shows sole.
[Newest]I actually enjoyed this show...



. When my dad was little, this was an adult show
. Everybodys dieing
. Its demeaning (sorry for bad spelling)
. I would rather go on the haunted mansion (with my dad and eyes closed) then watch this dand show!

It makes fun of all the great shows and things out there! It's terrible.
It try's to do parody, spoofs, and satyr, but they do it unbelievably badly.

52Crash & Bernstein
Total ripoff of Sonny with a Chance.
It is so stupid, I mean a talking puppet seriously.
What, this show is amazing. I would do anything to keep this show going.

53Johnny Test
This show is a complete rip-off of Dexter's Laboratory, however, this isn't the only Dexter's Laboratory rip-off.
This show is stupid, uncreative, repetitive, unoriginal, and unfunny.

That and the animation is terrible.
This show is childish, whiny bullcrap. Do yourself a favor and watch Disney Channel instead, I mean, seriously, a little boy with stupid twin girls. The dog is an insult to Dog With a Blog. Never watch this show. EVER.
Yeah, I agree with you. The person who mock you and say you were wrong is just can't realize how horrible this show is. Maybe they LOVERS (THAT I DON'T AGREE WITH) has been brainwashed by this show.

54Bubble Guppies
This shows for toddlers not teenagers who are bored watch it then are plain mean about it. I mean my little sister loves it so stop hating on toddler shows. Like seriously why do you even watch it if you hate it so much. Plus it's a harmless kids shoe so stop hating people.
Who made this show whats wrong with them I can't take bubble guppies not a bad show on T.V. I like spongebob blues clues and sam and cat better

55Team Umizoomi
Yes, this teaches kids math, but why not more health and safety.


Seriously, who cares about math!
Main characters are only like 1 millimeter tall and they are quite annoying.
TIME OUT EVERYONE! How about this the team die in one of the ep!

56The Tom and Jerry Show
Tom is so dumb, Jerry is so mischievous and Spike is so bossy! I wish this was in top 10, not Adventure Time or The Amazing World of Gumball. This shows violence! Stupid show!
Old one is better
Having the same plot along with a few changes is good, we don't want the original plot gone.
The ones from the 1950's are way better!
You think spinoffs are horrible, not all of them are, keeping the original plot on the Tom & Jerry Show helps kids remember what Tom & Jerry was like, and there are some changes, such as the locations per episode, the locations are the Witches' House, The Science Lab, The Court House, and his house.
[Newest]I like the old show better now they suck

57So Random
This show was very stupid and none of the skits were even good but what the heck it's better than MAD

58How to Rock
That's her real name you dick
More like How to Suck.


Her name is Cymphonique! I mean seriously? What kind of name is that...

How is this show bad? How?

60Zeke and Luther
This was a good show, think about the Disney version of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

61Ben 10: Omniverse
I thought it would be something like ben growing older or something lime that. now he's just a annoying ass weird kid. I'm 12 by the way
That show is an offense to the original it ripped it of and killed it
That's the most horrible show EVER!

62Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
This show is just a disaster and a pain to the eyes. The characters are annoying, frustrating, nonsensical, retarded, pointless, worthless, dull, boring, annoyingly unfunny and unlikeable. This show would've been good if it didn't have the crappy animation, the annoying unlikeable characters, and the dull voice acting. The characters and the show are so frustrating that it will make you facepalm because you are upset with the cinematic sewage that is Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. Or should I rename Stupid Crap Suck Awful.
This show is so not clean. I mean, I thought the Problem Solverz was bad, this show is even worse. Worst of all, it's a rip-off of "Aaahh! Real Monsters".
Don't watch this show while you are eating.
[Newest]More like Not-So Super Secret Mountain Dew Fort Awful. This show is a mess. It has a dirty, and messy setting. And some fact - This show and Uncle Grandpa took place in the same universe!

63Small World

64Courage the Cowardly Dog
How is this bad? It's really funny and Eustace is the best
Courage is the scarest show on Cartoon Network. I don't watch this show anymore because it will scare me. In one episode, Courage was in some kind of hotel. Then a girl was brushing her hair then she gives a suprising and scary look to Courage.
I loved this show and so did my friend.
[Newest]This show was great, yes it's creepy as hell but that's what makes it so great

65Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel is a joke that nobody's laughing about! Frankly, it's not for anyone! It's as intentionally unoriginal and overly silly as it can be. Melanie Watt should be ashamed for ripping off SpongeBob, because this show should be banned by the FCC, seriously. GIVE THIS GARBAGE A PASS!
I did not get past the opening theme before I turned it off. I just couldn't take the stupidity. This, and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, alienated me from Cartoon Network.
Let's not forget how Scaredy looks WAY too much like Conker, who's TRADEMARKED, so I'm surprised Microsoft didn't sue them.


66Higglytown Heroes
When I was younger Higglytown Heros was extremely popular. Yes the characters act dumb and their bodies are extremely weird in my opinion, it educated children (no matter how young or old) and showed them about things they could be when they grow up. So the show wasn't all that bad.

67Packages from Planet X

68Wander Over Yonder
I love this show to death! Why do you guys hate it? Craig McCracken is a genius!
Dude, this show is amazing! It shouldn't be on this list. This show is what gives me hope for the future of cartoons. It's funny, clever, has good animation, a good message, and most important, has heart.
So sad it was cancelled from Disney Channel after the first episode, then moved to Disney for a second chance.

69Timon & Pumbaa
True fact: the show encourages drug dealers and drug addicts and you want to become a homosexual
Wait what? This was a show? That actually has the BALLS to exist?!?!?! Even after they ruined lion king 2 (I didn't mind them in lion king 1) and after they had their own god awful MOVIE?!?!?!? As professor Farmsworth said, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
They ruin the movie and now they ruin T.V.
[Newest]The movies were great. So was the show.

70Teen Titans
You should've voted on Teen Titans Go, But I agree. I first watched Teen Titans when I was younger, But when I saw about TTG, I was pissed. Cartoon Network probably doesn't understand that they could be terrible at trying to bring back old shows.
East or west teen titans are the best
Teen titans was so awesome

71The X's
Who would want to watch a show about a family of spies, I'm glad it got cancelled.

72Out of Jimmy's Head
This is one of the WORST Cartoon Network shows EVER!
Smart T.V. show (not being sarcastic)


73The Mighty B!
This is one of the best shows it brings back memories
I loved this show it was do funny and it brings back so many memories

74Butt-Ugly Martians
The name gives it away...


75Chop Socky Chooks
So ugly! Look look like lame old oldy olds


77The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Just no, This was a epic show, I hope they bring it back.

It's a ripoff of Star Wars

So much for a good show. All about a sidekick loser and his idiot friend getting in a butt-load of trouble. I'm glad it got cannceled.

80Soupe Opera
This show is just so horrible! Sure, there's nothing creepy or insane about fruits and vegitables. Only the animation is creepy and insane. The sound is horrifying. The music is retarded. Everything about this show is just so retarded.
This show just gave me a seizure. JUST LIKE THE damn PROBLEM SOLVERZ!
This show makes Dora seem like the next big thing.

81Mike, Lu & Og
This show is so boring. The animation is boring.

A dumb ripoff of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. This show is hell!

83The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
This was awesome show
My only problem is the gross out humor. Besides that, the show is great.

84Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
This is a disappoint to Hulk because I mean it does even go with hulk. I mean why is hulk talking like a smart person, when he has always been dumb.
None of the new Marvel cartoons are any good. They're all just generic action made to sell toys.
Marvel cartoons are terrible and it just makes Marvel look bad.

85The Boondocks
"this show is innapropriate and kids shouldn't be watching this kids can go out and do the things on this show and could end up dead or in jail" That's kinda why they put it on Adult Swim. And how does a show being inappropriate for kids (even though it wasn't even make for kids) make it bad? That's like calling South Park the worst show in the world because kids can't watch it. Ridiculous.
Actually a this show is for adults because it is on Adult Swim thank you very much
South Park only deserves a 12


I don't like the show period I wish I could move it to number 1

87Beyblade: Metal Masters
Just saying this show was my childhood. Take it off the list.
This shouldn't be on the list
This show is a rip off to Pokémon! I HATE Bakugan!

88Good Luck Charlie
Only reason it is on the list because I never got what it was about.
Why is this on the list
It's on the list because of the poor, weak plot & laugh tracks, and a bit of racism.
I grew up with this okay so I love this show.

89Evil Con Carne

90Strawberry Shortcake
Who's ready to die! Strawberry short cake and her friends!
Little girls' shows! I am a 16 year old boy, and I give this game 1/10 stars solely due to nostalgia. But I will watch Marvel movies instead.
Who really watches this show ANY WAY?

91The Looney Tunes Show
What. I love this show! Bubs, get this off the list!
I hate this show it is very annoying there voices are like the stupidist sound I have ever heard

92That's So Raven
That's So Raven was a classic among classics. It combined life lessons, with insanely funny jokes. This is honestly one of my favorite shows, its almost as good as kim possible, to bad you can't watch this hilarious show anymore. Disney sucks dick without that's so raven, kim possible, and all the pther classics. Boo you Disney, because you want to improvise and try new things, half a million people hate you now, including me. Put That's So Raven, and Kim Possible back on air, or you will never be liked by anyone again. (stupid new shows are ruining my childhood
It WAS the best and longest live-action show on Disney Channel until Wizards of Waverly Place, Wizards of Waverly Place was like the new That"s So Raven and it ran longer by a factor of 6 episodes.
This show was my childhood. I grew up watching this, this was and still is one of the best Disney shows ever. Please bring back the old Disney.
This was awesome back then. I wonder why Disney took it off.

93Camp Lazlo
I can't believe Joe Murray actually believes that this show was even one eighth as good as Rocko's Modern Life.
Monkeys befriending leeches? You gotta be kidding me
I hated this show.

I eat people's blood and sweat I'm a fruity vampire and sweat eater THE GUSHER LETS PEOPLE DRINK IS BLOOD!
Everyone only watches it because it's a commercial

Clarence is agreed on this, it even shown same gender romantic interest. It's very concerning, the earlier episodes were more amusing.
Clarence reminds me of when I was a kid.
This is the cartoon derailed the franchise known as Cartoon Network. Many of us thought the franchise was already bad, but this is how weknow officially out of ideas.
[Newest]Clarence is so stupid it's so annoying, and I'm ten.
Agreed, he's also some selfish no one, jerk, stupid 4th grader, and is made out of pure evil. Even sumo tried to stop Clarence from the killer bee piñata. Clarence should know more than this!


97Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures

98Planet Sheen
Sheen was the best character of a great show, so naturally he got a show of his own. And of course, it was bad. And I mean REALLY bad. I think I got stupider while watching it.
I like jimmmy neutron better but my little sister do like this show
This show is like jimmy neutron but is a good show no lie

99Level Up
Too cheesy too corny and the jokes are unfunny

100Tak and the Power of Juju
This show is JUST horrible!

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