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1Lisa Simpson

Lisa is like the "Marsha Brady" of her family, the fact that she's WAY to perfect to be believable, always makes me feel sorry for Bart. Lisa comes off as annoying how she's never in trouble, never gets any bad grades, and always does everything perfect, traits like that just feel WAY to perfect for a kid like her, plus she never fits in with comedy, I can't remember her saying ONE thing that made me laugh.

She is so annoying and has to be a smart ass to homer all the time she ruins everyones fun and finds pleasure in annoying bart she is the worst character ever next to milhouse and gil

I like her, but I thought that a genius in the Simpsons family was kinda annoying, but still she is good and funny, Simpsons rule, Tod Flanders at 2

I hate her in "Lisa the Vegetarian", when even after her eventual epiphany she still sees views that conflict with her's as wrong. She is incredibly arrogant, thinking her beliefs are right and people aren't allowed different beliefs, and how she tries to enforce her beliefs on other people, she expects people to accept her beliefs when she refuses to accept their's.

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2Patty Bouvier

Either of Marge's sisters deserve this title! They exist solely to bring misery to others, though their main target is Homer (not that he doesn't deserve it from time to time, but I can't enjoy it, they're such festering piles of hate). - MortalAnonymous

Patty and Selma exist to be rude and spread hate. Why hate on Lisa when she does nice kind things even for Bart sometimes. I can't remember them doing anything nice for Homer and when I think they did in another episode they went back to being cruel again. Constantly teasing Marge about Homer if you removed them from the show what would the effect be? No effect what so ever.

Part of liking the Simpsons is hating Patty and Selma!

She is so gross because she never shave her legs.

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3Marge Simpson

She ruins everything fun that the rest of the family does. She destroyed the burlesque house, the fighting sport thing (forget the name), itchy&scratchy all because SHE didn't like it. She thinks that nobody should be able to enjoy anything that she doesn't enjoy. She barely does anything funny, actually, she makes the show LESS funny.

And that episode where she didn't liked Homer doing piracy and made the most stupid thing ever made in the show by reimbursing the money of the pirate movie to Hollywood, and causing Homer to go to Jail. I never hated her more than in that moment.

First and foremost, she's a hypocrite. She condemns Homer's poor behavior while she herself is a nag with gambling problems. She becomes insanely jealous of Homer whenever he has anything to do with other women, yet she herself nearly cheated on him in "Life on the Fast Lane" and then, a few episodes later, dragged him to a couple's retreat where she complained about him until she was hoarse and called him unthinkably selfish for wanting to go fishing. She's supposed to come across as "too good" for Homer when in fact she comes across as an annoying, trifling, high horse wet blanket dead weight..

She gets angry that Homer doesn't listen to her, yet she never has anything important to say. She ruins everything fun that Homer and Bart do, even if it is something harmless.

No don't hate on Lisa, hate on Marge, she's constantly ruining the fun and enjoyment of others. And not to mention she'll cause trouble to her family sometimes (like in one episode she made homer go to jail). The reason to hate on marge instead is because that's probably where Lisa gets HER hypocrite attitude from

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4Helen Lovejoy

So mean and so boring. Really should of died instead of Maude Flanders.

Rude to Marge. A jerk. Useless character. Come on Maude was sometimes mean to Marge but most of the time she was nice! Helen Has NEVER been nice to Marge she deserves her hate!.

She's depressing. She's just shallow and evil the way that never makes me laugh. She's cunning and using religion and laws as excuse when they are for her advantage (or when she wishes bad for Simpsons example). She's those kind of people who judge lgbt families cause "someone please think about the children! " Helen is also demanding perfect behaviour from the others while being so horrible herself - that's the breaking point for me. She's the most judgemental characters there is. Mr. Burns is also evil, but not shallow which makes him interesting, funny, versatile and one of the best characters.

She's rude to Marge

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5Martin Prince

Lisa should not be first. She's a bit boring, but is good when she's around Bart and Sideshow Bob.

Martin Is a Little Stuck-Up Snob, He Only Cares About Himself and His Grades

He's snobbish, annoying and is generally cold-hearted by making rude comments about everyone

He's annoying and boring - OneWayStreet

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6Selma Bouvier

Rude to Homer but maybe because she's under the influence of Patty? All Selma wants to do is get married and have a normal life, for that I can't hate her.

Selma is not bad! She just wants to get married and have a normal life

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7Artie Ziff

This guy should be number 1. He is an annoying creepy jerk who ruins everything. He is not even a big part of the show. He should be killed off.

Artie is very filthy and arrogant. Marge made the right devision to take Homer as man.

Don't tell about my "busy fingers"

Oh Marge!, can I touch you

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8Gil Gunderson

He is quite annoying and he fakes being poor and sad to get advantages like when he hustled Lisa or lived with Marge and got a good house I just don't like him - thomaszhu4

Never funny, ever. His shtick (and his voice) is tireseome and annoying.

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9Tod Flanders

He doesn't have much character development other than being good which kinda makes him a tacky Gary Stu.

I don't get what is wrong with him. If any one ned Flanders. Same with rod

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10Millhouse Van Houten

This kid is annoying and is constantly spewing nonsense at better characters. There are so many more deserving characters that fans don't seem to like, Sideshow Mel for example.

He has one of the most annoying voices in the world. I think that Bart should be friends with someone else.

I can't stand Millhouse, his voice is so irritating and annoying, it drives me crazy. He's definitely in my opinion the worst character. The other character I hate who should be on the top 10 is the Bumblebee man! He's not shown on all that much. But he's just such a stupid and pointless character he gets on my nerves!

He's a coward who exists to help Bart, love Lisa and serve as a servant to Bart if you removed him sure a couple things might not work but would anything really be effected?

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11Rod Flanders

He is not seen verey much so you can't really say but by the way maggie is not the worst character

12The Blue-Haired Lawyer

He has an annoying voice and he ruins everything. They need to kill him off!

He is so rude to everyone and his voice is so annoying they he needs to be killed off.

He ruins everything. He was pretty much the main cause of Homer and Peter Griffins fight

I hate him to the core.

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13Baby With The Unibrow

not a very cute baby with that unibrow and so rude to maggie simpson!

The baby is so creepy and stupid. Why did they create such a pointless character?

Oh yeah that baby who is never in the show, EVER, Anyway why is Ned, Marge and Lisa on this list? They are all awesome.

A character based around one joke-He doesn't like Maggie. They keep shoehorning him in to episodes in the hopes he will catch on.

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14Ned Flanders

Ned was funny, but now he is so Christian-extremist that I feel sorry for his kids (as stupid and annoying as they may be) and he is homophobic.

He was funny in the first 12 seasons, but he's been unnecessary to the show lately.

I'm okay with him being Christian I'm a Christian myself but Ned Flanders acts like everything else is evil. If an Atheist were to move into the neighborhood Ned Flanders would hat him/her. God wouldn't want that. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I like god but Ned takes this to far by ruining his kids lives

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15Mr. Smithers

I'm surprised nobody has made any homophobic comments. - DapperPickle

He loves mr burns but never tells him or does anything about it so he's useless

He exists to slather over Mr. Burns

Hates and loves all the employes

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16Sherri and Terri

Brats. Brats to the core. They only liked Lisa cause she had a pool in one episode. Typical spoilt brat cliche!

Snotty and shallow is more like it.

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17Principal Skinner

Is my least favourite character ever on the Simpsons.

Bart's right! Skinner is a wiener! - Goatworlds

Sometimes I want to punch him he is so annoying!

18Luann Van Houten

She's really rude to Marge in one episode. She's a terrible mother and character who serves no point and is useless she only exists for cheap jokes by Milhouse and Dad

Their whole family is terrible, but she is by far the worst. She is nothing more than a manipulatIive woman and a horrible wife and mother that is the sole ruin of her family.

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19Hans Moleman

What's wrong with hans moleman all his purpose is is getting tortured, or is that literally the reason you hate him

20Mr. Burns

Why is he on this. Everybody that voted for him is one of those over sensitive people who hate because he is "evil" and "mean". That's the funny and unique part to his character, otherwise, it's like having no villain in a film just because "he's a big ol' meany".

He's just cruel in one episode just cause Lisa had her own paper he tried to knock her off the road and she was in a car with Bart, Milhouse AND Homer. That would be 4 murders and he wouldn't even care my line to describe him is: He's so old he doesn't need a heart, just as well cause he never had one anyway.

Mr burns is by far the worst character in the simpsons. He doesn't have a heart. Think about who shot mr burns. How can you not hate this guy

Umm he tried to knock a car full of 4 people off the road that would be 4 murders he is funny but he still is pure evil

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