Top 10 Worst Simpsons Characters

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Lisa Simpson
Lisa is like the "Marsha Brady" of her family, the fact that she's WAY to perfect to be believable, always makes me feel sorry for Bart. Lisa comes off as annoying how she's never in trouble, never gets any bad grades, and always does everything perfect, traits like that just feel WAY to perfect for a kid like her, plus she never fits in with comedy, I can't remember her saying ONE thing that made me laugh.
She is so annoying and has to be a smart ass to homer all the time she ruins everyones fun and finds pleasure in annoying bart she is the worst character ever next to milhouse and gil
I like her, but I thought that a genius in the Simpsons family was kinda annoying, but still she is good and funny, Simpsons rule, Tod Flanders at 2
[Newest]I respect the fact that she loves nature and animals, but she's too much of a goody-goody. And she's jealous of anyone smarter than her.

2Patty Bouvier
Either of Marge's sisters deserve this title! They exist solely to bring misery to others, though their main target is Homer (not that he doesn't deserve it from time to time, but I can't enjoy it, they're such festering piles of hate).


Part of liking the Simpsons is hating Patty and Selma!
She and her sister bring misery to anyone within 5 feet of them! They are the worst.
[Newest]They're annoying but not worthy of the 2nd place, simply because they're not so often in the show

3Marge Simpson
She ruins everything fun that the rest of the family does. She destroyed the burlesque house, the fighting sport thing (forget the name), itchy&scratchy all because SHE didn't like it. She thinks that nobody should be able to enjoy anything that she doesn't enjoy. She barely does anything funny, actually, she makes the show LESS funny.
And that episode where she didn't liked Homer doing piracy and made the most stupid thing ever made in the show by reimbursing the money of the pirate movie to Hollywood, and causing Homer to go to Jail. I never hated her more than in that moment.
She breaks her children up from relashionships because she's afraid she might loose them and have no life and if they are about to leave she trashes the house and tells them to do chores.
She gets angry that Homer doesn't listen to her, yet she never has anything important to say. She ruins everything fun that Homer and Bart do, even if it is something harmless.
[Newest]Boring character, annoying, ruins the fun. A cooler version of Skyler White

4Helen Lovejoy
So mean and so boring. Really should of died instead of Maude Flanders.
I hope a car runs her over.
She is actually really annoying and disruptive
[Newest]Kicked Marge out of the women's club


5Artie Ziff
Artie is very filthy and arrogant. Marge made the right devision to take Homer as man.
He a creepy & a nerd
He's a rich snob.

6Gil Gunderson
He's alright but he's a poor man's Lionel Hutz

7Rod Flanders
He is not seen verey much so you can't really say but by the way maggie is not the worst character

8Martin Prince
Lisa should not be first. She's a bit boring, but is good when she's around Bart and Sideshow Bob.
Martin Is a Little Stuck-Up Snob, He Only Cares About Himself and His Grades
He is just so lame boring and annoying

9The Blue-Haired Lawyer
He has an annoying voice and he ruins everything. They need to kill him off!
He is so rude to everyone and his voice is so annoying they he needs to be killed off.
He is terrible and is annoying about all the time

10Ned Flanders
Ned was funny, but now he is so Christian-extremist that I feel sorry for his kids (as stupid and annoying as they may be) and he is homophobic.
He was funny in the first 12 seasons, but he's been unnecessary to the show lately.
I'm okay with him being Christian I'm a Christian myself but Ned Flanders acts like everything else is evil. If an Atheist were to move into the neighborhood Ned Flanders would hat him/her. God wouldn't want that.


[Newest]He punched Homer in the eye

The Contenders

11Baby With The Unibrow
not a very cute baby with that unibrow and so rude to maggie simpson!
Oh yeah that baby who is never in the show, EVER, Anyway why is Ned, Marge and Lisa on this list? They are all awesome.
The baby is so creepy and stupid. Why did they create such a pointless character?
[Newest]He kills bugs. I hope Maggie doesn't marry that ass.
His name is Gerald, and in Holidays of Future, it's shown that they did marry.

12Millhouse Van Houten
This kid is annoying and is constantly spewing nonsense at better characters. There are so many more deserving characters that fans don't seem to like, Sideshow Mel for example.
He has one of the most annoying voices in the world. I think that Bart should be friends with someone else.
I can't stand Millhouse, his voice is so irritating and annoying, it drives me crazy. He's definitely in my opinion the worst character. The other character I hate who should be on the top 10 is the Bumblebee man! He's not shown on all that much. But he's just such a stupid and pointless character he gets on my nerves!
[Newest]He is such a baby.

13Luann Van Houten
The worst mother and wife ever in the show.
Her character is snobby, she has an annoying ass voice! Never once done anything funny on the show. She's just a terrible character!

14Selma Bouvier
Why are the Flanders on this list?


I hate her more than Patty.


15Sherri and Terri
So mean I want to punch them

16Tod Flanders
I don't get what is wrong with him. If any one ned Flanders. Same with rod

17Mr. Burns
Why is he on this. Everybody that voted for him is one of those over sensitive people who hate because he is "evil" and "mean". That's the funny and unique part to his character, otherwise, it's like having no villain in a film just because "he's a big ol' meany".
Mr burns is by far the worst character in the simpsons. He doesn't have a heart. Think about who shot mr burns. How can you not hate this guy
Why is Mr Burns on this list? He is number #3 on best character list laugh out loud

18Hans Moleman

19Principal Skinner

20Princess Penelope

21Agnes Skinner
She's a person who thinks that's she's tougher than anyone. It's annoying.

22Abe Simpson
What the hell is Abe doing here? He's hilarious!
He is a horrible character that is never funny he just talks about his past which isn't even good

23Rabbi Krustofsky


25James "Jimbo" Jones, Sr.

26Maude Flanders
She is just so annoying and never says anything truly funny
She is straight up boring. When she died, the priest talked about how she wasn't special in the show.

27Krusty The Clown
He is not really that funny, but his voice is incredibly irritating, plus his character has always been dull and uninteresting.
Simpsons episodes with krusty are all the same, krustyquits then joins again, and everybody lives happily ever after. EVERYONE


28Snowball 1
She comes back to life and tries to kill lisa you r a meanie

29Timothy Lovejoy

30Mrs. Muntz

31Mr. Smithers
He dose so the crappy job with the crappy boss
He has no role in the show

32Mayor "Diamond Joe" Quimby

33Dewey Largo

34Ralph Wiggum
Pointless character. He's a retard.

35Dr. Marvin Monroe

36Sideshow Mel
This guy has never had a funny line and is annoying and grating when he speaks

37Brandine Spuckler


39Jacqueline Bouvier

40Comic Book Guy

41Old Jewish Man

I just don't get his role in the Simpsons
It really annoys me when duffman appears in a simpsons episode. He's a pointless character.

43Crazy Cat Lady
Idiotic and ain't just funny. Mad lady has a lot of cats and you can't really talk to her


Just old and boring really that is really IT that I can say about her



45Homer Simpson
Unnecessary my ass! As if he is the worst Simpsons character. He is the main character, and do you know why? Because he is the funniest. He is a loving husband and whenever he upsets marge he goes over the top to make it up to her. He is the best. Whoever says he's the worst has no sense of humor.
Homer used to be great. He may have been an idiot, but he still tried to be a good father to his kids, and he was more devoted to Marge than he was to anyone else in the whole world. But around season 10, he lost those traits, and he became an insensitive jerk.
I Agree! These 'modern' Simpsons episodes, I want to cry at how bad they R. I heard they got new writers. If I gave away a dollar for every episode that made me laugh the way the early ones did, I'd be owed money. Sometimes, I wish they'd left when they would of been missed, now... I miss the Simpsons... The way they were... ;(

46Edna Krabappel
Edna is actually a pretty good character. Shame Marcia Wallace is no longer alive :(

47Jessica Lovejoy
She's troublesome and deceptive. To think she's the daughter of a reverend.

48Radioactive Man (Bongo)

49Drederick Tatum

50Maggie Simpson
Go on & age, Maggie Simpson!

Why is she doing cliche things?!
NO! She shot Mr Burns, She Bans the bottle and hell she is an alien!

51Disco Stu
His annoying presence constantly filling up the show. Not to mention the annoying and pointless tasks on Tapped Out.

He stole the winning lotto and kept the money for himself
But he did it rto sve some one like robin hood


54Lady Gaga




58Clancy Wiggum

59Moe Szyslak
The only good thing about this character is the suicide gag... and I hope he succeeds, soon. I've only watched one of his episodes, and it was the worst ever made. I was introducing my friend to the show, and now he thinks I'm retarded because I waste my time like that.
Wait... So what you are saying is that your friend has never heard of the simpsons. Wow, I feel sorry for your friend
He's always reminding EVERYONE how miserable he is and how he can't get any love, Should be removed from the show.
He's just bad... You know

60Bart Simpson
Nothing Bart does is funny
Bart Simpson is crabby, spoiled & has terrible blond hair.
There is nothing fun about whatever Bart does, he is annoying and boring. even Abe is more intense than Bart and more interesting

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