Worst Singers of Today

You know every popular singer today has lost the singing "touch", right? Well, here, you are not peer pressured so you can shout it out! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Justin Bieber
This corrupt little turd has lead so many kids away from real music I refuse to even say his name out loud. He even brainwashed my little sister, who claims he is a better singer than Freddie Mercury & better drummer than John Bonham! I die a little inside whenever I hear someone talk about him positively.
For God's sake, Justin, everyone in the world would be so much happier if you shut your little girl-ass mouth and spit that crap out in the toilet where it belongs. Thank you.
He is a mega twit... I die a little inside when ever I hear him or jedward anywhere... And I don't get why eminem is on the list he is a very good rapper.
[Newest]The only thing that comes to my mind when I hear about Justin Bieber is smallpox
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2Miley Cyrus
When she sings, it sounds like a cat dying. Seriously, when I hear her voice, it makes me vomit.
A talentless person that a million braindead girls made famous.


Plain sux... its sad when you suck on a digitally remastered voice as well


[Newest]No talent but she uses sex and inappropriate moods to lure in young girls
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3Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black: I'm not gonna sugar coat it, she is TERRIBLE! I have never heard anything as fowl as her voice! I can sing better than her but am I famous? No. That proves that only rich, snooty people who pay for lessons become famous. It should be real talent, not computerized barf.
How is she not number 1? There are so many people on this list like Rihanna and Eminem that shouldn't even be on here.
She sings like puke how could she be number 33 she's so not better than awesome, cool, popular, pretty, talented taylor swift or if you know me shes my favorite singer I was named after a singer that died probably 100 years ago and Amy Winehouse is one of my dads favorite singers
[Newest]A spoilt daughter of a rich man. that's how she got in the music industry!
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4Nicki Minaj
Terrible, stereotypical and autotune to the max!
Makes me wanna barf!
My dead dog could sing/rap better than this girl - and I am pretty sure it could write better lyrics as well... And I KNOW it would still be better looking... Like oh my god terrible!
She is the worst and fakest artist I ever seen no talent no original and can't rap or sing shes only a dirty bitch that only have a one of two songs with good producers and only sings chorus and say dirty words, and when rapping...
[Newest]She uses too much autotune in her songs and stupid people these days listen to her music!
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5Paris Hilton
No1 deserves 2 be on this list except paris. She's only none for having a rich daddy. No1 likes her. No1 cares what she does. And most importantly every1 thnks she's stupid.
Just because she has an album out, it doesn't make her a singer. She doesn't even make an effort to sing on any of her so-called songs!
I don't know why she is not the first, she has even no voice, she is not a singer for me. Why people like Eminem or even Avril Lavigne are here?
Is she even considered a singer?.

6Britney Spears
I HATE BRIT SHE can't SING she lucky she even made it on this list because she shouldn't even be named a singer at all I would rather die then listen to I second of that thing she calls a singing voice not even audio tune can help she god I hate her shes not even pretty to she looks like a ZOMBIE now I'm just being mean to zombies she sucks in all ways of sucking like I don't even know how she could have been call a singer she a useless flop and ever one hates her she should be at the top or higher like as high as she most be very day she has to live with her self. The day she dies is the day the world comes out to party id dance on her grave if she'll even have one never mind why waste my time on a useless person like her! And christina aguilera is 100000000000000000000000000000000% better then brit could ever dream of being and we all know that I don't really compare the two because I feel bad for xtina to have to be compared to brit only because they where once on the same show when they where like 12 and brit was christina back around dancer at the time laugh out loud just saying! Hope she dies of a drug over dose!
Totally BAD. That is all I can say a bout her. She has the worst voice. She does not sing live. Sorry, I mean she can't sing live. She is a disgrace to all the women in the world.
Brit couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it. I don't think singing lessons would help either because she voice has no musical quality... Absolute absence of range. I taught voice and diction for twenty years... I know.
[Newest]I hate Britney Spears

7Lady GaGa
I'm not her to hate on gaga I'm her to love her. She is very talented and has such an amazing voice I have no idea what she is even doing on this list. She DOES NOT lip sync, she DOES NOT use auto tune, but SHE IS a musician and a lady. I love you gaga! OHH AND BY THE WAY HER NAME IS STEFANI NOT STEPHANIE...
Just shouts and wails, then lets autotune take care of the rest! Please stop ruining music stephanie you are not a musician or a lady
[Newest]My mom is tired of hearing about Lady GaGa! And I know nothing about Lady GaGa!
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Rihanna should be on the top of this list, hands down! Nasal and computerized voice, poor lyrics, bastardization of the English language and god-awful hairstyle. I literally feel like nauseating every time I hear that song "We founwah love". I mean what the...?

Over the years, from the very beginning, Rihanna has succeeded to cause ear and brain TORTURE song after song.
That person is annoying. That voice (if you can call it that way) is horrible. But wannabe-singers come and go and I hope that one is away soon. Please go! Too poor that other singers with talent don't get a chance and untalented get one. But I always see it on casting shows, the top ten (not always all of them) are singing better than that untalented here. I wish someone can save the music with a real voice. Almost 70% of the charts is trash. Damn computerized voices.
Her music is wack. I mean seriously.. Its all stupid auto-tuned crap. All of her songs are annoying or about sex. And there's seven year old little girls singing "I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it... " Someone needs to knock some sense into this chick
[Newest]Sister in love with her

How can anyone possibly listen to her? Her voice sounds like a dying cat, she's autotuned in the worst possible way, and she's REALLY annoying.
She doesn't sing and all she talks about getting wasted at parties and having sex, and then there's the fact that she only uses auto tune to get by


All she sings is trash. Her songs are about partying. Now people are actually starting to get a taste of music and dislike auto tune.
[Newest]All her songs are the same! Whiny party songs! She isn't even singing! She is just talking in a certain way. She should just give it up, take singing classes, and come back when you learn to chance your voice/lyrics

10Lil Wayne
WORST WORST ARTIST ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! His rap lyrics are completely stupid and his voice sound's like a dying animal trying to survive from cancer... HIS voice is awful awful awful... HE sounds so disgusting... I mean I feel like someone should just make a decent beat, fart in a microphone, autotune it and then call it lil wayne... Cause that would sound a lot better than what he has now..
One of the worst rappers in the world even 50 cent has a little more talent than this twat
The only thing he can do for his next album is an apology letter with a box of chocolates.
[Newest]Lil Wayne being considered a rapper was laughable enough but a singer!

The Contenders

11Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in a nutshell:

"Oh, a boy was mean to me, so I wrote a song about him!
He wasn't all that mean, but I made a million off him!
Now I need a new boyfriend, so he can dump me!
And I can cry about it, and make a million off it!
And buy a new car, and a new house, because I'm so rich! "

That is every one of her songs! She never comes up with anything new!
You can tell that Taylor Swift is autotunes on all of her CDs, because when she sings live, she sounds flat and off key. I think the ONLY reason why they made her a singer is because she is a very pretty girl. But being pretty doesn't make anyone a good singer.
I get what you mean, but, she writes 99% of her songs, so I think that makes her much better. Because being in the music industry is much about more than being a good singer.
She's an okay singer but all of her songs sound the same. It gets overrated quickly. I feel like the only reason why she is still so famous is because she's pretty.
[Newest]Good song writer, even if its all about the same old crap! But singing... NO!

Madonna was born in 1958. And she acts like if she was the age of Miley Cirus.
Like a lot of singer she should stop at the good moment (or try to die to make her a legend)
She cannot sing, she writes horrible and meaningless pop songs... But she is a Pop icon... I will never understand that, but what really makes me angry is the fact that such a useless singer is now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!?!?! What's she got to do with Rock music?
"Had a groove back in 1983 but is now a total HAG! Her so-called music is a sham. Without video propping her up she'd be nowhere and the videos are just a bunch of provocative, R rating compost heaps anyway. "
[Newest]Why Madonna embarrassingly sings as if she were a teenager in a voice technologically altered to sound like a teenager, I will never understand. Plus her lyrics are pretentiously ponderous while at the same time being completely inane, and she retrofits serious current issues to her songs just to help album sales, and she thinks herself an intellectual and seriously believes every new singer out there has ripped her off.

13Katy Perry
Katy Perry has no talent, her best friend is auto tune, becuase without auto tune, she would be mocked, not that she isn't, but mocked by everybody who heard her awful squealing voice. It's ridiculous that people think she has more talent than Lady Gaga who actually writes her own songs and puts some thought into them and makes them appeal to a certain, more intelligent part of the music market. At least Lady Gaga doesn't sit with her writers like Katy Perry does, saying lets make another piece of crap again.
What. She is massive and made the first teen pop album that had something for every one, she is one of the most sexy people on the planet and she has a lovely personality also I would love to marry her. I won't dump her like rusell brand. You Americans gave the world the monstrosities like Britney, j-lo and madonna and went you. Tried to give us a another one you failed!
She has neither a naturally nice sounding voice to begin with (and in my opinion, her actual voice is just grotesque), but on top of that her technique is atrocious. She yells instead of belt singing for loudness. And when she sings softly, it's so thin and breathy you can hear her vocal chords crack
[Newest]Why is katy perry in this list she's amazing I went to see her in tour and she was great

14Selena Gomez
What is she doing down here?!?!
She's the worst singer ever! Listen to her live. She can't hit a single note properly!
Selena Gomez should be with her boyfriend on the top. She a singer with hits! I can't Believe it how anyone could probably listen to her. I used to like her in Wizards of Waverly place. But now she kind of scares me.
Are you kidding me! Selena Gomez as #8 she should be #1. This is a joke! Has anyone heard her live she cannot sing! Worst "pop singer " probably one of the most untalented celebrities. She cannot sing for S! @#! Seriously she should be number 1!
[Newest]She has an awful voice. At least she is hot.
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1550 Cent
50cent that how much he is worth. He acts like a conceited idiot and his raps found like a 5 year old wrote them
His old stuff is good but his new stuff makes my wana cry. I don't know what you mean you can act ghetto all he want, the guy got shot 9 times he isn't fronting like most modern day rappers and that why I still have a little respect for him.
Yeah agreed with fiddy and Eminem. Stick to what you made your name out of. I cringe when I see them singing, imagine if they were live! ooh so GANGSTA!


[Newest]He isn't a singer idiots


Terrible, horrendous live performer, he gets all of his talent from auto tuning. He shouldn't have chosen singing.


What a pathetic musician. It's a disgrace to even associate him with music.
I wish he'd do more songs with the black eyed peas, his new songs are just terrible!
[Newest]He should be in top 10 laugh out loud

17Chris Brown
He is terrible he sound like a 6 year old crying over something. He is one the worst of today.
He totally killed the rap music, I cannot understand how people listen to his songs without getting bored. He almost release one single every week and they're all junkie, they are like the same. Also his looks, am I the only person who finds his face annoying?
Most of the singers on this list are amazing like Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Pink, Shakira, Taylor Swift... I mean seriously. They are great. Just because you don't like their music, doesn't mean they are great singers. Maybe if the haters would just give them a chance, listen to their music and stuff.
[Newest]Chris brown is not an rapper you morons

18Zac Efron
I'd rather listen to someone throwing up


Doesn't every Disney actor sing these days? In today's world, anyone can sing with computers fixing up their voices and autotune.
I Rather Jump In A Sewer Then Listen To Him How Could You Like Him He Makes You Want To Throw Up I Agree With Captain Comedy 17


[Newest]What? Will is awesome! All though he does auto tune.

19Harry Styles
He is such a show off
1 direction is nothing but a bunch of kids thrown together by geniuses who understand how to manipulate the masses into thinking they are actually talented that "just so happens" to be attractive to brainless girls. It's a pure genius way to make millions because of dimwits in our society who are willing to pay. Anyone with a brain would know they were formed to suck in moron girls who fall for these fake "bands". There is no talent, it is all lip-synced, zero chance of them writing their lyrics and it is nothing but so called "good looking people" making shltty music when it should be the other way around. I wish I took marketing in school because it is nothing but pure marketing to numskulls who can't realize whats happening in the big picture
For a " boy band " the music they produce is highly blindsided, all these " Directioners " they need to open there eyes
[Newest]Wow I just mean wow he is one of the worst singers and I just don't get that half of the girls in this world love him

20Lindsey Lohan
The worst singer of all time. Her voice is terrible and she needs to go away.
How is Fred Durst on here that guy is cool(jk)
She isn't even a singer
Her voice is so annoying! Of course, she is also annoying as a person but her voice is TOO annoying. Even before she got into drugs, she was still such a snobbish and untalented person! Nobody likes her, she's like the most hated famous person.
[Newest]I liked her better on mean girls


21Carly Rae Jepsen
Gross auto-tune one hit wonder. She should probably not sing, because she has a very shrill voice, and just irritates me. Call me never!
A great representation of everything that's wrong with today's music industry. Canada must be ashamed. What would Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan think about this girl?
She is great but her voice is awful. Anyway she is average
[Newest]She had another song

suberbowl "performance" ranks among the worst of all time
Absolutely a terrible live singer. Superbowl performance was one of the worst performances in terms of talent. She should not be famous at all!
Who the hell put her on this list. She should be no. 1 in the list of hottest and the best singer
[Newest]You try to sing at a superbowl

He trash-talked America. This nutcase can't sing! His best friend is Auto-Tune.
Anti-American one hit wonder who keeps trying to force himself. STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!
[Newest]His new song is Hangover and he can sing

24John Cena
Isn't john cena a wrestler
Worst singer I have ever heard in my life, and I heard heart


Hey... Do you probably no why John Cena is all the way down here? Because he's NOT A SINGER he's A WRESTLER!


[Newest]John Cena is a singer and a wrestler, listen to his song "Summer Flings"

25Soulja Boy
Holy crap, they are horrible! All of their songs have the same beat and pointless/stupid lyrics. What makes it worse is that they are a rap band. Who could listen to their so-called songs?
He is the worst rapper ever! In fact, is he even a rapper? From other terrible rappers like lil Wayne, nicki minaj, and the insane clown posse, you could at least call them rappers but soulja boy? What is he?!
You try to write a song see how easy it is to make hater

26Avril Lavigne
I love Avril! Why is she on this list? You have to be kidding me. Just because she's cool, doesn't mean you have to put her on this list.
Avril is one of the best Live-singers in the world and should not be here.
Who the hell who put her in tenth place in worst singers because she's the best selena should be at the top number 1
[Newest]Now there is something wrong here. Avril Lavigne is a good singer! She should not be here!

27Alyson/AJ Michalka
Worst duo of all time, good actors, bad singers.
I think they may not be the greatest singers but at least their trying

28Fred Durst
Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit have become the butt of the joke that is 21st century music. I love the guy because of that. So awful that it's entertaining.
Ugh, Durst is terrible. I think his face should be in the dictonary right next to the definition of duecebag.


Laugh out loud he is so bad its funny
[Newest]How bought you quit and sew up your mouth till something good comes out

29Victoria Justice
She totally sucks. She can't sing or act. Everyone else on Victorious is a lot more talented and any of the other girls should have got the lead role not this not talent wannabe. I don't think she is that attractive either. She is extremely average looking. I see better looking chicks everyday walking down the street.
Live pole dancing almost put a micro in her mouth opens her legs even with pants, fake, bitch, skinny, jealous of her friends, can't act, can't laugh as an actor, can't pretend she is afraid, can't hit a high note, can't do a long note, chest voice sucks... Live sounds like a goat! Bitch please this whore should stop singing for ever
She's a ratchet skank who can't act or sing for her life! She's completely jealous of Ariana and that "music" career of hers that she ended victorious for is going absolutely nowhere. She pathetic and needs to wake up and smell the roses and realize that roses aren't for ratchet skanks.
[Newest]Don't like her never liked her can't sing can't act just horrible she's just horrible

30Cody Simpson
Why the hell is he not first?
i mean, he sings even worse than justin bieber if its possible
if you don't believe me, go and listen to 'all day'
if he calls that music then I swear he should get his brain, ears and voice replaced
I think Cody Simpson should be #1 in the list!
He is just copying Justin bieber a idiotic suck up
[Newest]110000000000000% he can't sing

31Nick Jonas
He makes my ears bleed every time I hear his voice. I hope he becomes a hobo because chicks realize he sucks!


32Bayani Agbayani
He is a pedophile. I don't understand why people agree that he is funny, entertaining or a gifted individual.

Ugly face, ugly voice. Arrogant
worst than anybody in this list
Whtif somebody called you ugly how would you feel then

33Michael Bolton
Love him with The Lonley Island in Jack Sparrow!
Yes, I know he sang in that "Jack Sparrow" song. But seriously, everything else he did sucks horribly. Remember all that awful soft rock from the late 80's to early 90's? Well this guy was the worst of the bunch. Horrible, scratchy voice, oversinging at a level that would make Mariah Carey jealous, and butchering classics like "Sittin' on the dock of the bay" and "When a man loves a woman".
Should be a rock 'n' roll singer, not a pop singer

34Demi Lovato
What the heck is wrong with you people? Demi is so talented anyone would be lucky to have a voice like hers you are just jealous! STOP HATING! #TeamLovatic
Shes so awesome singer
I Don't Know If Your Putting Random Singers On This List Or If You Just Don't Have EARS! Demetria Devonne Lovato Is So Talented, She Quit Disney (Which Takes Bravery), She Can Change From A Soft Voice To A Rock Voice, She's AMAZING Live! OML What More Do You People Want!?!? We Need To Push Demi Off This List Cause Some People Just don't Have Ears #TeamLovatic
[Newest]I don't know who put her on here, because she is such a talented person!

35Chad Kroeger
Growling and yelling and... Oh please stop Chad!
Chad Kroeger is a funny looking awful, awful singer that tries to sound like James Hetfield but fails miserably.
He sounds like he's literally taking a dump while singing.

36Cheryl Cole
Let's be honest here, the only reason she's still around is because everyone thinks she's pretty.
Yes laugh out loud she is 1 of the worst singers in the world
She cannot sing. What about the decent vocal talent out there that we are missing out on because of people like her? Looks over substance, that's Cheryl Cole!
[Newest]Cheryl cole is a wonderful person. She has gone through a lot in her life and while most celebrity life stories are more or less riches to riches, Cheryl's story is more of the rags-to-riches. She has won pop stars the rivals and that has to mean something

37Ashley Tisdale
Love her so much

38Jessica Simpson
I'm sorry but she sounds in pain every time she opens her mouth to sing. And unfortunately, she does have many albums, but I have no idea how.

39Ross Lynch
He's terrible. no more to say.
Really? 43? Number 1, and Number 1 ONLY for this guy. Every one of his songs is a poorly written piece of pop crap.


He's cute but he can really sing good
[Newest]He needs to stop bleaching his hair cause he is really ugly

40Miranda Cosgrove
Oh my god she sucks. I think a dying whale sings better than her. She just a pathetic sing with a massive head. Thank god iCarly has ended.
I can't say I like Miranda Cosgrove I hated her character Carly it's like she has to get everything she wants or else it's a temper tantrum she should be up higher on this list
She was so much better as megan

41Ann Wilson
Absolutely, Hands Down the Greatest Female Voice in Rock and Roll ever. No one has ever come close, and no one ever will. Down the Greatest Female Voice in Rock and Roll ever. No one has ever come close, and no one ever will.
Who even makes these list should jump out a window they really don't know quality music
Ann Wilson voice is bad and not in a good way. Her normal voice is boring and her high pitch ones are piercing in the worst way. Yes she is the worst singer and should be #1.

422 Chainz

I want him sing accoustic in front of queen Elizabeth
You're a real t-pain to listen to.

44Cher Lloyd
Squeaky, computerized voice, horrible lyrics. Horrible look as well. X Factor has to work on their judging ability.
Abysmal, absolutely abysmal. I personally would enjoy the sounds of my own children drowning in their own blood as opposed to listen to one of her singles, and as a side note, she is the worst rapper of all time.
I have to say that Cher Llyod has one of the most ugliest voice I have ever heard in a while... She sounds like a british chickmunck it is abnormal.

45Snoop Dogg
Can't rap,...good name though,
Snoop why? Why do you keep rapping with terrible artists like big time rush and jason derulo?
What?!? That's heresy! Snoop Lion is the King of the jungle!
[Newest]Smoke Weed Every day sucks

46Austin Mahone
Stupid Bieber wannabe... But not so problematic as Bieber

47Kanye West
Worst singer of all time he should be on no 2 on the list, he disrespected taylor swift, he even proclaimed himself Michael jordan of rap,
He is such a waste
The Biggest self centered douche turd out there! He and his new wife needs to do us all a favor and get outta the industry

48Jessie J
I don't she is a bad singer at all. Why is she on this list?
She makes wanna puke and drink that puke and then puke it again
She's a terrible singer! When I heard her song "who you are" on the radio, that was the moment that I realized that music was dead. Why shes so low on this list I'll never know

49Jenna Rose
She's worse than Rebecca Black, and that's saying a lot. And she's acting a bit provoactive for her age. Just look at the videos for My Jeans and.
Its just all wrong she's too young to bully but what she's doing and her parents funding it is just so wrong

Pitbull is terrible!
He really needs to improve on his voice and get the annoying melodies away
Pitbull is a very very very poor rapper. He doesn't have a pleasant voice rather a terrible & worse voice. When it's a duet song, it appears that he make the song worse through his terrible ugly rapping skill.
Pitbull raps bad. It's make songs terrible
[Newest]All of his songs sound the same. You can't hear one song by him without hearing "Mr. Worldwide" or "Darling." More like Mr. Worldwide Catastrophe.

Totally tuneless crap and possibly the most overrated performer in pop history!. How anyone could even REMOTELY compare her (or Destiny's Child) to the legendary Supremes or the three degrees is totally beyond me. Her appeal is her looks and sexy dancing ability. Nobody listens to what comes out of her mouth! Typical of today's artists Image before music music!
Haha really? Beyonce Is one of the most powerful talented inspirational women in the modern world! If you talk crap on beyonce then what do you even know? Who is better than her?
She's a thief. Her "dancing" is so terrible I mistook her for a defective vibrator Miley would be jelous. She just wails and screams and sounds drunk (Drunk in love) and she sounds generic. rihanna is better than her. She wont exist if Aaliyah is alive today. She dares lip sync in front of the president and in Grammys!
[Newest]Mediocre singer. Not good.

He is a good singer weirdos
Whoa whoa whoa whoa.. Wait what's akon doing here?

53Weird Al Yaknovic
Weird am is awesome
He is awesome I like his parodies he's funny

She only had like one hit called "Release Me" which sucked and was back in like late 2008 to early 2009. After that everybody forgot she even existed.
And she looks really ugly when she sings; adding to the bad vocals and dancing. Dunno what the hype is all about!
Mediocre voice quality, arrogant, little talent

55Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole can not sing don't let the studio version of her songs rill you in I've seen her live with the pussycat dolls and they all sounded a damn mess.

56Willow Smith
She needs to whip her butt back to third grade
Shes very annoying to young though she is probably a nice person
Come on I'm younger than her and I can better
[Newest]Is only getting noticed cause of will smith

57Tulisa Contostavlos
She can't sing plane and simple. She might know how to hold a note but it doesn't sound nice at all. CHERYL COLE FOR THE WIN

I hate him because he sold his soul to get famous!
This guy is a joke
Can't stand that damn flappy face!

I only said that not to hurt her or anyone else, but the reason why I said she should retire is that she's getting too old for this and she won't be around soon. I'm not trying to be mean to her or anything, I love her.
She needs to retie now. Because SHE'S GETTING OLD!

I disagree with this because even though I agree with all the other names on the list, I must say Mika has musical talent. His voice is slightly high-pitched but that's just part of the style and I truly feel emotions when I listen to the song "Elle me dit". I suppose I shouldn't be complaining since he is number 50 and even though he can't be on the same scale as Freddie Mercury (my favourite singer) I still think he does not deserve to be on that list.
The only song I heard was lollipop it gave me nightmares
He writes creepy songs


61M. Shadows
Eh, why is he on here, he's a fantastic singer with a unique voice!
M. Shadows is an amazing singer with an sexy voice
He's the best singer of this generation
[Newest]I only dislike his coarse voice he sometimes, but other than that, he is an amazing singer


62Debby Ryan
Rather watch someone throw up
She shouldn't have got the lead in jeddie

63Becky G
She uses so much stuff when she is recording so that she will sound good, she can't hit a high note I don't get why she famous she should just stick to covergirl, I dare her to sing live with a song that needs a good voice she can't even sing shower live she just breaks down the high long notes
Well... She's the new rebecca black

64Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis is one of the all time best singers. Her voice is as unique as it is beautiful and whoever made this list is stupid because half the people on here are amazing singers and I guarantee that you could never sound like any of them.
She is unoriginal, she sang A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson as her final song for god's sake!

Hey, Pink is a good singer! I bet the person who made this list can't sing like her.
Pink Is just a really good singer, She DEV shouldn't belong here, how could so much talent get in this list with all bad singers? Not COOL
Oh come on pink is awesome I can't believe willow Smith is better than pink
[Newest]Why is she on list? And I don't see why is she here and Austin Mahone isn't

Why do rappers use this guy in their choruses? He sounds like he's drowning into an auto-tune machine.

67Gwen Stefani
She may not be the best singer out there, but she has a good musical sense, she composes most of her own songs and writes lyrics. But now teetering close to losing credibility with all the experiments in pop, which is really a murky world, with autotuned singers and half-assed song-writers who don't really contribute that much to the material.
I don't like her at all she has a bad voice
Alt-rock material, stay away from the pop.


68Leon Jackson

This list is awful not just Ciara but everyone on the list is here for the wrong reasons. How many of the people here can honestly say they don't judge other people's success to satisfy their own vanity?
Ciara voice has gotten better over the years she's a good singer surely not A Beyonce or Mariah Carey
But as of 2012 can sing

70Flo Rida
He has no flow, and is one of the laziest pricks in the business. Good Feeling: Is a sample of a sample
Sugar: Manages to make Blue by Eiffel 65 worse
Right Round: A crappy re-working of the Dead or Alive song from the 80s

71Sam Smith
He is amazing I love his voice and he has the best songs
Now here is someone who doesn't need auto-tune
YOU're crazy! The guy is amazing!

He is terrible. Simply the worst.

73Barbra Streisand
Anyone who says Streisand is a bad singer must have their ears pasted on. Singers like Streisand come along once in a lifetime. There's something else going on here to create such resentment for one of the greatest of all time.
Her voice is terrible, I don't know why she is actually famous she is horrible.

74Frankie Cocozza

75Bella Thorne
I don't think she'll ever reveal her real singing voice.
Definitely autotune her counter part Zendaya is WAY more better of singer so is Caroline. Damn the next Miley Cyrus.
She is such a terrible singer. Whenever she sings it sounds like a cat getting hit by a truck falling into a trashcan then breaking a robot. But NO she just uses autotune and thinks that everything will sound perfect! Well it SUCKS!

None of his lyrics make sense and I feel like eating a bowling ball when he raps! I've heard paper clips rap better than him
That woman who tattooed his name on her face had some real issues...
Drake's so depressing, I think my friends mums funeral was more cheerful to her then his songs
[Newest]His songs are so depressing I found million dollar baby more cheerful

77Robbie Williams

78John Mayer
Top 5 worst male singer of today... Weak Sauce, Weak Sauce, Weak Sauce. Would rather listen to Rosie Odonell talk...
Wow. Great singer great musician. You sir area re... Wait for it... Tard. Retard!
I'm embaressed to go to the same school as he used to go to where everybody treasures him. The only reason he's famous is because he gets pu&$y. His lyrics are typical and he looks like a naruto character mated with a corpse and an eagle

79Toby Keith
His song red solo cup sucks and makes no sense at all
Toby keith is awesome! He should not be on this list!

80Kelly Clarkson
This is pure hatin' now! She can sing, she kills it!

81Wiz Khalifa
Worst rapper... Uses auto tune cals himself a rapper... And I don't get what eminem is doing on this list. I'm really hurt T.T.. He's undoubtedly the best rapper... Haters!
Absolutely aful no talent slimy slimy looks absolute drunkard and mottha pucka

82Priyanka Chopra
Her song "in my city" is horrible and the nfl should be ashamed of having her introduce thursday night football and she slaughtered maria Carey's "my all" on you tube
The hell? Why is she introducing NFL? She isn't even a fan of football, and isn't even American! I know it sounds kinda racist, but come one! ALL her songs suck ass, and she is so extremely unoriginal!
Priyanka chopra's in my city introduction scene is copied from jennifer lopez's on the floor she is stupid I hate her and her sound is not good
Nothing but an ass

83Liam Payne

84Chris Daughtry
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DO YOU THINK CHRIS DAUGHTRY IS NOT A GOOD SINGER? He is awesome, his vocal range is not like the craziest one and he doesn't hit super high notes, but he is unique. Respect that.
I just discovered him on the Jay Leno show I think he's fantastic...
He should not be on this list. He actually has talent.
[Newest]This guy here is one of the greatest.. All haters go screw yourself


86Sarah Brightman
She is responsible for navigating the classical crossover genre before anyone else had tied those markets together, and vocally she has a well-trained soprano voice as well as a smooth lower ranger for downtempo songs.


88Sarah Geronimo
She has a nasal voice. She can be more of a dancer than singer she's nowhere close to beyonce who does both sing and dance great!
She was not able to maintain her golden voice that she has before. We all know that she sang the "If Only" before but now, she can't even belt it out.


Worst singer in the history of music in the Philippines!

89Himesh Reshammiya
Indian dog barks more musically. He could do a good job in twillight for giving sound to jacob's wolf form.
He has a crazy voice that even he wouldn't like. He has got to sing by his real voice not from his nose
I can say that I sings better than him... He is a crazy man with a crazy voice...

90Susan Boyle
Suzan boyle is a very talented singer. I am not even sure why she would be in this list. Shes amazing actually. She has an insainly low voice and can sing memory from cats just wonderfully. Shes wonderful at broadway. This list is not very accurate.
She says she's never been kissed before.

91Perry Grip

92Jared Leto
No 30 secs to mars rules
I used to love him, but then... I got really bored and tired of him... He is just an awful screamo wannabe... FAIL... I think he is trying to sound like a dying cat laugh out loud

93Nichole Destiny Lee
Shes the worst singer I've ever heard in my life look her up your ears will bleed.
This stupid autistic horseface can't sing! Somebody gag her ugly mouth!

94Iggy Azalea
Trying to use a gangsta voice she doesn't even have. So annoying and obviously rapping doesn't come naturally to her. She should at least be in the top 10.
Fancy is the worst song I've ever heard. Women just don't rap.


The white nicki minaj
[Newest]You crazy fancy is my favorite song

95Regine Velasquez
She always scream while singing! It's very irritating! And she always try to sing like Mariah Carey... But she can't!

96Rylan Clark

97Adam Duritz
Always off key it seems, especially during live performances which, horribly enough, is the kind of art he seems to like the most. Eh!
The whole band is terrible, quite frankly.


98Hayley Williams
Saw Paramore a few months back and she was perfect throughout the whole setlist, every single song was performed to top quality and she is also a brilliant performer who really gets the crowed into the songs, can't understand why she's on the list... Not that anyone actually cares.
Why is Hayley Williams here? Paramore is not the typical band for annoying girls, Hayley sings so well and they have some great guitarist, bassist and drummer. They are not hatable! (Sorry for my English)
No she is awesome I loved her in paramore she is just the best singer stop hating

99Lana Del Rey
She's the worst singer... Her all songs sounds the same and sounds like always crying... Taylor swift, selena gomez, rihanna and katy perry are even better than her...
What? Lana's songs can ALL one-up "umbrella"! Seriously?
Calling her overrated would be paying her a compliment.

100Adrienne Bailon

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