The 10 Worst Skateboarding Brands


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81 Santa Cruz V 1 Comment
82 Winmax

So not buy this board, it has terrible grip tape, no pop and the wheels and trucks are just plane weird! I hate this board! If my friend didn't give me a better board, I probly never would have learned how to ollie. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!

83 Heavy Metal
84 Anti-Hero

Me. I like them. They do get razor tail a little quick though but they are actually pretty good if you like skate parks. I had it for two months

I had a friend who had an anti-hero back when he lived in reno, the board was warped but he eventually cracked it near the back bolts and the warp went away

V 1 Comment
85 Effigy
86 Bullet

It sucks it snapped on a olie I'll recommend a darkstar they're strong cool and great pop

V 1 Comment
87 Supreme

Smaller than the average board and the tail of it is a little different but still amazing. Extreme pop and the board is very light. I had my board for about 4 years, I skate everyday and its chipped slightly. So worth it.

88 FEY8
89 Maloof
90 KFD

Love them perfect for streets of South Africa

V 2 Comments
91 Vox V 1 Comment
92 Rise

Yeah this board sucks!

V 1 Comment
93 Expedition One

Great boards I love them but if I didn't get mine water logged it would have lasted longer

94 United Skates

The grip tape sucks it gets finished

V 1 Comment
95 RCO

Is the worst skateboard you can ride. think that the deck is made with simply wood, the bearings are spinnin' for max. 3 sec, the pop does not exist. :( the trucks they suck too. and rco is an Romanian company who makes a lot of fakes. do not buy RCO buy anything else.

V 1 Comment
96 Foundation

I love my foundation has really good pop is a bit thick but good. I've waterlogged mine a bit by accident but it still works really well

These boards are thick but light and pop really really high, prone to sharp razor tails

97 Rocket V 2 Comments
98 Xgames

Awesome board to start off with, but snaps really quick once you start learning tricks, I'd say it's right under Mongoose

Worst boards ever they sell them at target stick to making big air compatations

99 Alva
100 Powell Peralta

Powell Golden Dragons and Powell Peraltas are superior. I have a Golden Dragon which has amazing pop, fresh graphics, fun ride, and of course, power.

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