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We live in a day and age where social sites such as the infamous Facebook and Twitter rest as internet juggernauts. But where does is the line drawn from entertaining websites to total time wasters? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Worst user interface!
Sometimes difficult to read out the tweets..
Tweets keep on be shown as new tweet which is actually the same tweet

Complete social dead zone, constant site updates that do nothing but frustrate and confuse, updates that don't make sense, updates that are optional that should be mandatory, updates that are mandatory that should be optional. Enjoy your slow death, Tom.

I once used it and my computer broke so I used it agein after I went throught getting a new computer and once I got on the site my computer died agein. I HAD TO GET A NEQ ONE. That actually was a true story. It didn't happen to my third computer. I don't know if it was the site or a strange coincidence
Absolutely useless, boring, no necessary features at all

Facebook is the site where corporations bully the little people. And those who make facebook accounts giddily accept that they are randomly allowing rich corporations to post anything they want on the user's behalf, to which these corporations then turn around and use that to control them. Anyone who doesn't have a problem with facebook should not be allowed to live on this planet with me. I feel threatened by your lack of foresight.
People posting ugly pictures of themselves, Girls getting tons of likes for simple stupid posts, stupidity at it's fullest and it sometimes cause depression for some people.
Facebook; the place where anyone can find out everything about you and stalk you. Gotta love stalkers.
[Newest]Facebook is in my opinion the best and the worst social networking site.

Awful site. People who you don't know will come to your page and attack you if you posted an opinion somewhere they don't agree with. If you don't set your profile to private. Never was much people on it was just a fad with Irish and English teenagers. Rubbish really
This is a truly bad site! I've read about it because my daughter wanted to have an account and after I read about it I was speechless

Straight white males should stay away from this site! They'll murder you.
This isn't rubbish! What are you talking about?
This is just going to slowly dissolve and turn into nothing... Turn into MySpace and never been known to exsist


Misappropriates the content of other sites to create the content of their own.
Whats wrong with pinterest? Its not supposed to be on here


Poorly managed site. Site is infested with scammers, offer a pet game that has no rules and players are scammed and cheated... Tagged does nothing about it. Way too many fake profiles laugh out loud men pretending to be women. Pron pics, web cam girls, child exploitation... Poorly designed and the site crashes often... A scammers paradise
The members are mostly scammers, hookers, 3rd world countries also looking to scam. Along with low class thugs with no jobs or cars. However a great opportunity to make money by filing a lawsuit against tagged, it appears that tagged is scammers as well!
I do believe Tagged is owned by a street gang laugh out loud. Hey the site has free pron and you can make friends with scumbags looking to scam you. Hmm Tagged address is a Po Box?

The Contenders

This idiocy for a social media website is the reason why I deleted my YouTube account. It's invading our privacy and it's slowly killing off YouTube. If you delete your Google+ but keep your YouTube and G-Mail account it doesn't let you use either unless you remake your Google+ account! Google forces Google+ probably because it's such a fail. IT'S SO STUPID! I HATE Google+!
This should be number 1. worst website EVER. if you like it, your one of the stupidest people of all time
Worst site ever...
You have to sign up for g+ if you want to comment on youtube

Instagram because its becoming a little to un protected. you can share videos and pictures with everyone. the is even a new secret called direct photos.. it is where you and other people can send PRIVITE photos and only you And that person can see them. instagram is becoming like kik
I do not like this site.


This is a horrible app. rated 17 and up. and yet my 13 year old cousin has it. kik is a website where you talk to random strangers. the strangers ask for stuff like nudes and cell phone numbers. little do some of kik victims know the oh so cute 17 year old boy is really a 60 year old man. don't START KIK

By 256 characters, stay connected with everything that matters to you, and make your social life more active and stimulating.
Lots of cool features, I like it

Go to this link make an account and look on some forums and see how horrible and disgusting these people are
Even though I don't play it much anymore, Animal Jam is a MUCH better virtual world site than this.


Once I played and a guy was like " wanna have sex? "






Snapchat is stupid. I hate it. It's basically am Instagram clone. It makes me want to smash all phones with this app.
The app that encourages people to sext and get away with it. Bravo!




25We Heart It


This social network sucks! It allows people to get bullied and the bullies and cowards get a chance to hide behind their evil deeds through ANONYMOUS! I wish this network gets banned from every country, ESPECIALLY Canada! Plus, celebrity posers are there!
So damn true! I deleted mine due to 2 hate comments I got! If you're considering on getting it, please re-consider because that would be a HORRIBLE option to get it, unless you want to be hated on everyday!
Why is this on 27? It should be on 1!

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