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21Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars

This song is actually pretty good

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22Teach Me How to Dougie - Cali Swag District

This was one of the songs that was only popular for like 5 minutes and then everybody seem to forgot about it that fast.

It's a mystery how this song became popular in my country, its not even good, Harlem Shake is slightly better

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23Rock That Body - Black Eyed Peas

this song is just annoying, although some of their songs are good.

EVERYTHING - I repeat EVERYTHING - about the Black Eyed Peas is MEANINGLESS! This song is just so dumb. This band does not know anything - I repeat ANYTHING - about music at all. Disturbing foursome. - TheSudhanva

Actually, they used to be pretty good. "Pump It" and "Don't Phunk With My Heart" are both great. At some point (and by some point I mean "My Humps), the wheels fell off.

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24All the Lovers - Kylie Minogue

Not a great song, I have to say! Kinda cheesy... but some of the songs abouve #8 are not that bad... they are actually pretty good! Oh well, this is for the worst! And I don't like this song... it gets on your NERVES!

25Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo

Pointless garbage! Absolutely no effort.

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26Closer to the Edge - 30 Seconds to Mars

This song is actually pretty awesome.

27Like a G6 - Far East Movement

Just no. I still do not know what a G6 is. - madoog

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28DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Usher
29I Hate Mondays - Newton Faulkner
30Dynamite - Taio Cruz

I'm just gonna copy and paste the reply here because I can't say anything without ripping it off:
"The song is absolutely awesome. Great singing, beat and message. It's about living it up (though the message is so unoriginal to be honest because most songs have this message). I don't care about the lyrics though, I focus on the music."

The only issue I have with the song is Cruz's voice. - WonkeyDude98

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31Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera
32Bottoms Up - Trey Songz

Bottoms Up is the jam! This song is catchy. - madoog

33Gonna Get This - Miley Cyrus and Iyaz

Iyaz and Miley Cyrus mix because they both suck.

I know about 7 or 8 years ago Miley was capible of more and this has to be the worst I've seen her. Her best album was Best Of Both Worlds.

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34Radioactive - Kings of Leon

Useless, repetitive, no actual lyrics. How is this crap even a song? And its overrated.

35Airplanes - B.o.B.V1 Comment
36Alice - Avril Lavigne
37Love the Way You Lie - Eminem

Nice job Eminem, another song where your voice is angered to oblivion and the song's name doesn't make any damn sense

How come I'm the first one to put this atrocity on this list? I cannot stand this song! It's mean, angry and threatening.

You Eminem haters need to shut up! And it's actually "tie her to a bed" not "roof" or "chair"

You should see what the most inspirational song is

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38Rockstar 101 - RihannaV1 Comment
39Animal - Neon Trees

I love this song! What's it doing here?

40If It's Love - Train

Lyrics are bad. Shows an awful attempt at trying to rhyme but failing miserably.

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