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Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj is the real "stupid hoe" for writing and singing this song. Seriously it sucks!
Who are you to say the nicki minaj is a stupid hoe and it seriously sucks I think Nicki minaj sings very great.
What happens when you mix a terrible beat made up of sound effects with the voice that can only be described as the most awful thing ever? Add in some flashy images of a synthetic ass with some of the DUMBEST, most AWFUL (and RIDICULOUSLY ironic) lyrics ever, and you have stupid hoe. Congratulations Nicki Minaj! You are officially worse than BrokenCYDE, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Paris ' Hilton. I hope your success completely backfires!
There is absolutely nothing good about this song. Nicki Minaj's voice is this annoying helium-filled mess that makes your ears bleed, and the lyrics make no sense. This is supposed to be a diss towards Lil Kim, but no one would be able to tell without knowing that it's a diss song. At least "Boyfriend" had a catchy chorus, whereas this song is just "You a stupid hoe, you a you a stupid hoe" repeated over and over again. And don't even get me started on the awful, whooping beat.
[Newest]I'd like to apologize to Justin Bieber, Nickelback, Limp Bizkit, Creed, and Rebecca Black for all the crap I've given them. Nothing's gonna top this for the next 50 years.
More comments about Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

2Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
Auto-tuned to death, and an attempt of rap...
Background music so annoying
Worst song EVER! Justin... Just stop trying...
[Newest]It's pathetic how just because something was written by Justin Bieber it gets ton of hate. I've seen 40 year olds bash on this kid. It's annoying just shut up, you're bringing him more attention by bashing him.

3Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
This is all I hear on the radio. Shouldn't they give all of the songs a chance to be put on the radio? This is all I hear though, at least put on a decent song- seriously
She needs to go back to Canada & stay there this song is very poorly written & her voice is mediocre this song isn't special & neither is she. This was one of the worst music experiences I had next to Rebecca Black's Friday.
Every time I turn the radio on I hear this song! All the stations play is Kelly Clarkson and this song! Its not even that good!
[Newest]I used to think this song was okay but all I hear is CALL ME MAYBE. I'm saying by bye to this song

4Gangnam Style - Psy
I can't stand this song. People love it but they have no idea what he's even saying.
Gosh this is a stupid trend that everyone everywhere likes to talk about, and it is 4 minute pointless video and repetitive song, most of the people who "like" it don't like it, they force themselves to like it so they could fit in with other idiots.
This could have been a big chance for Kpop, but people aren't taking it seriously. They think PSY is just some fat Chinese guy who does a funny horse dance. BIGBANG and Super Junior should have gotten popular, not this.
[Newest]Why is it song so popular. THIS is a piece of garbage

5As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber
Gawd, when I heard this awful trainwreck for the first time, I thought when he sang the word "love" in the choruses, I thought he was yawning.
As long as you love me I will be starving; I will be homeless; I will be broke; as long as you hate me Ill be a platinum; ill be a silver; Ill be a gold

That's for you JB!
Worst song ever and the best music video ever! (the part when jb gets beat up. He deserves it)

6Whistle - Flo Rida
A song about blowjobs. How pleasant
This whistle is so annoying!
Worst song of 2012
[Newest]So let me get this straight: You can make a song about your own penis and get a number one spot. I'm done.


7Rack City - Tyga
Degrading to women and boring music. How is this abomination to the music industry not #1 on this?
The worst song ever without question. I wish I had a quarter for every time I heard him say ”rack city”. I think I earned it anyway for suffering through the song. Tyga is just awful. There is a reason he's in the top five on the worst rappers ever list on this site.
A couple years since this song's been released, it's only become worse. Not only that, but it's also become disturbingly influential. Almost every hip hop/ R&B song from the past year have sounded like Rack City.

8Sorry for Party Rocking - LMFAO
I'm sorry for myself for listening to this song
This song is TERRIBLE! Lyrics are stupid, the music is stupid, everything about this song is stupid. How people call this good music beyond me...
You better be sorry!

9Diamonds - Rihanna
Its too overrated...
Probably the reason is that she gets nude in every other video of her.


Probably Rihanna's worst song to date. She doesn't shine bright like a diamond AT ALL in this song.
The song makes it sound like it's raining diamonds. maybe one impaled her brain and made her a complete idiot and so she would convince herself to make this retarded song. You know it's true

10We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
UGH. We've been hearing about Taylor Swift's breakups/relationships since 2007. Six years of the same exact topic makes me want to shoot myself. And the horrible lyrics, with a crappy tune? Please. Just call me when decent bands come back into play
Taylor Swift is normally a good musician and singer, she has a great vocal range and writes passionately. However, this repetive song seems to endless go NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER, well, you get the picture.
Ok we get that some boy dumped you or didn't notice you but people (that now what quality music is) are so sick of these song topics. Country was bad enough but now pop what's become of this country.
[Newest]This should be higher than top 1, especially since Taylor Swift was wearing a dress! ):(

Try not to see her as an arch-rival, though. Despite how nice Taylor Swift is, she could get criticized often.

The Contenders

11Where Have You Been - Rihanna
Where I'm been, what about you, Rihanna? Have you been sleeping in the dirty toilet while reading Playboy magazine and playing with Chris Brown's dirty underwear? You need help!
Her music is so trash. Lack of good voice is obvious. She can't sing LIVE and she has like 2-3 lines in every song. Oh I forgot about Ela Ela Eh Eh Eh or Year year year.


In your music video, you seem more like willing to get killed by a crocodile.
[Newest]Her older songs like disturb I a and umbrella are actually reasonable songs. also shut up and drive. but man is she turning into a whacko or what?

12Starships - Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has the potential of being one of the female phenoms of year. But this song is one of the songs that are obviously not part of her "Best Work" list. She fails to deliver her style and theme of being a tough chick and manages to make the electronic dance music worse than it already is.
Duh starships were ment to fly


This song... Unggh, it gives me a headache just remembering this. I have never hated anything half as much as Nikki Minaj, and I was forced to listen to the pop stations playing this in heavy rotation for a month! My bad music virginity is gone...
[Newest]Isn't the song called starships with a z? Ugh so weird

13Turn On the Lights - Future
How does one person mess up with AUTOTUNE of all things?!
Great, just what we needed. An autotuned death wail. Seriously, people thought this guy was a good enough singer to release hit songs? And people bought it?
I've heard Chad Kroeger. I've heard Ke$ha. I've even heard a lot of crappy screamo. But Future is still the worst vocalist I've ever heard.

14Beez in the Trap - Nicki Minaj
This is the worst ever. Not just 2012. Nicki is the most Untalented train wreck I have ever come across. I am embarrassed for her when it's on the radio.
This doesn't even need a reason. The song speaks for how bad it is.
What does "Beez in the trap" even mean?!


15Give Me All Your Luvin' - Madonna
This song is so bad I would L-U-V life if it didn't exist
I hate madonna I mean, some of her songs r ok but it's just herself that I hate and this is probably her worst.
She just needs to stop singing -. - I thought her music was dead in the 80's and pretty much everyone was like 'thank God' but no. She had to make more awful music.

16Turn Me On - David Guetta
Get this garbage pile out of mainstream media forever. David Guetta can't write lyrics if his life depended on it, and don't get me started on Nicki Minaj's awful singing. It just repeats turn me on turn me on over and over again. The beat is annoying and the song does not deserve its popularity. heck the lyrics r so bad, a 1st grader could do better then that. This song must never be played again.

17We Are Young - Fun
I think this is one of the most annoying song ever created. How everyone can like this song and this band are beyond me. Maybe for the teenage girls/hipster kids who never listen to any good music, this multitracked vocal is cool, bad lyric is deep, and repetitive single piano chord is art. And it even won a grammy, which make me lost my faith for the future of music.
By far the most overrated song in history and one of the worst songs I have ever heard. No guitar, basic percussions, unoriginal bassline, bland piano, HORRID vocals, and embarassment to Janelle Monae. Why did this win song of the year?
[Newest]This song sounds like it was recorded by a bunch of pop stars on downers

18Birthday Cake - Rihanna
One thing that annoys the f out of me with this song is #1 it's another lousy repetitive song😒 #2 It makes a lot of references to oral sex, such as "it's not even my birthday but he wanna lick the icing off" and #3 CHRIS BROWN, THE GUY WHO BEAT HER! YOU can't JUST FORGIVE SOMEONE AFTER THEY BEAT YOU AND NOT EXPECT THEM TO AGAIN! HORRIBLe SONG!
I get Rhianna is attractive, and she likes to write about that. There's nothing wrong with that. BUT THIS SONG IS AWFUL!
Chris Brown would be a great voice for Pac-Man!
[Newest]I like Rihanna, but I hate how this song exists.

19Hot Problems - Double Take
You may not refer to this as a technical "song" due to it was two teenagers like rebbecca black, but this is the most miserable thing you will ever hear, and these girls aren't even hot.
The worst parts: the singers are female only!

One of the two singers should've been male w/ the other one being female.

But this song is criticized enough w/ extremely negative reception to get Wikipedia's attention.
It is a horrible song! And yes she is STUCK UP! I mean that's not even music

20Shut Up and Kiss Me - Reece Mastin

21Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber
I hate this song. Because the song has got AWFUL lyrics and Nicki Minaj has got Lucifer inside.
This song is by BOTH Justin and Nicki. It's worse than most of the songs on here.


22One Thing - One Direction
They just can't sing.
They are absolutely HORRIBLE the only reason their songs get famous is because of their obnoxious fangirls...
It's just fake! And so repetitive. Basically one of the many reasons why I hate one direction
[Newest]I'd like to see One Direction pick their noses instead.

23Bandz a Make Her Dance - Juicy J
3 Reasons.
1. Terrible production
2. Incorrect slang for the song and worst lyrics.
3. Lil Wayne and 2CHAINZ are not had the best rappers since 2012
Why is there an "A" in the title?
That song title is not even an English and the force of a terrible rhymes to come
[Newest]This whole song doesn't make no damn sense


24Climax - Usher
All he was doing in this song was crying and whining
Uhh this song is just usher screeching in a high voice ad bad beat and really annoying
What a NOTHING song. Lazy vocals, lazy production, lazy writing. Cookie-cutter generic mess.

25Bom Bom - Sam and the Womp
No musicality in this at all. Her voice sounds rather irritating. There was not much effort in the vocals.
But... I like this song :/

26Drive By - Train
I've never heard such stupid lyrics, Train shows which this song (and with Hey, Soul Sister) why it's one of the lamest bands ever
Strongly disagree... Din expect this song to be here...


One of the worst songs of all time

27Roman Holiday - Nicki Minaj
Roman Polanski is even more retarted than Nicki Minaj

28I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
Taylor is a trouble. Please, stop singing. You are not even good in singing songs of your style. You think you are a country singer but you look like the worst Carrie Underwood version ever.
This song is pop she is a country star
Even if it is pop and Tay is a country singer, I love this song!

29Home - Phillip Phillips
So overplayed. His voice is really nothing special, the music sounds like he's trying to imitate Mumford & Sons and it's repetitive as all get out with barely any lyrics.
Ahh! This song aggravates me so much. Yeah, it was good when it came out and everything, but now it is just overplayed, and the structure of the song isn't even right. Seriously, the other girl should have won American Idol.
Love this song, but it defs is overplayed

30Scream & Shout - Will.I.Am
What idiot put this song on here it's cool
Worst song ever, Will.I. am is a terrible musician and everything he does is terrible! Britney Spears was terrible in this too. Worst song and Worst lyrics.
I am so sad because of Britney. She used to be a good singer untill this song.

31Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj
Nicki should pound her dildo stick somewhere else and get her ass kicked off on American Idol.
What is with that horrible screeching noise for?! Is it necessary?! It's just sounds like a squirrel being assaulted with a zip tie, a peacock giving birth, and a screeching howler monkey being sent through a garbage disposal. Horrible
Very annoying, and I don't understand the lyrics, too much auto tune.


[Newest]This song is very annoying

32Bangarang - Skrillex
This song is very annoying. I hate it. Skrillex is the most terrible DJ ever.
Success kinda spoiled this song.
I love this song

33Domino - Jessi J
This song is so annoying. It's like she's screaming for attention. "DIRTYY DANCING. " No, please. Retire immediately, Jessie J. You are nothing new or good

34All Around The World - Justin Bieber
I'd rather go around the world and be invaded by alien's.

35You Da One - Rihanna
So repetitive, annoying vocals (not to mention God awful as well), the beat is mostly a disgrace, and the repetition! Dear GOD, the repetition. This song actually made me want to decapitate my head off two seconds later; that' how awful it was.

36One More Night - Maroon 5
Imagine Bomberman singing this song w/ the retired YFM band & actually being voiced by Adam Levine the whole time.

37Timebomb - Kylie Minogue

38Survival - Muse

39Like a Princess - Double Take

40What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
I thought this song was made in 2010. Anyway is song is HORRIBLE!


Man, One Direction is lame in music!

41Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
Imagine if Roberto from Rio 2 sang this song since he is voiced by Bruno Mars himself.

42Some Nights - Fun.
Song was way over played and it sucked in the first place. Hate the song, hate the group, where did they even come from? Nobody had even heard of them, wherever they came from we wished they'd go back.
I actually liked this song. How is this here?


This song has the worst instrumentation in the whole world since Frank Zappa and Lou Reed. This band must break up right now and Nate Ruess must go to hell.

43Turn Up the Radio - Madonna

44Payphone - Maroon 5
Adam Levine shouldn't have escaped work.

Adam Levine could voice Bomberman.

Wiz Khalifa could voice Gex.
Good song, but overplayed
Worst song ever. Minshaft (the minecraft parody) is better than this. I'm at a payyphonne

45Live My Life (feat. Justin Bieber) - Far East Movement
The Far East Movement can't rap. At all. They made that awful G6 song, ruined Rocketeer, and actually make Justin Bieber sound pretty average in comparison here.
This song should definitely be played by the retired Your Favorite Martian band besides Far East Movement & Justin Bieber.

Puff Puff: I'm gonna live my life.
No matter what, we party tonight.
I'm gonna li-li-live my life.
I know that we gon' be alright.

Puff Puff's new height: 6'1".
Puff Puff's new weight: 168 pounds.
Puff Puff's new width: 1'4".

46Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia
Want to do horrible unthinkable things to others when I hear this song. Absolute most annoying song of the year.
I love this song how is it on this list?!?!
Stupid, repetitive and overall horrible and unimaginative.

47Addicted to You - Shakira
The best song of 2012. Actually Rabiosa is the best song of Sale El Sol. Also it realased in 2010. But the single album is realased in 2012.
Worst song in the world! Shakira has nasal voice, stupid songs. This song is just a trash...
I love Rabiosa but I hate Addicted to You
[Newest]What a horrible song oh my god I almost ran out of my room

48I Told You So - Carrie Underwood

49Want U Back - Cher Lloyd

50Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds
Are you kidding, Marina is one of the best singers I've ever heard, Whoever put this here has didn't obviously listen carefully to the song
What who put this on there marina and the diamonds is amazing! Mabye this is not her best song but its better than anythig by one drection!
I hate this song. It annoys me so much

51It's Thanksgiving - Nicole Westbrook
This song was so so so annoying! I hate it! It's by the same company who produced Friday by Rebecca Black.

52Your Body - Christina Aguilera
Worst song by a good and amazing singer...
Worst and idiotic song of 2012
The best song and album

53Dope Peddler - 2 Chainz
This is the single worst song I have ever heard in my entire life. It's worse than Stupid Hoe. It's worse than Blah Blah Blah. It's worse than Disco Duck. It's the worst of the worst, made by one of the worst producers ever, Bangladesh. Screw him.
For the first few seconds there's a pretty good sample, and then... BAM. Straight in the face with one of the worst piano riffs ever written and terrible lyrics by 2 Chainz. This song is so terrible that it wasn't even released as a single.

54So Good - B.O.B

55Naked - DEV & Enrique Iglesias
Dev's voice was horrible. She can't even dancing she's even whiny... Enrique Iglesias has terrible voice and even worse than Usher...
Duh I feel naked
Worst song of 2012

56Red - Taylor Swift
A stupid and pointless song. Can't even understand it.

57Kiss You - One Direction

58The Motto - Drake
The idiotic song that introduced YOLO to the masses.

59Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
This song is the bane of my existence.

60Live While We're Young - One Direction
Despite their glamorous appearances, One Direction has boring songs & boring themes of their songs.

61Stay Schemin' - Rick Ross

62Problem (The Monster Remix) - Becky G

63Hit the Lights - Jay Sean

64TTYLXOX - Bella Thorne
Lyrics are written in text and is really repetitive and irritating!
Such a stupid song
I don't understand the lyrics and the songs is so annoying!


65Twilight - Cover Drive

66Home Run - Misha B

67Sing - Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band
This should not be on this list I love this song and have seen the African children's choir who sing this with Gary barlow and they are great and they have been picked up of the street in Africa because they have no parents I know this song of by heart and always will we sing this all the time at school

68Finally Found You - Enrique Iglesias

69Feel This Moment - Pitbull
Can't rap of sing for a cat's ass.
This song is great but Pitbull ruined the song!

70Kill the Dj - Green Day
A song that is catchy, but repeating the chorus and verse over and over and over. Plus, all you can hear are choppy guitar chords and hardly any bass.
Green Day should not be here!


71Come On a Cone - Nicki Minaj
Anything created by this loser is garbadge.

72Candy - Robbie Williams
This song is just overrated and the lyrics make no sense at all.

73Beat On My Drum - Gabry Ponte
This is the only best song of 2012.

74Get It Started - Pitbull

75Sex In the Lounge - Nicki Minaj
So, once again, Nicki Minaj "Slut Face", Is wanting to have sex in the lounge with Chris Brown? And Chris Brown wanting to make her scream loud? So there's ANOTHER song about Chris Brown trying to get laid? Honestly, just have sex, none of us cares anymore!
This song sound's stupid.

76The Way
This song has no meaning WHAT-SO-EVER. "I love the way you make me feel, I love it I love it. " Wow how long did it take you to come up with that?


77Professional Griefers - Deadmau5
Over-added in video game soundtracks. It is even part of the Asphalt 8 Airborne and FIFA 13 soundtracks and I'm like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For Asphalt 8, it was better to add a Demi Lovato song from 2013 to the game's soundtrack. I'm glad this song had no radio airplay.

78Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) - Lupe Fiasco
Stop saying that America is garbage.
Lupe is garbage. Why is Bandz a make her dance in this list?


79Heart Skips a Beat - Olly Murs
THIS. SONG. IS. CRAP. It is without a doubt the most annoying, repetitive, terrible excuse for music I have ever heard in my entire life. It plays on the radio all the time where I'm from, and I can never get it out of my head. I would rather listen to a Bieber album straight through than hear this tripe one more time. Can't believe it hasn't been added yet.

80Bitch Bad - Lupe Fiasco

81What a Wonderful World - Jackie Evancho
I don't get why this is even on this list. I personally think her voice is beautiful and heavenly. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think she is better than most of the garbage that deserves to be on this list, especially Bieber, 1D, Will.I. am and Nicki Minaj.
It's a horrible world when Jackie Evancho exists.


82Somebody That I Used to Know - Your Favorite Martian

83Bartender - Your Favorite Martian

84My Balls - Your Favorite Martian

85Alien (Unplugged) - Your Favorite Martian

86She Looks Like Sex - Your Favorite Martian
The original version of the song is better & could be played w/ Cosmic ToastStudios animation as a Your Favorite Martian music video.

87Burn It Down - Linkin Park

88When Can I See You Again? - Owl City

89Birthday Song - 2 Chainz
This song was made only for the money.

90When She Was Mine - Lawson

91Picking Up the Pieces - Paloma Faith

92Turn Up the Music - Chris Brown
Would have voted for either Bieber or Minaj, but the horribleness of this piece is truly actually really underrated.

93Back In Time - Pitbull

94Faded - Tyga

95Wild Ones - Flo Rida
Flo rida is one of the worst rappers ever.
I love this song! There's nothing wrong with it!

96Part of Me - Katy Perry

97Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys
The lyrics are awful. Nicki's raps are stupid and pointless. The chorus is really annoying and repetitive and the vocals are so grating on the ears. Terrible song especially for Alicia.
This song is great, but I hate when they had to add Nicki Minaj into it! None of her lyrics make no sense and why does she have to ruin a great song?
Alicia Keys would be an awesome voice for Daisy Duck.

Her rival will be Gotye (the potential voice of Donkey Kong)

Daisy Duck vs. Donkey Kong

98Brokenhearted - Karmin

99Sing It - Rebecca Black
All you need to see is the name "Rebecca Black" and know that's its a horrible song.

100Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson
Week and generic/
Didn't kanye west have a song similar to this

I love Kelly Clarkson, she is an amazing singer but that song is poor. It's an other break up song. And I don't know why but it kinda reminds me of "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera.
It was sad who cares about love songs anymore only Taylor Swift does. Plus the only words were love kill doesn"t. Kelly Clarskon is out with yesterdays news.

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