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21 One More Night - Maroon 5 One More Night - Maroon 5

Imagine Bomberman singing this song w/ the retired YFM band & actually being voiced by Adam Levine the whole time.

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22 Birthday Song - 2 Chainz Birthday Song - 2 Chainz

This song was made only for the money.

23 Drive By - Train Drive By - Train

I've never heard such stupid lyrics, Train shows which this song (and with Hey, Soul Sister) why it's one of the lamest bands ever

Strongly disagree... Din expect this song to be here... - anandinvu00eectusu00d0

One of the worst songs of all time

Is not a worse song

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24 I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord

I hate this song and already thrashed it on my remix of this list, but I don't even feel motivated enough to rate it, it's just that tedious. Plus the is on my Worst Songs of All Time list, so add redundancy to that. - WonkeyDude98

Die antwoord sucks and should quit at rapping, worse than anaconda 1.5/10. Besides the girl singing is probably Nicki Minaj in disguise

Oh god, words can not describe how much I hate this mess.
Let's start of with Yolandi Visser's vocal talent--- Oh wait, she has none here. She sounds like a female version of Galantis's lead singer with the amount of autotune in her voice. In fact, she sounds like an alien.
The beat's next, and it's also just as bad. No, honestly, it sounds like it was ripped from a video game, and is enough to make your ears ring.
And the lyrics? Oh, don't get me started. Booty Bounce sucked, but hey, at least it was fun. This isn't. The worst is when Yolandi decides to say "fat boys like to slap me in the bum", which was enough to make me hate this song.
-5/10. Just like Anaconda, this was trash. - Swellow

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25 Scream & Shout - Will.I.Am Scream & Shout - Will.I.Am

Worst song ever, Will.I. am is a terrible musician and everything he does is terrible! Britney Spears was terrible in this too. Worst song and Worst lyrics.

What idiot put this song on here it's cool

Britney Spears was phenomenal until William James Adams II (will.i.am) made her worse by singing this song. Will.i.am needs his ass kicked off the band Black Eyed Peas and American Idol. If not for this psycho, Britney Spears would still be a hero.

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26 Roman Holiday - Nicki Minaj Roman Holiday - Nicki Minaj

The lyrics sound like they were written by a 6 year old. Random lines added in the middle of a smooth rap verse. VROOM, VROOM, UNDERWEAR!

Embarrassing to the hip hop industry.

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27 Home - Phillip Phillips Home - Phillip Phillips

So overplayed. His voice is really nothing special, the music sounds like he's trying to imitate Mumford & Sons and it's repetitive as all get out with barely any lyrics.

Ahh! This song aggravates me so much. Yeah, it was good when it came out and everything, but now it is just overplayed, and the structure of the song isn't even right. Seriously, the other girl should have won American Idol.

I liked it, believe me I did, but it was over played and I then hated it. - 906389

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28 Shut Up and Kiss Me - Reece Mastin

The Marianas Trench song, while it's the worst song on Astoria, is better. - WonkeyDude98

29 #rihanna - Glasses Malone #rihanna - Glasses Malone

Basically all of my sentiments to this song apply, plus, I like how there was a hashtag in the title. Does it have anything to do with the song? NOPE! They probably just put it there so Rihanna could see it whenever she tries to find herself on Twitter. Combined with the contents of the song, that is just vile and despicable in every way. - WonkeyDude98

30 Dance (A$$) - Big Sean Dance (A$$) - Big Sean
31 The Motto - Drake The Motto - Drake V 1 Comment
32 Bandz a Make Her Dance - Juicy J Bandz a Make Her Dance - Juicy J

3 Reasons.
1. Terrible production
2. Incorrect slang for the song and worst lyrics.
3. Lil Wayne and 2CHAINZ are not had the best rappers since 2012

That song title is not even an English and the force of a terrible rhymes to come

This is the debut of Mike WiLL Made-It and the breakthrough of Juicy J. Need I say more? - WonkeyDude98

This whole song doesn't make no damn sense - MeaganSaysHI

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33 I Endorse These Strippers - Nicki Minaj I Endorse These Strippers - Nicki Minaj

I remember back before Nicki Minaj was famous her music was actually pretty decent. But I guess once your signed to a label and become famous, you don't even have to try anymore!

Everything she releases is trash!

34 Bom Bom - Sam and the Womp Bom Bom - Sam and the Womp

No musicality in this at all. Her voice sounds rather irritating. There was not much effort in the vocals.

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35 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

I thought this song was made in 2010. Anyway is song is HORRIBLE! - funnyuser

Man, One Direction is lame in music!

This not even being in my top 20 least favorites from 2012 should say a lot about the year. - WonkeyDude98

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36 One Thing - One Direction One Thing - One Direction

They are absolutely HORRIBLE the only reason their songs get famous is because of their obnoxious fangirls...

It's just fake! And so repetitive. Basically one of the many reasons why I hate one direction

Just like Justin Bieber. They brain wash little girl's.

They should not be popular at all. Thumbs down.

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37 Bangarang - Skrillex Bangarang - Skrillex

Success kinda spoiled this song.

Hearing this song makes me want to give Skrillex a buzz cut and shut him down.

This song is very annoying. I hate it. Skrillex is the most terrible DJ ever.

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38 Your Body - Christina Aguilera Your Body - Christina Aguilera

Worst and idiotic song of 2012

Worst song by a good and amazing singer...

The best song and album

39 Live While We're Young - One Direction Live While We're Young - One Direction

Despite their glamorous appearances, One Direction has boring songs & boring themes of their songs.

40 Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber

I hate this song. Because the song has got AWFUL lyrics and Nicki Minaj has got Lucifer inside.

This song is by BOTH Justin and Nicki. It's worse than most of the songs on here. - Minecraftcrazy530

How this song sounds --- I do not like it. - madoog

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