Worst Songs of 2013


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The Top Ten

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
This song is tasteless and Miley has no talent. She is only famous because of all of the crazy controversial stuff she does for attention. I guess she is so desperate to be famous that she prefers negative attention to no attention at all. Sad, really.

I also hate the line, "Only God can judge us." I mean, that is true, but she's using it as an excuse to do all the bad stuff she wants.

And stop twerking. Please. Just stop.


This song makes my ears bleed. Her voice is so nasally and auto-tuned!
I just accidentally voted for this, hm. It's certainly not the greatest by any means, but I also wouldn't call it the worst. I've heard far worse and to be honest, it's catchy.

Everyone seems to take guilty pleasures too seriously and denounce them for being either popular or, well, popular. It's currently popular to hate Miley Cyrus for being "provocative" and what not, but I've heard far worse. Miley's talented and I think "We Can't Stop" is an admirable top 40 hit.


[Newest]This song is rotten garbage so is Miley Cyrus

2Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke
This song annoys me! What a joke! An insult to music! Disgusting. I used to like Pharrel but now? And this song makes me hate Robin Thicke. Worst lyrics in history, honestly, who the hello wrote this? Probably the same person who wrote Friday for Rebecca Black. This song is so disrespectful to women. Ugh, the lyrics are so gross! Whats worse is that stupid tune gets stuck in your head, ugh.


This song makes me wanna kill myself no matter what the time day or situation setting is
Every time I hear it I feel physically enraged, I just want to break something, the lyrics make no sense and Robin Thicke can't sing at all
[Newest]Weird al wrote a parody of this, word crimes. Listen to that instead.

3Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
Horrible song and stupid lyrics...


The song is terrible, her voice is annoying and the music video is disturbing and shouldn't have even been allowed on YouTube. This should be at number 1.
This is just so horrible! I don't want to listen to this song or watch the music video.
[Newest]The tune & voice is the worst part.

4Best Song Ever - One Direction
They stole the melody from Baba O'Riley by The Who. And not only that, they also ripped off songs such as from The Clash, Grease etc. And who are they going to rip off next? Westlife? The Wanted? They need to try to stop ripping off other songs and come up with their own melodies. Utter plagiarists. :(
More like the crappiest song ever
One Direction has no musical talent what so ever and they should just go away.
[Newest]The title is ironic.

5Harlem Shake - Baauer
I can't think of any other song on this list that's so devoid of anything good. "Best Song Ever" was pretty much stolen from another song, but it still sounds okay. "Blurred Lines" is actually pretty good if you don't listen to the lyrics. Even the god-awful "We Can't Stop" had a tune. But this? This is just noise. Not catchy enough to dance to, no pleasant (or really any) tune, and no redeeming lyrics. The only thing I can say in this song's defense is that it doesn't hit complete rock-bottom like "Stupid Hoe" did last year.
So annoying everyone playing it and dancing shut up!
Stop please I can not take this song anymore
[Newest]Completely overrated and very annoying and someone please kill Baauer.

6The Fox - Ylvis
This isn't a serious song. It's a joke. Ylvis themselves said that the song wasn't supposed to be taken serious. It was just for laughs.
This song is horrible. It makes no sense. How can this be called a song?
This is the worst song ever it so stupid
[Newest]Eh. It's not that bad. I highly praise Ylvis for making fun of modern music. It sucks, and Ylvis made this song to show that yes, I fact, it does, and that no matter how bad a song is, Billboard will put it at number one, because... WHY?

723 - Mike Will Made-It
Miley Cyrus is in this song, and has a rap verse. Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, (real) rappers that I detest just as much, also feature in this atrocity. AUTOMATIC FAILURE! This is, without question, an obscenely terrible piece of music (in reality, a bag of rotting garbage). THIS (SONG) SHOULD NOT EXIST!
This is a song? I thought it was a Air Jordan commercial gone terribly wrong, EPIC FAIL!
Miley Cyrus rapping. Shoot, me, now!
[Newest]Dumb ass music video and dumb ass song

8Chinese Food - Alison Gold
I couldn't even Watch the entire music video. It's that bad. And someone should put that Tae Allan song Mass Text on this list. That song also sucks.
I thought the meaning was something deeper but it's just about food and also I don't like the creativity of the lyrics
Good God... Worst ever!
[Newest]I don't get why this song was ever created.

9Roar - Katy Perry
I'm not a huge KP fan, but I usually don't mind her too much. But I thought that "Roar" was really beneath her. As she sing/talks her way through one lame, tired cliché after another, I just want to find a way to make it stop! Who let this become a fully realized song, played on the radio and everything. Once you reach this level of fame, don't you pay people to stop you from making such dire mistakes? And the video! She fashions a spear in order to hunt down... A banana? This isn't even "awesomely bad", it's just bad!
This song is so overplayed and annoying. Radioactive and Just Give Me a Reason shouldn't be on here!
I was in a dance class (Which I left because of bad teaching and mean girls) and we practiced this song. Every day, I had to hear it about 45 times. It was SO annoying! The girls there were older than me, they should understand what good music is and get off their phones and remove the wallpaper of their butt (One girl actually had that as her wallpaper). I mean, this sing is so bad! WHAT HAPPENED TO PEOPLE LIKING FLEETWOOD MAC!?!?


[Newest]Katy Perry is one of my least favorite singers ever. The singing for this song, the lyrics- all of it is just plain TERRIBLE. That sums it up.

10Gentleman - PSY
He famous just because of the stupid gangnam style and stupid ass dance
Shockingly bad remake on the crappy gangnam style
I am from South Korea and I agree that this song sucks! The gross part is the way he acts to the women! People says it was fun part; which is not fun at all. And people should know that all KPOP is not like this. I don't know why this crappy song is popular.
[Newest]Better than Gangnam Style

The Contenders

11When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars
First of all, the song is not called "When I Was Your Man" it is called "When I Was Your Giraffe"! Keith Urban already established this when Candice Glover sang this on "Idol". He's just whining... I shoulda bought you flowers and held your hand... Ugh shoot me in the head, just don't make me listen to this garbage! And while I don't agree with the message of "We Can't Stop, " but it's music is at least catchy I have to say. And anyone who thinks "Blurred Lines" is disgusting and "offensive to women" needs to grow a pair start wear them on the outside. "Roar" is probably just critically overplayed, and not half bad in small doses. "Wrecking Ball" is an improvement from the former song from her, and at least not worthy of #3. "Stay" is a beautiful ballad duet from Rihanna and belongs nowhere on this list! "Give It 2 U" is a modern twist on disco in a good way, whereas "Suit & Tie" sucks in comparison to JT's older stuff and is a modern twist on disco in a bad way. Bruno's "Treasure" is sucky in the same way as S&T, and I'm actually just ambivalent towards "Come & Get It" but I thought Bruno redeemed himself from the former two singles with "Gorilla" but I get it's kinda gimmicky. "Feel This Moment" is a great song built around a sample of A-ha yet it remains its own song, and Christina's swooping vocals bring it to life. "Radioactive" is a rock and electronic (dubstep) fusion at it's finest, and belongs nowhere on this list. "People Like Us" is a wonderful self-empowerment anthem with a commanding dance floor beat and angry, throaty vocals from Kelly, one of her best songs ever. "Heart Attack" is OK, a bit gimmicky, but Demi's vocals are phenomenal and holy crap am I still writing? With that I'll stop there.


I love this song it's not fair
I hate modern music... But this is a decent song.
At least the song is sang with emotion, unlike the electro-dance-pop-techno- Whatever you call it that plays on the big radio stations.
[Newest]I love the song so much

12Started From the Bottom - Drake
Re-title the song to "First World Problems."
"I guess 'Started From the Middle Caught a Few Lucky Breaks Along the Way and Now I'm Here' just doesn't have much flow to it though." - ADoseofBuckley
Drake did not start on the bottom. He grew up lower-middle class. Eminem was the only rapper that started from the bottom.
[Newest]Drake is literally a Barney poser compared to the real people from the hood

13Bubble Butt - Major Lazer
Terrible song like really bubble butt but that makes me laugh
Guess who said bubble butt bubble bubble bubble butt. (hint: he catches grenades for girls and tells them they're amazing just the way they are) you shocked?
It's a song about butts made for people to take seriously... What else do I have to say

14#thatpower - Will.I.Am Ft. Justin Bieber
Terrible song of will.I. am. This song has awful lyrics and I've heard Justin Bieber worse. Worst song. Worst lyrics. you SUCK Bieber!
This song is retarded in the whole history. Justin Bieber needs to stop singing because he ruined the whole song.
Believe it or not, it's not Justin Bieber thet sank this song. It's will.I. am's complete inability to rap, and this habit he has of drowning the hook in these terrible beats as soon as the verse comes in that ruined it. This also happened in "The Time (Dirty Bit)", but at least he's not desecrating some 80's song this time. Just ruining an okay-ish hook.

15Bound 2 - Kanye West
All I hear in the song is causing and hello honey boo I hate this song!
If this was worst music videos this would be 1.


I can make better music than this! He wasted 3 wonderful songs:( All that I hear is "Uh huh honey" and dirty lyrics!

16Cruise - Florida Georgia Line
If you listen to this song I will kill you.
It really makes you not want to cruse

17Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake
I don't consider myself a feminist in any way, but I actually found these lyrics kind of offensive. He keeps referring to "it", how he can't wait to touch it, how it's all his. Romantic. And the line, "So thick! Now I know why they call it a fatty! " Sure does make me swoon. I like the song if I just don't pay attention to the lyrics.
It was one of the best songs of year come on
My EARS My EARS OH The horror the horror

18Love Me - Lil Wayne
Its sexist and disrespectful to women. Its not even a good song


Let's see...

A dreary, lifeless beat that Mike Will Made It produced? Check.
Rappers that don't sound enthused at all about what they're rapping about? Check.
A chorus so bad that it somehow makes most Death Metal singers sound good? Check.
And some of the most sexist lyrics I've ever heard in a rap song? Definitely a check.

Why would anyone ever buy this?
Any lil Wayne song is horrible. this one is no different
[Newest]What a repulsive song. And not just the sexist lyrics. The beat and vocals are abysmal as well. And this isn't even the worst song on the album.

19Heart Attack - Demi Lovato
Demi has an heart attack. She needs to stop singing. I hate her music. That's all! Whitney Houston is better.
The worst song writer and actress in history.

20Come and Get It - Selena Gomez
You can taste the autotune in this song
This song is revoltingly sexist; she's objectifying herself and being a doormat and a masochist. Every time I hear this I feel like vomiting.
This song makes me wanna suicide
[Newest]She's an utter garbage think we gonna get rid of him very soon!


21Gas Pedal - Sage the Gemini
This song is a complete and utter failure. The rappers sound bored and clearly don't give a about their lyrics or delivery. The beat is depressing and lifeless, and does not make for a good party song. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
Worst song ever and why is heart attack by demi lovato on the list?
I didn't want to drive a car for a week after I heard this song. No joke.

22Gorilla - Bruno Mars
Nothing like a love song that makes you envision apes having sex.
This song should be in the top ten. If Bruno Mars is going to "make love like gorillas," then someone is bound to get seriously hurt. Not only that, but the song just sounds more depressing than whatever he wanted it to be. Now I'm afraid to go to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo.
I really like Bruno, but I just can't get with this one. I'm no expert in gorilla fornication, but somehow, I just don't think that "making love" is the most fitting term. The thought of "You and me baby, making love like gorillas" just seems kind of scary.
[Newest]The only thing I love about this song is the "Chinchilla" parody.

23I Love It - Icona Pop
Could have been written by a 5 year old, #1 in my book
Makes my top ten on worst songs in history ^_^
"I crashed my car into the bridge. I don't care! "

Why thanks for reminding us about the endless pile of cash that you celebrities have to blow on cars and bridge damage.
[Newest]Haha, this is the rebelling white girl's national anthem. It's completely horrid.

24Wake Me Up - Avicii
WHAT?! How could anyone hate this song?

25Let It Go - Idina Menzel
When I first went to see this movie with my family in November, I didn't even for once, sit there in my seat at the theater and think, "hmm, this song is inspiring, this song is catchy, this song is deep." I told myself, "Dear God in heaven, this sounds like it was written in a week by a middle schooler and never tweaked or revised over, like it was taken as it was! " if you could place this song into my hands, I would 'let it go' in a heartbeat, no thank you!
One of the annoying songs ever.


Shut the hell up, we can probably type better than you jackass.
[Newest]It's so nasally. It's one step down from Lois Griffin singing it.

26Mass Text - Tay Allyn
This must be #1. You know its bad when katy perry roar is apparently worse than this according to most people.

27Treasure - Bruno Mars
Seriously who the heck says thiss? It is one of his best songs and there's nothing offensive or language about it that makes it awful. How often do you find such a nice happy song these days?
I hate Bruno Mars. He can't sing, he clearly has no idea what a relationship is, and is the most pretentious thing ever. The proof: this song...
I hate this song. It's terribly written and pointless.

2822 - Taylor Swift
I never liked Taylor Swift, her inability to write songs and sing isn't even worth arguing over because of how obvious it is. The only thing she knows to write about, for the past 4 albums, is boys. She also only knows how to curl her hair and wear red lipstick, like every single time you see her. So it's no surprise this song was an attempt to make her look like a care-free 'hipster'. She knows nothing of hipsterism, she's a mainstream artist.
Too much autotune.
She sounds like Katy Perry.
She became a singer by telling people that she is such a "country cutie" and this song is like the worst pop song ever. It doesn't make any sense, it just reminds us how old she is by telling that she is "feeling 22".
Taylor Swift's 22 at 22nd spot. Laugh out loud

29Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
Stinks. The horn makes me want to rip my ears off.


30Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke
This song is plain disgusting. I only like Kendrick Lamar's part.

31Pour It Up - Rihanna
I love Rihanna, but this song is boring
Pour it up pour it up. Watch us all throw up. Hate this song so much.

32One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - One Direction
Whoever let these mediocre children ruin a Blondie classic should be shot. Why? Why? What did the world do to deserve this monstrosity? When it comes to cover tunes, unless you can improve on it somehow or totally make it your own, don't bother. FAIL!
They did this video to support a children's foundation, how can you call that mediocre?! And I believe this is a GREAT way to get your kids to get into old songs, it worked on me. And they definitely made a great job. This song doesn't deserve to be here.
They did this cover for a kid's foundation while there's other stars that won't care about those kids. it should not be on the list because they did a really good job

33Timber - Pitbull
This songs is a huge disgrace. It sounds so bad and is so overplayed in radio stations. And what the heck, it reached no. 1 on Billboard. Please it is the worst song I have ever heard.
The sound of that harmonica and Kesha's atrocious vocals alone make it perfectly deserving of the top spot in this list. They are ear-piercingly bad.


Pitbull can't sing. And that's that!

34Say Something - A Great Big World
I am apparently one of the few who hates this song, but here is my reasoning. It builds up to nothing. It tries so hard to be emotional but never does anything to provoke a response. It is just a simple piano number with whiny lyrics over it. "Say something, I'm giving up on you" mixed with semi-cryptic lyrics over a sad piano number is not emotional. It is boring and poorly written. In fact, without Christina's name attached to this track I doubt it would have made it onto the charts at all.
Like a great big world of embarrassment, this song is so stupid and sounds like a dying Bibarel while Christina sounds like a dying Diggersby. How come no one put this song in this list and people put great songs like Gas Pedal, Freaks, Berzerk, Rap God, etc. in this list instead? Because they never heard such great songs (not Say Something you idiots). I vomited while hearing this song 3 times and this song makes me wanna bang my head on the walls a billion times per microsecond causing me to die. One request, please vote this song as one of the worst songs ever. This song sucks like Royals, Team (Lorde), Roar, Dark Horse (Katy Perry), Counting Stars (Onerepublic), and Demons (Imagine Dragons). A Great Big World, Is There Anybody Out There? Yes there are, those you controlled (all 7 billion people excluding me). SO shut up and suck it up, RETIRE you IDIOTS!
Ughh so dumb. I hate this whenever its on the radio I wanna rip my ears off. too slow.

35Dark Horse - Katy Perry
Obviously one the worst songs of 2013. Someone help explain why it is even above disaster (<1/10). Katy Perry has the permanent effect of Brain Control, making everyone be her minions and forcing them to buy all her stupid songs especially this piece of junk. Juicy J screwed up his whole verse and the beat, or man, it is stupid. People really need some help getting their minds back and maybe they will realize how much of a pest Katy Perry is.
Has nothing to do with a dark horse at all. My guess is she wanted to take some old clever sounding phrase or whatever, and make it into a bad song in hopes people would think she has wisdom. Beat, stupid. Lyrics, like a 6th grade girl wrote them. The addition of 'Juicy J', doesn't make you look gangster. You're an awful, mind controlling, candy coated woman who knows nothing about real music and is sexualizing young girls because you're the only other pop star there is.
Why is this song overplayed? There's one lyric that has to do with jeffrey dahmer. That guy was a cannibal for crying out loud!
[Newest]"She'll eat your heart out like jeffrey dahmer." Jeffrey dahmer ate more than just the heart. He ate the whole body.

36Feel This Moment - Pitbull
My pick for worst song of 2013, generic dance crap, Christina Aguilera, who actually sounded good in Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger, is unbearable in this. Resulting in her just repeating the same lyrics over and over as loud as possible. Pitbull being his ever cliche self, and the cherry on top. The ruining of Aha's 80s classic Take on Me. that alone puts this as the worst.
What the hell! This is a song.
This song was so lazy. I rate it as the worst song ever.

37Scream & Shout (Remix) - Will.i.am
The most dumbest songs in history
This is literally the most retarded song I've ever listened to. It makes no sense whatsoever, and it is SO overrated! It was on the radio 24/7 and I never actually got to hear the songs I actually liked, this is the same case with Royals.


Britney Spears needs to stop, her reign has been long over and no one cares about her anymore. Her attempt to dazzle us with her stupid british accent in this song was something you could laugh about forever.
[Newest]The original Version is better

38Story of My Life - One Direction
I love this song and I think that one direction is cool
There's many other bad songs that should be highter. This song is great and it should not be on the list
One Direction? KILL ME.

39Right Here - Justin Bieber
I've never even heard this song, but I clearly don't need to in order to say it sucks, it's just common sense now. If it has the name 'Justin Bieber' attached to it in anyway, it flat out sucks regardless.
I hate Justin's songs specially this one... its bull
I hate Bieber period but this song made me wanna kill myself

40Just Give Me a Reason - P!nk
Nate Reuss (the nasally lead singer of fun. ) is in it. Need I say more?
Needs to be higher. This song is trash.
Best song of 2013

1. Just give me a reason
2. Try
3. We can't stop

41The Way - Ariana Grande
I can't take this crappy song anymore!
This is a great song, how is it #29 on this list?! It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. That's pretty hard for a debut single. Her vocals are amazing and her vocal range is extremely high. Seriously, how could somebody hate this song?
I love the way you make me feel, I love it, I love it. I love the way you make me feel, I love it, I love it OKAY, THAT'S ENOUGHT!
[Newest]I hate her music.

42All That Matters - Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is so damn annoying with his little girl 5 year old voice. Ever time one of his songs come on, I rush to go and get some ear phones. I mean, who would not.

43All Gold Everything - Trinidad James

44Dope Peddler - 2 Chainz
The worst rap song their ever is. It makes you want to get some tacks and shove them in your ears until your ear drums break and your can no longer hear. It a lot worse than that song " Stupid Hoe" by Nicki Minaj.

45Acapella - Karmin

46Turn Down for What? - DJ Snake & Lil Jon
Why would you even need to rate this song? The first millisecond of it should make you say "God no" but of course, there are teenagers that want to look hood or gangster, so they all gobble it up when they're all playing the same game. But being on the outside of it all, it's funny to watch a bunch of stupid teens fight to be the coolest when not a single one of them will ever know real music.
Doesn't make any sense. All that they say is Turn Down For What? Don't even know what they're saying except for that. Not music.


Typical for these people

47Work Bitch - Britney Spears
This is the worst song ever. The beat is unoriginal, and the lyrics are completely stupid.


Just the title makes you want to protest against her.
Why make a dance song if your out of shape and can't dance...

48ABCDEFG - Alison Gold

49Carry You - Union J
I think ranga billa is little better (behenchod)

50Team - Lorde
Lorde's failed attempt to prevent people remembering her as a one hit wonder
What is she and her group saying stop slurping up your words Lorde just stop


Dumbest song I've ever heard. I hope this group goes away. She'd have a better career in adult film.
[Newest]She's mumbling, can't understand a word she's saying.


51Adore U - Miley Cyrus

52Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber

53Still Into You - Paramore

54Fashion! - Lady Gaga
Worst song from her new album ARTPOP.
Worst of Gaga
This song's good I don't know why people hate it.
Worst song from Gaga.
Just a shame.

55The Devil Is a Lie - Rick Ross
Ya ya I heard your opening act for deadmau5 lies. No one gives a crap cause we know they are lies.


Rick Ross just announced that his next tour is canceled, and he will be the opening act for Deadmau5.

56Counting Stars - OneRepublic
I hate this song every time I hear it I cringe and then when they had the contestants on the miss america pageant lip-syncing to it during the show it just made it that much more cheesy and annoying to me I can say that I hate this song!
How is this song that low in this list? This should be number 1. It is the most boring counterpart of What Does The Fox Say - Ylvis. This song makes me want to commit suicide but thanks to some other good songs like Gas Pedal - Sage the Gemini, I didn't I was very close to suicidal one hearing this song top the charts.


I love this song! Why is this here?

57Hey Porsche - Nelly
Who wants to have a romance with a car anyways? Not me.
After hearing this song, I want nelly to go back to rap/pop

58Alone - Falling In Reverse
To think this guy used to be in Escape the Fate, now he's stooped as low as to go the Auto-toned rap route. Utter shambles.
I probably would've voted one of the more overplayed songs that annoyed me, but... Oh god, that vocalist. That guy just completely sank this song to the absolute bottom of my list.
Is this rap or rock?

59Stay the Night - Zedd
She repeats the same words over and over and over and over again... well kind of
Zedd is a band that has skills in lyrics.
(Sarcasm self test complete)

60Gotta Ball - V-Nasty & Lil Debbie
Whys this on here? They were obviously joking around and to be honest this song is WAY better than fancy by iggy or anything nikki minaj has done.
I hate this song. It has gruesome lyrics.

61Crazy Kids - Ke$ha
This song was made purely for the money. And what the hell was up with will.I. am in the music video? Does it take place in the future all of a sudden because he's a robot... screw it. I don't care.

62Because We Can - Bon Jovi

63Drinking From the Bottle - Calvin Harris

64Clarity - Zedd
This song isn't that bad actually.

65Waiting All Night - Rudimental Feat. Ella Eyre

66Replay - Zendaya
Immense auto-tune is used in this song.


Just an idiotic and annoying Disney star who think's she has it all.
Such a terrible song. Really? Let me put it to you this way; "It's some s**t I don't like! " Such a ripoff from a few electronic songs combined.

67She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Hey its not eve a 2013 song! And by the way its great!
This was from 2004!

68All That - Cymphonique

69Chocolate - The 1975

70Rule the World - Selena Gomez
I wish she would have just stuck to acting.

71Turn the Night Up - Enrique Iglesias
Complete ripoff of The Time (Dirty Bit), and somehow worse.

72I Wish - Cher Lloyd
Oh my god. This song is the epitome of crappy mainstream Songs for low-class, immature, teenagers. I don't care if you don't have a nice butt or a rack. I'll love you for who you are. Not for what you look like.

73Thinking About You - Calvin Harris
This is a very good song and there are lots of other worse songs but I can't find a ripoff list. This song belongs here for how many songs this guy ripped off. Especially deadmau5. deadmau5 came out with a song in 2008 called Arguru in memory of a music producer. Then he copied HIS OWN SONG but thrown Kaskade into the song called Move for Me. Then... this. This is the EXACT same riff with a raindrop piano beat copied off of about 100 songs and a quarter of that is deadmau5. Biggest... ripoff... ever... Oh yeah and... the vocalist really isn't THAT good

74Acid Rain - Avenged Sevenfold
This is an awful song from my favorite band. So disappointed with this song with a coolish name.

75Brave - Sara Bareilles
If I have to hear this song one more time, I'm gonna rip my ears off and swallow them.

76Old School Love - Lupe Fiasco
Why are Sage the Gemini and French Montana in this list? Since that happened, Lupe Fiasco deserved a spot in this list.

77Bridge Over Troubled Water - Jackie Evancho
Nonsense. The crowd LOVED it and Robin Leach wrote that Jackie stole the show.
You are kidding me. This is only 72? This is the worst song I ever heard.
Utter trash. Needs to be number 1 in this list. Whoever said that the crowd loved it is out of his/her flipping mind. The crowd, Robin Leach, and every other Jackie Evancho fan are brainwashed by her awful lip-syncing in AGT 2010 and in this song, SHE DOES THE SAME THING! You know what Jackie, please stop singing and start working at wood factory. You could actually learn some skill.
Besides, true masterpieces like Gas Pedal and All Gold Everything should never ever touch this list!


78Here's to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne
Meaningless lyrics and chorus.

79Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
Ummm... Wrong decade much? This is a list for 2013, not 2003.

80Let It Go - Demi Lovato
Why does this girl always shouts in her songs...
This song sounds better when idina menzel sings it, seriously the lyrics are horrible
Once again, a terrible artist takes a terrible song and makes it suck worse.
[Newest]A horrible song made even worse (somehow) by someone who thinks shouting is singing.

81Russian Roulette - Rihanna
This song is from 2009 but I hate This song. This song Sucks Balls!
Really? A song from 2009 here? Who's the idiot who made this list?
This should not be the list because:
1. This is a list for the WORST SONGS of 2013
2. This song is from 2009

82100 Black Coffins - Rick Ross
RR will be the opening act for the Deadmau5 world tour next year.

83Happy - Pharrell Williams
I love this song, it's a great song just to sing when your HAPPY!
At least it's something different. It actually sounds like an old smooth jazz song from the 60's.
Like this song, although it can get annoying in one point

84You & I - One Direction
Perfect wedding song and wonderful for couples

85Wop - J. Dash

86Versace - Migos
Here's a little drinking game: Take a shot every time he says the word "Versace". You'll be passed out within 15 seconds.

87Wild for the Night - A$ap Rocky Ft. Skrillex

88Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
This "rock" song just makes me go to sleep

89Everything at Once - Lenka
This song is extremely retarded. It's only at #90? This should be number 1 in the worst songs! Just retarded song.
Horrible. Just horrible. Lenka can't even sing it's also annoys me. Really? 90? It should be number 1!
"A sly as a fox as strong as an ox" what kind of lyrics are these. Total rip-off of all the rhymes.
[Newest]How is This song appear in Windows 8 Commercial? İt Sucks!

90Splinter - Bubba Sparxxx

91TwerkIt - Busta Rhymes
Why does nobody talk about this song?! It really baffles me how no one talks about how truly awful this song is (that is if you can call it a song).

92Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake

93Wowzers - Lil Wayne

94Where Are We Now? - David Bowie
Huh? Why is this here?


95Now - Paramore
The annoying band with the most irritating chorus.


To think I used to like you...

96Freaks - French Montana

97Demons - Imagine Dragons
I agree, this is a good song. After a while though, it starts to get old. Great song, but definitely overrated. This is not even close to the best song of all time.


Imagine Dragons is not a bad band, but it's the most overrated band ever
It's not bad, this song.

98The Monster - Eminem

99Get Lucky - Daft Punk
If this song swapped lyrics with Blurred Lines it would have been on top of this list. Both songs are just as terrible
What! I actually kinda like this one
This should have been number 1 on the worst songs it says the same thing over and over again with a boring background music

100#Beautiful - Mariah Carey
Seriously? Why Is This Even On The Top 10? I Mean This Song Is Great Hmm? I Kniw Maybe Arianators Voted This -_-

Some Fans Today Are Not Oldies Today -_-

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