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101Wowzers - Lil Wayne
102Canto del Pilon - Milk & Sugar

How is Just give me a reason higher? Canto del Pilon should be number 1. Milk and Sugr used to have a good song but now this song sucks. I have to say that lady has miserable voice. The only reason I HATE song!

I'm sorry but I hate this song but everyone liked it. Give me a straight reason why is this song bad:

Stupid audio
Awful beats
Miserable voice

This song probably should be 1...

103Ready to Go - Limp Bizkit

I don't know what's more shocking. Limp Bizkit still making music, or people out there still listening to Limp Bizkit.

104Pop That - French Montana
105Trumpets - Jason Derulo

"Is it weird that your ass
Remind me of a Kanye West song? "

Need I say more?

106P***y Wet - Gucci Mane

Wow. Just.. just wow. No wonder Trent Reznor doesn't hang around with Manson anymore. Manson has stooped this low!

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107Madness - Muse
108A Little Something - Deavid Soul
109Bad Girl - Avril Lavigne

I love this song. shouldn't be on the list, cause it sounds badass

Shouldn't someone tell Avril that nu metal is dead?

110In Summer - Josh GadV1 Comment
111The Other Side - Jason Derulo

The Other Side is stunning and catchy. - madoog

112When a Fire Starts to Burn - Disclosure

The weird vocals, the basic drum pattern, and the fact that the title is virtually the only lyric in the song. All I need to say. - WonkeyDude98

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113F**kin' Problems - A$ap Rocky

This song is stunning. I like that beat. I like 2 Chainz's vocals. - madoog

114What About Love? - Austin Mahone
115My Baby - Zendaya
116That's My Kind of Night - Luke Bryan
117Eye to Eye - Taher ShahV1 Comment
118Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato
119Baby - Eminem

It's on the MMLP2 Deluxe. Honestly, the baby crying in the beginning is annoying, and the lyrics scream "I AM BETTER THAN YOU OTHER RAPPERS", making Eminem seem like a narcissist here. And people have said the flow is sick, but I refuse to check it out, because of the 2 reasons listed above. - Hotheart123

120Latch - Disclosure
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