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201Pole Code - Rae Sremmurd
202Sucker for Pain - Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons

Most overrated piece of crap song to come out of 2016. Sounds like a mixture of dying cats and nails on a chalkboard

Deserves to be in the top 10. It sucks.

As an Imagine Dragons fan, this song is pretty bad.

This is lil Wayne's only good song

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203Winaloto - Tommy Cash
204Make You Miss Me - Sam Hunt

We can only hope that ExToSee never becomes a hit, or I'll end myself. -1.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

205Like I Would - Zayn

This is a mess. Zayn sounds bored, the synths are overbearing, and the subject matter is just a carbon copy of "Treat You Better" except with cussing and sex references thrown in to make it "edgy". FAIL. - Spark_Of_Life

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206Bohemian Rhapsody - Panic! at the Disco

Why is panic at the disco covering bohemian rhapsody? Why couldn't they just use the original?

I'm sorry but Brendon Urie is basically at a karaoke machine here. No one should ever cover Bohemian Rhapsody unless they wanna suck at it

Good, but I like the original version more. - Powerfulgirl10

Why the hell is this on the worst list?

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207Girls Talk Boys - 5 Seconds of Summer
208Pink + White - Frank OceanV1 Comment
209Smile - Daniel Skye

I'm not smiling when I listen to this song!

This song is overly generic and not enjoyable. What does this song bring to the table? Nothing - madoog

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210Blow Your Mind - Dua Lipa

Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Black's stepchild, too bad she isn't competent and has the vocal talent of a strangled Akita. - Swellow

Well, Dua, you may not be able to blow my mind, but you sure can make me sick to my stomach. - Spark_Of_Life

What is this? The awkward "mah" followed by a kiss sound lowers the quality. This song is a mess. Are bad songs outnumbering good songs? - madoog

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211You & Me - Marc E. Bassy

This song made me angry when I heard it. This song tries to sound good. This song sucks. - madoog

Petulant grating reggae garbage complete with a G-Eazy feature. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

To be honest all of this dude's CDs should be sold with barf bags attached. - Spark_Of_Life

212With You Tonight - Nicky Jam
213THat Part - ScHoolboy QV1 Comment
214Don't You Need Somebody - RedOne
215Cookin - Fat Joe

Fat Joe's attempts to stay relevant are just hilarious if anything at this point. 0/5 - ProPanda

216Rock On - Tucker Beathard

Beathard sounds like a retard on this song

Judging by this guy's name, he's either a pornstar or country artist, but based on the lyrics and genre of the song, he might be both... -1/5 - ProPanda

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217Peach Panther - Riff Raff
218Carlos Slim - Riff Raff
219Only in America - Riff Raff
220Chris Paul - Riff Raff
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