Top Ten Worst Songs of 2016


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221Syrup Sippin' Assassin - Riff Raff
222I Drive By - Riff Raff
223Mercedez - Riff Raff
224Shoutout to the Bay - Riff Raff
225Betcha Didn't Know - Riff Raff
226Timmy Turner - Souljia Boy

An even worse cover of a terrible song. - Swellow

Soulja Boy, please end your life. Tiimmy Turner by Desiigner is an amazing song about dealing with one's own condemnation and whether it's really worth getting back at people who did you wrong. Saying "diamonds" over its beat a hundred billion times is plain disgraceful. -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

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227All My Friends - Snakehips

Sure, this wouldn't go down as one of the worst songs of 2016, but there was only one but massive problem. Sure, Tinashe played the somber sadness personality which came off pretty well done and the beat is actually relating to the song. The problem is, Chance The Rapper! Now his somber sadness personality only comes off as annoying nasal voice! And that ruined it for me. I am sorry guys, but not even the song's many strong points can fix what Chance The Rapper ruined, even if it tried. 0/5. - SelfDestruct

228You're Not There - Lukas Graham

Lukas' voice ruins this otherwise good song, 2/5 - ProPanda

229Champions - Kanye West

Desiigner being a complete nonpresence (where in this song am I supposed to hear him? ), Gucci Mane being as annoying as ever, and Kanye West being arrogant ruins this potentially good song. the best I can give is a 2/5. Sorry. - SelfDestruct

230Star of the Show - Thomas RhettV2 Comments
231Pick These Hoes Apart - DJ KhaledV1 Comment
232Negativity - Corey Feldman
233We Wanted Change - Corey Feldman
234Duh - Corey Feldman

Wanna know the worst thing about this song? This isn't even one of the absolute worst on the album. -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

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235Lovin' Lies - Corey Feldman
236Wow - Beck

This is one of the worst songs I've ever heard. I hate the compression on Beck's voice, I hate the random nonsense lyrics, I hate the blocky, overly chunky 808s, I hate the bridge, I hate the guitar on the chorus, and most of all I hate the broken whistling synths, especially when it's converted into chiptune. And yet, I kinda love this for all that. It's the definition of "so bad it's good". But for an artist like Beck, that can only take you so far. 3/5 - WonkeyDude98

Didn't Beck lose her relevance more than a decade ago? - Swellow

237Somewhere on a Beach - Dierks Bentley

"She got a body, and she's naughty." This has to be one of the most cringeworthy lyrics of the year. - NiktheWiz

238Tuxedo - Clare Dunn
239Minnesota - Lil Yachty
240Lazarus - David Bowie

Who is putting bowie on the list? He actually made music, rather than the noise the kids listen to these days

Bloody trolls. Feeding them is hilarious is hilarious because it just gives their pathetic answers. - Swellow

No, no...even if this is a troll...hell to the no...NO!

David Bowie (in case any of you have the brain capacity of Young Thug) was dying while making this, and this song was basically his goodbye (since the man pretty much knew he was dying) and here's a sort of interesting fact...the music video for this was posted about a few hours before he died...of cancer

How the hell is this on the worst list? This song is so emotional, adding to the fact that the lyrics talk about his upcoming passing and what happened a few days after the album dropped. If anything this is best list material

The only reason you hate it is because you're used to trashy dance songs.

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