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101I Know What You Did Last Summer - Shawn Mendes

This song actually had potential. The lyrics and concept were at least interesting, and musically the song isn't bad. Too bad they ruined it with 2 extremely lackluster vocalists. Shawn Mendes can kind of sing, but he puts no emotion into his performance at all. He sounds really bored. Camilla Cabello, on the other hand, is trying so hard to emote, but she just cannot sing. At all. - Zach808

Zach, it's uncanny how our thoughts are almost if not identical. - WonkeyDude98

This song's polarizing attributes make it come to a perfect "meh".

Pro: The lyrics. They showcase, as the title would imply, a complicated relationship where one cheats on the others.

Mid: The beat. It's nothing that special but devoid of bad.

Con: The vocals. Camila Cabello is a terrible singer with poor charisma, but has a lot of emotion. Shawn Mendes is a great singer, but has poor charisma and virtually no emotion. Normally this would help each of them but in the context of the song it causes them to clash.

I give this a decent 3/5. It's definitely better than Stitches. - WonkeyDude98

I love this song. It is so unique and it has a deeper meaning than most garbage pop music these days. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Dude the title is the name of a 90s slasher

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102I Got the Keys - DJ Khaled

I get you hate the song, but was it really necessary adding it two times? - Swellow

103Banshee - Santigold
1042 Phones - Kevin Gates

This is one of the most forgettable songs I've ever heard. It's like some generic guy was given a cheat sheet on how to make a trap song. His voice and flow aren't anything special, and all he does is brag about the same crap as everyone else. No one is gonna remember who Kevin Gates is when this song drops off the charts. - Zach808 this. There's no joke or punchline, it's literally a guy talking about how he has two phones. Oh if only he wasn't playing it completely straight. Gates sounds like Flo Rida on weed, the beat is cold dark trap mush, and he has lyrics about how his phones make him "gorgeous" and make "other women feel unimportant". Since this isn't a joke, it isn't funny, and we're left with some really pathetic writing from a flash-in-the-pan nobody rapper who will fade in three months. To quote TDA, this is like a ghetto Sesame Street. Half-star/5. - WonkeyDude98

"My phone be making women feel they unimportant"
This lyric, alongside his constant bragging of how great his "two phones" are, only makes Kevin come out as an ass. Thankfully this song is that forgettable it's nothing in three months. - Swellow

There is no meaning in this song... just a douche rapping about how he has 2 phones. Makes me wanna break all the phones he has so he can stop singing about it

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105Really Really - Kevin GatesV1 Comment
106By Chance - Rae Sremmurd

This is absolutely terrible, so by Rae Sremmurd standards, highly above average. - WonkeyDude98

This song is annoying. How he repeatedly says "by chance" and the annoying instrumental - madoog

Major disappointment but yeah, I heard worse. - SelfDestruct

107Father Stretch My Hands - Kanye West

Hey Kanye, if 3/4 of your song is just a sample, you're probably doing something wrong. - Spark_Of_Life

First part just is outright awful, second part is just Panda 2.0 (even worse). Father Stretch My Hands Pt 2 should have been called Panda Pt 2. At least with that I would understand why. - SelfDestruct

Does anyone remember through the wire? Those were the days...
Also he somehow does a worse sample than he did with "harder better faster stronger"

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108Let Me Love You - Ariana Grande

What could be so bad about this song? Ariana Grande's singing is amazing, the production is decent... Oh wait! Lil Wayne is in it to ruin what could have been a good song! 1/5. It went that bad because of Lil Wayne ALONE! - SelfDestruct

Lil Wayne RUINED this good song. This is why you never ask Lil Wayne to rap in your singles, think again Ariana. - Catacorn

Between the shockingly mechanical production, the irritating chorus, and 2016 Lil Wayne's existence, it's no surprise that this is a 0/5. - WonkeyDude98

2 songs in a row called Let me Love You.

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109I Don't Like to Think - Riff Raff

The very worst song on Peach Panther. I mean, this is genuinely terrifying. It sounds like something out of the Shining. Small stuff first: Riff Raff says that he goes into women's bathroom stalls, and he has Problem handle one of the, if not, the worst chorus of the entire year. We know that you both don't like to think, WE CAN TELL.

But again, the production on this...I mean, you have a two-person choir from your nightmares in this, and one of the weediest trap snares of the whole year, but then you have this broken music box rattling through the whole thing and it's just...can I leave? Like, I feel threatened by this...-1/5 - WonkeyDude98

110Fade - Kanye West

This song... I'm not even sure what to call it. The beat is somewhat catchy, the lyrics have a distinct vibe to them, but the song itself was messed up beyond belief. It legitimately sounds like a 5 year old attempted to make a YTP, then getting bored after 10 minutes and completely reordering everything and mashing things up. The "I Feel It" sample is life support for the song, and it just screwed everything up. If it qualifies as a song, then it's quite bad (I guess), but for some reason, whether it be that everyone else loves it or that I burst out laughing every time I hear this, I can't get myself to hate it, or even take it seriously.

Plus, Teyana Taylor isn't that impressive to me.

I knew this song would be in the list sooner or later. Screw you whoever put it in. This song is hotness - Mcgillacuddy

What? This one rocks! THe sample, the weirdness, and the clever lyrics. 5/5 - ProPanda

This song rocks. I don't even know what to say. 5/5

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111Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5

I came in with extremely low expectations, and I got them as low as they could get. Now all Adam Levine is doing is chasing as much trends as he can, this time using the aloha-themed dance music that won't get off the charts. Maroon 5, you've had a good run, but now it's time for you guys to go solo, and as for you, Kendrick Lamar, stick to making rap. - Swellow

It's been a long time coming, but this HAS to be the end of the half-assed Tropical House trend that's been all over the charts. It sounds like no one even tried on this song, that everyone was just trying to chase trends. Adam Levine jacks the vocal flow from Justin Bieber on Let Me Love You's chorus, the instrumentals are this boring 3-note pattern that don't build to anything, and Kendrick delivers his most phoned in guest verse to date. Maroon 5, it's time to break up. - Zach808

This should've been credited to only adam levine because this doesn't sound maroon 5 at all

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112Deja Vu - Post Malone

If you've ever seen me comment on an anti-pop list, you'd think I like Justin Bieber. Well I don't, and song like THIS are the reason why. I mean, I already hated this song before I listened to it. 2016 Justin Bieber and diet 2016 Justin Bieber (Post Malone) is automatically a fail. But even with this horrendous combination, this is an ATROCITY, easily worse than White Iverson, maybe even worse than Go Flex.

Forget the fact that whatever vibes you could collect from this are swamped in reverb-y bass and thin trap percussion, and that both of these guys sound like they just woke up from a bad head cold, but the these guys are really trying to sell themselves as tools aren't they?

Forget the fact that Post Malone explicitly tells a girl who's leaving him to leave her...well...stuff at the door, and by that he means her underwear, and the way he phrases it automatically makes me think of brown stains, he says that he screws so many women that the one he's doing ...more - WonkeyDude98

Why the hell does this guy have a career again?

Well, Wonkey summed this up better than I could so, I'm just gonna leave with a a -1/5 - ProPanda

113In the Name of Love - Martin Garrix

The only thing that makes me want to puke more than Bebe's performance is that cancerous drop... - Spark_Of_Life

This whole list is garbage, there a whole wad of amazing songs on this list, and this is one of them, love it so much

This song isn't that bad, except for that drop.

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114Gang - Max P

Appearently, this song is popular in Minecraft PvP, jfc this song is terrible - Moorefamval

115Just Like Fire - Pink

It's not necessarily bad but it does sound like most of her other material and does not push her comfort zone.

I am the only person who gets the real meaning behind this song

Complete garbage. Pink sounds fine (except for the prechorus and NO ONE CAN BE JUST LIKE ME ANYWEH), but that's a given, it's Pink. The instrumentation is bland and forgettable to the point of being unlistenable (imagine if Sober, one of the best songs ever, had no emotion or passion in it), and the metaphor in the lyrics is generic and unfinished. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

Overplayed as hell, but still really good. - Powerfulgirl10

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116Then There's You - Charlie PuthV2 Comments
117Send My Love (to Your New Lover) - Adele

...and of course, the worst song on 25 is the final single. I mean, it isn't terrible but I wouldn't call it great either, in fact this is probably Adele's weakest effort to date. The idea of an upbeat Adele song is interesting, but in context with the very grey and downbeat 25, it's pretty jarring. Also that hook is incredibly irritating. The verses are alright, and it's still Adele, so let's settle with a 3/5. - WonkeyDude98

It's fun to see Adele have a nice upbeat song, but even there, something here still feels so grey and hollow... - Swellow

This is honestly one of my favorite Adele songs. It's nice to see her do something more uplifting and upbeat for once. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I love this song. Adele has made a nice, bubbly single. - Catacorn

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118This Girl - Kungs vs Cookin' on 3 Burners

This isn't music, just absolute nonsensical noise!

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119One Night - Lil Yachty

This song is so boring and Lil Yachty sounds so uninterested in what he's, rapping. If it wasn't for the sexist, unbearable lyrics, nothing about this crap would be memorable. Lil Yachty is just another cliche loser trying and failing miserably at rapping that we'll never hear from again. - Spark_Of_Life

No, this is only the worst thing ever. Nothing is over-the-top or ridiculous about this, it's insufferable declination of a woman playing as a dull, monotonous bore. -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

Sometimes, lazy flow can come out as comedic (say for example, Pop Style by Drake). But here, it doesn't and only comes out as cringe-worthy. This is a 0/5 because he definitely didn't try. - SelfDestruct

Yachty, Have you been smoking broccoli again?

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120FDT - YG

What the heck is up with this cover art?

Even though I hate YG, I think this song is hilarious. - Mumbizz01

Diss track gone wrong! You blew it YG! - SelfDestruct

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