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101 Fuh Q Mang - Pogo
102 Trumpular - Pogo
103 Cyberbully Channels are Cancer! - Mishovy Silenosti

Rumor has it, that every time you hear a song by Mishovy, you feel the pain of everyone who had to experience the Holocaust

The only thing that's cancer is the person who's singing it. - Swellow

Stop saying cancer. Ugh this song fails hard. 1/5 - AlphaQ

Why isn't "I Play Pokemon Go Everyday" higher

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104 This Town - Niall Horan This Town - Niall Horan

Now this prick has a solo career! Crap, now all the 5SoS fangirls will be drooling over his quiffs and monotonous voice. - Swellow

Boring song with boring lyrics, boring beat and no personality. The worst part about this song is that it will be all over top 40 radio soon.

Boring, annoying, and irritating. Soon this will be all over the radio. So sick of slow, boring songs.

You'd think that I wouldn't be the only one who likes this. 4/5 - WonkeyDude98

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105 Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5 Don't Wanna Know - Maroon 5

I came in with extremely low expectations, and I got them as low as they could get. Now all Adam Levine is doing is chasing as much trends as he can, this time using the aloha-themed dance music that won't get off the charts. Maroon 5, you've had a good run, but now it's time for you guys to go solo, and as for you, Kendrick Lamar, stick to making rap. - Swellow

It's been a long time coming, but this HAS to be the end of the half-assed Tropical House trend that's been all over the charts. It sounds like no one even tried on this song, that everyone was just trying to chase trends. Adam Levine jacks the vocal flow from Justin Bieber on Let Me Love You's chorus, the instrumentals are this boring 3-note pattern that don't build to anything, and Kendrick delivers his most phoned in guest verse to date. Maroon 5, it's time to break up. - Zach808

This should've been credited to only adam levine because this doesn't sound maroon 5 at all

This song did something I never thought could happen: made me able to compliment that atrocity V. Say what you want about the compressed, overproduced shlock that disguised some truly disgusting lyrics, at least there was SOME passion in it. Adam doesn't even sound shrill or energetic enough to be annoying, it's just boring. And that's what this song is, it's boring. The lyrics edge being catty in a way Maroon 5 really hasn't done before (not in a good way), the tropical beat is a complete slap in the face to anyone who still considered these guys a band and removes any identity, and this may be Kendrick's worst verse to date.

Yes, worse than The Greatest, Bad Blood, and Give It 2 U. You better start giving quality into your guest verses before we stop telling you, K. Dot. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

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106 All We Know - The Chainsmokers All We Know - The Chainsmokers

Phoebe Ryan sounds like an eight year old. That coupled with a mediocre drop and an overall air of boredom that hangs around this means bye. - Spark_Of_Life

I can't be the only one who likes this, can I? - ProPanda

107 That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony

While this is better than Work From Home or Not That Kinda Girl, it's still torturous, purely musically. The instrumentation is a mess. The horns are farty and they randomly interject into these awkward squeals. And then there's the chorus, another beast entirely. They harmonize, I can say that, but you clearly hear Camila over the rest, and that's a bad thing because the chorus is so loud and stuffed that it feels like it's closing in. -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

This has one of the most annoying hooks and instrumentation of all time

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108 F**k Donald Trump - Nipsey Hussle

Anti-Donald Trump alone doesn't make a song any better. And that's coming from someone who despises Donald Trump! - SelfDestruct

So this is a diss track against Donald Trump? - Swellow

I wouldn't say I am a Trump supporter. But I find this song quite offensive. - ThePwoperMuser101

Actually, Hillary Clinton has one. It's called "Hillary Diss Track" by Songify 2016

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109 Kill Em with Kindness - Selena Gomez Kill Em with Kindness - Selena Gomez

I actually like this a bit. The icy clipped synth fits into the groove pretty well, Selena's deadpan vocals fit with the song's lyrical content and tone, and the whistling is so catchy it's almost infuriating. Not quite as good as the controlled, lowkey Hands to Myself (and cue the downvotes), but still solid. 4.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Gave this a few more listens and found myself enjoying it after a while. My first comment was made after only one listen. Selena does have a good voice,and the synths are very complimentary to the song but I just can't get behind the whistling. I find it more annoying than catchy. The lyrics are a tad repetitive as well. 6/10. - Spark_Of_Life

Annoying. I hate Selena and I wish she would retire. Her voice is so flawed. This song makes Justin Bieber look like Michael Jackson. - Gamecubesarecool193

Now she's singing about KINDNESS? - mayamanga

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110 Obama - Anohni Obama - Anohni

Do I have to explain? No, I don't. Anohni's constant murmuring in a deep but hilariously bad voice trying too hard to bring back her male voice just makes the beat, which consists of fuzzy noises and nothing that spruces it up, horrific. Not only that, the way she brings out the lyrics makes me wonder what happened in her studio. - Swellow

I don't necessarily hate Obama, but there's actually a song about him? Especially one that's considered terrible? I don't know if the song is praising or criticizing Obama, but either way, it's just too cringe-worthy for me to even think about researching what it's about. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hated Anohni's ironically titled album Hopelessness, and this just took the unbearableness to an unthought of level. Their vocals are this grating throaty warble that sounds awful, and the fuzz-saturated beat isn't helping. I shouldn't even have to explain the lyrics. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

Is this some kind of Illuminati Ritual?

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111 Let Me Love You - Ariana Grande Let Me Love You - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande needs to shut the hell up. Nickelodeon drugged her up badly! There are at least 3 songs called "Let Me Love You", such as Mario's "Let Me Love You" or Justin Bieber's "Let Me Love You". Stop defending Ariana Grande for hating America, liking Justin Bieber and leaving her racist germs on doughnuts and making excuses out of it.

What could be so bad about this song? Ariana Grande's singing is amazing, the production is decent... Oh wait! Lil Wayne is in it to ruin what could have been a good song! 1/5. It went that bad because of Lil Wayne ALONE! - SelfDestruct

Lil Wayne RUINED this good song. This is why you never ask Lil Wayne to rap in your singles, think again Ariana. - Catacorn

2 songs in a row called Let me Love You.

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112 All in My Head (Flex) - Fifth Harmony All in My Head (Flex) - Fifth Harmony

This song is bearable. However, I neither like it nor dislike it. I am neutral. - madoog

Wow how lazy they just repeat the first verse instead of singing a different second verse. Rihanna did this in kiss it better. Pop artists are so lazy. - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

Not as bad as work from home, but still horrible

Why is this getting so much flack? It might be just my low expectations coming off of Work From Home, but the girls seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves, not to mention the great rock-reggae instrumentation. But honestly, Fetty Wap runs away with this by having so much charisma and energy behind him that he blows everyone else away. 5/5

Also, Camila needs to die. - WonkeyDude98

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113 Cold Water - Major Lazer Cold Water - Major Lazer

At first, I actually really liked this. Then the overplay got unbelievably intense and I couldn't stand it. Now it's rebounded back, the slightest bit. 2/5 - WonkeyDude98

Why does the music industry continue to pump out garbage? - madoog

Horrible, but better than Closer.

It's a song that people overused on vines... Major Lazer and DJ Snake + Justin Beiber = Garbage EDM! - Moorefamval

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114 All My Friends - Jacob Sartorius All My Friends - Jacob Sartorius

A cancerous rip-off of Cold Water and Let Me Love You. This poor kid just needs to retire already. - Spark_Of_Life

Am I the only one who thinks this song sound like Lean On?

I'm starting to think that he's just trying too hard to be hip with the kids. Your grades matter more, dude.

Does anyone else think that this song sounds like Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears? Does anyone else notice how strange it is that this annoying 13 year boy inadvertently rip off the melody to one of the most iconic synthpop songs of all time?

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115 Unforgettable - Sia Unforgettable - Sia

I just don't like her on this song. Some songs can only be sung by the original artists. Nat Cole owns this song. Natalie did okay with Nat but that's where it should stay is with the Coles singing it. Sorry Sia, I really dig her music just not her version of this song. Not at all

This song isn't even that bad, but it's pretty telling that I completely forgot about this song after watching Finding Dory. - WonkeyDude98

"emotional powerhouse " Are you sure about that?

Why is this on the worst list. Sia is an emotional powerhouse and this is a great cover

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116 Last Text - Jacob Sartorius Last Text - Jacob Sartorius

Another Jacob Sartorius song? Oh no... - AlphaQ

Nice to see Jacob showing his true pootential to remake Sweatshirt into something worse. This might actually make my bottom 3 regardless of Sartorious overhate. He really deserves it at this point. -4/5 - ProPanda

Oh yeah, this is somehow worse than Sweatshirt. Forget the hideous vocal filters and the invasively nocturnal acoustic foundation, this is just creepy. Last text you send before bed? Why are you texting girls just before going to bed? That's...a little creepy, especially considering he doesn't imply that he starts conversations.

Also, this, like Sweatshirt, raises alarming implications of child relationships. Again, this dude's only a year older than I am! 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

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117 Banshee - Santigold
118 This is What You Came For - Calvin Harris This is What You Came For - Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris made really jamming music until this came along. For him and Rihanna's ultimate follow-up to the banger We Found Love, this is a disappointment on ever level. When I first saw the artwork, I was expecting something darker with maybe a style that his last album Motion was filled with. Instead, we have the least interesting tropical house I've heard. I'm a fan of tropical house, don't get me wrong, with guys like Kygo leading the scene but Calvin just made a poor attempt to fit into a trend

Jacob Sartorius may be repetitive, but not nearly as much as this song. Excuse me if I missed a few, but Rihanna says "you" 140 TIMES throughout the course of this song! - yaygiants16

I kinda like this...I mean, sure it's getting overplayed, and Rihanna's vocals on the drop are pretty awkward, but overall, her performance is strong, and I really like Calvin's new, calmer, tropical style. It's comfortable. 3/5 - WonkeyDude98

Too repetitive. And the chorus. Don't get me started.

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119 I Don't Like to Think - Riff Raff I Don't Like to Think - Riff Raff

The very worst song on Peach Panther. I mean, this is genuinely terrifying. It sounds like something out of the Shining. Small stuff first: Riff Raff says that he goes into women's bathroom stalls, and he has Problem handle one of the, if not, the worst chorus of the entire year. We know that you both don't like to think, WE CAN TELL.

But again, the production on this...I mean, you have a two-person choir from your nightmares in this, and one of the weediest trap snares of the whole year, but then you have this broken music box rattling through the whole thing and it's just...can I leave? Like, I feel threatened by this...-1/5 - WonkeyDude98

120 Fade - Kanye West Fade - Kanye West

This song... I'm not even sure what to call it. The beat is somewhat catchy, the lyrics have a distinct vibe to them, but the song itself was messed up beyond belief. It legitimately sounds like a 5 year old attempted to make a YTP, then getting bored after 10 minutes and completely reordering everything and mashing things up. The "I Feel It" sample is life support for the song, and it just screwed everything up. If it qualifies as a song, then it's quite bad (I guess), but for some reason, whether it be that everyone else loves it or that I burst out laughing every time I hear this, I can't get myself to hate it, or even take it seriously.

Plus, Teyana Taylor isn't that impressive to me.

I knew this song would be in the list sooner or later. Screw you whoever put it in. This song is hotness - Mcgillacuddy

What? This one rocks! THe sample, the weirdness, and the clever lyrics. 5/5 - ProPanda

This song rocks. I don't even know what to say. 5/5

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