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201Everything is Awesome - The Cast of the Lego Movie

Oh yeah, the flu is awesome, it's like saying Ebola and diabetes is awesome, yeah, this song is meant to be bad

This song is good and annoying at the same time.

It's so good whoever put it on this list well they are crazy

202Wisemen - James Blunt

Can't believe a Kidz Bop song is after a James Blunt song! It's genius! Wisemen is a fantastic song!

How the hell is this 167!? if anything it should be at the very end!

It's not bad! You people don't have any music taste!

Just so you know, best song ever! 3 words

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203Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth

Marvin Gaye's family should have sued for this song instead of Blurred Lines. This is a complete embarrassment to a music legend. It's putting him as a verb in a song that is so awkwardly sexual. Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor try to sound so innocent with the lyrics and it makes this a huge pain to listen to. Hands down one of the worst songs of 2015.

Let's Marvin Gaye and delete this song.

Crap song don't listen to this song! - newenglander1

And I hate all other Charlie Puth songs too!

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204You're a Jerk - New Boyz

They are the worst group ever and this song is annoying and stupid and the lyerics suck. Did I mention new boyz make Soulja boy sound decent?

Proof that these ' boyz' r not dating material let alone decent human beings

205Style - Taylor Swift

This song is okay, but there are a lot worse songs are than this. - PianoQueen

This is the one of the best songs ever

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206Born Free - Kid Rock


207Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects

This song is actually pretty good! Why is it on here?

I used to be a huge all American rejects fan but I am not anymore but nothing they do is bad so get them offf this list

This song is AWESOME and shouldn't be on this list, most of these songs are rubbish and should be on here unlike this one and the AC/DC songs.

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208Hey Girl - Billy CurringtonV1 Comment
209I Want U Bad - R5
210Cotton Eyed Joe - Starsound

What is wrong with anyone who likes this piece of crap donuts.

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211Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

This is a great song, you people have no taste in music.

Auto tuned to the max. Such a horrible excuse for a song. It sounds like big foot banging on a washing machine.

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212Breakout - Miley Cyrus

I love this song. It reminds me of the old Miley that is 100% better than now. Now she decided to wear weird clothes or not wear clothes at all. It reminds me when I was little I freakout when I watch hannah Montana or hear the songs from her breakout album.

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213Phresh Out the Runway - RihannaV1 Comment
214My World - Metallica

Why is Metallica on this list I like all songs

Seriously no Metallica deserves to be on this list. - surfacing

The guy probably posted this song because it was from the St. Anger album (a not so good Metallica Album)

Its not bad really, not every song in the St. Angek album is bad

This just in, this list is about the song, not the artist. Also, Metallica is not the Mona Lisa of music - Themusicman

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215Jam (Turn It Up) - Kim Kardashian

You all waited for this

Beat: This is literally just a percussion piece. It's loud but underweight and clattery but lacks substance.

Vocals: I suppose she isn't awful (at least not as much as I thought she would be, given she's the least talented celebrity of all time), but she isn't good. Her voice is an absolute monotony and don't match up to the fun of the lyrics. It's like Scream and Shout if Kim Kardashian tried to make it.

Lyrics: Lousy, generic party lyrics.

KK has no charisma, no personality, and no talent. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

Wait.. Kim Kardashian actually released a song? As if Kanye wasn't enough. I resign from life.

This is easily the worst song ever

What the hell as if Bieber and kanye make are ears bleed this will make your ears bleed even more

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216Sorry - Justin Bieber

It is too late to say sorry. No one is ever forgiving you for all those stupid songs.

This song is fake, he is just saying sorry so he can get away with more stupid things

All you fans of sorry, remember that he peed in a bucket!

I love this song, and he did succeed to come back

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217Clique - Kanye West

Well it should be on the best song but last place not on the worst

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218Deuces - Chris Brown

It's feces. Feces means poo. Deuces means bye.

Deuces mean poo. Is he singing about poo?

219Get Lucky - Daft Punk

At least it's by two artists who actually have passion behind their work.

Four artists who actually try when making music on the "Worst Songs of All Time" list? No way. Get this off, fast. - Spark_Of_Life

It's a nice song and the remix is even better

Daft Punk used to be so great, from the homework era to the alive tour, but now I think Daft Punk is running out of ideas

They are still great, maybe not as great as before but still good

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220Miracles - Insane Clown Posse

'I see miracles in every way, I see miracles everyday. ' I wish I could see a miracle that Justin Beiber,1D, Miley Cyrus, Dir En Grey and the INSANE CLOWN POSSE dissapear from earth.

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