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201 Soulja Girl - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Soulja Girl - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

This song would make baby Jesus cry. - TheAI

Nobody cares about Souljah Boy he's like so 10 years ago!

God awful. Listen to some real hip hop.

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202 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

This song is a classic! It was glee that destroyed it

How dare you put this song on this list... Go to hell

Glee sucks and this song has proven to be a cross generation anthem anyway so whoever put this on the list get a brain replacement

I think you're on the wrong list, whoever added this. - PianoQueen

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203 Drug Ballad - Eminem Drug Ballad  - Eminem

How could you losers put this song on this list. You obviously have never heard quality music. - Buffalocolt18

Yeah this might not be eminem best song but it is good eminem is not even near worst songs of all time so don't know that you have not even heard this song fully eminem is the best listen to his music and you will see that his owns.

Drug Ballad was a strong track it should not be on this list

Eminem sounds like a candy.

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204 We're All In This Together - High School Musical We're All In This Together - High School Musical

Gosh Disney, what were you thinking with this cheesy song.

I love this song. Back at grade one the whole school was told to memorize this song for graduation it was fun. Even if I never watched the movie yet.

My sister watched this movie once, and liked this song. That sister is now dead to me

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205 Found Some Poo - Koit Found Some Poo - Koit

I saw the title and died laughing

You know that this song is a joke, right?

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206 Sorry - Justin Bieber Sorry - Justin Bieber

It is too late to say sorry. No one is ever forgiving you for all those stupid songs.

This song is fake, he is just saying sorry so he can get away with more stupid things

All you fans of sorry, remember that he peed in a bucket!

Justin Bieber nobody likes you, just go away and stop making songs to torture the world - Somedude8

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207 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

Just because one does not care for her music does not make a person a hater. Don't be offensive please! She seems to have very rude fans.

Completely bland pop song. The Kendrick Lamar remix is better than the original but it doesn't save the annoying vocals before the chorus

Kendrick saved the song, but Taylor is just as annoying as always

The original is a lot better than this. It's got the worst music video, despite having a lot of celebrities I like.

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208 Umbrella - Rihanna Umbrella - Rihanna

This song is so stupid stupid stupid stupid eh eh. I guess it's not just rain that's coming down. There must be something that starts with s and ends with T.

"Eh eh eh eh" She puts Steriotypical Canadians to shame. Not the mention the horrible music video which is obviously to make her already disturbing sex appeal to the max.

I don't need an umbrella, I need earplugs to protect me from this bs. This song must be in the top 10 more than most of the songs in front of it

I love the song so much it's one of the best songs of the 2000's I love Rihanna

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209 Bad Romance - Lady Gaga Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Halestorm made a great cover of this song. But the Lady Gaga version sucks.

Can't Believe this. This song sucks.

Lady shouldn't even be on this list!

This one isn't that bad either. At least to me. - Elsa

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210 Rhythm of Love - Plain White T's Rhythm of Love - Plain White T's

This is a good song not the best but not number 100 on the worst songs ever.

This song is nice, I like it. Why is it here?

This song annoys me so much, yet, I have no idea why!

211 Ho Hey - The Lumineers Ho Hey - The Lumineers

The lyrics are nice, but it isn't remotely catchy, the atmosphere is awkwardly boring, and The Lumineers are the "40 Year Drunk White Man" version of Rae Sremmurd
1/5 - ProPanda

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212 Thunderstruck - AC/DC Thunderstruck - AC/DC

This is on the list twice? Come on. How can one of the best songs be on the list twice when other songs should be on this list a trillion times? - matty925

What? I thought this was just the song from Planes Fire and rescue

Ok I'm no ac dc fan but when I hear this song I can't help but ponder how the hell they could write a song so good. On par with my generation action by the who is say

One of the most iconic songs in history why is it on the list

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213 Shush Up - Alison Gold Shush Up - Alison Gold
214 These Dreams - Heart These Dreams - Heart

Beautiful song. Even better when performed live.

Featured in "These Dreams: Rock Classics". - playstationfan66

This song makes Hannah Montana sound like a great singer.

This sound is so bad it makes cotton candy look like a meat.

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215 A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris

I'm so glad this dude realized the horror he was causing in the rap game and decided to leave. This song was hella annoying.

How is Drug Ballad so high? It's a good story with a twisted message.The fact that "Crank that","Yahh",and "A bay bay" are behind it shows the lack of knowledge about hip-hop Eminem is a good rapper.Chris is just plain awful from his corny beat and catchy uncool hook and thoughtless lyrics this is the second worst song ever make only behind crank that.

216 Rock 'n' Roll Damnation - AC/DC Rock 'n' Roll Damnation - AC/DC

Honestly whoever put this on the list can be shot along with Nicki Minaj

I guess some people have no music culture at all! AC/DC are one of the best rock bands of all time!

Who ever put this song on here has got rocks in their head. Great song by a great band

All the AC/DC songs on this list should be removed

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217 Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp

I was referring to as Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton from the feature film, Something's Gotta Give. - playstationfan66

John Mellencamp is good don't know how someone can hate him

Another song that shouldn't be here

218 All About That Base - Ste Vanda Burg

Are you sure its not All About The Bass by meghan trainor

219 Lips Are Movin - Meghan Trainor

So irritating, plus it sounds like her other two hits, All About That Bass and Fear Future Husband.

Basically the same as All About That Bass, it sounds the same

Why does All About That Bass get the hate? This one is far worse

I like this song. - DCfnaf

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220 We Dem Boyz - Wiz Khalifa V 2 Comments
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