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301 Mmm Yeah - Austin Mahone

Stupid song makes me freak and the music video is stupid. the only thing that makes me impressed are the speakers in the saloon

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302 Story of My Life - One Direction Story of My Life - One Direction

Realise that music is not about who's good any more. It's about what gets most money, and looks. Any one of my friends could do better than any song by one direction

This is actually my second favourite song of One Direction aside from 'Drag Me Down'.

Social Distortion did it better.

I love the song

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303 (I Can't) Forget About You - R5 (I Can't) Forget About You - R5
304 Adore You - Miley Cyrus Adore You - Miley Cyrus

Why is everyone so hateful towards Miley?! We all loved her when we were younger and now she goes through some normal teenage stuff and we all just forget about how much we loved her?! Everyone who hates on her needs to stay in their lane and get a life!

Well I don't adore you Miley Cyrus

I don't adore this song. In fact, I would adore life more if this song was thrown out of this universe. Anything Bangerz on is just god-awful for Miley. A Turkey on all sides.

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305 Roar - Katy Perry Roar - Katy Perry

Roar is actually a pretty good song according to myself. Actually, it is not a ripoff of Brave. It was in fact recorded before Brave and even though it sounds the same, the inspiration from both songs are expressed by different lyrics.

It's annoying, even I Kissed A Girl is better. It may have a good message, but the singing absolutely sucks.

Complete ripoff of Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Gutless, soulless garbage masked under the "inspirational" banner from Katy, who has't had a good song since 2012's Part Of Me. Complete rip off of Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and Brave by Sara Barellis, two good songs. Complete waste of my time. - Spark_Of_Life

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306 Come Get It Bae - Pharrell Williams Come Get It Bae - Pharrell Williams V 2 Comments
307 Agadoo - Black Lace Agadoo - Black Lace

Freaky overproduced pseudo-calypso garbage from quite possibly the worst flash-in-the-pan singers of all time. So awful that the remake of the song was banned from airplay by BBC Radio when it came out. - Swellow

3rd most annoying song of all time, behind "AhHa" by Nate Russ and "Stupid Hoe" by Nicki Minaj. - Spark_Of_Life

308 Buffalo - Stump Buffalo - Stump
309 Prelude - Muse Prelude - Muse

Nothing by Muse should be on this list.

This isn't even a song really...and it sounds alright

310 Grind With Me - Pretty Ricky Grind With Me - Pretty Ricky

ACTUALLY IT IS "grind your eardrums"

311 Star vs the Forces of Evil Theme - Star vs the Forces of Evil

Hate movies and songs please stop making stop making the movies they are THE WORST movies ever... I would watch Dora than this crap!

Hate movie but song is not that bad

312 Chinese Food - Alison Gold

Should be in the Top Ten! Racist video! How Patrice is still in the business astounds me! Why alison why

The name made me laugh. If they make a sequal, it should be called "Asian Food". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

313 Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue V 1 Comment
314 Crocodile Rock - Elton John Crocodile Rock - Elton John

I don't have anything against this song. It's pretty good actually. - Elsa

315 Cowboy - Kid Rock Cowboy - Kid Rock
316 Never Gonna Give You Up - Ashley Tisdale

Still better than the original. - Swellow

317 Elmo's World - Elmo Elmo's World - Elmo
318 Karma Chameleon - Culture Club Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
319 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

Nobody actually voted for this work of art, it was artificially placed to the top 100 by a retarded hacker who's an elementary school girl and loves Justin Bieber and pop music.

I cried when I first heard this song, that's how beautiful it was and now I'm looking at it in the Worst songs of all time list...

What? Dragonforce is amazing and should NEVER be mixed into a list of pathetic pop songs.

Decent song don't know why some people hate it

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320 Dooo It! - Miley Cyrus

This abomination and blasphemy against music is the most pathetic excuse for a "song" I've ever heard. Literally, all it is is Miley screaming about hippies, pot, and f-bombs with weird autotune that makes her voice sound echoy and strained. Some sample lyrics:

"I don't give a f***, I ain't no hippie! "

"Why they put the dick in the p****? F*** you"

Wow. These are the third worst lyrics of all time.

Not to mention the music video, which is the worst music video of all time. All it is is a close up on her disgusting face while donut glaze, sprinkles, milk and glitter glue run down it while she swallows it and spits it out. She sticks her tongue out a lot to boot.

Ear bleeding in it's lack of talent and tase and eye bleeding in it's disgusting and creepy visuals. This "song" should be considered a crime against humanity and have every copy be blown into outer space along with anyone involved in this trash. Worst ...more - Spark_Of_Life

How is it that this song isn't much higher? This song made me blind. Like, know how Smaug couldn't see when the dwarves poured molten gold on him? That was me when I listened to song and video. Even moving this up 800 spots from the 920 it's at now would be too lenient.

This song made me blind. Like, remember when the dwarves poured molten gold all over Smaug in The Hobbit? Well, that me when listening to this song.

The video makes me throw up

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