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321We Found Love - Rihanna

I love the song and I heard we found love in all this place not in a hopeless place

I love it before I heard we found love in all this place

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322Payphone - Maroon 5

To tell the truth... This is actually a very good song. It ranked number 2 on the top 10 songs of 2012. It shouldn't be in the list

This song is pretty good. It got nominated for a grammy. This so is not bad, it's...Sexy

I Agreed everything that was on this list until I came to "payphone" and I was so suprised and shocked at this one, because this is actually a really really good song and it shouldn't even be in this list ya know!

At this point I'm gonna say the only reason it's on here is because it was so popular it's lowkey annoying

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323The Stalking Song - Double Take

Never heard it just voting because of the title

At least they're trying. They haven't listened to all these haters who keep dissing them and given up like most people would. I applaud these two

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324That's the Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll - AC/DC

I lost faith in humanity when Anaconda was nominated for a Grammy and AC/DC was put on this list

Um sorry but not every song by ac dc is good. This list has nothing to do with the artist. Some ac dc songs are bad, nobody is attacking ac/dc, stop being so dramatic. - Themusicman

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325Fine China - Chris Brown

Is his girls were fine China, he would break them

This song should not have been given to Chris Brown. I think LoganCrews said it best. This song should have been given to Ne-Yo.

The most annoying song ever, it makes my ears bleed, he's so ulgy with his blond hair.

326That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber

When I first heard this annoying a#% song my ears started bleeding. He sounds like a little crying girl. If he keeps crying like this over girls he's gonna end up like all these other cry babies. Justin Bieber has no heart. He's an a#% hole. The only thing he needs is jail time to set him straight.

No, that should not be you, because YOU SUCK!

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327Human Behavior - Bjork
328Who Has Seen the Wind - Yoko Ono
329Dogfight Giggle - Todd Rundgren
330Mega Babies Intro

Worst Gross Out Show until the 2000s

*facepalm* You people are such losers if you actually need to consider this a legitimate song.

331Parachutes - Coldplay

Not a bad song, it's just a bit too short.

Okay? This is really random? Also why isn't Paradise up hear I hate that song

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332Wop - J. DashV1 Comment
333Candy - Robbie Williams
334What is Love - Haddaway

This song is awesome! Maybe if some people would actually listen to the lyrics instead of picking out every little bad detail in in it, you might like it too! But apparently all people want to do these days is hate on everything and everyone! Get a life losers!

How about never playing this song ever and banning it from being played? It's so goddam awful.

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335It's My Life - No Doubt

Come on, this is great even if I like both versions! - Swellow

I Like The Original Version Better - masoncarr2244

336Big Dick - Little Big
337All Summer Long - Kid Rock
338The Backyardigans Theme Song
339Will 2K - Will Smith
340See You Again - Miley Cyrus

I'm confused, why aren't ALL Miley Cyrus's songs on here?

See You Again was actually one of Miley Cyrus' last good songs. - WonkeyDude98

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