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341Dreamscape - 009 Sound System

It's actually not that bad, People only hate it because they used to hear in EVERY YouTube VIDEO EVER

This song should be at the best songs, not here...

This is one of best songs ever! I don't care how popular on YouTube this is, it is because awesome it is!

It's actually very nostalgic and awesome - Hotheart123

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342With You - Chris Brown

I like this song but it got kind of annoying after awhile.

343This Is the Life - Hannah Montana

Her and her show have no class at all.

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344It's Not Over - Daughtry

This would've been one of the most boring and forgettable songs of all time, if not for the fact that it's one of the most overplayed songs ever.

3457 Years - Lukas Graham

This is complete garbage. Lukas's voice is hideous, he sounds like a dying squeaky toy. The nursery rhyme chime and overbearing violins will make you want to stick pencils in your ears. The lyrics are whiny and pretentious. It's just a listing of events in Lukas's life. Yeah, sure, you drank and smoked weed at 11. I'm not buying one minute of this crap. Get a life, "LUKAS GRAHAM". - Spark_Of_Life

Pandering, slow-paced bull that is covering the airwaves nowadays. It honestly makes me miss brag-raps and Ke$ha. At least they had the decency to make the song singable. OH, AND THAT INSTRUMENTAL! It is just trying way too hard to pull emotion out of the listener, and falls flat on its face.

This is possibly one of the dumbest songs of 2016

Lukas is a talentless hack. This song is AWFUL and he's sings about smoking and drinking at 11. GET A LIFE LUKAS! - AlphaQ

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346Me Too - Meghan Trainor

Calling this a "song" may be too big of an overstatement. Although calling a "flex-pop song" is a better statement. Regardless, it's awful. - Swellow

Awful. Autotune, conflicting song styles (rap, gospel, pop, or Anime theme song? ), and corny, egotistical lyrics make this crowded tune a hot mess. - Spark_Of_Life

I really don't like pop songs I am country this one I really don't like

It's sound so damn similar to Pussycat dolls, "When I Grow Up"

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347Dance (A$$) - Big Sean

It's just some ear rapping hack repeating the word ASS over and over again! You modern people have absolutely no good taste in music!

What if this song was literally about donkeys? Because you people are aware that ass means donkey, not butt.

There has to be other things rap can talk about besides women's private parts.

Big Sean? More like Big Hack. There's plenty more words to choose from then just ASS repeated many, many more times than any sensible person would want to hear. Awful. Just awful. - Spark_Of_Life

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348High Voltage - AC/DC

A great title track to a great album! - matty925

"All ACDC songs are terrible. Metallica is better than this." I was about to call you a Pop idiot but I see you just have an opinion.

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349My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

Written by James Horner for James Cameron (Aliens, The Abyss, The Terminator, Avatar) - playstationfan66

This song is has great lyrics, a great message, and a brilliant artist! Celine is a world renowned singer and has only the greatest songs of the 21st century

Who put this song on there!? It's a lovely song. - SamHalls2015

The one reason I'll never see Titanic.

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350Fergalicious - Fergie

Not as bad as her mess called My Humps though. - Swellow

351Break Up - Mario

Todd In The Shadows also said this is the worst song ever

He should rescue the dumb Princess Peach - malamJONES

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352Jimmy Choo - Fetty Wap
353A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris

I'm so glad this dude realized the horror he was causing in the rap game and decided to leave. This song was hella annoying.

How is Drug Ballad so high? It's a good story with a twisted message.The fact that "Crank that","Yahh",and "A bay bay" are behind it shows the lack of knowledge about hip-hop Eminem is a good rapper.Chris is just plain awful from his corny beat and catchy uncool hook and thoughtless lyrics this is the second worst song ever make only behind crank that.

354Poker Face - Lady Gaga

Heard in Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief throughout the whole Casino scene where Percy and his friends continue finding his mom. - playstationfan66

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355Unfaithful - Rihanna

I love this song.. At least it's 329 though and definitely deserves the extremely low rank it got on here.

Such a beautiful song that don't deserve to be on the list

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356Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton is an inspiration to all people. She has been through so much and still she is a good person! I don't know what is wrong with you people

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357Looks Like Sex - Mike PosnerV1 Comment
358Stay - Rihanna

People say Rihanna can't sing listen to this then talk to me

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359No Worries - Lil WayneV1 Comment
360Don't Drop that Thun Thun Thun - Finatticz
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