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341 All Summer Long - Kid Rock All Summer Long - Kid Rock
342 Feeding of Nihility - Disfiguring the Goddess Feeding of Nihility - Disfiguring the Goddess
343 Pandemonic Hyperblast - Anaal Nathrakh Pandemonic Hyperblast - Anaal Nathrakh
344 See You Again - Miley Cyrus See You Again - Miley Cyrus

I'm confused, why aren't ALL Miley Cyrus's songs on here?

See You Again was actually one of Miley Cyrus' last good songs. - WonkeyDude98

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345 Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

This has to be the most annoying song in existence. She just keeps yelling in your ears about how your girlfriend sucks and how much better she thinks she is. I wouldn't even go so far as to call this music.

Stupid Poser! She thinks she's punk that she makes music for 10 year old girls. - gothictomboy66

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346 Pumps and a Bump - MC Hammer Pumps and a Bump - MC Hammer

This song ruined Hammer's image.

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347 Payphone - Maroon 5 Payphone - Maroon 5

To tell the truth... This is actually a very good song. It ranked number 2 on the top 10 songs of 2012. It shouldn't be in the list

This song is pretty good. It got nominated for a grammy. This so is not bad, it's...Sexy

I Agreed everything that was on this list until I came to "payphone" and I was so suprised and shocked at this one, because this is actually a really really good song and it shouldn't even be in this list ya know!

At this point I'm gonna say the only reason it's on here is because it was so popular it's lowkey annoying

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348 Human Behavior - Bjork Human Behavior - Bjork
349 Who Has Seen the Wind - Yoko Ono
350 Mega Babies Intro

Worst Gross Out Show until the 2000s

*facepalm* You people are such losers if you actually need to consider this a legitimate song.

351 Parachutes - Coldplay Parachutes - Coldplay

Not a bad song, it's just a bit too short.

Okay? This is really random? Also why isn't Paradise up hear I hate that song

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352 What is Love - Haddaway What is Love - Haddaway

This song is awesome! Maybe if some people would actually listen to the lyrics instead of picking out every little bad detail in in it, you might like it too! But apparently all people want to do these days is hate on everything and everyone! Get a life losers!

How about never playing this song ever and banning it from being played? It's so goddam awful.

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353 The Backyardigans Theme Song The Backyardigans Theme Song
354 Dreamscape - 009 Sound System Dreamscape - 009 Sound System

It's actually not that bad, People only hate it because they used to hear in EVERY YouTube VIDEO EVER

This song should be at the best songs, not here...

This is one of best songs ever! I don't care how popular on YouTube this is, it is because awesome it is!

It's actually very nostalgic and awesome - Hotheart123

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355 You're the Inspiration - Chicago You're the Inspiration - Chicago

What?! Chicago is a great band just stop

A stupid, sappy, sad, sucky song.

356 With You - Chris Brown With You - Chris Brown

I like this song but it got kind of annoying after awhile.

357 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

Ah yes, Uptown Funk. The most annoying song ever! Everyone believes it brightens your day, but it annoys my day. I have an excellent day a lot, but people just decide to turn this on and start singing to it, which ruins my day. Which is why I absolutely agree with this one being on here. My Korean friend and I think Walking on Sunshine is the other most annoying song. We love Gangnam Style, And we also find September very annoying.

How is this not higher! People always say it makes you smile and it's really catchy, but you know what I think? Overplayed, overrated, not even the LEAST bit catchy, and just flatout unoriginal. Anyone who calls this song good is out of their mind. People don't remember what makes music good anymore. This is proof.

Whoever put this song on the list is the BEST PERSON EVER! I wish I could make him rich and people who said this song the best are big suckers LOOK AT MY MESSAGE BELOW THIS ONE

This song sucks. At first I liked it, but after a day I hated it. It's so annoying and boring and it makes you get seen when your peeing in the loo. I heard this song originated from Michael Jackson so now I think he's a looroll

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358 Me Too - Meghan Trainor Me Too - Meghan Trainor

I saw that this piece of garbage was rated better than Ride by Twenty One Pilots! I am a huge Twenty One Pilots fan but even if I weren't this would offend me. Meghan Trainor shames skinny girls or people that aren't her. I love the message that All About That Bass is trying to send but really you're shaming skinny girls

Calling this a "song" may be too big of an overstatement. Although calling a "flex-pop song" is a better statement. Regardless, it's awful. - Swellow

Awful. Autotune, conflicting song styles (rap, gospel, pop, or Anime theme song? ), and corny, egotistical lyrics make this crowded tune a hot mess. - Spark_Of_Life

I don't understand how Meghan Trainor gets so much attention as a songwriter. She can only write stuff like this? - urielectric

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359 This Is the Life - Hannah Montana This Is the Life - Hannah Montana

Her and her show have no class at all.

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360 It's Not Over - Daughtry It's Not Over - Daughtry

This would've been one of the most boring and forgettable songs of all time, if not for the fact that it's one of the most overplayed songs ever.

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