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161Frauen Schlagen - Juliensblog

I agree with the person below me, I can't take songs about drugs, butts, etc. But I absolutely LOVE Owl City and Death Cab For Cutie! You also might wanna listen to The Postal Service if you like those guys!

Um.. When I listened to the sample.. *One second later.* NOPE! I really hate the album cover too.. Why can't music be like Owl City or Death Cab For Cutie these days?!

162Soulja Girl - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

This song would make baby Jesus cry. - TheAI

Nobody cares about Souljah Boy he's like so 10 years ago!

God awful. Listen to some real hip hop.

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163Diva - Beyonce

Yet another cheap, unoriginal, and unintelligent song from Beyonce. There was no effort here, and this might even be here worst. And by the way, someone might want to tell B that a diva is not the female version of a hustler. A "hustler" is a male prostitute.

No Beyonce, A diva is not the female version of a hustler

What! Every Beyonce song is great! Expect Run The World that's is a average 3 - JaysTop10List

Beyonce is a diva. With talent that is worthy to be shown. Stop hating. She needs to be proud and call herself a diva.

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164Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

WHAT! This song is such a protest to the homophobic lyrics in rap and hip hop music. Also, it has a tune and beautiful and not boring sounds. I'm just not a piano ballad kind of person, with the exception of say something. Also, I live the music video.

Great song, great rapper, great feature, great message. How could you not like it? - Spark_Of_Life

Don't get me wrong, the message is great and all... But the song is just so bad... Terrible lyrics, terrible beat, no flow, no depth to the song what-so-ever, I could go on about the song for days. Overall, Macklemore executed the song very, VERY poorly, and thus, "Same Love" deserves to be on this list of worst songs of all time.

This is a beautiful song!

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165Teach Me How to Dougie - Cali Swag District

This may be old but I'd rather listen to Suzukake Nanchara than this so-called music. Why did this trash get popular in the Philippines and not Japanese idols?

166The Wheels On the Bus - Cedarmont Kids

Me : Play some disturbing music!
(this song plays)
Me : Not THAT kind of disturbing music, the CREEPY kind of disturbing music! - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

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167All Gold Everything - Trinidad James

This song is truly atrocious. In 2013, a year where middle ground was thin because it had some great songs and some of the worst abominations of all-time, this song easily falls in the latter category. There is no redemption for this song. Not even if one of its lines was recycled for Uptown Funk.

OK, Trinidad, first of all, chain does not rhyme with ring. And then you take watch and in the next line, put... Watch. GENIUS.

This song is abysmal, pure unadulterated feces

Get this song in the top 20 right now it's so bad

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168Trumpet Lights - Chris Brown

This song has too much autotune. STOP CHRIS STOP. The only beats you have were used on Rihanna. Douche. This is his worst job. - AlphaQ

Chris Brown can't make a good song to save his life. - Spark_Of_Life

The Double Agent called this his worst song.

I do not like this song - kanoife

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169Where Have You Been - Rihanna

This song is pretty much everything else on Calvin Harris's discography. Not a good song, but passable compared to everything else he has done

This song is way too repetitive,

One of Rihanna's best it's incredible

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170Elevator Love - Guy Sebastian
171Picacho - Young ThugV1 Comment
172Pretty Girls - Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

So bad, it's on here twice! But really, check to see if the song is already on the list before adding it. - Spark_Of_Life

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173The Time (Dirty Bit) - The Black Eyed Peas

For more on this catastrophe of a song, please refer to the Todd in the Shadows review and his bit on it in his worst songs of 2011 video. Sample comment:

"I swear to god if wil.I. am ever ruins "Heaven is a Place on Earth", "Every Breath You Take", or "Shook Me All Night Long" there will be blood."

You can't possibly take Todd, the same guy who likes Anaconda better than Me and My Broken Heart, Just Lose It, and Demons. His opinion is wrong. And I NEVER say that. - WonkeyDude98

Did we need another "I Had the Time of My Life"? That's basically the song is, but unlike the former, which is a great movie song, this is just it piled with terrible vocals and bad lyrics. - Swellow

I honestly find this song pretty catchy. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

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174All Around the World - Justin Bieber

Don't even get me started on the, he should never make music ever again.

Seriously! This man needs to be banned from singing, acting dancing, whatever he does!

I still love him because I am a Christian so I forgive him if he wrecked my car and always forgive him

No wonder Canada didn't want him...

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175Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Not to mention it has a lyric that mentions jeffrey dahmer.

This song is so amazing and good

The most annoying song ever, Juicy j messed up the whole song. He's like 50, he should have been stop rapping. And Katy Perry sounds like a dying horse.

I love Katy but we all no she could do better

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176Live Forever - Oasis

Go to hell, writer! No one criticizes Oasis like that!

Not terrible, but mediocre Brit pop at best. These guys were so overrated in their day- Their egos were definitely way bigger than their talent.

Yeah! Go to ' hell you motherflunker, Oasis is awesome, you just don't know the meaning of Britpop (No! That doesn't mean is a type of pop music).

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177Chain Hang Low - Jibbs

Who makes a whole song sampling a nursery rhyme? - Spark_Of_Life

178S.E.X. - Nickelback
179Grease Mega Mix - John Travolta & Olivia Newton John

I love the movie... but the song I don't know what to say

180Pillowtalk - Zayn

I just can't explain this sexually explicit song,

Why these people like this terrible song?! I mean, COME ON! People should'n like these song 'cause they it's iappropriate and horrible lyrics and scenes. You guys are dumb you know it's horrible and iappropriate, if you guys know it you should never like this song.

NOOO! I thought One Direction was gone for good? why is he having a solo career?

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