Top Ten Worst Songs to Listen to While You're Swimming

Swimming is generally a fun activity for people of all ages, but sit in some water with one of these songs playing, and you will be scarred for life!

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1The Jaws Theme

I knew this would be number 1 ha ha!

You know the drill. It's A SHARK! NAO! - RiverClanRocks

2Dead In the Water - 10 Years

If that isn't a reassuring title, then I don't know what is! - AngryByrd

3Monsters of the Deep - Devildriver

This song is actually kind of funny if you're swimming with a fat relative! Wow! Talk about a way to make an uncomfortable situation hilarious! - AngryByrd

4The Thing That Should Not Be - Metallica

The only problem with that is if your phone gets dropped in the water! - gemcloben

5Drown In You - Daughtry
6├ćnema - ToolV1 Comment
7Drowning - Stabbing Westward
8Drowning Lessons - My Chemical Romance

"Okay everybody. Today's lesson is easy. Just go underwater and don't breathe. When you die, you're done! " - AngryByrd

9Water - Breaking Benjamin
10Swallowed In the Sea - Coldplay

The Contenders

11Raining Blood - Slayer

Really think about it. The rain turns to blood, so will the water!

V1 Comment
12Drown - Three Days Grace
13Drowning - Gfxlab
14Drowning In Viscera - Cannibal Corpse
15The Motto - Drake

Just because of this lyric from Lil Wayne:

"Almost drowned in I swam to her butt."

16Get It Wet - Twista
17Stop Swimming - Porcupine Tree
18Dragon's Child - Iced Earth
19Let It Be - The Beatles
20Make a Sound - Autopilot Off
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