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THANK YOU! I don't like Sonic and Amy. Amy's character would get ruined. Amy is Sonic's stalker, but her character will change to being Sonic's girlfriend. I like the chase scenes. Also Sonic is NOT SHY. He generally does NOT WANT AMY as a girlfriend. - DCfnaf

So glad the games said that no ship will happen so SonAmy has NO CHANCE of happening (in the games). Sonic deserves someone WAY better than that bratty, manipulative, stupid, mean, whinny, forceful, witch Amy Rose.

There not a bad couple just not the best

Sonic likes Amy but it's more like a crush than a girlfriend. He's not going to settle down.

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Okay just wrong 1 hedgehog and human no way 2 they just meet worst couple ever

This should be lower than SonAmy cause at least Elise doesn't stalk or threaten Sonic at all.

But it's still bestiality and gross

This is teaching kids it's okay to be in love with animals...

This Should Be Number 1

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Sega said nothing about Knuckles and Rouge being a couple. The official information only said that Rouge has a crush on him but that's just her flirtatious interaction and has nothing to do with being a couple. Heck, there are NO canon couples in the Sonic universe, and KnucklesXRouge has no chance of being canon.

They are rivals. They are different ages and animal. If they ever get together I bet it would end so fast. I think they just need to realize that this couple can't ever happen ever

There rivals! They should never date. That would be like batman and catwoman. Not that great

NO! Batman and Catwoman date! This should be fine also! - DCfnaf

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Okay was the person who made this drunk? Or just get dared by a friend to hit there head a million times on a lamp post until this made sense? Or just day dream "Hmm... I wonder what it would look like is Sonic and Dr.Robotnik had sex? "?

Sonic and eggman are friken enemies who would friken ship them!?

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This would never work, never ever!

Peach's heart belongs to Mario, Sonic belongs with Amy.

Differ games
Sonic and Mario r rivals 4 everyone's sakes
Mario would have a fit

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There rivals! Does any one even know that? So wrong on many levels

Shadow Discovers Fanart Skit

Shadow-Hmph, Let's See If There's Any Pictures Of Me And Sonic Kicking Each Others Asses! (Types Sonic And Shadow In On Google Images, Then Tons Of Pornographic Drawings Of Sonic And Shadow Appear)


The End!

Yes this is the worst couple ever

They're rivals so they probably won't get together. - DCfnaf

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This is something that REALLY bugs me. =-=; The only thing that supports this couple is that one episode in Sonic X, where Vector has to return Cream to her mother, Vanilla, against her will. That being the only evidence (by the way, that evidence is LAME =-=) isn't enough to prove the two have an affair (and if they did... Then Vector would be a pedo.-.). Vector and Vanilla is fine, but Vector and Cream just won't happen.

Okay 1. This is pedophilia 2. Why isn't this number 1 3. I never seen any fandom made content of this, I mean is this an actual thing?!

They are not a couple so that's why they are on here I agree I don't like this couple

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Why do people like this? Shadow and Amy wouldn't even get along. They are complete opposites. Amy is sweet, cheerful, and carefree. Shadow is serious. Things would NEVER work out between them. Also there is one important little detail... AMY LOVES SONIC! I highly doubt that Amy loves anyone besides Sonic. Anyway, I don't get Shadamy; I don't like it. Worst sonic couple.

I can not tell you how many time I have seen this couple and been like "WHAT! " All she did was mistake Shadow for Sonic. It is literally seen people, she's an obsessive fan girl of Sonic, not Shadow. Plus, their personalities are so different. It just will not work out!

I hate that rapist amy who forces people to love her she's spoilt and should die! - TwilightKitsune

Amy likes Sonic, Sonic doesn't like Amy, and Shadow is not the romantic type. - DCfnaf

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9Eggman x Eggman Nega

This is so gross and wrong on so many levels FOR PEETS SAKE THEY'RE RELATED!

I... I just... Why? Okay Sonic X Eggman makes more sense than this twisted thing!

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If they broke up why would they be together again. I mean seriously just be friends again

no why is this on the god damn list? This is one of the only good ships in existence.

This couple needs to get of this list you Sonamy fans have issues

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Hate this couple no wonder is on the list this should be number two

Friends... Why? Amy will always try to get sonic and sonic doesn't like her that way. Amy will still go for him but never go to some one else as silver. Sonamy isn't possible either NO shippers are possible

I just see them as friends people

I love this couple.I don't care what you people think you haters

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They never met, they are in different dimensions and they are just not ever good for each other

Their not the same it's just what

They don't have to be the same. Ythat's what makes couples interesting.

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... WHO CAME UP WITH THIS!? Just... Just... WHY? Who-- Okay screw it! Let the fanfic be as it will.

This wouldn't happen, I-- never. Will. Be.

14KnucklesXCosmoV1 Comment

They are Rivals! For the sake if it just understand that there rivals! Never that way ever!

Homosexuality is great, but Sonic yaoi for the most part makes no sense at all.

This a wrong couple just like Sonic and Shadow!

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16Tails x Cream

They never had any romantic interaction in any of the games or comics.

Pairing Cream with Tails or anyone isn't cute. It's pedophilic and disgusting.

I honestly do like them together but they can't since tails is older.and cream is a lil girl if she was little older then there wouldn't be a problem from what I think

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17TailsX Blaze

By the way I give the mdf to Slivaze I doubt they remember each other, one because Sonic, Shadow, and sliver defeated the Sun god so Crisis city doesn't exist so, Blaze was never a fragment of Slivers Mind also that Blaze 500 years younger than him because two he's from another dimension in the future and three Blaze just giving him advice not interested yes when she went away it made me cry because she's my favorite and I was 9 when that happened so yeah that's why I hate Sonic 06 and Slivaze!

Tails is to young for Blaze and Silver and Blaze are better

I actually like it's fan fiction and it's pics,but on sonic boom? Mabye if Tails dumps Zoe and Blaze is an actual character because I saw an Boom fan redesign of her and she was sexy along with Sliver looking 5 years older than her

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Different dimensions date? Well the end of the world as we know it... Good job shippers you destroyed the world...

Age, animal, dimension, end of world, why does blaze have so many shippers

This couple could and should happen.

No, Blaze and Silver and Knuckles and Rouge

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They are a group and Jet and Wave are better

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