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21Tails x ZoeV4 Comments

By the way I give the mdf to Slivaze I doubt they remember each other, one because Sonic, Shadow, and sliver defeated the Sun god so Crisis city doesn't exist so, Blaze was never a fragment of Slivers Mind also that Blaze 500 years younger than him because two he's from another dimension in the future and three Blaze just giving him advice not interested yes when she went away it made me cry because she's my favorite and I was 9 when that happened so yeah that's why I hate Sonic 06 and Slivaze!

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Did anyone see that game Babysitting Cream? If you haven't...just don't...unless you want to be scarred for life! Sonic is not a p***! - DCfnaf

I just played babysitting cream I'm scared for life! I mean eww! Sonic would NEVER do that! Rip my eyes and my English.

26Tails X Eggman
27Eggman x Cream

If I was a Sonic character and Sonic made moves on Blaze, he would already be halfway to the other side of the universe. THIS COUPLE SUCKS

I loved this couple it's so cute they belong together so much in common you know

There the same person just different dimension! That's so wrong on many levels

This doesn't suck, but they're just friends. - DCfnaf

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They are brothers! Who comes up with this?

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