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You mean... Blaze and... SPIDER-MAN!? What!?!

Well, it does not help that some fans are shipping Lucina (she's from Fire Emblem) with Spider Man... But Blaze the Cat? Geez! It's bad enough that one shipper already has paired Felix the Cat up with Blaze instead of Kitty. What's with people shipping Sonic characters with everything they see?

Who the hell came up with this stuff.

Spiderman! Spiderman likes Gwen who is dead

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22Vector x Espio

When you say Vector, I think of cereal. I know it's actually Vector the alligator, but still. Espio is stupid anyway. Vector / Cereal makes him look worse.

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23Espio x ShadowV1 Comment

I'm getting really fluffing sick of these cross-cartoon-reality ships you guys.

Wait sonic x daisy holy this is getting weirder by the seconds

I agree, expecailly when the crossover is paring an animal with a human

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Who the fluff is even suppose to be shipped here?!

Better Peach than Rainbow Dash. At least Sonic and Peach met in Super Smash Bros. and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series. (Mario can have Amy if that were the case)

WHY? More Mario characters x sonic characters? But just why? I really thought that there were ships like sonic x daisy or sonic x rosillina (that's an actual ship) but now from the creators of sonic x Elise and sonic x daisy and even sonic x rosillina here it is sonic x peach

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26Sonic x Rosalina

Just shoot me stop paring sonic with Mario characters

Anyone have bleach? If so give it to me

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This shouldn't even be higher than the sonic and Liam Neeson one in my opinion

I love it, in the Sonic rush series, Sonic is the reason Blaze knows what true friendship is, it took love, hope, trust and respect and Kickass fighting to find love between friends, this is far thr coolest character interaction

Ok I get if your shipping sonic and blaze from sonic rush but if your shipping sonic an blaze from 06 and after that then no

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Shadouge is awesome and is better (and more likely) than Knouge. Deal with it.

But this is near the top of the best sonic ships list...i'm so confused

Shadouge is the best couple shadouge forever!

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With their constant fights, they could have a lot of trouble if they get married.

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30Amy x Kion (The Lion Guard)
31VectarmyV1 Comment
32ShadonaldV2 Comments
33Sonic x Akai Dalia
34SoneldaV1 Comment
35Ella x Eggman
36Sonic x Rainbow Dash

Just why? There in 2 completely different universes

37Sonic x The Roadrunner
38Vector x Ben Ali Gator

Ben is the lead alligator from Fantasia.

39Elise x Peach
40Tails x Amy

WHAT!? Amy's like 12! Tails is 8! That's just wrong!

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