Worst South Park Episodes

Though South Park is a great show, it's has its share of bad episodes, more so in seasons 7, 9, 12 & 15.

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1Stanley's Cup

How the hell did THIS episode not get number one on this list! A Million Little Fibers is bad and all, but this episode is probably the worst dead episode I've ever seen, and I only saw the ending! Lucky me to see one of the worst moments in cartoon history. And you know what's funny? Not what's supposed to be funny but what's actually funny. The ending could've worked. That's right, I said it. You want to know how? Simple. Have the hockey team (God knows I can't remember their name for the life of me) arrested for beating up the little kids and have their team win by default. That way the cancer patient wouldn't have DIED from a broken heart, the hockey team that won would've met a cathartic punishment at the hand of the law, and Stan's team wouldn't have gotten mercilessly beaten down for nothing. And, why the Hell did the hockey team get cheered on for not only taking advantage of the fact that they were playing against little kids to win the Cup, but also needlessly maim, beat ...more - regularshowman

Did they seriously have to kill off the kid with cancer at the end. Without the ending, this episode would still be boring and mediocre, but the ending just made the entire thing extremely unpleasant and mean-spirited. Writers, I actually don't want to see a pee-wee hockey team get beaten to a bloody pulp by a professional hockey team. I also don't want to see Stan's dad break down in tears because his dreams were crushed. And, surprisingly enough, I don't want to see an innocent kid die of cancer and his last words being, "No hope." The first time I saw this, I was literally in awe over how cruel and horrible it was. By far my least favorite episode. - SafetyPickle

Oh God! What were they THINKING with this one?! This felt like a one of those new SpongeBob episodes where a character gets tortured then a South Park episode. I mean, seeing little kids getting beat is not funny! Seeing a little kid die of cancer is not funny! This episode is NOT FUNNY! AND IT WAS MEANT TO BE FUNNY, NOT SERIOUS! Other than that, the rest of the episode is boring. This episode is crap, but at least they got it together in the episode after this...

This episode is pretty good. The only reason it's on here is cause it's not meant to be as funny. It's meant to be sad and it is sad

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2A Million Little Fibbers

Ophera's vagina was talking to her butt 😁 The episode is just boring, though I love Towelie!

Terribly boring and doesn't even feature the main four boys! Towlie is the worst character ever! I do think Stanley's Cup is worse but not many people have commented about this episode on here.

I totally hate this episode and towlie bores me!


This is one of the best

Oh, Come on! ManBearPig was a good one! There's a number of good episodes that shouldn't be on this list, such as Casa Bonita, All about Mormons, and The Ring.

This is one of the best episodes, I'm super cereal

I hate the episode - Realsteel11

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4The Return of Chef

Though I know that they had no choice with Isaac Hayes leaving due to the Scientology episode the episode was funny... Until the end but Trey Parker and Matt Stone's jobs are to mess with us as bad as possible eh hem Stanley's cup well though it find this to be the worst is still has hilarious parts I really just don't like the ending. This just proves that South Park is so good that even the worst episode is still funny

How is this episode even in the top 10? This episode was hilarious and genius that they spliced recorded parts of Issac Hayes and re-used them. - djc20

It's bad enough Isaac Hayes died, but Parker and Stone didn't have to out this big middle finger to his gravestone. I get it chef had to depart in some way, because Hayes left the show, but we all loved chef and he were kinda hoping he'd go out a hero

A cliffhanger that was never resolved. A pretty pointless episode really, unless they're still working on part 2. If so, it better be worth the wait.

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Disgusting, disturbing, and very hard to watch episode. Why would south park put something that screwed up then take it way to far. Kyle is a little kid and they put in in that situation. That is what makes this episode worse than Stanley's cup or million little fibers. Watching toddlers get beat up by a team of grown men is bad put not as bad is watching Kyle and two other people get put on the thing. I had I harder time watching that than any other episode in south park. There was nothing good about that episode or nothing funny.

There are some clever concepts in this episode, and it's SO satisfying to see Cartman get what he DESERVES, but most of it is just an excuse to abuse Kyle. You thought Toilet Paper didn't pay good homage to Silence of the Lambs, and that it was bland and unfunny, well, Human CentiPad does this even WORSE. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's pretty embarrassing to make Steve Jobs look like a sadistic madman in the one episode he appears in, and then have him die shortly afterwards. Gross, unfunny, with some of the WORST gross-out humor in South Park history (and that's saying a lot), it has a few decent qualities, but is still overall just stupid.

Guys! For those of you who don't understand, they are making a parody of a horror film called "The Human Centipede". It wasn't trey and matt's idea to do this! Plus have you people watched "6 days to air"? Trey clearly said that the episode is a PARODY, now get over it.

This episode is just disgusting.

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The most boring and skip-able episode. - egnomac

Well, it was good to see that there are episodes that focus on some more minor characters, and while this one did have its share of laughs, it wasn't too interesting.

This the only episode I can say it about it sucks.

Plus, just for common knowledge this is the shows creators least favorite episode too. - EMBIGNASPAC

I was trying to watch all the episodes of South Park! Then I came to this one... I knew I had to watch it and get it over with... But it felt like HOURS... IT WAS TOO BORING!

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All of you who didn't like this are probably fat. This is just making fun of fat people in the U.S. schools system, (which is a serious issue that isn't being solved) and to whoever said they felt bad for Eric is completely ignorant. Cartman wanted to kill all the Jews, and WAY MORE crazy stuff than just burning a teddy bear and making fun of fat people. You people are so soft.

It sucks ass. Seriously. Cartman is my favourite character and they had to do this. I really felt bad for him.

I FLIPPING HATE THIS EPISODE. Poor little Eric, I just wanted to hug him and torch the 99%. SCREW U, 99%!

Love this episode

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8Mystery of the Urinal Deuce

Pretty boring, it didn't have such a good story. It was boring and had a really dumb ending. It started ok but it ended bad.

The ending was just what we already knew

Such a stupid concept. - ZZDOORAL

9The China Problem

I LOVED how eric was so terrified of the Chinese and it was HILARIOUS when they "invaded the Chinese headquarters " and tried to get information from some random Chinese family. The part about Indiana RUINED this episode. They had like only five minutes on the Chinese total and all of the rest was about how the boys were traumatized from a movie. By the way I didn't think Stanleys Cup was so bad.

This episode was actually ok, it's just that Free Hat was an amazing episode, so it makes this one look terrible. Also, they should have made Cartman care when Speilburg & Lucas were aressted.

''Wolst'' (Worst) Episode Ever, PTC should be named South Park as "Worst Show of the Week", like Family Guy and Married...with Children


This episode is great it's hilarious and very very bold! Just cause it almost got terrorist attacked doesn't make it bad

I for one loved this one

"You killed your own father and then you fed him to your half brother! " Like the best quote ever. It's a little boring at times, and they killed Pip! Pip was funny! But overall ok episode.

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?You're Not Yelping

The ending was nasty.

Funny, but nasty.

?Pinewood Derby

Randy Marsh is extremely out of character in this episode. All he cares about is Stan winning the competition so he can prove that they're better than the rival dad and kid. He makes Stan cheat and even after they win he goes completely out of his way to cover it up. Randy shows no guilt or remorse whatsoever, even when the father of the boy Stan beat shoots himself, right in front of his own son.

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11Mr. Hankeys Christmas Classics

There is no reason why this episode is even on this list (all songs were funny)?

Ok its official. everyone here has no taste in humor

12Breast Cancer Show Ever

Was so ' funny, but then ruined by a terrible ending.

I really hated the ending made me pissed 😡

Cartman is funny, but there is nothing funny about breast canser

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13I should have never gone zip line

It was good, it was just the live action part that ruined it. What was the point? Did they run out of time to animate?

It was ruined by the live action part. Up until that it was good.

I liked it until the real life part, that sucked ass

Few funny parts, wrecked by the live action part at the end.

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14Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods

Worst name for a south park episode. - ZZDOORAL

15Smug Alert!

It pretty much turned every character into a dickhead and the episode is just boring and not funny. Stanley's cup is still the worst, but I needed to comment on this one.

16Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

This is my least favorite of all time. It's not that I hated it because it's disgusting and graphic, but because it's transphobic as hell. They're basically saying transsexuality is the same thing as getting a surgery to become tall and black or a dolphin. It's completely inaccurate as well, as Mr. Garrison didn't have to live as a woman before having surgery, and was completely uninformed on what the operation would and wouldn't do. I'm transsexual myself (but female to male) and I know they don't just hand out instant sex changes on the daily to anyone with the money for it. Transition takes a lot of time. I know South Park is complete satire and not meant to be taken seriously, but you can usually see what they honestly think about certain issues and do their research. This is a perfect example of criticism and ignorance from their end as well as the characters on the show.

The opening scene, that's all I'm saying

The beginning is so gross first they slice balls

17The Mexican staring frog of southern Sri Lanka
18The Death Camp of Tolerance

Honestly, the Lemmiwinks plot was stupid and not funny. The only reason it was probably put in was because they needed filler for the episode. Although, there were some funny moments, such as when the worker couldn't tolerate smoking at the Museum of Tolerance. - Turkeyasylum

19Toilet Paper

Josh Myers creeps me out...

20Best Friends Forever

Kenny and Cartman are supposed to be best friends. This episode just poops on that whole concept, which really pisses me off 😡

I actually never thought them as that. I never really thought Cartman had any REAL friends. Cartman has taken advantage or ripped on nearly every kid in the school, including Kenny. Cartman may consider him his best friend, but Kenny doesn't actually want any part of him from what I can tell.

Because its the best thing to do - portugal12346

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