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Jiggly puff is a good character! His jumps are multiple and is so cute and can put opponents to sleep, but you can't!
Great, Jigglypuff got all the spotlight and is treated like a goddess while Gardevoir's a victim to perverts and even got hated by the developers THEMSELVES. That's fair. Gardevoir would be unique for a newcomer because her final smash can be a black hole, but no. She's a almost useless pokéball pokémon and Jigglypuff's a fully playable fighter again. That's one of the reasons why I hate Jigglypuff.
Jigglypuff is a really sucky character nothing about Jigglypuff is good people say Jigglypuff is good cause they think she is so cute Jigglypuff is not cute to me all of Jigglypuff's move are bad your using the b roll attack people can jump right over it and you roll of the edge and kill yourself your rolling in the air the other players can move closer to dodge it Jigglypuff's final smash sucks big time you push people away but they can jump back if your in a big place like the temple or new pork city people can easily run away from it and if its in a moving level you can kill yourself Jigglypuff is nothing but an overused joke she should have been gone by now. I have never met a Jigglypuff online I can't beat Jigglypuff is a very bad fighter and is too easy to knock off cause she is not heavy one bit and her colors look stupid and her taunts are annoying Jigglypuff's sing attack is useless the people wake up before you stop singing so they can get you Jigglypuff can also dodge sudden deaths bye flying under the stage and flying from side to side and that's cheating people use Jigglypuff to cheat to win and that's not fair Jigglypuff needs to be kicked out for the next super smash bros game cause she IS USELESS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY. That's all thanks for reading bye.
[Newest]Jigglypuff is so irritating, but in the hands of a pro she can destroy all other characters while annoying the flip out of them. Most times they just rage quit anyways.

I honestly don't know why people keep saying she sucks.
More comments about Jigglypuff

The only 2 characters that I agree are bad are rob and olimar. Their attacks are weak. Olimar is the the weakest. If you are missing pikmin, than an entire set of attacks are useless. The only good thing about him is his final smash. But most of the time you can't even get it because be is so terrible. I once did a randomness brawl. (with random stages and characters. I became olimar and he was so bad I instantly canceled the brawl.
Guys really, there are no terrible characters in a Smash Bros. Game, alright? Like almost every character has a very identical pro and con. Sure, Olimar's attacks have barely any power in them, but hey, why not Jigglypuff? Her moveset is entirely weak, why can't Olimar's? But he makes up for his weak attacks with EXCELLENT range, having a total of 6 projectiles, impressive knockback, and having one of the best Final Smashes in the entire game. If you say Olimar is bad, you're just experienced with him. Try to get used to his moveset, and you'll be kicking some serious ass.
Olimar was a disappointment in every way imaginable. Weak attacks, is a puny without his Pikmin who, by the way, die way to easily, smash, although strong, isn't accurate at all, cannot grab on to ANYTHING, jump is retarded, slow, keeps getting eaten by that retarded worm thingymajagger, wears a dumb helmet, keeps making annoying sounds, is scared of everything, cannot even FIGHT properly, he is possibly the worst character in a fighting game ever. Did I mention he's a disappointment?
[Newest]Olimar is pretty good if you learn how to use him. His pikmin always kick butt, so never say Olimar sucks.

3Princess Peach
The problem with Princess Peach lies within the mechanics of Brawl itself. In Melee, Peach a fantastic character, because she brought something completely new to the table: she was a floaty character. This opened up a whole new realm of possibilities in a fast-paced game like Melee.

But in Brawl, everything is much slower-paced than Melee, and the jumps are all much floater than they were in Melee. As a result, Peach is now a character specifically built around her floatiness, in a game where every character had a floaty jump. Thus making her absolutely worthless. And her horrendous Final Smash doesn't help her at all. It's a shame, because Peach was an excellent character in Melee.
Peach is an annoying kidnapped princess. She puts all the other characters like Link and Mario and etc try to almost kill themselves just to save her from bowser and then tries to kill them in brawls. At least Zelda jumped out of the plane and tried to fight Fox. Ditsy Peach offers them tea. Rosalina is a way better princess.
Peach keeps getting compared to Zelda. Well Peach has nothing on Zelda. Peach doesn't do anything except kick with her ass and moves she never actually does. I'm sorry for those Peach fans but Peach ruins the game. You go through everything to save her. It isn't Mario's fault!
[Newest]Princess Peach is always pathetic & sucks at every single Olympic event. Peach is no good figure skater/gymnast.

This guy's power is actually nothing to laugh at. His forward smash fully charged and connecting the strongest hitbox kills as low as 46 percent, his reverse Aerial Warlock Punch can KO as low as 12 percent, his up tilt can kill at 0 percent if the opponent is on the ledge, and his dair (in the air) can kill at 0 percent depending how far from the bottom the opponent is and how good their recoveries are. Good heavens, those numbers make even Ike proud. But Ganondorf has the shortest grab range which is harmful because almost every character is faster requring Ganondorf practice to get a grab, he has atrocious recovery, and a very slow movement. Slow attacks, walk, dash, and jumps. Wow. Even thought Ganondorf has a very heavy weight and fats falling speed making him good for survivng KOs, he is the tallest character, though most heavyweights have a size problem. Ganondorf is also the only character in the whole SERIES to have no advantegous or even matchups. FAIL. Ganondorf requires lots of practice and luck to be effective, more so than anybody else.


He is the strongest smasher in the game, but his speed puts him down a lot. I like Ganondorf but not in this game. I can't use him not matter how hard I try. It usually matters on how the player uses the character.
Why the heck is he on this list he is amazing! He has 3 attacks that deal over 30 damage 2 that deal over 20 and the rest except two others deal over 10. He is so powerful plus his finisher is a one hit KO if on a field like battlefield or Final Destination.
[Newest]Why is he a slow ripoff of captain falcon. Their move sets are exactly the same. except ganondorf is slow!

Honestly, I am very disappointed with Mario. I love him on every other game BUT this one. He is WEAK. Very sad considering how well he does in other games. In this all he can do is punch, kick, shoot flames. Nothing compared to other mario games. Where is the world renown ground pound? I can't even use him, to weak


I like him on every game except this! He's really weak! All he does is either kick/punch or shoot flames at people! I still love the Mario games and himself! But not on Smash Brothers Brawl! Sorry Mario! But you should leave this game if they make a Super Smash Brothers Brawl 2!
Mario is only a little better if you know how to use him but he sucks sorry mario
[Newest]If you suck at using Mario, you suck at the game.

6The Ice Climbers
When the blue ice climber dies, why does the pink one want to die too? Can't she stand up for herself?
That's because the pink ice climber the computer and it can't control its without player 1
Definitely the worst character (s) in the game. First, they should NOT be allowed, because unlike every other character in the whole game (and in the original game and in melee), they are 2 characters together (which I think adds unfairness to the game). Second, almost all if their attacks are sluggish and not that powerful. And third, they have a pretty low running speed and jump height. Their smash attack is reasonable, but can easily be avoided by characters that can fly or have a high jump height (like Kirby, Jigglypuff, Peach, etc.). They also cry like babies when they lose, which annoys the heck out of me.

In my opinion, they are the worst character all around. Slow movement, low jumps, weak attacks, and are two characters when I think that should not be allowed.

I would recommend not practicing with these characters ever. Practice with somebody that fits your needs (if you want a speedy character, or somebody with powerful attacks). I have played ssbb (and ssbm) for quite a while, and ice climbers have been one of the easiest opponents for me.
I hate how every other caracter claps even when they lose but these little idiots start crying like babies


[Newest]No one cares about them. Oh, and their taunts are the most annoying of all.


He's the only playable character from MOTHER besides Ness

I might as well get a smash ball and say:

I think anyone who thinks a character is bad clearly never plays as them but if you PRACTICE with that character you will actually notice that there good and you weren't using him right.
He is good if you practice enough
[Newest]LUCAS IS AWESOME! Another character on this list who has amazing moves. All you need to do iis practise with him and you will see his true potential.

Wario is so damn annoying.
I always hated wario and his farting!
He farts. enough said.
[Newest]I really hate wario every time I fight wario on level 8 he always moves and plus his movement is unpredictable

No no no he's awesome
Yoshi is the best
Who would put YOSHI on this list? YOSHI is awesome
[Newest]Why in the world is he on this stupid list

10Diddy Kong
Ok first off, that guy just called Olimar, Oliver. So he obviously knows nothng about this game. Now let me say this, Diddy Kong isn't officially ranked as the second best character next to Meta Knight for no reason. He has amazing recovery, great utility, quick attacks, and average knockout ability. If you know how to use him, you win.
First up, there is no such thing as a "terrible" character, there are just ones that you like or don't like. I love playing as Olimar. Diddy Kong isn't a bad character, he's just one I don't like.
When you pause the game and look at his face while being hit by someone or something, his pupils shrink and he looks like an idiot! No matter if his mouth is closed or open. Plus he's really weak! Even weaker than Oliver! This should be higher on the list!
[Newest]Diddy Kong is also bull because he did not ACTUALLY be at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! What?!

The Contenders

Hell no! Have you ever seen his super power thingymabobber? Its awesome dude! He has this really awesome attack where he can smash people with his spikes. He shouldn't be on this list because he is BAD-ASS! Maybe his son though, that kid sucks
What? Bowser does NOT act evil to get popular! You should see how badass he is! Also bowser jr rocks!

12Captain Falcon
He's a good fighter, but makes stupid noises whenever he does anything
WRONG! If you learn to play as him he is very versatile.


Deserves first and also should have never been in Super Smash Bros. in the first place

Whoever said Zelda sucks is an idiot and hasn't figured out how to use her side b which may be the cheapest move in the game as you can attack from the opposite end of a stage in a lot of cases as well as get smash balls from a range- something people tend to undervalue- it's so much easier to get if you aren't chasing it with 2 or 3 people on you. If you use it correctly you can literally hit people off the top of the screen and they can't dodge no matter what. That and the air kick she does can kill at about 55%. She should be at the bottom of this list.
Dude Zelda should not be on this list I won classic with her 5 times on INTENSE! She's awesome! She can turn into Sheik and go all Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris on your butts!
Personally I think zelda is a great character you just need to know how to use her
[Newest]Zelda totally sucks, hands down! You can't control her teleportation, her final smash always misses, and she's hard to control herself!

I have a friend and whenever somebody chooses ROB his game breaks. I think he said it crashes and you have to restart the game. I don't mind, though. ROB stinks anyway. I just feel like he's really difficult to move around as and slow.
Come on. Who actually favors this bland character over all the others? He's just... A robot. Sure some of his moves are good, especially his recovery, but his Final Smash? No. How are people supposed to get excited by some robot nobody knows getting into a fighting game when there's other great choices?
There is a very strong reason why my friends and I call him Really-Obviously-Bad


[Newest]My childhood toy! I thought he was my main, but he sucks.

If you don't know how to use him you can easily end up hurting yourself...
Snake has a great up+B move but everything else is just really annoying, especially his down+A or down+B move, which he uses way too much time to carry out. An opponent could easily run over and attack him then.
This guy suck I keep getting hit as him final smash the players could just walk from it
[Newest]Too Cheap what is he even doing here

I have not got to get use to him and he is the slowest next to Gannondorf. That fire is useless for me. You should like Pikachu and Lucario.
Of course he is low. Charizard can beat the hell out of you. Especially if I'm playing as him.
Well, I am a bad Super Smash Bros player, (got it last week) but I'm best with Charizard. I like his power... forget that I'm undersized in real life, in Super Smash Bros I can be epic! My highest amount of KO's is 25, all thanks to my Charizard.


Not true! Sonic is the best of them all! You all need time to woke with him! True, Sonic is fast to kill, but Sonic can kill that main bad guy in 3 min.
Best Guy He Kicked Mega Bowser's In A Blink He Rock's Stop Saying He's Bad
This guy should be higher! At least number 3 because he's too fast and stupid! Sonic basically has on special move that's cheap. He turns into a ball! I also hate his final smash! It's as bad as Pikachu's. I'm sorry Sonic fans I just have a conflict with Sonic and please don't take it personal! I'm not cursing at the guy or anything! I just thought about it and to be honest I'm not saying this because I dislike him I'm just saying it because he's just doing the same attacks that aren't that great, you have to admit.
[Newest]Dude, not cool! Sonic is awesome! Get him off this list.

18King Dedede
What? King Dedede shouldn't be on this list, because he's AWESOME, I mean, OK, maybe the first time is a bit difficult, but only the first time, once your get used to him, he's awesome, I mean, he runs fast despite being heavy and he has supreme attacks with is wooden hammer. And his chain grab is AWESOME!

KING DEDEDE for the win!
Yes! Thank you! Some person called him sexy one time! He's not even sexy! He's just a stupid, dumb, unintelligent, greedy dumbass and hates escargoon and Kirby for no damn reason! And he is super slow and weak! He just sucks! And how is a blue penguin sexy!? He sucks bad he makes jiggly puff look strong! He is the only character along with wario I despise! And he is just so annoying and treats everyone like trash! Enough said
He's the worst character I've ever seen in history! He is very fast (sarcasm) and it creates special brown stuff (but do not mistake-_-). He is strong (seriously) but it is very slow, slow, slow to make the attacks. To me, he should be the first! Jigglypuff should not be first, he is up to no good, but only if you play well with him. And Olimar should not be 4! He's good too!
[Newest]I'd like to see any of you face off against me as Dedede!

Ness is AMAZING! He is so awesome he has a wicked smash attack
Ness is a crappy idiot 5 year old boy. he just squawks and squeals like a chipmunk on AIDS. I mean, in SSF2, he hurts himself with PK thunder so he can get back on the field. Pathetic. Oh and his starstorm what I can easily avoid that by going over to the damn side. He is so crappy and weak, why would all mother fan like mother it's such a crappy game!
You can just spam with him and get your opponent to 232% easily... I've done it.

Wolf is awesome and so cool one of the reasons it's so hard to get is because it's final smash Is so strong and also it's moves are awesome
If you're too far from the edge, you're doomed!
The only problems are the final smash clone and his crowd cheers!

21Zero Suit Samus
Not too girly like Peach, but what does she do besides shoot people? But she is sneaky and saved Pikachu. Peach would stand there and cry and run if she's in that position of saving toad.
Zero suit samus is cool but not so good at fighting
She suck and she very cruel and dumb she bring back Mario, luigi, wario, waluigi, mm54321, ll09876, and candycao7 evil doopelgangers back to life by a time machine

Its funny how every one of these (execpt zelda orincess peach, mario, luigi, and rob are good) these characters are some of the best in brawl. the reason why you hate them so much is because they are so hard to control. Olimar takes pure strategy and skill. diddy kong is really good. ness and ice climbers are SO HARD TO BEAT AT LV. 9. the sames true for olimar and DK (diddy kong) I say that olimar is the best.
Luigi does not suck you suck
Luigi's has amazing attacks and an amazing final smash. His b-side is good and if you do it right his b-up is amazing! His c-stick moves are good and he can punch well. Luigi's is not awful!
[Newest]Luigi is awesome if you don't like him you suck

23Meta Knight
Meta is obviously the best character. Only a failure could have put him on this list.
How is meta knight, Kirby, link, toon link, and lucario on this list? They are my favorites, and boss! Kirby sucks people in my mouth, and rapid punches, lucario is boss, meta knight has a tornado and rapid strike, toon link has everything you need, and link same thing, that's why they shouldn't be here.
He is the cheapest character, just saying
[Newest]He's way too broken.

Don't look at this one if you like Falco. FALCO ROCKS!

This is the worst and the weakest player in history. Lucario's attacks at weak, boring, and the worst
Final smash ever.
No he Does not Stop puting Lucario in this list too I love Lucario he is my Main 7th Character in SSB4
[Newest]He gets killed easily!

Waluigi isn't a playable character stupid
Who in the hell put waluigi here?
You change luigi's colors to do that, change him to purple
[Newest]He's an assist trophy, not a character

I believe that Enrique Iglesias would be a great voice for Pit from Kid Icarus just like how Pitbull aka Armando Christian Perez would be a great voice for Shadow the Hedgehog.

Pit's new height: 6'1".

Pit's new weight: 198 pounds.

Pit's new width: 1'7".

Shadow the Hedgehog's new height: 9'9".

Shadow the Hedgehog's new weight: 154 pounds.

Shadow the Hedgehog's new width: 1'0".

That would be awesome!
I used pit 24/7. I think he's really good.

28Mr. Game and Watch
You kidding me? Mr. Game & Watch is my favorite, and has kept that status since Melee. He's got a whole lot of potential, and hecklers like most of the people who commented before me just aren't giving him a chance at all.
Why is he on this list to start with? I could go on for hours.
Mr. Game and Watch is so lame Nintendo should quit being nostalgic and think of a real character, he was not even important to the story, they used him to make R.O.B. clones, so even Nintendo knows he's lame. , his move are boring, and his place has to be the dullest area to fight in who wants to be 2d, and fight in his video game.

Olimar- is a bad fighter, but he is useable, I like seeing the face on people when I win with him.

Ganondwarf- you think they would give him a sword, and not make him a knock-off captain falcon

29Pokemon Trainer
This guy is Red the most legendary Pokemon trainer ever
Whoever votes for Pokemon trainer, GO TO HELL!
He is aweosme you can go to hell he is one of the best bro

Once you train with him and learn how to use all his moves you can't lose with him

This guy is awesome. If used correctly he can almost be as broken as Meta Knight.
Pikachu is awesome why is he even in the list. Once you get the hang of his maga move he kills everbody. I like pie


33Samus Aran

No, curse the people who hate Link. Link is awesome, cool, and he is my best character out of all of the characters in the whole series. You just need to figure out how to use him correctly. Once you figure it out he is pretty tough. But still, screw you people, just screw you.
Why is Link on the List? He is one of my favourite characters:(
Well that's dumb he is actually a super powerful fighter. And has a powerful power. I personally think he's the best out of all of them put together!
[Newest]Link is all the way down here on the bottom of the list. Were he should be

35Porky Minch
Whoever's putting the fake characters, go to hell.
He's not part of the game, but I still hate him

Never heard of him before


Take him off this list. They have to exist is brawl as a playable characters to be on here. There are more charachters here than in the game itself.
This is a top 10 list. Not a YTP.

Dude he's just awesome
Like I said Greninja Replace SQUIRTLE Already As A Single WATER Ninja Pokemon

If you're the bastard putting fake-ass characters here, find a nice dark ditch, and just stay there. I'm not saying you need to kill yourself. I'm just telling you to stay away from this website...

Whoever did this, stop. She's not in the game. I mean, really, birdo.

40Mama Weegee
This isn't any ordinary trolling. This is... ADVANCED trolling.

We only get a Rosalina reference, not an actual Rosalina appearance.

Rosalina is much fairer than the overrated Princess Peach whose reviews are overly positive for such a sucky fluke character. Why didn't Rosalina replace Princess Peach in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series & Mario Party 9 & even Mario Sports Mix! Also, White Mage is an ass.
She shouldn't be in Smash Bros.
She's a awful character.


42Waddle Dee
Very weak moveset, poor recovery, and has trouble hitting other players with little range or attack speed. He is the only character who doesn't have a final smash, and he does not participate in the Subspace Emissary in any way. I think that Waddle Dee is just a poor sport in not showing up at all.


43Princess Daisy
Why wouldn't she be playable in the Super Smash Bros. series yet?

Been Confirmed as a Secret Character and Unlock the ONES ON THE Website then Get the REST OF THE Secret Characters

45Giga Bowser
Giga Bowser Koopa vs. Giga Knuckles the Echidna

Giga Bowser's voice actor: Kieran Glen Harris Stark. Giga Bowser will have a very deep & hyper-masculine English accent.

Giga Knuckles's voice actor: Mitchell Kuester. Giga Knuckles will have a very deep & masculine broken accent.
Final Smash Ok Please Stop putting the Giga Bowser in is Getting Very Uncomfortable for Us

46Grey Fox

47Big Boss

48Donkey Kong
They're working with Namco
Why did 7 companies working on SSB3DS suddenly agree to cut Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land in this game? WHY?! They didn't use to do that! We are so surprised that thappened for about no reason! D:(

Sheik is another hermaphrodite.

50Toon Link
HA! Toon link is amazing!... At least played right. I play as toon link and frequently beat level 9's. I was able to beat level 5's the first time I played. I think your chart is some what based on opinion.
He wins most annoying character easily! His abilities are mediocre compared to Link, and the different animation is really irritating.
I love Toon Link and Link they're super powerful. I think Toon Link the best character. He's strong and he is hard to hit and his final smash is powerful.
[Newest]Toon Link should not be on this list.

Kirby is awesome. The only people who say he is bad are the people that can't use him.
Kirby is my favorite character! If you say that he sucks, then I'll order Kirby to suck you up and not spit you out. I'll just order Kirby to swallow you whole, LIKE AN ENEMY!
A big ball can get you so much in life
[Newest]You guys just don't know how to use him Kirby is no where near being a weak character.

Why put Ike here, his very very powerful, he can launch his enemies with 40 percent
HE IS AWESOME! But slow. Very slow.
Worst character in the game. He straight up sucks. Zero suit samus, Lucario, and Falco are the best.

He help me beat jigglypuff, toon link, and wolf
Terrible swordsman, too fast, not enough recovery.

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