Worst Stand-Up Comedians Ever


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1Dane Cook

why is this guy a comedian? if he could just learn to shut up he could be a very successful mime.

"I can't come up with anything inherently funny, so I'll just yell a lot. "

I have never even known anyone who likes this belligerent screaming faux entertainer. He shouldn't be on this list, as calling him a comedian is an insult to every other comedian.

I'm funnier than Dane Cook. That really doesn't say much, but still. He's straight up awful. Absolutely awful.

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2Carlos Mencia

Everything he does just screams neediness! I can't stand him. He steals jokes and the worst part is they gave that idiot his own show. I cringe and feel the need to vomit every time I see his face.

The most annoying personality rounded off with the opinions of a stupid schmuck who thinks society is retarded when really it's just him and his stupid stereotypical nature.

An annoying, stereotipical, retarded Mexican who steals jokes from comedians way funnier than him. If he at least came up with his jokes, people would laugh at them. - ghmaster1354

Worst of all time

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3Sarah Silverman

I wanted to like her cause she™s nerd cute but she is nothing but lame racist one liners, poop jokes, and no substance. PLEASE! Eat a bullet or a #*~~^ which ever keeps your stupid mouth closed

Very racist and annoying, not even hot or funny

I really, really just do not like her. At all. I would start another holocaust just to kill her.

What?! She is amazing!

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4Jeff Foxworthy

You know you're a bad comedian when your entire career is based of a list that's only funny to rednecks

5Jeff Dunham

This guy is extremely homophobic and his puppets are creepy!

He sticks his hand in a dolls a$$ how is that stand up

6Kathy Griffin

Ever seen her stand up specials? Not one funny joke. They're all overrated.

Agree with the above post. I've never heard her tell an actual joke.

Never told a joke in her life

7Rosie O'Donnell

God, I love the fact oprah put her on her channel to save her failing T.V. Station, but she is just outright not funny.

I didn't even know she was a comedian until now.

I've never found Rosie funny.

8Larry the Cable Guy


10Carrot Top

I swear to god having a dog turd on stage for an hour is more entertaining than carrot top

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11Pauly Shore

It says a lot when "A Goofy Movie" is by far and away your funniest movie. He wasn't even the main star, and his face wasn't on-screen!

12Frank Caliendo

Impressionists should still have to have a joke or two in their arsenal.

13Jimmy Fallon

I have broken down his show into a few parts. 3%- actual talking, 10% playing games, 45%- doing impressions, 52%- laughing. And yes, I know that adds up to 110%. He laughs that much.

No ability to tell jokes, no comic acting ability, no ability to interview anyone. I really don't care for Leno, but could they please just bring back Leno?

14Paula Poundstone
15Joe Rogan

This douchebag just shouts and whines, and talks about things he hates, which can be a little funny at first, but then it becomes dull and boring. It's also annoying how he seems to be shouting all the time all through out his routine, as if his audience were deaf or something. His jokes are also not funny.

I was forced to listen to his pod cast today on a road trip... I wanted to jump from the moving vehicle within minutes... It was that bad. He may have a corky thing or two to say if you listen for like 2+ hours, but as a whole he sucks.

Yeah. He's jokes are slightly funny, but all that shouting is seriously annoying. His schtick is that of a college-aged type comedian, but is a balding mid to late 40's, viagra-using douche.

16Tom Green
17Judy Tenuta

Lame song routines, an unfunny Space Ghost Coast to Coast appearance, bad impressions... she's the worst.

Shrill, annoying voice and boring schtick. She alone destroyed Match Game 98! - Darrell

18Michael McDonald
19Tony Law

I honestly couldn't decide who was more annoying between her and polly shore :/ - deadgrass27

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