Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Final Smashes

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1Peach Blossom (Peach)

This is basically Jigglypuff's up special.

... What kind of a Final Smash is this...?

Jigglypuff can kill with luck. This one CAN'T!

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2Jigglypuff (Puff Up)

This attack can damage team members, even if team damaging is turned off!

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3Konga Beat (Donkey Kong)

Say what you want about any other final smash, but there is none as weak as donkey kong's. It is a shame too because Donkey kong is one of my favorite characters in this game.

I have been hit by the CPU Donkey Kong with this five times, and I've died ONCE. 20% kill rate in a final smash... Not good.

4Mario (Mario Finale)

It was powerful in brawl but it got weaker in the new one! - Danteem

5Volt Tackle (Pikachu)

WHAT!?! This is one of the BEST! It is easy to control and can hit EVERYBODY! - Zombieman99

6Iceberg (Ice Climbers)
7Aura Storm (Lucario)

Way too easy to just avoid. Especially since Lucario's move are close range.

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8Cook Kirby (Kirby)

This one is very effective, actually. I like it more than his 3ds final smash. - Garythesnail

9Waddle Dee Army (King Dedede)

That weird dance he does is just... What? - Garythesnail

They removed it in smash 4 for a reason

How is this effective in any way?!?

10Diffusion Beam (R.O.B.)

Rob is good until he uses this.

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11Super Sonic (Sonic)

Easier to dodge than all other final smashes because it is very hard to control.

12Power Suit (Zero Suit Samus)

At least the other items have a PURPOSE. This one is useless, except that Samus is much more powerful than Zero Suit. - Garythesnail

Seriously, all zero suit did was put on her clothes. It's not even a final smash?!?!?!

How is Power Suit 13th? Seriously, bad damaging and very limited range. Just an excuse to get her suit back. Could't she get her suit back in a better way?

13Critical Hit (Marth)

If his opponents dodges, he can kill himself on accident.
I like using Marth, but I don't like his final smash.

I saw a video of Marth vs. Toon Link vs.R.O.B. vs. Samus. Toon Link and Samus got K.O. 'd, and Marth got a Smash Ball. Marth used his Final Smash, but R.O.B. went under the stage and Marth zoomed off the screen, and R.O.B. won. This proves how bad it is.

14Pikmin (Olimar)V1 Comment
15Super Dragon (Yoshi)
16Wario-Man (Wario)
17R.O.B. (Diffusion Beam)

This final smash is already on this list.

18Grenade Launcher (Solid Snake)
19Rocketbarrel Barrage (Diddy Kong)
20Octopus (Mr. Game & Watch)

It's show hard to control

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