Top 10 Worst Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U Final Smashes


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1Peach Bellosom

Her final smash much like her character is useless for the cup/player using it. It only spawns peaches that opponents will eat instead!

Designer 1: OK Sakurai we have a bunch new final smashes for people like, Luigi, Kirby, Zero Suit Samus, etc. Do we have any others to replace?
Sakurai: Hm, Nah
Me: I wonder if peach's final smash was replaced?
Peach used Peach Blossom

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2Puff Up
3Dedede Burst

I miss his old final smash, because at least it was funny, this is a boring version of link's final smash.

They just crammed some of Dedede's moves together and called it a Final Smash. More like a Final Rash. This really does lack power.

4Dark Pit Staff
5Dr. Finale

Mario's Final Smash Plain sucks; but why would we need a clone - Pizzaboy456

6Konga Beat
7Triforce Slash (Toon Link)
8Landmaster (Falco)
9Power Star

Powerful? Yes Very. Easy to dodge and take minimal to no damage depending on stage. Even more Yes Very!.

I know it doesn't look much but, if your opponents are trapped in the star, it does about 200% damage! - RebelGamer

10Light Arrow (Sheik)

The Contenders

11Wii Fit
12Vacuum (Luigi)

Why is this on here? He has good range does OK damage but that is made up for by having him launch them into the sky really fast, and while looking awesome too

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