Top Ten Worst Super Smash Bros Moves

Smash Bros is probably my favorite game series, but there are some faults. Like Crappy moves. Here are some of the worst.

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1Bomb (Link, Young Link, Toon Link)

This Move just Plain sucks. Before you yell at me," pizzaboy! It can it multiple People! " yes it can but that's about it. It takes, a second to pull out, does like 6% damage. And it's range sucks. Worst part it can Explode on you. This is one of the reasons I don't play as Link, because I'm afraid I'll pull out the sorry excuse of a move. - Pizzaboy456

2Sing (Jigglypuff)

A move that puts everyone asleep around you, is a good idea, but they didn't work it out so well. It is only around Jigglypuff's Body, so people can just walk away. You can also Jump and nothing will happen. Once she uses it you can quickly plan a sneak attack against Jigglypuff, and you wake up when Jigglypuff is done singing. Great Job. And I get it mixed up with Jigglypuffs Recovee, because to perform you use Up B. And if you use it in the air, your screwed. Heck, it doesn't even work it the air! - Pizzaboy456

Bomb actually hurts your opponents. This move is completely useless because by the time you actually are able to attack your opponent will wake up immediately & punish you.

What's the point of this move? It makes players fall asleep but only for 2 seconds. - nintendofan126

3Jolt Uppercut (Little Mac)

The only problem I had with this. Ove was it only goes in 1 direction. - nintendofan126

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4Autocratical (Palutena)

Pew. does 5% and wastes a lot of time. And not good range. So much for being a goddess - Pizzaboy456

5Rest (Jigglypuff)

This was also on my Top Ten Best Super Smash Bros Moves (Go check it out) because it's super powerful, but if you miss.. - Pizzaboy456

6Vegetable (Peach)

Poop. That's the sound it makes when it its someone. If you pick up the angry one it does plenty of damage and that CHING noise, but if you pick up the Happy one. Poop. - Pizzaboy456

7F.L.U.D.D (Mario)

This is good for people with very high recovers, but really sucks. It would be good if it did damage like Greninja's Hydro Pump. - Pizzaboy456

8Aether (Ike)

EEEYAAAHH! AETZAH! Are a few things Ike says as he pummels to the ground (commits suicide) - Pizzaboy456

9Leaf Shield (Megaman)

This move is good, saying that it blocks some attacks, but you can't use any specials while its on and takes off a lot. Plus it's kind of useless when you throw it. - Pizzaboy456

10Ness (Down Tilt)

Does 2%, doesn't even combo into anything unless you get the trip, but then woop dee doo you have added 2% to your next tilt.

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1. Bomb (Link, Young Link, Toon Link)
2. Sing (Jigglypuff)
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