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1Batman & Robin

George clooney amazing actor. But playing as a batman.

Batman and Robin looks weird with nipples on their suit.

This should be number 1 this is the worst film I've ever seen in my life

This movie is like cold rotten food

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This movie is just unbelievably terrible, I can't even explain it. All that you have to is watch it, it has to be seen to believe. Not only is it the worst superhero movie I have ever seen, but it is the 5th worst movie I have ever seen.

The second I saw Catwoman's top, I knew it would suck. She was almost as bad as Chase Meridian, A.K. A Dr. Cleavage.

I have to agree! Even though I've never really seen this movie before, it still sucks!

This is the best movie in the world no joke this is better than the dark knight and the avengers!

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3Fantastic Four (2015)

What a mess! A step by step guide for how to make a movie about people with super powers boring and lame.

It's hard to think of any enjoyable moments from this film. It was so bleak and boring. - BKAllmighty

It looked great in trailers, such a let down! This is why studios and producers should not interfere with the directing!

Really underrated movie. I mean it's a 3 star good popcorn movie

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4Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

What a horrible movie, I loved the first 2 superman movies, but then the 3rd one came out and I said "please don't tell me you're going this route" and then this steaming pile of crap came out, it's so cheap that they use the same shot of superman flying for every flying scene, also, nuclear man? Really? What kind of dumbass villain is that?

It's really bad if the first few seconds of the movie gave me nasty headaches. And it didn't stop until the end credits began rolling

Who Wrote This Dumb Movie This I The Worst Movie Of Worst Movies It's The Worst Movie Of All Time It Sucks!

Cut it some slack for it a- oh... Oh.. OH.. - TheLastSiren

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This movie is terrible it should be 1 but they have Fantastic Four which is a terrific movie up there. It is just stupid

6Green Lantern

Nah this movie wasn't as bad as everyone says.

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This is an example of DC having a character who's a major ripoff of a marvel character, seriously this guy ripped off iron man in every way, and he even rips off robocop, it's so weird how the majority of the worst comic book movies ever are DC movies. Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Superman returns, Batman forever, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman, Batman Begins, Batman Returns, and Steel, Marvel had a few bad ones but there were only 4 of them. Elektra, Daredevil, Howard the Duck and Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance. That's all. And I'm so sick of the way they make black people talk, newflash movie studios, just because someone is black doesn't mean they talk like rappers, plus it takes like 30 minutes before he becomes the superhero, also this is the most pathetic superhero on the face of the earth, he can't run after a car, he gets beat up multiple times in the movie, he has a hard time climbing a ladder, he has no idea how to use his weapons and he doesn't know how to ...more

I'm not defending Steel by the way, I hate it as much as everybody else does. - HarryPotter12

The steel from the comics is not pathetic but the one from the movie is pathetic

DC has officially shown us the most pathetic superhero on the face of the earth

8Superman Returns

It wasn't that bad, Kevin spacey did a great job as lex Luthor. It wasn't phenomenal or anything, but it was pretty good.

What what, this is thirteen on best, this is one of the best. I'm sorry you want explosions and punching, then sod off and watch mos. Plus no violence in superman one and it gets love.

No one could replace Christopher Reeve. The story was okay, but I just wish it came when the real superman was still around.

I've heard this movie sucks. Glad Brandon Routh found a better superhero cast to be on.

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I'm tired of people hating this movie it's so great I can watch it for hours its just so amazing

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10Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

It wasn't that bad. It wasn't the greatest movie ever, but it's nowhere near as horrible as everybody says it is. I would give it a C+ grade.

You guys are hilarious this movie is probably the best superhero movie to date, great script, beautiful visuals, a broken batman that becomes mended. A new world for the DCEU all of the haters can just keep their opinions and I will keep mine. I don't care what they say I loved this movie

This was absolutely terrible. It should be way higher up.

Very very boring

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?Iron Man

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11Ghost Rider (2007)

I don't think this one was bad at all, the sequel was a lot worse and should be higher on this list

Shut up this is an awesome movie.

12Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

It would Have at least been an ok movie if it wasn't for that annoying editing, like who thought that was a good idea, the most used one is for no reason the film speeds up for 2 second, but the worst was when he gets shot by a rocket and that causes him to float in the air and spin around, what were they thinking? And ghost rider is barely in this movie, in the first movie he was in it a lot, but in this movie he gets his powers taken away, why? We want to see ghost rider, this is one of the worst comic book movies of all time

Did Marvel and Cage just get drunk 1 day and decide to make this movie?

Ghost rider was actually ok. This atrocity, however, is a dark mark on marvel.

This is my favorite superhero movie ever... - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak


Supergirl looks like superman with photoshop hair and boobs, we're in for a good movie.

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14Captain America

Batman and robin was bad, but it was bad in a fun way.

This is just disappointingly bad

I didn't know that the reboot was a reboot this movie was so bad (yet it made a reference).

The Reboot Was Better Then This Piece Of Crap

More forgettable for this films cheapness

15Man of Steel

Bad screenplay, bad actor (including Henry Cavill and Amy Adams), poor OST, not soul. I prefer Superman Returns to this thing. They don't Know how show to superman in the cinema. I mean, Superman Lives not y yes for man of steel. I think what is the different between man of steel and superman lives? Nothing, the screenplays about two movies were destroy the history about superman. I think so.

It's not your typical marvel movie but it's way better than all of them, heck it's box office destroyed most of Phase one's. people don't see how realistic it would be if superman actually came to this world, because this movie clearly proves it. Beautiful Soundtrack and not to mention the next two movies B.V.S and Suicide Squad destroyed the first 3 marvel movies so imagine how great the future DC movies will be

The hell... This was a brilliant movie!

Disaster movie

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16Fantastic Four

This film pretty much just tried rely on having Jessica Alba strip every 10 minutes

The 2015 one makes this one look like Citizen Kane

This movie deserves more respect even if this is not a masterpiece - Olive855

Chris Evans is horrible at playing human torch.

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17Batman Forever

Should be higher on the list, only saved by the fact that Batman & Robin was even worse.

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18HulkV1 Comment
19Spider-Man 3

Hey Spider-Man 3 is not that bad sure it's not as good as the other ones and yes emo Peter Parker. But come on can you at least give it a bit of credit.

I don't understand the hate this movie gets. I mean it could have been better. Venom was done bad, but other than that I thought it was very good. It had cool action scenes, it was the darkest one, and it even had some funny moments. It was good.

Leave it alone, it was great. The people who vote for it are Garfield fools

Shut Up Spider-Man 3 is one of the only good marvel movies besides the first ghost rider.

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20Howard the Duck

It was the wrong time to make this movie, considering it relies heavily on special effect, now with the success of all their other movies, if done right, I think Marvel could make a good movie out of this character, or at least make him a side character, his design in GOTG was great. And even if he only said 3 lines they sounded like they were something iron man would say. But if they're gonna make a movie about him, make it about him fighting against his villain not just living a normal life in the human world, cause we don't wanna rehash this crappy movie again, seriously, the 80's was a crappy time for movies based on cartoons, ex. Masters of the universe, and for comic book movies, ex. This movie

UGGGH! This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Marvel was in a dark time, with only one movie under their belt, spider man 1977 (which is almost as bad as this one), and this movie didn't help at all. Things in this movie aren't action-consequence, like good movies. Things just happen at random here.

There Are Uncensored Duck Boobs In The Beginning

That's Disgusting

This should be number 1 on the list sorry George lucas. this is crap.

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