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1Francesca Hogi - 1st person voted out, Survivor Redmption Island - 1st person voted out, Survivor Caramoan

I hope the rock didn't affect her digestive system.

How? I mean come on. On the first season you said Redemption Island was useless to you because you didn't "put yourself in the position of being voted out. You piss off a swing vote in your alliance which sends you home. You blow a 2-0 lead in a challenge to 3 and then unlocking and stepping through a door. You form an alliance of 4 against an alliance of 6 and get voted out first. TWICE.

How is this even a contest... Played twice and made the exact same mistake to get booted out first both times. No one else in Survivor history will ever do worse in the game.

Don't get much worse

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2Colton Cumbie - 13th Place - Survivor: One World

He lead his tribe to giving up tribal immunity and let personal vendettas run his game.

God, just thinking about this person makes me wanna punch him in the face. The fact of how racist he was to Bill just of how obnoxious he was and the job he had as a struggling stand up comedian. He said in his interview video before he played that he was a "people person. "

Okay Colton, tell that to Bill...

I never thought that anyone could beat Francesca when it comes to poor track records. Shows you what I know. Two-time quitter is worse than two time first boot any day. Colton is the reverse Cirie, in that he never should have got up off the couch to live his adventure.

In season 27 Colton quit for the second time and when to go sit on his finances lap and just whined.

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3Erik Reichenbach- 5th place- Survivor: Micronesia

He started out making all the wrong deals and trusting all the wrong people. He's been a possibilty to be sent home every time he was at tribal council at one point, and towards the end he made a final two with every single girl in the top five. When he won immunity at five, it seemed a like a terrible, undeserving player would outlast a strategic, deserving player, and that thought was repulsive to think. Then, Cirie decidedto try to get him to give up his immunity in exchange for Cirie and Natalie to agree to take him to the final three. He fell for that plan, and he gave up immunity, and was voted out unanimously.

You never give immunity away...
Like Erik Reichenbach always says "Keep your fate in your own hands. "

Most definitely the most idiotic player ever.

Obviously, Micronesia comes to mind. But you expect that he would learn something when he got another chance after 5 years.

But on Survivor Caramoan- season 26, He didn't had a single thought of his own. His brain was like dough that everyone can curve to their own interest with only few empty words. I guess you can't learn when it is empty insides.

It's a shame that brainless idiots like that given a chance on Survivor.

I think your cool

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4Sean Kenniff- 5th place- Survivor: Borneo

He never made any deals or any alliances with anyone. He just voted randomly at first. Then he decided to vote based on what letter the contestants' parents decided to start their kids' names with. He actually told everyone about his alphabetical strategy, which opened up the door for a three person alliance to vote for who they knew Sean would vote for, because of the order, and that sent the person home. Shortly after, Sean was out.

The dumb look on his face and the fact that he has a nipple ring are just the begining of his stupidity. He was used like a pawn. Voting for no reason for anything no matter what it is shows lack of character and lack of backbone.

I don't understand doctors are supposed to be excellent at the game but he was having his alphabet strategy which annoyed everyone just the original floater

5Naonka Mixon - 9th Place - Survivor: Nicaragua

She showed the worst personality and no social game whatsoever. Then, to top it all, she QUIT and still thought she could've won.

Worst player ever. I wish we'll never see her again in Survivor, she doesn't deserve this chance. And I still don't figure out WHY someone gave her this chance. NaOnka YOU SUCK.

If you think Naonka has a good gameplay, you are dead wrong.

Exhibit A: The tribe comes back with a basket of fruit, and apparently a clue to the immunity idol. Kelly Bruno was the first to notice the clue in the bottom of the basket, and what does Naonka do? She TACKLES her. Yep, she tackles a tribemate.
She also whined around camp, did little work, and QUIT. Not the way I'd wanna go down. - Turkeyasylum

She is the fourth most annoying contestant.

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6Russell Hantz - 2nd place - Survivor: Samoa

People may argue that Russell has a good strategic game, but in my view, if you get to the end and have absolutely no chance at winning, you aren't a good player by any means. His social game was downright terrible. Russell made himself way to unlikeable to possibly win. And don't even get me started on his FTC performance. The jury that decides your fate doesn't want to hear about how you are the best, and all the others suck. They want you to explain why exactly you played the game the best, and at the same time, be a bit humble about it. Don't rub it in their faces that they lost. His strategic game wasn't the best either. If there had been no hidden immunity idols, Russell would've left in 11th. He depended on HIIs to save him. In my view, if you need a special tool to save you, you aren't a very good player. A good player wouldn't need idols to save them, idols are just a special tool for them to use to their advantage. Plus, Russell makes some horrible strategic moves on his ...more

Russel hantz isn't a bad player it's how manipulative he is that makes him awesome

Being the "worst" play must mean that you fail to 'Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay. ' All of this is true in one simple perspective: he's a pawn. The only reason he made it to the end twice and eventually lost (Outlasted) is that other folks were able to read into his position (having idols, being awful at jury management) and using him as a pawn to win. Furthermore, he's ignorant to seeing the reality of people using him (Outplayed) to win in the final three, despite the fact that jury members and other contestants tell him directly. Finally, players who he describes as weaker have consistently represented themselves in the final council, where he lost (Outwitted).

Russell lacks a social game... Plain and simple. He doesn't belong on this list because he has proven that he can outlast (made day 39 twice) and he is clutch in final immunity challenges. That being said, he is no where near the best player because his social game is horrendous and he will never win the game with his current strategy and social skills. If your strategy gets you to the end, especially more than once, you cannot be one of the worst players ever however, if you stand absolutely no chance of winning, you cannot be one of the best players either. To me, Russell is a middle of the pack player

He surely know how to get into people's head, that is not a good survivor player, that is a psychopath.. sorry

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7Lex Van Der Berghe- 9th place- Survivor: All-Stars

He played a good game the first time, but then the second time, he voted out some of the strong people, and had an opportunity to vote out Amber, and completely change the game, by giving himself the upper hand, going to the merge 5 against 4, and one of the 5 being Lex's friend Tom, an easy person to flip. Instead he votes out an ally, keeps Rob's ally, and Rob betrays him at the very next tribal council.

And then he had the nerve to be bitter at the person who had outwitted him.

Voting out jerri and keeping amber was one of the stupidest moves in this game

Lex fell a victim to the amazing boston robs scheming<333 poor boy. he was so stupid

Why is everyone so hard on Lex? He and Boston Rob were friends outside the game. Survivor is edited into a 45 minute episode of three days. - jhunk

Because in Survivor, you don't the enemy's closest ally and that is exactly what Lex did. It was simply a dumb move to keep Amber because of friendship. This was probably the dumbest move in survivor that did not involve immunity idols.

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8Matt Elrod - 7th place - Survivor: Redemption Island

The most unaware naive uncertain survivor player ever. He would go on and on talking about his relationship with god but does not care one bit about relationships with people around him. That's why he got voted out the first time. Then completely insanely ratted out himself and his closest ally Andrea to boston Rob.
He gives every one a sense of uncertainty unsure about what he wants to do. Even Andrea feels lost and then she listens to the determined boston Rob to, again, vote this religious guy out.

When somebody stabs you in the back, you don't go right back to them and rejoin them. As if this isn't bad enough, he TOLD ROB HE WAS CONSIDERING VOTING HIM OUT! And he was actually surprised Rob voted him out again.

When he was sent to redemption island he stated that he wanted to graduate himself as the most naive survivor player to play. Graduation granted

9J'Tia Taylor - 15th Place - Survivor: Cagayan

I just want to say that personally I don't know why everyone's hating on j'tia I don't think she was that bad. No I'm kidding of course, j'tia I'm sorry if you're reading this but most of the brains immunity challenges were lost primarily because of her. Swim+cage+pizzle challenge? She couldn't swim and then lost the puzzle a. With a lead and b. With a massive lead to a dink like LJ! Then the buoy grab/basketball challenge she swam backstroke like a Sunday afternoon and then swatted the ball to Spencer rather than throwing it properly. This is without including her utter laziness around camp and oh yeah HER DUMPING OUT THE FOOD SUPPLY. like how big of a jerk does someone have to be to do that. That's my bit, piece

Failed building the shelter episode 1, Laziest Person in her tribe, Lost literally every challenge for her team, from puzzles to laying a flag down on a rectangle platform, Could not function at all in the water, THREW OUT HER ENTIRE TRIBES RICE SUPPLY. NO redeeming qualities worst survivor of all time

Probably the craziest person to ever play this game. I really, REALLY hope that she never gets fired from her job, cause who knows what she might do out of frustration with nuclear things?

The worst move in survivor history according to me is when they kept her over David AND GARRETT. WHY?!

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10Brandon Hantz - 6th Place - Survivor: South Pacific

Everything about this man is wrong. He has set out to "Correct" his family name, but in all reality, he was even worse than Russel. What this kid needs to learn is that this is NOTHING MORE THAN A GAME. Do you hear that jury members? Do you have to brute and brute about how you were wronged by someone who wasn't too brain dead to make a strategic move? Back on topic, the only possible thing people give him kudos for over Russel is not being mean, which, to way too many jury members meant not playing the game. But, he was worse in that aspect too. He singled out and excluded Mikayla for no discernible reason. He was made uncomfortable by "something about her". He's basically saying that, from no fighting, from no strategic or physical game, she should be voted off. Cochran? He was UNBEARABLY hypocritical about how Cochran was treated. 8th tribal council, Keith is voted out. Jim, being the disgusting person that he is, calls Cochran a coward for making a bold move. Brandon says "That's what you get for treating him like that in the first place. " Fast forward only 4 tribal councils, and brandon is directly calling out Cochran as being the next one to go, and outcasting him. Remind anyone of anything earlier in the game? The very next challenge, Brandon makes it his strategy to get Edna out of the challenge and vote her off. Edna, might be my favorite survivor ever to play the game, so when I hear Brandon excluding her so much that she considers herself not to be part of the tribe is maddening. Brandon Hantz, you are an annoying, pathetic, stupid, rude, conceptually profane, needy bigot, that should never have shown his face in society.

Some people are naive, some dillusional, some can't control emotions, some need to be told what to do, some have no social skills, and some are just flat out garbage, scum of the earth, trash. Brandon Hantz is all of the above.
By far the worst player, and sorest loser to ever play the game. He would have been of more use swallowed by his mother. Maybe help her digestive system, or at least a little protein for the woman.
This guy shows us that a bipolar pathetic psychopath can sneak his way onto the show, not once but twice. I would have loved to see him and old man Phillup go a few rounds, hat them both... To even put Brandon in the same category as some of the favorites to play the game is a disgrace to the players and every person that ever watched the show.

Never liked Brandon Hantz, he has such an annoying voice and has no idea how to play survivor... Or his temper haha. I hated him after he dumped the rice on Survivor: Caramoan so much more than I did before!

I agree maybe if he didn't give up immunity he could have won

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11Chet Welch - 14th Place - Survivor: Micronesia

Just watching this season again and I am pissed off. This guy gets a small blister on his foot and calls it quits while Jonathan penner was in tears that he had to leave due to a deadly infection on his knee. Not only that but he was given the chance to make the biggest move in survivor history which was to blindside ozzy. But nooo there was too much going on for Chet and he couldn't hold on for just two more days. So I'll put it to you bluntly. Chet was the weakest, least motivated, and least strategical of all survivor players and the only reason he held on for longer then the first vote was because everyone wanted to use him as a pawn. PATHETIC!

All 3 parts he fail. Strategically: it was true that he didn't want to be there so he sat around camp all day only talking to Kathy and Tracy Competitively: He failed at every challenge he competed gave absolutely no heart. And Socially: People commented on his weakness add all that and you got the worst player ever

Only one way to describe him... Super lame! Lame in challenges, lame around camp, LAME. Such a good season but he was just so lame. There is no way he could ever win because survivor is a game for people that have a spine

I really don't understand why they'd vote off a good physical player in challenges like Mikey B. Over someone weak and useless like Chet.

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12Jenna Lewis - 8th place - Borneo

Did Jenna think that treating her tribemates like crap would help her out in the game? She barely survived every tribal in Outback (only because of her allies) and only needed to attend two in season 8. Flirting was another idiotic downfall of hers.

Strategically, I would align myself with Jenna just so I could receive the million because almost every all star on that season would beat Jenna

I seriously wonder if she can go a minute without her mouth opening

I hate Jenna Lewis.

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13Shamar Thomas - 17th place - Survivor: Caramoan

I think Reynold put it best: " I don't think not quitting a game that thousands want to play is all that heroic... " part of what makes Shamar the true jerk that he is, was his hateful nature, no less in the vicinity of possibly the most likeable cast ever to air on survivor. Shamar is a bully, nothing more.

" I need you all to know that Shamar is all about respect! "
" I won't quit the game if you bring me my rice when it's time to eat. "


He got a grain of sand in his eye because he poked it. He was lazy and while this makes sense I some situations, if you want to stay around, you need to give your team a reason to keep you. Honestly, the only reason he wasn' out first was because Reynold's group wouldn't know how to play well if they got a lesson from every winner.

Lazy, obnoxious and every other bad thing you can say

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14Phillip Sheppard - 2nd Place - Survivor: South Pacific

So, Phillip's plan to win the money is by... Thanking Boston Rob by taking him to the end and ultimately rewarding Rob's gameplay. He did a lot better the second time around but you can never forget his antics in Redemption Island

He was one of the strangest people to ever play the game. Until he was proven to actually be a federal agent.

He argued like a toddler at the final tribal when it was clear that he wouldn't win. This guy had an extraordinary talent for making himself look ridiculous.

Redemption island not south pacific

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15Trish Dunn- 13th place- Survivor: Pearl Islands

I actually liked her as a castaway until she went paranoid after Rupert got "kidnapped" by the Morgan tribe and then the next time they went she then tried to vote him off. She just overreacted a little too much and so if you read this Trisha you still did good and you may or may not get that call to come back but if you do get that call, say yes 100%, because everybody likes a returning castaway who comes back to finish what they started and prove themselves, like Rob, Parvati, Cirie, Lillian, Rupert, etc.

Trish has dunn herself in.

She promised to go to the final two with everyone, and then tried to get Rupert's strongest ally to blindside him.

You never ask a person's strongest ally to blindside them

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16Ben Browning - 18th Place - Survivor: Samoa

Natalie White and Mick Trimming were not able to deal with Ben for 8 days. And when you know that these people were able to deal with Russell Hantz for 39 days, that's really an impressive fact.

When someone like Russell Hantz has to vote you out so early just because your social game is so weak that he finds you insufferable so quickly, that means a lot about how weak of a player you are.

Him and Shannon from Survivor:Nicaragua must be best buds. Considering they're both bigots

17Dreamz Herd - Runner Up - Survivor: Fiji

Did this idiot think he was going to win the jury vote I mean he betrayed every jury member and its not like breaking his promise to tau man was going to win him a million more like lose all his jury votes

This idiot betrayed every single one of his allies! And he voted off Yau-Man

18Roger Sexton- 10th place- Survivor: Amazon

If he really thought, with his brilliant plan, he would make it far, he was an idiot. His great idea was, vote for all the women first. If anyone beats Clay for the bigot award, it's Roger. It's such a good thing that Rob, Heidi, Jenna, and Deanna were there to put him in his place. He made way too many mistakes, and the only reason he even made it to the merge was because Rob let him, because he wasn't a strategic threat. He easily deserves a top three spot.

As much as I want to vote for Lex, I need Chris and the other fat five to go down in standings. First, if it weren't for the choice of getting rid of the strong guys, they would've been out. Jenna Lewis is the meanest player, always bossing people and once screwed her alliance because she was pouting that she lost a reward that another pagong won. What a baby.

19Tina Wesson - 1st place - Survivor: The Australia Outback

This is worst survivor player how the hell is a winner and someone who got 4th place top/bottom 20?

Tina is the most useless Survivor player of all time, she never does anything! Coconuts could win with the same strategy Tina uses. PLEASE STOP BRINGING HER BACK!

People fail to realize when someone sucks. On this long list we see the most overrated survivor winner, Tina, sitting next to Parvati and Jordan from Big Brother. - q1q1q1q1q1

20Dave Cruser- 13th place- Survivor: China

He goes right along the same lines as Hunter. He bossed everyone around, had an ally go home instead of who he wanted, and still tried to call the shots rather than try to save himself.

Everything Ashley said about him is true

He was a bad player but not a bad person. He was the only one to stand up to Ashley and Sherea's selfish, snobby, pretentious attitudes and that's admirable.

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