Top Ten Worst Survivor Players

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The Top Ten

Erik Reichenbach- 5th place- Survivor: Micronesia
He started out making all the wrong deals and trusting all the wrong people. He's been a possibilty to be sent home every time he was at tribal council at one point, and towards the end he made a final two with every single girl in the top five. When he won immunity at five, it seemed a like a terrible, undeserving player would outlast a strategic, deserving player, and that thought was repulsive to think. Then, Cirie decidedto try to get him to give up his immunity in exchange for Cirie and Natalie to agree to take him to the final three. He fell for that plan, and he gave up immunity, and was voted out unanimously.
Most definitely the most idiotic player ever.
Obviously, Micronesia comes to mind. But you expect that he would learn something when he got another chance after 5 years.
But on Survivor Caramoan- season 26, He didn't had a single thought of his own. His brain was like dough that everyone can curve to their own interest with only few empty words. I guess you can't learn when it is empty insides.
Is's a shame that brainless idiots like that given a chance on Survivor.
You never give immunity away...
Like Erik Reichenbach always says "Keep your fate in your own hands. "
[Newest]I think your cool

2Francesca Hogi - 1st person voted out, Survivor Redmption Island - 1st person voted out, Survivor Caramoan
I hope the rock didn't affect her digestive system.
How? I mean come on. On the first season you said Redemption Island was useless to you because you didn't "put yourself in the position of being voted out. You piss off a swing vote in your alliance which sends you home. You blow a 2-0 lead in a challenge to 3 and then unlocking and stepping through a door. You form an alliance of 4 against an alliance of 6 and get voted out first. TWICE.
How is this even a contest... Played twice and made the exact same mistake to get booted out first both times. No one else in Survivor history will ever do worse in the game.
[Newest]Wow. Francesca was first boot in his initial season. He lost the duel, so he was first boot! I don't know why they asked him to return for Survivor: Caramoan. If he was first boot he can't be a so-called All Star, and he didn't get far enough. If anyone should've returned for Caramoan from Redemption Island, the person who should return is Rob.

3Colton Cumbie - 13th Place - Survivor: One World
God, just thinking about this person makes me wanna punch him in the face. The fact of how racist he was to Bill just of how obnoxious he was and the job he had as a struggling stand up comedian. He said in his interview video before he played that he was a "people person. "

Okay Colton, tell that to Bill...
He lead his tribe to giving up tribal immunity and let personal vendettas run his game.
I never thought that anyone could beat Francesca when it comes to poor track records. Shows you what I know. Two-time quitter is worse than two time first boot any day. Colton is the reverse Cirie, in that he never should have got up off the couch to live his adventure.
[Newest]Quitting twice. All I have to say.

4Russell Hantz - 2nd place - Survivor: Samoa
People may argue that Russell has a good strategic game, but in my view, if you get to the end and have absolutely no chance at winning, you aren't a good player by any means. His social game was downright terrible. Russell made himself way to unlikeable to possibly win. And don't even get me started on his FTC performance. The jury that decides your fate doesn't want to hear about how you are the best, and all the others suck. They want you to explain why exactly you played the game the best, and at the same time, be a bit humble about it. Don't rub it in their faces that they lost. His strategic game wasn't the best either. If there had been no hidden immunity idols, Russell would've left in 11th. He depended on HIIs to save him. In my view, if you need a special tool to save you, you aren't a very good player. A good player wouldn't need idols to save them, idols are just a special tool for them to use to their advantage. Plus, Russell makes some horrible strategic moves on his own. An example of this would be taking out Danielle in HvV. That was a completely unnecessary move, based purely off of jealousy. And all it did was push his allies away, not make them closer to him. Plus, Russell hadn't even seen Survivor when he first went on the show! It is downright pitiful to watch someone who hasn't even watched Survivor come in and claim he is the "best player ever".
Russel hantz isn't a bad player it's how manipulative he is that makes him awesome
Being the "worst" play must mean that you fail to 'Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay. ' All of this is true in one simple perspective: he's a pawn. The only reason he made it to the end twice and eventually lost (Outlasted) is that other folks were able to read into his position (having idols, being awful at jury management) and using him as a pawn to win. Furthermore, he's ignorant to seeing the reality of people using him (Outplayed) to win in the final three, despite the fact that jury members and other contestants tell him directly. Finally, players who he describes as weaker have consistently represented themselves in the final council, where he lost (Outwitted).
If there were no hidden immunity idols, he would be screwed. Everyone on Samoa was stupid, and anyone could have outplayed them. Got lucky on Heroes VS Villains, especially since no one knew about him and his game play, which his a huge unfair advantage. And, managed to get voted out first in his tribe on Redemption Island, which would've happened on HvsV. But, what truly makes him the worst player of all time is his disillusionment that he is the best player of all time. To be the best player of all time, you have to not only be able to control others and get to the end, but also get the jury votes, which is a HUGE part of the game.
[Newest]He's actually capable of returning. He's sure, a villain, and notorious of finding idols without clues, and he's a strategist. But he was actually amazing in the two seasons in Samoa. But his game play in Redemption Island was no good. In fact it was terrible because his whole tribe threw a challenge to eliminate him.
More comments about Russell Hantz - 2nd place - Survivor: Samoa

5Sean Kenniff- 5th place- Survivor: Borneo
He never made any deals or any alliances with anyone. He just voted randomly at first. Then he decided to vote based on what letter the contestants' parents decided to start their kids' names with. He actually told everyone about his alphabetical strategy, which opened up the door for a three person alliance to vote for who they knew Sean would vote for, because of the order, and that sent the person home. Shortly after, Sean was out.
The dumb look on his face and the fact that he has a nipple ring are just the begining of his stupidity. He was used like a pawn. Voting for no reason for anything no matter what it is shows lack of character and lack of backbone.
I don't understand doctors are supposed to be excellent at the game but he was having his alphabet strategy which annoyed everyone just the original floater

6Lex Van Der Berghe- 9th place- Survivor: All-Stars
He played a good game the first time, but then the second time, he voted out some of the strong people, and had an opportunity to vote out Amber, and completely change the game, by giving himself the upper hand, going to the merge 5 against 4, and one of the 5 being Lex's friend Tom, an easy person to flip. Instead he votes out an ally, keeps Rob's ally, and Rob betrays him at the very next tribal council.
And then he had the nerve to be bitter at the person who had outwitted him.
Voting out jerri and keeping amber was one of the stupidest moves in this game
Lex fell a victim to the amazing boston robs scheming<333 poor boy. he was so stupid
[Newest]Why is everyone so hard on Lex? He and Boston Rob were friends outside the game. Survivor is edited into a 45 minute episode of three days.
Because in Survivor, you don't the enemy's closest ally and that is exactly what Lex did. It was simply a dumb move to keep Amber because of friendship. This was probably the dumbest move in survivor that did not involve immunity idols.

7Naonka Mixon - 9th Place - Survivor: Nicaragua
She showed the worst personality and no social game whatsoever. Then, to top it all, she QUIT and still thought she could've won.
If you think Naonka has a good gameplay, you are dead wrong.

Exhibit A: The tribe comes back with a basket of fruit, and apparently a clue to the immunity idol. Kelly Bruno was the first to notice the clue in the bottom of the basket, and what does Naonka do? She TACKLES her. Yep, she tackles a tribemate.
She also whined around camp, did little work, and QUIT. Not the way I'd wanna go down.


The most mean spirited, disgusting, delusional person to ever play Survivor. Brandon Hantz is a close second.
[Newest]She is the fourth most annoying contestant.

8Matt Elrod - 7th place - Survivor: Redemption Island
The most unaware naive uncertain survivor player ever. He would go on and on talking about his relationship with god but does not care one bit about relationships with people around him. That's why he got voted out the first time. Then completely insanely ratted out himself and his closest ally Andrea to boston Rob.
He gives every one a sense of uncertainty unsure about what he wants to do. Even Andrea feels lost and then she listens to the determined boston Rob to, again, vote this religious guy out.
When somebody stabs you in the back, you don't go right back to them and rejoin them. As if this isn't bad enough, he TOLD ROB HE WAS CONSIDERING VOTING HIM OUT! And he was actually surprised Rob voted him out again.
When he was sent to redemption island he stated that he wanted to graduate himself as the most naive survivor player to play. Graduation granted

9Brandon Hantz - 6th Place - Survivor: South Pacific
Everything about this man is wrong. He has set out to "Correct" his family name, but in all reality, he was even worse than Russel. What this kid needs to learn is that this is NOTHING MORE THAN A GAME. Do you hear that jury members? Do you have to brute and brute about how you were wronged by someone who wasn't too brain dead to make a strategic move? Back on topic, the only possible thing people give him kudos for over Russel is not being mean, which, to way too many jury members meant not playing the game. But, he was worse in that aspect too. He singled out and excluded Mikayla for no discernible reason. He was made uncomfortable by "something about her". He's basically saying that, from no fighting, from no strategic or physical game, she should be voted off. Cochran? He was UNBEARABLY hypocritical about how Cochran was treated. 8th tribal council, Keith is voted out. Jim, being the disgusting person that he is, calls Cochran a coward for making a bold move. Brandon says "That's what you get for treating him like that in the first place. " Fast forward only 4 tribal councils, and brandon is directly calling out Cochran as being the next one to go, and outcasting him. Remind anyone of anything earlier in the game? The very next challenge, Brandon makes it his strategy to get Edna out of the challenge and vote her off. Edna, might be my favorite survivor ever to play the game, so when I hear Brandon excluding her so much that she considers herself not to be part of the tribe is maddening. Brandon Hantz, you are an annoying, pathetic, stupid, rude, conceptually profane, needy bigot, that should never have shown his face in society.
Some people are naive, some dillusional, some can't control emotions, some need to be told what to do, some have no social skills, and some are just flat out garbage, scum of the earth, trash. Brandon Hantz is all of the above.
By far the worst player, and sorest loser to ever play the game. He would have been of more use swallowed by his mother. Maybe help her digestive system, or at least a little protein for the woman.
This guy shows us that a bipolar pathetic psychopath can sneak his way onto the show, not once but twice. I would have loved to see him and old man Phillup go a few rounds, hat them both... To even put Brandon in the same category as some of the favorites to play the game is a disgrace to the players and every person that ever watched the show.
Never liked Brandon Hantz, he has such an annoying voice and has no idea how to play survivor... Or his temper haha. I hated him after he dumped the rice on Survivor: Caramoan so much more than I did before!
[Newest]I agree maybe if he didn't give up immunity he could have won

10Chet Welch - 14th Place - Survivor: Micronesia
Just watching this season again and I am pissed off. This guy gets a small blister on his foot and calls it quits while Jonathan penner was in tears that he had to leave due to a deadly infection on his knee. Not only that but he was given the chance to make the biggest move in survivor history which was to blindside ozzy. But nooo there was too much going on for Chet and he couldn't hold on for just two more days. So I'll put it to you bluntly. Chet was the weakest, least motivated, and least strategical of all survivor players and the only reason he held on for longer then the first vote was because everyone wanted to use him as a pawn. PATHETIC!
All 3 parts he fail. Strategically: it was true that he didn't want to be there so he sat around camp all day only talking to Kathy and Tracy Competitively: He failed at every challenge he competed gave absolutely no heart. And Socially: People commented on his weakness add all that and you got the worst player ever
Only one way to describe him... Super lame! Lame in challenges, lame around camp, LAME. Such a good season but he was just so lame. There is no way he could ever win because survivor is a game for people that have a spine

The Contenders

11Shamar Thomas - 17th place - Survivor: Caramoan
I think Reynold put it best: " I don't think not quitting a game that thousands want to play is all that heroic... " part of what makes Shamar the true jerk that he is, was his hateful nature, no less in the vicinity of possibly the most likeable cast ever to air on survivor. Shamar is a bully, nothing more.
" I need you all to know that Shamar is all about respect! "
" I won't quit the game if you bring me my rice when it's time to eat. "

He got a grain of sand in his eye because he poked it. He was lazy and while this makes sense I some situations, if you want to stay around, you need to give your team a reason to keep you. Honestly, the only reason he wasn' out first was because Reynold's group wouldn't know how to play well if they got a lesson from every winner.
[Newest]Lazy, obnoxious and every other bad thing you can say

12Trish Dunn- 13th place- Survivor: Pearl Islands
I actually liked her as a castaway until she went paranoid after Rupert got "kidnapped" by the Morgan tribe and then the next time they went she then tried to vote him off. She just overreacted a little too much and so if you read this Trisha you still did good and you may or may not get that call to come back but if you do get that call, say yes 100%, because everybody likes a returning castaway who comes back to finish what they started and prove themselves, like Rob, Parvati, Cirie, Lillian, Rupert, etc.
Trish has dunn herself in.
She promised to go to the final two with everyone, and then tried to get Rupert's strongest ally to blindside him.

13Jenna Lewis - 8th place - Borneo
Did Jenna think that treating her tribemates like crap would help her out in the game? She barely survived every tribal in Outback (only because of her allies) and only needed to attend two in season 8. Flirting was another idiotic downfall of hers.
Strategically, I would align myself with Jenna just so I could receive the million because almost every all star on that season would beat Jenna
I seriously wonder if she can go a minute without her mouth opening

14Phillip Sheppard - 2nd Place - Survivor: South Pacific
He was one of the strangest people to ever play the game. Until he was proven to actually be a federal agent.
Did he ever think he could beat Rob in the final three?
This guy should b number 1 he's the most annoying little twerp ever etc.

15Ben Browning - 18th Place - Survivor: Samoa
Natalie White and Mick Trimming were not able to deal with Ben for 8 days. And when you know that these people were able to deal with Russell Hantz for 39 days, that's really an impressive fact.
When someone like Russell Hantz has to vote you out so early just because your social game is so weak that he finds you insufferable so quickly, that means a lot about how weak of a player you are.
Him and Shannon from Survivor:Nicaragua must be best buds. Considering they're both bigots

16Roger Sexton- 10th place- Survivor: Amazon
If he really thought, with his brilliant plan, he would make it far, he was an idiot. His great idea was, vote for all the women first. If anyone beats Clay for the bigot award, it's Roger. It's such a good thing that Rob, Heidi, Jenna, and Deanna were there to put him in his place. He made way too many mistakes, and the only reason he even made it to the merge was because Rob let him, because he wasn't a strategic threat. He easily deserves a top three spot.
As much as I want to vote for Lex, I need Chris and the other fat five to go down in standings. First, if it weren't for the choice of getting rid of the strong guys, they would've been out. Jenna Lewis is the meanest player, always bossing people and once screwed her alliance because she was pouting that she lost a reward that another pagong won. What a baby.

17J'Tia Taylor - 15th Place - Survivor: Cagayan
Probably the craziest person to ever play this game. I really, REALLY hope that she never gets fired from her job, cause who knows what she might do out of frustration with nuclear things?
Easily the worst challenge performances I have seen in 28 seasons. There have been bad performances, intentional losses, injuries, etc etc but never seen a team fail so badly all because of on person. And to top it all off, she activley worked to hurt her trip in a bitter, pathetic way in throwing out their rice
All she had going for her was that she was funny... she sucked at challenges so bad that it was humorous! She had no brains and definitely no brawn...

18Dave Cruser- 13th place- Survivor: China
He goes right along the same lines as Hunter. He bossed everyone around, had an ally go home instead of who he wanted, and still tried to call the shots rather than try to save himself.
Everything Ashley said about him is true
Why did he think people would listen to him and want to have him around nobody likes an anoying leader

19Clay Jordan- 2nd place- Survivor: Thailand
He just degraded everyone the whole time, did nothing around camp, made no moves, and was probably the most bigoted scumbag the show's ever seen.
A lot of horrible things to call this man. Hillbilly. Redneck. Bigot. And most importantly a horrible player

20Tina Wesson - 1st place - Survivor: The Australia Outback
Tina is the most useless Survivor player of all time, she never does anything! Coconuts could win with the same strategy Tina uses. PLEASE STOP BRINGING HER BACK!
People fail to realize when someone sucks. On this long list we see the most overrated survivor winner, Tina, sitting next to Parvati and Jordan from Big Brother.


21Dreamz Herd - Runner Up - Survivor: Fiji
Did this idiot think he was going to win the jury vote I mean he betrayed every jury member and its not like breaking his promise to tau man was going to win him a million more like lose all his jury votes
This idiot betrayed every single one of his allies! And he voted off Yau-Man

22Rupert Boneham - 4th Place - Survivor: All-Stars
Rupert never showed any aptitude for strategy and he is bad at challenges. He barely made it to the jury the first time, and he threw a temper tantrum when he received two votes. The second time he was just Rob's puppet. The third time, he stupidly voted off the strong people (Tom, Stephanie)when the heroes were on a losing streak. At the merge, Sandra offered to join him, but he idiotically slammed the door in her face and refused her help. He never did anything strategic, and instead kept babbling on about what it meant to be a "true hero". The only reason he got as far as the final six is that the other heroes were bigger threats than him. Maybe he got voted out so nobody would get blinded by his stupid tie-dye shirt.
Absolutely horrible player. He just keeps rambling on about "never lying" and all that crap. The most infuriating thing about Rupert though, is he gets mad at people when they actually play the game, like Russell, Parvati, and Fairplay.
Who put this caveman on the show? He is not a strategist. He was carried to the jury the past 3 times he played. And the fourth time, he took his wife's place in and lost redemption island. I don't get why people like him. He is a pathetic tie die shirt obssesed caveman who has no clue what the game is. He undeservingly won the million dollar fan favorite awards just because of his character. Hopefully this guy realizes his the most overrated castaway ever.

23Drew Christy - 15th place - Survivor: San Juan Del Sur
He insisted that the women were aligned and that they needed to vote out a girl even though there were more men than women on the tribe.

He insisted that Kelley be voted out when no one else wanted Kelley out (the other guys he talked to wanted to vote for Julie).

He threw a challenge only to get voted out at that very tribal council.

Enough said.
Jed Hildebrand 2.0! Lazy, no social game, disrespectful to women and threw a challenge ONLY TO GET VOTED OFF! As Red Forman would say "I wanna put my foot up your ass"
Accomplished nothing and failed at everything.

24J.T. Thomas - 10th Place - Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
What the hell sort of person gives a hidden immunity idol to a member of the opposite tribe? You should never make a power-shifting move based on an assumption, because the game has a way of making you look like an idiot. Plus, since he hadn't seen Russell's game, that should have made him more wary. He should have thought "He's the unknown factor, I don't know anything about him, therefore I can't trust him". And he couldn't have got to the end without Stephen Fishbach.
I guess Karma caught up with you when for backstabbing tom, steph and colby he could have been with a dream heroes team I bet if they only pulled candice and cirie heroes would have went along way.

25Kelly Shinn - 8th Place - Nicaragua
She did absolutely nothing in the game, not to mention fare that she QUIT
She just hid inside a tree until the day she quit

26Hunter Ellis- 14th place- Survivor: Marquesas
He basically came off as the dominator in the game, trying to tell everyone who to vote for, and when it didn't work, and any person not as cocky would've known they were on the line, he continued to tell people who to vote for, rather than trying to save himself, and then when he was voted out, he was surprised.
Thank you Rob Mariano for putting hunter in his place

27Ian Rosenberger- 3rd place- Survivor: Palau
He made a final three deal, and a final two deal with each of the two in the final three deal, and promised to take katie on any reward he's win, and promised Tom not to take him so they could make sure no plotting was going on around camp. When he won a reward, he took Tom. Then he made a promise to vote out Tom, before the immunity challenge. Obviously, if Tom won, the others would tell him about the deal, which they did. Ian won the tie breaker, but then basically quit in the top three, and was sent home. That whole tribe was full of bad players. Ulong had the only two players in the game, which made the second half of the season awful.
Stupidest of them ALL. Erik unknowingly gave up his immunity in the final 5. Ian basically quit in the final 3!
He didn't get voted out he quit on DAY 38 THAT DAMN IDIOT JUMPED OUT OF AN 11 HOUR CHALLENGE TO FIX A FRIENDSHIP? Think about yourself especially on the 38 th day

28Corinne Kaplan - 12th place - Survivor: Caramoan
A very smart physical strategic player who could have made it to the end if she wasn't betrayed by her close ally Dawn. She almost changed the entire game and would have made it more interesting for the viewers. Dawn paid her homage at the reunion and apologized to her.
Too sincere and too talkative to be a good player.
She was a JERK to sugar the best and nicest survivor Gabon player

29Zane Knight - 18th Place - Survivor: Philippines
One of the most useless strategies I've ever seen.


30Randy Bailey - 8th place - Survivor: Gabon
Trusting on bob's fake hidden immunity idol makes him embarrassing when he's voted out... And on survivor heroes vs villains he should have shown his full strength
So the tribes will have use for him... That's why he's in 18th place in heroes vs villains
Randy was just one lazy person who did nothing.
He's an ok contestant I'm just upset because in HvV I think the villains should've lost and voted randy out, no offense to him but he did almost nothing in his last day in Gabon and he didn't do anything chaotic in HvV

31Troyzan Robertson - 7th Place - Survivor One World
I mean, come on, don't be surprised if nobody wants to join your alliance after you've just cursed and yelled at them. And no, Troyzan, this was never "Your Island" it was always Kim's island. Contrary to what you said at the reunion show, you are not the second coming of Richard Hatch. The second coming of Sonja Christopher maybe.
He thinks he's this brilliant player, but he isn't. If he really was as great as he thinks he is, then he would have actually overthrown Kim. Instead, she played him like a fiddle, and when the fiddle got loud and annoying, she threw it in the trash.
He can talk the talk but his game-play is too weak to back it up.
[Newest]Troyzan is great! He won like three or four individual immunity challenges

32Denise Martin - 4th place - Survivor: China
She refused to ever take part in anything strategic, she just rode Amanda and Todd's coattails to the end. She was given a chance to join P.G. to eliminate the leaders and take control of her position in the game, but for whatever reason she refused it.
Basically a block of driftwood till the end

33Malcolm Freberg - 4th Place - Survivor Philippines
How is Malcolm on this list? He's not the best player but he's not the worst either. I mean he screwed up only once at the last immunity challenge. Same thing happened with Darrah, it happened with Ozzy the second time around, it happened with Brett! I mean seriously people.

34Mick Trimming - 2nd place - Survivor: Samoa
Just trusting on russell just to stay... And I think russell's controling him on the game but he's the leader
Is he sure he was the leader
When you can't even get a single vote at a FTC against Russel (who sucks in FTC jury stage since he is so hated) and the weakest winner ever Natalie White, you pretty much suck.

35Peter Harkey - 16th Place - Survivor: Marquesas
Kind of a funny first boot. Also he looks like he could be Josh Groban's father.

36Joel Anderson - 16th place - Survivor: Micronesia
Bullied everyone on the tribe, and blindsided his stronger, potential allies, instead of the weaker players, who blindsided him after the tribe switch.
Thought to much of himself. He should have kept his mouth shut and just played the game without calling people out

37Sophie Clarke - Winner - Survivor: South Pacific
Did not deserve to win her season, she only won because albert was worse and coach pissed people off.
I would have rather seen Edna win than her. At least Edna respected others more.


I liked Coach that season so I was pissed when she won

38Abi-Maria Gomes - 5th Place - Survivor: Philippines
The only person on the planet that if she was in a final 2 with Russell, she would have lost
She said she was there for a million dollars and I just have to ask did you really think you had a shot when most jury members didn't really care about you like RC and penner and jeff

39Katie Gallagher - 2nd Place - Survivor Palau
Survivor is a social game, and Katie's social game was the worst ever. She picked fights with everyone that season, including those in her own alliance. Katie actually came up with a two good strategic ideas, but was easily talked out of using them by Ian. She was an absolutely horrible challenge performer too. 56-year old Willard could swing on a rope better than Katie. Then he had to show her how to do it.

Katie made herself the most hated player very early on, and Tom and Ian dragged her to the end as an easily-beaten goat.

Nobody played worse than Katie -- not even anyone who quit the game.
All she did was show the value of riding the coattail of people who play the game like Tom and Ian not to mention that she was mean, bossy, and useless during challenges
They should have took steps offer. For the female alliance would of made it a better sesaon.

40Twila Tanner - 2nd Place - Survivor: Vanuatu
Chris outwitted her big time told her to be proud and honored that she voted all the jury out when Chris was forgiving

41Brad Culpepper - 15th Place - Survivor: Blood vs Water
He thinks he is so smart. He can't even do math with his fingers. Good thing he is rich. Caleb put the "brains" in it's place.

42Jason Briska - 8th Place - Survivor: Micronesia
Why would you listen to the black widow alliance and not play your idol. Jason your a bonehead.


That is obviously a fake idol, falling for ozzys shanagains (duh)

43Parvati Shallow - 1st place - Survivor: Micronesia
The most overrated player in Survivor history. She lucked into a win once because of the sudden change into F2. Put her with Cirie and Amanda in F3 and you will get a player with no Survivor wins in her resume. Her whole strategy is to stick to a clearly dominant player ( strategically/physically) and follow them to the end.
Oh, and that fake giggle she produces every 10 seconds is beyond irritating.
When I saw her in heroes. Vs. Villains socially and strategically I was disappointed to see her team up the Devil of Samoa aka Russell it went downhill she stepped down from her leader role and followed him and Russell played so badly and parvati was horrible by association, so I actually understand why Sandra won
I want to like Parvati because she is smart and very strong in the challenges. Her insistence at playing a cutsey cutsey, flirty flirty game is constantly irritating though. Parvati, you are better than a fake smile and tiny bikini.
[Newest]She ain't even cute...

44Lillian Morris - 2nd Place - Survivor: Pearl Islands
Lil was voted out and because of a terrible twist was able to get back into the game. No concept of strategy whatsoever. Johnny Fairplay described her best: "There's a word in the English language called naïve. And some people [Lil] are that. And obviously, those people are playing this game. "
Lill would have won if she brought Johnny FairPlay, but al because she thought Sandra deserved the money more she brought her. I don't know why anybody would give her ANY votes in the final because she was the 3rd voted out but came back in. In my opinion worst survivor player ever
Lillian is probably the single most hated person in Pearl Islands. And considering this season also had Jonny Fairplay, that's quite an acheivment

45Stephenie LaGrossa - 2nd Place - Survivor: Guatemala
She managed to blindside every single ally she had a chance to beat at the final tribal council, which turned them against her at the final tribal council, only to keep someone she was not allied with and who was appreciated. Voting out Lydia instead of Danni at the Final 4 was especially no sense. Furthermore she had a terrible social game. She completely deserved her loss.

46Tony Vlachos - Survivor: Cagayan
We'll he did play a good game. But I wouldn't of ever swore on my sibling, or family member. I wouldn't kill anyone for a million dollars for that matter. I don't see why Woo didn't get him out, Woo would of won if he didn't.
Tony was an absolute GENIUS! He ran the show in a style nobody ever saw, dominated the game strategically, and found THREE IDOLS! What idiot put him on the "10 Worst Players List" anyway? He belongs on the top ten BEST players list.
That whole "I swear on my brother, sister, mother, father's grave, baby, great grandma, and grandpa" was so fake I don't know why the others didn't' catch on sooner.

47Colby Donaldson - Runner Up - Survivor: The Australian Outback
His Heroes vs Villains performance was one of the most feeble I ever saw. A guy with a busted leg (James) beat him in challenges. He had no strategy, was horrible at challenges, and just gave zero effort. He floated along because he was no threat of any sort.
I'm sure it was a strategy that's what got him to be the last Heros left.

48Monica Culpepper - Runner Up - Survivor: Blood vs Water
She would have had a way bigger chance of winning if she had went with Sierra. In the final counsel she was crying so fake. She never stood a chance with Tyson or Jervase, they clearly played a better game then her. She was like Woo in Survivor Cagayan, a dog, when ever Tyson told her to sit, she sat.
Dummy had opportunity after opportunity to win and stuck to tyson and jervis.

49Kim Spradin - 1st Place - Survivor: One World
Ya, she won every immunity challenge almost. When she didn't they should of voted her out! That simple.
Of course she's gonna win in a season with Colton, Kat, and other useless contestants!


How did she end up in the hall of fame before Colby and Rupert

50Sabrina Thompson - 2nd Place - Survivor: One World
Her strategy was to throw all the challenges (she said this at the final tribal) do no work around camp, and make no moves whatsoever.
She invented a very unique strategy: Give up in all the challenges, make no strategic moves, and do no work at camp.
I'm surprised she got 2 jury votes because of her I suck at challenges, no strategy, coattail riding strategy

51Ozzy Lusth - 4th Place - Survivor: South Pacific
A very poor social game in all 3 seasons. Only relies on the challenges than the strategy and getting along with everyone. And also he got voted out with a hidden immunity idol in his possession back in Micronesia.

52Richard Hatch - 1st Place - Survivor: Borneo
He is the best player to ever play this game! How dare you put him on this list?!?
He made another player quit in All-Stars.


53Sherri Biethman - 3rd Place - Survivor: Caramoan
She's an idiot self confident old lady who thinks that she's the strongest person in the caramoan islands.
She WAS one of the strongest players in Caramoan. Remember the pre-merge part.
Sherri is such a disappointing contestant.
She had a good pre merge game, but the second the tribes merged, she became invisible and did nothing for the rest of the game

54James Clement - 7th Place - Survivor: China
And he calls other people bad luck and curses them how can he be a Hero? He doesn't even know how to speak to people.
This guy is a dumb tool and I was laughing when he went home with 2 idols. Dingus
Went home with two idols... Pretty dumb.

55Kass McQuillen - Survivor: Cagayan
She really shouldn't of made everyone mad. But I have to admit, if that was her plan she got it. I mean after this I don't see her as that bad, She got everyone she wanted out, except for tony in the final trial counsel.
She shouldn't have flipped right at the merge! That makes everyone from there on hate her. And everyone from there on was on the jury! Besides that, I think she played an EXCELLENT game. She was the only one who could trick Tony!
She seriously made a bad example on her children and I hope her children watching are laughing at her

56Brendan Synnott - 9th Place - Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands
I think the only thing he could've done is that he should've went with his alliance with Taj, Sierra, & Stephen because then he probably would've made it farther

57Denise Stapley - 1st Place - Survivor Philippines

58Laura Boneham - Survivor: Blood vs Water
She had a smooth route to the merge, and then just messed it all up with 1 move. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you take survivor tips from RUPERT!
Bad move, telling Vynus that all the women were going to vote him out! This maybe her first time playing, but, as the wife of a Survivor veteran player, surely she should realize that the game is all about back-stabbing!
You don't tell anyone that there gonna get voted out

59Fabio Birza - Winner - Survivor: Nicaragua
Goofy with no strategy. Plus he got arrested after the show.

60John Cochran - 8th Place - Survivor: South Pacific
Terrible social game: Was hated by his whole tribe and really lucky not be voted out pre-merge as he should have been.
Terrible strategic game: Switching at the merge to be voted out in 7th place, when drawing rocks would have given his tribe a 71.4% chance to have the numbers, and when Jim would have picked him and Dawn to face the jury if Savaii had had the numbers, as Jim thought he would have had more chance to beat them than to beat Ozzy, Keith or Whitney.
Terrible physical game: Really sucked at challenges, was a liability to his tribe in those challenges and had no chance to make an immunity run once he betrayed his tribe (nor had he chance to win a redemption island dual), which he would have needed.
HUGE improvement in Caramoan. Anyone who fails to see that is still riding low on the Ozzy 4th place finish in South Pacific. Though he was dominant in Caramoan, he was not in South Pacific. He was one of the worst players there, which sucked because he was also the most entertaining.

61Jaime Dugan - 10th place - Survivor: China

62Jonathan Libby - 20th place - Survivor: Palau
He shouldn't be on this list especially if he never got to play.
He did get to play. He was out because of someone who was playing harder than him. I don't think he deserves to be this high though because from what we saw he wasn't one of the worst.
He has a point there.

63Woo Hwang - 2nd place - Survivor: Cagayan
It was just crazy his strategy. I wish in a count used state when he said he was going to do what he did in martial arts. This is not martial arts, this is survivor!
Way too low on the list. This might be the least intelligent, least strategic player ever. And he just wanted to polish Tony's balls for him before he handed him a mil.
He had no strategy. He was a god and Tony was his master, just like Spencer said

64Sugar Kiper - 20th place - Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Annoyed her tribe and really didn't have any allies.
So annoying, Corinne couldn't have said it better

65John Rocker - 16th place - Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Sometimes one just has to shut his mouth if one doesn't want to be blindsided. But that is something Rocker is not able to do.
If Natalie didn't say that she wouldn't have won because jon would have
If it wasn't for stupid twinnie he'd still be there

66Ryan Aiken - 16th Place - Survivor: The Amazon
The dude couldn't even cross a simple balance beam. No wonder he's in last place.

67Osten Taylor - 11th place - Survivor: Pearl Islands
No offense to him but he kinda rubbed my elbow the wrong way. One he couldn't swim, two he freaked out about every little bug and animal (and if you guys think I'm wrong then I hope you don't forget the moment with the pelican), three the way he quit wasn't really quitting and so if they would've just voted then he probably most likely would have gone either way or. So once again if you read this Osten, I think every survivor has his or her perks and falls but whose to say you can't come back to survivor to finish what you've done? Who knows maybe you can do better!
Like everyone he put in 110% but he made many mishaps, in the third immunity challenge he couldn't keep himself up and I get it it was two hours, but really, he also couldn't swim, he was the first to quit too. If you read this I'm sry, and I hope you don't feel too bad about this!

68Marty Piombo - 11th Place - Survivor: Nicaragua
The most overrated player in that whole season. He was switched over to the other tribe, was outnumbered, and TOLD EVERYBODY "I've got the immunity idol". All he did was put a target on his back, and then he gave the idol away.
Let me correct you: He was not the most overrated player in that season, he was the only one who was not pathetic in that real Survivor parody that Nicaragua was.
He's pretty much what Bam Margera from Jackass will look like when he's in his 50's
He's pretty much what Bam Margera will look like when he's in his 50's

69Erik Cardona - 12th Place - Survivor: Samoa
His whole tribe hated him so they voted him off before attacking the other tribe. He didn't even play his idol, and he kept saying "Galu to the end". Fool. It's not a team game, it's an individual game. And then he was bitter and voted for Natalie to win, even though Russell deserved to.

70John Carroll - 9th Place - Survivor: Marquesas
How could he not realize that blatantly revealing the pecking order would result in him being overthrown? Not that it mattered. He wasn't going to win anyway, his social game was too bad.

71Alex Bell - 7th Place - Survivor: The Amazon
The dude told Rob that when they got to four, he would vote him off to prevent a tie with the girls, after that Rob elminated him from the game.

72Courtney Yates - Runner Up - Survivor: China
One of the worst physical competitors to ever participate in Survivor.

73Judd Sergeant - 6th Place - Survivor Guatemala
Thanks for putting me on this list guys! I hope you get bit by a crocodile! Scumbags
Good comeback, I'm on your side! 😃

74Garrett Adelstein - 17th place - Survivor: Cagayan
Blindsided with an idol in his pocket (or rather at camp) after only 6 days, a record.
He should've went on big brother if he was here just to strategize
Just an idiot. That's him.

75Jenna Morasca - 1st place - Survivor: Amazon
Easliy one of the most unlikeable winners ever. She pisses off pretty much every woman over the age of 30 with her superiority complex. Heidi may have been practically the same, but at least Heidi was funny. Jenna was not. While her strategy wasnt TERRIBLE, it was average at best. Pretty much anyone else in the final six would have made a better winner, Rob, Matt, Butch, Christy, and Heidi (yes even Heidi) all played a better game then her. I wish we went out first

76Ciera Eastin - 5th Place - Survivor: Blood vs Water
An absolutely terrible Survivor player. She lucked and ducked through the entire pre-merge game, and then became Tyson's puppet. Then she made the idiotic decision to vote off her mother instead of teaming up with her mom and the new players to overthrow Tyson/Gervase/Monica. Then at final seven she had another chance to overthrow Tyson, but for some reason she betrayed Hayden, Caleb and Katie - and also betrayed any chance she had at winning. Sure, drawing rocks took guts but she wouldn't have NEEDED to draw rocks if she had just been willing to work with Caleb at the final seven. And her pitch to Monica was really weak; Monica was never going to flip because of high-school gossip.

77Laura Morett - 6th place - Blood vs Water

78David Samson - 18th Place - Survivor: Cagayan
Made a horrible decision in voting off Garrett the strongest in his tribe at first impressions. And it came back to bite him in the butt as he got voted out first.
Should've targeted J'Tia at first impressions

79Matt Quinlan - 16th place - Survivor: One World
Was arrogant and thought he had a good shot at winning, when in reality he didn't stand a chance. The fact that his own alliance members voted him out over COLTON shows how much of a dumbass he was (although he wasn't nearly as bad as Colton was obviously).

80Jim Lynch - 18th place - Survivor: Guatemala
After the 11-mile trek and him getting sick, his chances were pretty much slim. Not to mention his age made him a liability in his tribe. Although he probably wouldn't of had a great strategic game if he made merge.
His age is what might've played a factor in him getting voted off first. Also he probably didn't have a great strategy

81Roxy Morris - 17th place - Survivor:Philippines
Just weird, never helped in any of the challenges and had a loud mouth
Had a huge mouth and pretty much annoyed the tribe.

82Becky Lee - 3rd place - Survivor: Cook Islands
When people with a wide survivor memory and they mention her the other person who just say "WHO?
You know your forgettable when people remember Sekou and Billy Garcia instead of you
The first person in a final three to receive no votes at FTC. enough said

83Jed Hildebrand - 14th place - Survivor: Thailand
He was so lazy that his tribe threw an immunity challenge just to vote him out. How did they let him into dental school?
You know your lazy and useless when your tribe throws a challenge just to vote you off

84Paloma Soto-Castillo - 16th Place - Survivor: Gabon
This chick was like 4 feet she had no chance of going far.

85Ramona Gray - 13th Place - Survivor: Borneo
This girl? She was so useless, she couldn't even make a good pawn.


Useless at camp and in challenges. She did absoleuletly nothing in her 12 days


86Diane Ogden - 16th Place - Survivor: Africa
Her and Jessie were the weakest pre-merge boots ever.
Dumb move to share the beans with Clarance. "You're nothing like my mother."


87Val Collins - 17th place - Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Never tell someone you have 2 idols so early in the game. Such a dumb move!

88Jean Robert Bellande - 9th Place - Survivor: China

89Jason Siska - Micronesia
Erik looks like Richard Hatch compared to this chump. Thought a stick was an idol, gave up immunity when he should've realized he needed it, and didn't play an idol when he should've known he'd need it. MORON!

90Jon Misch - Survivor: San Juan del Sur
I do not like him because he still thinks he got the game handled, and most of all he can never seem to make up his mind. Sometimes I think he can't even tell left from right.

91John Palyok - 16th place - Survivor: Vanuatu
This dude seriously needs to learn how to count along with the other 3 young guys.

92Alec Christy - 7th place - Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Not much smarter than Drew

93Liz Kim - 12th place - Survivor: Samoa
She was so invisible for most of the time she was on. Then she got voted off

94Clarence Black - 10th Place - Survivor:Africa
No offense but like Osten he kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I mean I believe that he lied to Boran and that Diane was technically telling the truth. I mean it took Boran like, 7 tribals to get rid of him. No offense but it w kinda hard to watch him when he just complained about the chicken, paired up with Silas and then back-stabbed him, well you get the picture. But who's to say that you can't redeem yourself Clsrence you could be on Some kind of Second chance or unfinished business season of survivor someday.

95Shawn Cohen - 12th Place - Survivor: Pearl Islands
I mean he was ok at first but then he got annoying on Day 12 (No this is not Jon or Burton or any other survivor contestant, just the guy who posted the Osten and Clarence (Or it should be on there)) posts. I mean huge back-stabbed Burton, Michelle, and kinda back-stabbed Trish. He and Jon got in fights all the time. If it wasn't for the outcasts, he would've went to Morgan and then the season we love so much would've been really crappy. So thank god for the outcasts. (Yes I'm a Catholic. ) so if he does get in another season I wish him good luck then.

96Nina Poersch - 16th place - Survivor: Worlds Apart
She played the sympathy game the entire time she was there (8 days). She was a total liability
She was really unstrategic. She had potential to make an alliance with Will and Vince, but she doesn't pull them together to vote off Jenn. Such a stupid mistake.


97Michelle Chase - Survivor:Gabon - 18th place
She was so hard to deal with around camp that they ended up voting her out over the Grandma Thora look-alike Gillian

98Wes Nale - 9th place - Survivor:San Juan Del Sur
The only things he did on his season were eating chicken fingers and tacos and talking about a Two and A Half Men. It sucks because I thought he was going to be the strategic mastermind and that Jeremy and Jon would be getting the invisible edit.

99Grant Mattos - 8th place - Survivor: Redemption Island
Horrible Player. Only got as far as he did due to Rob using him with their fake friendship (when in reality he had closer friendships and alliances both with at least 5 of the other cast members). Rob then wouldn't take him to the end despite that he was easiest to beat, due to having way closer friendships to people like Natalie and even Philip.
Horrible Player. Relied on his fake friendship with Rob (who in reality had both closer friendship and alliances with at least 5 of the other cast) to take to where he got. Rob still wouldn't take him to the end, despite that he would have been the easiest to beat.
He sucks and his dreads smell bad.

100So Kim - 18th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

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