Top Ten Worst Tanks from World of Tanks


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1AMX 38

This tier 3 tank is nothing useful! You will see tier 5 battles all the time, armor isn't useful and u will miss whole battle becuase your slow! Skip it on AMX 40 which I like but many people hate it, so probably will you. - P-51IsDaBest

2ARL V39V1 Comment
3M3 Lee

Many people say it is the worst tank in wot, in fact it isn't! Ots pretty decent though - P-51IsDaBest

4Churchill GC

In real life is the worst tank too!

V1 Comment
5Medium III

Gun and mibility are only good thing this tank has. Otherwise its paper and sees tier 5.Also huge target for arties - P-51IsDaBest

6Type 91

Gun is only good thing about it. Everything else is crap - P-51IsDaBest

7Renault Otsu

A japanese copy of allready terrible FT, only good thing it has is gun depression. Otherwise it's a trash - P-51IsDaBest

8Churchill series

Every single churchill that isn't Churchill III - P-51IsDaBest

9Medium 1V1 Comment

Paper, terrible gun selection, not really good mobility - P-51IsDaBest

The Contenders

11M56 Scorpion

1mm of armor is sure enough for even guns with lowest pen to do max danage on this tank even with HE - P-51IsDaBest

12M4 Sherman

Now I agree with this if its stock, however, when you mount derp and everything top, it becomes killing machine of doom - P-51IsDaBest

13Panther 8,8

Altough I have it for a year now I can't see it useful even against other tier 8 mediums. Its slow, gun is usseles against heavily armed tanks like IS 3 for example, and armor is only effective if angled at high angle - P-51IsDaBest

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