Worst Team Fortress 2 Weapons

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The Top Ten

The Sun-on-a-Stick
It's rare a Scout finds a burning enemy that isn't already toast. Plus, this thing only does 26 damage. It's critical hits only do 70-something, too. That ain't a lot for a crit.
This weapon is totally pointless. Just use your Scattergun when you see a burning enemy, and you don't use your melee often as Scout unless it's the Sandman. You also have to have a Pyro on your team. This weapon is a gimmick and a joke.
I forgot to include this on my list so I will put it here. A melee for scout, has 25% damage penalty but crits players that are on fire. But how many times as a scout have you ran into an enemy that is burning?
[Newest]This is just makes scout into pyro

2The Razorback
It only blocks ONE attempt. Plus, sacrifices your secondary slot. Unless the attacking Spy is a noob, they'll see your Razorback and reach for their Revolver or Ambassador.
This is not a weapon. If it's going to sacrifice a weapon slot it better be able to block bullets/arrows from the back. This is a useless piece of crap that nobody should own
A lot of times, when I accidentally stab a razorback, the sniper doesn't even notice me. I just back away, and stab him again. Potentially good defensive tool ruined by incompetent users.
[Newest]Trust me, there is a much better shield that actually alerts you when your shield is knocked down, telling you when a spy attacks so you can scare him off or kill him

3The Fan O' War
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This weapon is amazing, the damage is low for a reason. All you have to do to make good use of hit is hit an enemy, pull out you scattergun and shoot. Damage is VERY high with mini crits
This weapon is not meant for strait up fighting. But if the enemy doesn't see you and you want some extra damage before the fight, you hit him with the fan back up and start shooting. If you are so sneaky then why don't you just use the back scatter or Crit-a-Cola? It takes more time to hit the enemy, back up and shoot. Just shooting is fine. If you want to kill a heavy and think you can kill him with the fan of war mini cries... you can't. When
It seems rather obvious that if you can hit someone with this you should be blowing them to bits with your scattergun

4Sharpened Volcano Fragment
What's the point when you have A FLAMETHROWER?! If you have this equipped, and anything besides the Reserve Shooter and the Shotgun, you can't attack in water at all.
There is absolutely no point to this weapon at all aside from Medieval mode. You already have a perfectly good flamethrower and chances are you also have the flare gun, another great weapon for setting people on fire. So why not use something with a better attribute like the Axstinguisher, Power Jack, or absolutely ANYTHING! Why would you want to get up even closer to people to set them on fire when you have 2 other weapons that do the exact same thing from a safer distance!


Well even in medieval mode it still isn't that good because health kits drop every time someone dies, you just have to pick up an health kit then the flames are pretty much gone, making it the worst ax for the pyro. (On the bright side it gets bad-ass design of the year though, just look at it, it looks like it was forged from the depths of hell! )

5The Eviction Notice
The stats on these things don't make any sense to me. Brass knuckles doing LESS damage? What?
I actually have had a good experience with this weapon. The faster swing rate (as I see) makes critical hits more prevalent.
Wow! Ever wanted to own brass knuckles that are made of molitan and reduce the damage you do by a half? Then this is the weapon for you! A heavy melee that hits faster, but does only 32 damage points. Yaho! Just hate this.
[Newest]Useless crap even weaker than scout bat

6Pain Train
Can't believe this isn't on number one of the list, this item is worse than every single item on the list.
This weapon is ridiculous. Only a noob would buy/trade/actually use it. This is literally the worst weapon, especially if you're playing defense.
This item is complete crap unless there are a few minutes left in the game on cp and you're playing soldier, keep it in your inventory if you play cp, otherwise... SCRAP

7Short Circuit
Dumbass. It's supposed to block projectiles, not hurt people.
Some people are just too stupid. If you are attacking on Payload, this thing is invaluable. It can block spam. That is normally reserved for filters. Great, but somewhat situational weapon.
It's good for blocking missiles, but attacking is just awful.

8Boston Basher
... This is a weapon meant for something a scout really shouldn't be doing with a melee weapon: Hit and run... The scattergun is better for that.

To be fair it has three upsides, although one is iffy. The iffy one is people panic when they start bleeding and retreat. The other two are all about hurting yourself: Hitting yourself while ascending in a jump will boost you high than you could with the atomizer and hitting yourself will also let a medic build uber faster off of you.
The boston Basher makes you bleed and hurts you! Scout already has limited health so it just makes surviving long a lot harder. Also most people using scout melee just randomly swing it around and miss a lot. Doing this with the Basher would kill you.
I vote this because it HURTS YOU. I want to.kill with my weapon, not be killed.by it.
[Newest]At least it's better than the wrap assassin.

9Wrap Assassin
It is a roll of paper that shoots Christmas decorations for scout. But... It has 70% damage penalty. Fan of war had 90% but it had a good use. This just does not really work with me. It shoots an ornament dealing 45 damage. Target then bleeds. Not weak, but I hate the damage penalty.
This weapon is just a complete downgrade, it does have a ornament you can throw at enemies to make them bleed a little but if your so good at doing it, why not use the sandman to kill them entirely? Just make this item scrap, it's a better idea.
I have a strange one, and it's hard to get kills. I'm at 2609 at the moment.
[Newest]It built for attacking from long distance that your scattergun does low damage

10Conniver's Kunai
Okay the only watch you can use with this weapon is the dead ringer. You can be 1 hit with practically everything. If you manage to get a backstab you can have up to 180 overhead health that drains quickly. In the sound of the fighting no one is going to hear you so you can silently get your next kill. So why do you need that health? It drains quickly and the spy is not a class you can go head to head with. It's like you are bleeding away your health while fighting with revolver that deals 60 damage at point blank. A scout can just run around you and shoot you twice and kill you. The soldier has more health than you and has rockets. The soldier's health isn't slowly fading either. Pyros have a flamethrower that is much more effective. Demos have grenades and hard-hitting mêlée weapons. Don't even try against heavies. Engineers have shotguns and pistols, not to mention a huge sentry gun. Even a medic can kill you with their saws and needles that deal good damage. You can barely survive a quick headshot from snipers and their their kukris deal more damage than knives. That leaves the spy. The only class you can fight head on with a good chance of survival. The enemy spies are probably in your base so you don't meet them much. The only thing that you can do with this knife is backstab, and you know what else can backstab? EVERY OTHER KNIFE! Don't use the kunai.
As a class that excels in avoiding front-on confrontation, the spy does not need a great deal of health. An overhealed spy has no greater backstabbing ability than normal, and let's face it - if you're caught by a pyro, you're screwed anyway.
If you are spy master this is your best weapon

The Contenders

The chance you will kill someone with this is so little. I takes away your secondary slot when you could have used something better instead.
This is only good if you are REALLY GOOD at rocket jumping, and you're making a market gardner montage Otherwise, this really doesn't have any use at all.
This thing sucks. I mean who would want to get rid of their shotgun just to goomba someone. And you would kill yourself before stepping on them

Bonesaw for the medic. You lose 10 of your maximum health, but if you die you can keep up to 20% über. How long does it take you to get 20% über? 10 seconds of overhealing. How useful.
Useless. MEdic should be about SURVIVING, not DYING
It perfect combo with overdose but it totally CRAP

The reason its down is that it takes LONGER for you to bring out, and less damage. heavy is already SLOW and POWERFUL, why make him weaker and even more slower?
Great weapon to stop charging demoman to your face
It slows the enemy down AND kills them

The Phlogistinator is basically the noob weapon, with lots of downsides. First you can't air blast which is a problem because you can't extinguish your teammates nor reflect Demoman and Soldier projectiles, Also with the crits it makes this weapon made for noobs. The -10% damage isn't that bad but without air blasting it removes the Pyro's best attribute. Sorry but I prefer the stock.
If you try to activate the MMMPH, you're basically a dead man. People will just come up behind you and kill you before you even have a chance to attack. And there's a damage penalty. That's even worse
Absolutely no skill whatsoever.

15Dalokohs Bar
I think the chocalate is just a unnecessary. I mean sure it will save your life a couple of times and 350 health is a lot but it's for only 30 seconds. The sandvich is the better secondary item
This works really well with the Warrior's Spirit since it gets rid of the health penalty, making you an unstoppable (almost) powerhouse.
Even though they buffed it, it hardly gives you any health, and with the other secondaries available, you're better off equiping the Sandvich.

16The Winger
This weapon is very good when using it with the soda popper and the atomizinxzer more jump hight YES!
No point in using, you will kill easier with the stock
If you use this with the ACTUAL ITEM SET then its good.

That would just make it overpowered. I mean, try to vision it, when that happened. Nobody would even look at all the other demo grenade launchers anymore! Just Loch, load, BOOM all the way.
If you're bad at aiming with this, you're going to have a hard time hitting your mark


I just wish the grenades wouldn't explode automatically.

18Chargin' Targe
The best secondary for demoman it's the best but one reason it sucks. IT NEEDS A SWORD WITH IT! Oh and I does not explode. Also why would a man take a wooden shield. get the splendid screen instead it does more damage.

19The Quick-Fix
The quick fix may not have over heal and a good über, but it is the fastest healer, and makes the medics speed match any of the faster classes, as well as fly up with a rocket or sticky jump, which can be insanely useful with the scout, demoman, soldier, and demo knight,
It's meant to heal everyone around you quickly. It's a different play style.
This weapon can be a lifesaver, note that.
[Newest]This is great, idiot people who make this page.

It's overpowered as hell. First of all, pyro is different from spy. He doesn't have to be sneaky, he ambushes people. Second of all, it has no downsides. Its only downside is a +150% airblast cost, but most people who use it don't even know how to airblast? What's the point? If I could do anything to this devastation of a flamethrower for an already overpowered class, I would at least make it do minicrits instead of crits, and give it a clip size of 150 instead of 200.
This weapon is very useless! Come on,50 ammo for only 1 airblast? The critical bonus from behind only is useful for ambushing but a lot of times a pyro go front of enemy too, it may be good for experience players but, ithink that loss 50 ammo for one airblast when the stock only loss 20?
Agree with me, is a terrible weapon in certain situations
This weapon is for more offensive pros since its not that hard to get behind someone slower in head on combat

21Brass Beast
Awful weapon. Sure, it does extra damage, but that won't change the fact that you're signing your death warrant for enemy snipers. Use the Heater.
Guys. Did you try this weapon on defense?
Yep, its effectively a sentry gun, use the tomislav!

22Darwin's Danger Shield
25 health, plus bullet resistance, and the only time that you should care about the frag damage vulnerability is if you're playing comp and they have a good roamer soldier.
Only 25 hp extra. Waste of space.

23Liberty Launcher
Since the update, the liberty is one of the worst soldier rocket launchers I mean-30% damage in return with faster rockets? I'm sticking with the direct hit
Every item in TF2 has something special about it. The liberty launcher, on the other hand, is like a bad mix of the rocket jumper and the direct hit. In fact, it's a direct downgrade to the direct hit. Completely useless.
Its for a market gardener man tread load out that gives you a head on chance

Do you guys know that this is a banner?!?
It does pretty much nothing.its a waste of space
A complete waste of a secondary weapon. Basically the a Black Box that does no damage.

25Baby Face's Blaster
It's pretty good if you want to distract people or get behind enemy lines quickly, for anybody that uses it can see that it only resets one quarter when you DOUBLE jump
In good hands this weapon is a beast.
Come on. Scout is made to jump and run fast. Not to have good accuracy. And even if you fill the meter, you reset it by jumping. This is the worst weapon ever!

26Eureka Effect
Well, since the Love and War update, the Eureka Effect is a much better weapon. It lets you teleport, but at the price of 50% slower build time, and 50% more expensive upgrade. Now I'm the engineer that builds his sentry at spawn, and moves it when I have a heavy/medic in front of me. None of these debuffs are a problem to me.
Huh? The Eureka Effect is awesome! This is the quickest way to get materials without grabbing ammo boxes. The Gunslinger is a worse Engineer weapon.
Oh, and no weapon is a direct upgrade? What about the Cloak and Dagger?

27Rocket Jumper
The Rocket Jumper has double the ammo, and no damage from blasting yourself or to other players, there's a reason why it's called this.


The rocket jumper is not a good offensive weapon, but it is great for training your rocket jumping.
What? You cannot be serious.

28Ghastly Gibus
This is a hat, not a weapon.
This is a hat not a weapon. Most people refer to this as a noob hat so unless you want to get insulted on public servers don't use it. Even pyro vision goggles are better.
This is a hat, not a weapon.

The only way you could use it as a weapon is to make people underestimate you.
[Newest]It's a cosmetic Dumbass.

29Holiday Punch
I'm surprised that this weapon is listed here. Sure, you can't get critical hits, but critical hits stun your opponent long enough to get a taunt kill. This is a nice weapon when your going one-on-one
Good with a medic with a uber saw so they can taunt kill then go in a push and kill everyone don't GET A STRANGE KILLSTREAK ONE

30Cloak and Dagger
This weapon is a direct upgrade to the stock invisibility watch because it doesn't drain faster or anything and recharges without having to uncloak, only downside is you can't recharge it with ammo crates
This watch encourages you to stand still and do nothing. I personally call it the cloak and do nothing
The cloak drain so fast! And regain so slow!

A mini sentry can be a VERY powerful sentry. It fires faster than a level 1 sentry, but slower than a level 2 sentry. It has less health, but it's so small, this isn't that big of a problem. You can put this up outside the enemy team's spawn and watch the kills go up. and when you pair this with the frontier justice, well, you better start praying.
Very powerful but gets a lot of hate of people using it. People with gunslingers will disable scouts and pyro from helping the team because they are not effective against mini sentries.
The only good thing is that it builds and recovers faster than regular sentries. It's also good for ambushing. Other than that, this thing SUCKS

32Beggar's Bazooka
Ok, this weapon isn't the best, I mean, you have to reload between each shot, but it can easily level most classes. I mean, not many people can run from 3 rockets, and I've only seen one pyro reflect all 3 of the rockets. But there is a downside to this weapon. If you load 4 rockets, it explodes on you, which will kill you painfully. And this weapon is terrible for defense, as it cannot be fueled by a dispenser.
I don't agree. This weapon is perfect for taking out a sentry because of the shoot three rockets in one click ability.
This weapon is inaccurate and is a spam gun for people who can't play the soldier properly.

33Cozy Camper
This befits people who love camping as the sniper as the name suggests, but the befits very little and is useless compared to the holy 'JAR OF PISS! ' Just please valve, try and make an item that will befit an different type of play style, like the shields for the demo-knight, and the gunslinger for the engineer.
The only thing this monstrocity does is to... Heal you 1 health per second. Yepee... It is a secondary for the sniper. A bag. that's it. It takes your secondary slot. So no more Jarate or SMG. You also take 20% more damage from EVERYTHING. So if you have one life it heals you in 2 MINUTES. How long does it take you to get to resupply closet? 10 seconds? 12?
This is very useless, the befit of getting a mindbogglingly 1 health per second while staying still, why couldn't you get an med-kit or call an medic to help you when your injured?

The overdose is a great weapon, and here's why:
If you're attacking with your syringe gun, you're doing medic wrong. The overdose does about 1 point of damage less per syringe (2-3 per shot) AND lets you move faster if you've been healing your allies like a medic should be doing. It allows you to get out of tight spots very quickly.
Stock syringe gun does 12 damage on a hit. Overdose only does 1 damage less.
The overdose only deals 10% less damage. That isn't that bad people. And it gives you a speed boost depending on your ubercharge.

35Big Earner
It is a broken knife for the spy. It looks super dumb. If you backstab someone you get amazing 30% cloak. Wow. It drains you 25 health. So your max is 100. It reminds me of Vita-saw now that I think about it. It may be useful for some expert spies, but I just hate using it. It is just... just... wrong.
You shouldn't use this knife with the stock watch I recommend you to use it with dead ringer or cloak and dagger.
Using the big earner with the dead ringer is good because dead ringer doesn't regenerate quickly even if you pick a large ammo box it will regenerate like 35% clock.
Using the big earner with the cloak and dagger is nice because cloak and dagger doesn't regenerate by ammo boxes or fallen enemy weapons.
It is basically useless since you already get cloak from backstabbing and picking up their dropped weapons and there is a gun that does that, the l'etranger. This weapon takes a huge bite out of your health making it pretty much making it a burden rather than a wagon.

Miss one shot and you used up more than a quarter of metal used to build a dispenser since one shot is 30 metal out of your 200 metal engineer body along with the ability to hit people and gain back up to 50 metal but only at close range but it is funny to use up nothing but metal on a heavy while he runs out of ammo but the weapon really does look quite ugly


This gun downsides is that well... Using metal to shoot at enemies... Really that is the only downside for using this gun. The gun makes that you will never reload, and got back a amount of metal for how much damage you did to the enemy, making if you are a great shot that you will never run out of ammo if used correctly, this is my favorite shotgun in all of TF2 and one of my favorite shotguns in the whole game... Even though I love this gun, the thing is if used with the gunslinger, This weapon combo makes you have:
-25 extra health
-It allows you to build mini sentry, (Think of it as an level 1 sentry but fires faster and cost 30 metal less than an normal sentry. ) for the cost
Of building big intimidating sentry.
-And have unlimited ammo, (If used with 100% accuracy. ) and makes you
Able to build them over, and over, and over, and over again.

In my opinion this is one of the best guns in the game but used by the
Right person it can just get a little unfair for the opposition.

Only for really pro spies
Personally, I find this almost useless for a Spy since, most the time, when I uncloak/undisguised I'm ambushed by some random Pyro or Soldier.

38Rocket Launcher
Why is this on the WORST list? This is one of the most high damaging weapons and you have 4 rockets, you can pretty much handle anything with this stock weapon.
The rocket launcher is a terrible weapon. FOR THE OTHER TEAM.
This is stock, stupid. They aRe best weapons, stupid

39Fire Axe
Why use the Fire Axe when you can use the Third Degree? Hits all players connected to medigun beams, and no downgrades.
Why are stock weapons on here?
Why do you need a melee weapon when your main weapon dominates at close range? Three better weapons are the Axtinguisher, Power Jack, and Homewrecker.

40Buffalo Steak Sandvich
First, it doesn't heal you when you eat it. Second, you are forced to switch to melee, and have to take 20% more damage. It only pairs well with Fists of Steel because then you have bullet resistance, but with Heavy's speed, you usually can't get any kills.
Secondary weapon for Heavy. It's a raw beef steak that gives you minicrits for a short time. Unfortunately the heavy is too slow to even get to anyone and hit him in close range. By the way you are forced to switch to MELEE weapon. So... It's useless. Use sandwich instead.
This is best combo with warrior's spirit killing scout in 1 hit!

The tomislav isn't that bad of a weapon really. It spins up faster and is silent when your not firing, but there is the 20% damage rebuff. But there is a statistic that many people don't know about because it isn't listed. The tomislav is a very precise mini gun, and can dominate another heavy from medium range, as it suffers from much LESS bullet spread.
Seriously? Why would anyone care about a silenced barrel spinup? And also the faster spinup can't kill heavies faster than vanilla guys with miniguns. I'd say go for the Brass Beast.
Why is the Brass Beast ahead of this. This is officially a piece of crap and is useless even with the Kritzkrieg and you also don't ambush in TF2.

42Cleaner's Carbine
It's pretty much all negatives. The stock smg is bad enough, but the carbine is offensively so. The only buff is that you get mincrits for 3 seconds after 1 kill. If you're fighting multiple people up close as a sniper then you're going to get killed. Especially if your you're using a weapon with less damage and slower firing rate.
Just worst crap but you can start rampage if you can kill somebody with this crap
Hard enough as it is to get kills with the normal SMG. Let alone an SMG that has slower firing speed and smaller clip. The mini-crits are also useless because you can't actually get a kill with it.

43Loose Cannon
It's more versatile its counter parts. You can jump with this. You can push medic heavy pairs away with ease. You can push people off a point, or into a sentry nest. This grenade launcher is a personal favorite of mine.
This weapon sucks! It is pointless and is basically a clumsy Loch & Load
The Loose Cannon is the best weapon I have ever seen for the demo man.

Timed Explosions? Yes.
Knockback? Yes.
Double Donk? Gimme.

This weapon is great when you pair it with the tide turner, as if you can double donk an enemy, you can take them out with a charge.

44Tide Turner
This... Is one of the BEST shields out there if you ask me! Sure, you don't get afterburn invulnerability or the ability to smash people into walls on contact, but you actually are able to turn 180 degrees, something you couldn't do before without the Wee Booties

45The Cow Mangler 5000
I don't see why this is here.

46Sydney Sleeper
Seriously though, snipers are supposed to headshot people, and what's something the Sydney Sleeper can't do? You guessed it...
It is an okay weapon, but I do agree with the no headshot thing. That sucks. But for strategic elimination, it is fairly useful. Mark em and they are explosives bait
Not a bad gun, but how is the snipers bullets filled with piss? Why do you get mini crits for hitting someone soaked in piss?

47Killing Gloves of Boxing
Heavy doesn't need melee unless it's the holiday punch, plus this makes heavy go faster.

48Family Business
The Family Business... where do I begin? Well, let's ask why nobody uses the shotgun as a heavy. They don't use it because the minigun has a 200 clip size, does a ton of damage at close range, and rapid fires. However, Valve decided to add a shotgun that they thought people would use. AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DID WITH IT:
+33% clip size
-15% damage penalty
Clip size. CLIP SIZE? WHO GAVE A CRAP ABOUT CLIP SIZE? The only weapon where clip size is an issue is with the scatterguns and rocket launchers!
More ammo but less damage? What? That's like same as the normal shotgun, but it takes longer to kill someone! Would you rather shoot 3 shots from Shotgun or 6 shots from this? Where you have bigger chance of surviving? If you are shotgun heavy, go with the stock one.

Fun fact of the day: Wrangled sentry guns shoot about 50% faster (16 shots per second instead of 8), and it lets you take out snipers before they can nab you.
Fun fact of the day #2: Get a Fan or Buff soldier to mini-crit you. With the wrangler, which does about 22 damage per shot, that does about 448 points of damage per second. That's enough to take out a heavy and his butt buddy before he can even finish spinning up.
Why is this weapon here?!?! This weapon can have your sentry kill people out of the range of the sentry.
The only way to use this is to jump on your sentry and spin around like an idiot. That is fun, but the sentry has always better aim than you do, so someone sneaky up on you and BAM! You're dead. Use the short circuit instead.

50Ullapool Caber
Step 1. Equip Charge n' Targe
Step 2. Equip this
Step 3. Wait until a heavy/medic pair make a push with most of their team, preferably on a payload
Step 4. Charge in and hit the medic, dealing critical caber damage to everyone around you- about 350 points in the initial blast radius, enough to vaporize that medic right before he pops his charge.
Step 5. Gloat as the entire team ragequits

Rinse and repeat.

51Righteous Bison
This weapon sucks, the lasers or whatever you want to call them are REALLY easy to dodge, it only does 20 damage at point blank range, USE SHOTGUN
The bullets are easy to dodge, and it's damage isn't that great.
The righteous bison can penetrate enemy buildings so do you see an engineer hiding behind his sentry and constantly repairs his sentry these engineers are not a problem with this weapon.
Also It hits the enemy players multiple times use it on retreating enemies to deal the same damage as the shout gun.
Also it can light hunstman arrows on fire

52B.A.S.E. Jumper
Allows you to become a sitting duck for people with a Reserve Shooter.
Srly! You guys don't know when to activate it.

53Panic Attack
When and why would you use this waste? Shotgun is more practical, it's always loaded, and it doesn't increase spread... Did Valve even test this piece of crap?
Agreed, the stock shotgun does its job way more effectively but it does make a pretty funny fat scout weapon.
Watch as you load only 4 shells and die before you even deal 50 damage... Whee.
[Newest]Nothing but a shameless Rip-off of the Beggar's Bazooka.

54Scorch Shot
While this weapon has a nice taunt and knocks people back, you will hardly do any damage to people. The only time it will appear on the kill screen is when you shot someone with low health.

55AWPer Hand
Why the AWPer hand, saying this weapon is bad is like saying the stock rifle is bad. It's a re-skin, in fact I don't know why most of these are on here. For example, the charge n targe you can use this for so much more than demo knighting.
People always say "The AWper hand Is the BEST sniper! Most damage" Wait wait wait... The AWper hand is a Stock sniper, meaning it is the First sniper... So it is a Reskin of the default sniper is what I mean... Same damage as the Default sniper same headshot damage. If you're going a High-damage non-reskin... Go with the Machina

56Gloves of Running Urgently
This is basically a Heavy Escape Plan. It's useful as hell, considering the slow movement of the heavy.
How is this on the list of worst Tf2 weapons?
The Gloves of Running Urgently allow you to run at the speed of most other classes, which is great for the slow Heavy. You shouldn't be worrying about mini-crits because
A): you should be switching weapons before you get near the action
B): you will probably have a medic on you
C): only stupid people would attack enemies with this

57Dead Ringer
With this your, more slippery than a lubed up bar of soap being held with latex gloves.
The loud noise from the DR is noticeable. Experience players could pick up easily.

I'm not saying this weapons is bad, I'm saying the weapon is way op. come on 20% damage bonus and only 2 hits for 125 health classes? This weapon is op for spy.
I am pretty sure everyone uses their revolvers once their disguse has been blown or as a last resort. I don't really think it's a bad gun but I honestly like it.

In my opinion, the spy-cicle is the best weapon in tf2. It doesn't make a sound when the knife melts. When it does, just take out your gun and shoot the Pyro. This is the best use for the enforcer. This is just an upgrade from the stock knife with only very minor downsides.

60Buff Banner
I know what you are thinking. What the hell is this doing here? To be honest, it takes a large amount of damage to activate the rage, the mini-crits activate AFTER you finish the solo, and the effect doesn't even last if you die. At least it is better than a shotgun.

You lose a lot of damage for a better weapon switch? Your flamethrower should be equipped almost always and you shouldn't have to change your weapon when someone tries to blast your face out, your flamethrower should already be equipped.
Degreaser, flare gun and powerjack use it.

The Eyelander decreases your health
Are you stupid? It gives you max health on kill moron. Plus, extra range.

63Back Scatter
Literally no reason to use it, you do the same damage from behind with the stock scattergun.
Perhaps the most Op weapon in the game.

64Air Strike
God this weapon is SO GOOD for mvm since you can upgrade the firing speed and reverse the damage penalty/blast radius and you could pretty much spam them if you are airborne and have maximum reload and firing speed but in normal mode, it is hard to get a kill therefore not increasing you clip size, you get a 3 rocket clip at start which is not enough, not only does it have huge damage penalty but the blast radius is as tiny as hell. Not to mention that the airborne attack speed is only a LITTLE faster, not a lot faster and how long are you going to be airborne: a few measly seconds which I not enough to fire your whole clip unless you have the BASE jumper equipped. It is THE BEST soldier weapon in mvm but THE WORST rocket launcher in normal.
God this weapon is SO GOOD for mvm since you can upgrade the firing speed and reverse the damage penalty/blast radius and you could pretty much spam them if you are airborne and have maximum reload and firing speed but in normal mode, it is hard to get a kill therefore not increasing you clip size, you get a 3 rocket clip at start which is not enough, not only does it have huge damage penalty but the blast radius is as tiny as hell. Not to mention that the airborne attack speed is only a LITTLE faster, not a lot faster and how long are you going to be airborne: a few measly seconds which I not enough to fire your whole clip unless you have the BASE jumper equipped. It is THE BEST soldier weapon in mvm but THE WORST rocket launcher in normal.

Oh really? Classic is my best sniper rifle in this game. It's quite amazing.

66Your Eternal Reward
Completely useless. If you get backstabbed by this, simply type in team chat "Spy disguised as me" and that Spy's disguise is null and void.
Guys, you don't go backstabbedmcbackstabben, you need to know when to backstab.

67Max's Severed head
This is a hat... not a weapon
And a good hat at that

68The Atomizer
You can jump three times. But it hurts you, and it's weak. Get Sandman or Boston Basher instead. Or a Pan
The atomizer is useful for dodging rockets.
It's still useful even If you don't have the set.
Sandman is good but the problem is the 15- max health one rocket to your face at close range and you're dead.

This is like, my #1 weapon!
You get faster firing speed and knockback just for -10 damage and smaller clip size? Nope.
Actually, it does more damage. It's just not the same pellet size. Valve makes mistakes sometimes.

70Wanga Prick
If YORK is here that means this must be here because it has the same stats

71Tribalman's Shiv
This should only be used for spy-checking.

72Huo-Long Heater
This is actually a joke but I like brass beast (on defense) and sometimes omislav more.

Whoever made this list must've put every weapon here. And they don't realize stock have no downsides.
Use the degreaser for good combos, or backburner for ambushes. The regular flamethrower is never used in highlander.

74Bonk! Atomic Punch

75Ham Shank

76Splendid Screen
Compared to the other shields, is very weak.

77Iron Bomber
Doesn't roll and less explosion radius... What is the point? Wouldn't the stock be better?
It lot more better hit enemies easily

Every class that uses the shotgun has an alternative that has better stats overall. Heavy has the family business (more damage per clip) and the sandvich (you can heal your team ESPECIALLY your pocket medic). The soldier can blast people into the air then crit with the reserve shooter or he can use buff banner to help his team with ambushes using the mini crits they gain. The engineer has both the frontier justice which gets crits when your sentry falls in case there is an ambush going on or you also have the pomson which has a HUGE hotbox as well as no flaws except a slower particle speed.

79Energy Sword from Halo
Easily the best weapon, so cool better than the gravity gun from Call of Duty of blops too.

80Rescue Ranger
Pretty much different to every other engie shotgun.
Very good if used correctly and can be used to get INSANE sentry spots like on the map Egypt.

81Red-Tape Recorder
You obviously got no idea what you're talking about sir.
This, is an amazing sapper. It can bring a level 3 Sentry down into a level 1 Sentry in just seconds. Damage penalties don't mean much sometimes.
This weapon is ment to make engineers busy re upgrading their try's again and wasting metal what's better sapping a level 3 sentry gun with stock Sapper where enginneers can repair it quick or sapping it with a red tale recorder which brings it down to level 1 pretty fast waste in glitz of metal and time to get it back up to level 3 so it's verry clear this shouldn't be here.

This weapon is a joke compared to what it used to be. It's original stats offered the Escape Plan's speed boost alongside the damage boost and without any mark for death. Without it soldier is only slightly faster than heavy, so melee is normally a joke since you'll never get a chance.

I've used it with Concheror for laughs, as every time my health gets low I hurt them more and gain more HP back, but it's suicide even then.
Blocks. Healing. Awesome. A melee for soldier, equalizer is a pickaxe covered in blood. So original. It deals gigantic damage if you are below 30 health but the more health you have the less damage it does. But it is too risky to go on battlefield with only 30hp. You will probably get killed very fast.

A weapons look does not indicate whether its bad or not.
Whoever made this list is stupid. No offense.
Ever since the nerf, its been a shadow of its former glory. I can see why they nerfed it. Pyros would just use this and push the other options to the side. Plus with the degreaser its kinda overpowered. Its not a bad weapon you do flare gun damage with the mini-crits and can easily one shot 125 health classes. But its not the same for most including my self.

84Sticky Jumper
I'm actually pretty decent with the sticky jumper. I can jump over sentry nests and then use my grenade launcher to take them out. The weapon really allows you to go wherever you want very quickly, flanking enemies and getting to insane heights. Of course it can't deal damage, but the grenade launcher from strange angles usually makes up for it.
I hope you realize almost your entire list is wrong.
A sticky launcher for demoman. It does no damage. It's a joke weapon so you can sticky jump with it. That is ok, but it really not useful on a lot of maps like junction. Otherwise it is a pretty fine weapon, but not for serious action.

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